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 The World That We Live In (Finley)

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PostSubject: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Wed May 10, 2017 1:21 pm

Isaline Charlot had now been in University for approximately a year and she’d decided that this version of the wizarding world was much more enjoyable than the one in which she’d been raised. She enjoyed the way that she walked through the campus, as someone of importance but also much more than that. People would greet her as she passed them, smiling genuinely and asking her about her day. Before entering University, the Pureblood had never witnessed an atmosphere such as this before.

She remembered her time at Hogwarts as a time where she’d been a queen, a being of intellectual superiority that was feared by every wizard or witch who’d mistakenly crossed her path. She had had a large quantity of followers; people who would follow her around and do anything she asked of them because they knew better than to even think of doing otherwise. She remembered this time as the height of her reign as a Pureblood bombshell.

But she also remembered it as a time where she’d been alone. She’d been surrounded by followers, not friends. No-one had ever asked her of her intentions behind each one of her actions. No-one had ever shown her anything but compliance and fear, which she had not minded at the time. But she had realised the isolation that she’d felt at the time.

Of course, she’d had Finley, and that was amazing. The Allen boy had been the only genuine part of her world for a large portion of her time at Hogwarts, and for that she was ever grateful. She remembered their first meeting, in the Ravenclaw tower. He’d been intimidated by her, but not afraid. And he’d shown care in every word that he’d said, something that she hadn’t seen before in her conversations.

At University, this had only grown stronger. Sure, they were both much busier than they’d been in previous years, but they’d always managed to find time for one another. They’d usually spend time in one of their flats, or in the school’s library. Being with Finley was something genuine. He made her feel like the queen that she’d always been, but the Allan boy did not make Isaline feel mentally superior to himself. They were more equals than anything, and she loved that.

During her time at University, Isaline had not communicated much with her family. There had been a handful of letters exchanged between herself and her younger sister, Severine, but her parents had not made too much of an effort to contact their eldest daughter. Her choice to study wizarding law had not been a choice that they’d much supported, as they’d wanted her future to include being a housewife to a wealthy pureblood.

Isaline did not want to live in the kind of world that her parents had imagined for her. She wanted to live alongside the normality of this part of the wizarding world. She wanted to watch Finley concentrate as he studied, sit alongside him and engage in a conversation. She did not want to go back to the world of compliant faceless servants.

She now sat on the couch in her flat, one that she’d bought in the previous year, reading a book about the difference between muggle and wizarding laws. It was an interesting read, but not as interesting as the guest that she was hoping to appear at any moment.
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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Sat May 13, 2017 5:03 pm

University had settled well on Finley. His classes had been extraordinary in his first year, and not having to go back to see his family in the Summer had been a huge bonus. He'd not really spoken to his parents, except for an odd text here and there, since he'd left for university, and he liked it that way.

Dragons, Finley had found, were beyond amazing, and though they'd only covered eggs and hatchlings thus far, Finley could not have been happier. His stutter was, very slowly, receding as he grew in confidence day after day. When he was having a day that his confidence was cripplingly low, he'd simply used his Animagus form to wander the campus.

Well, it had worked until on one occasion a group of girls had picked him up and had started rubbing what they believed to be a puppy's tummy. Which had led to Finley losing concentration and turning back in to human form and being dropped (not that this was a surprise) back on the floor as they screamed and ran away. Finley hadn't been bothered after that, but it had amused him.

And then, of course, most importantly, there was Isaline. They'd been dating for a number of years now, and the French witch had helped him so much in developing as a person. Learning new things, growing more comfortable with himself, it had all come in to fruition because of Isaline's tolerant mannerisms.

They'd had more date nights than Finley could count, he'd cooked dinner for her more and more often, becoming accustomed to what she did and did not like. They studied together in the library, and Finley was... quite sure, she was the one. However, he wasn't delusional, she was a Pureblood heiress, with so many prospects ahead of her.

He was... just Finley.

This was probably why Finley had always thought of something else when the moment grew to be somewhat... tense, suggesting a movie, or remembering some homework. He'd been too scared to go to the next level in case Isaline didn't want him afterwards. Which was silly, he knew that, but he couldn't help but think one day this dream would end.

Finley shook those thoughts from his head, though, as he stepped in to Isaline's apartment block. There was no point in thinking about that, besides, he'd had a good lesson today, and he wanted to share it with his girlfriend. Unlocking the door to Isaline's apartment, Finley stepped in and took his shoes off, closing the door behind him and putting the lock back in place. "It's only me, Isaline!" Finley called out, making sure she wouldn't be worried.

"Sorry I'm a little late. I stopped to get f-food!" He added, moving in to the lounge to see Isaline reading a book on law. In truth, Finley had read Isaline's books too, finding it easier to engage in conversation with her if he knew what she was talking about first.

"How was your day?" Finley asked, giving her a small smile as he crossed the room to greet her with a soft kiss on her lips. He was still a little nervous around Isaline, simply because he held her in such a high regard. But, it was clear to see just how much University was bringing him outof his shell, with only the odd stuttered word ever coming in to being.
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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Tue May 16, 2017 3:27 pm

Isaline did not flinch when her ears fell upon the click of her door unlocking. The Charlot girl did not have any reason to believe that the noise had been caused by someone who meant her any harm, as she had previously charmed the door so that it could not be unlocked by any forms of magic. The only persons whom could enter her flat were either those who knocked or those who had been given a key.

The latter option had only been possible for not even a handful of people. She'd given a key to a close friend, Jezebel, whom she had allowed to stay at the flat every now and then. She knew the girl from her classes; they were both students of wizarding law. Jezebel's flat was one of the less expensive options, meaning that she was not the only person that it was inhabited by. Because of this, Isaline had allowed her fellow classmate refuge during the eves before important exams so that she was sure to rest well and not fail out of university.

Isaline had also sent a key to her younger sister, Severine. Of course, she did not expect the young girl to visit her on campus, but she wanted Severine to have it case she ever needed somewhere to stay. Even if she was being chased by the mafia, Isaline would want her sister to know that she had somewhere safe to stay.

The last of her spare keys had been given to Finley for obvious reasons. He was over her flat often anyway and she'd wanted him to know that he was always welcome inside of her living space. In a way, the key was also something of a symbol to Isaline. In a way, she saw it as a key to her heart, as cheesy as that sounded. It made it so that he knew that she acknowledged his role in her life, even if it was not the life that her parents had wanted her to live.

She smiled as Finley announced his presence, even though she'd already known that it had been him who opened the door. He claimed that he was late, though she had not set an exact time for him to arrive. She also noticed that he spoke with his stutter, something that she'd almost grown immune to noticing.

"So long as you've brought food," she smiled, her french accent both heavy and smooth as silk as she spoke. "I believe that I can forgive you."

She left her spot on the couch to meet her boyfriend's eyes. Gently, she placed a kiss on his lips.

"My day was excellent," she told him. "Though I do believe that it has now grown in its appeal. Whilst I do enjoy being lectured on the repercussions for underage use of magic, I would rather the company of someone who does not speak like a machine."

Isaline loved university, but the comment about mechanical lectures had not been false. The professors spoke monotonously, discussing information in a manner that was meant to inform but not inspire. It did not matter to the professors if any of the students that they taught did anything with the teachings. It was not something that she was unused to. In fact, it reminded her much of when her father had tried to teach her the Charlot ways. Though it was unknown as to whether that was a good thing or not.

"I am sure that your day must have been more interesting than mine," she told him. "How are the dragons?"
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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Tue May 16, 2017 8:21 pm

Finley couldn't help but smile as Isaline spoke of it being okay for him being late so long as he had food. They'd fallen in to something of a routine where Finley would cook for her when he came round - because he really did love cooking for her - and today was no different. "Of course, I got your favourite!" Finley replied happily.

It was a pasta dish, one that Isaline had told him about quite some time ago now. She'd fallen in love with it in Italy on one of her many trips around the world. Finley had, of course, worked tirelessly to perfect the dish after finding this out, and today, he'd even prepped some home made pasta for more authenticity.

The kiss they shared was only brief, but every time that Finley was so lucky as to get one, he counted his blessings. Butterflies still scrambled around in his stomach even at the lightest of kisses, and Isaline's perfume intoxicated his senses just as much now as it had the first time she'd worn it.

But, before he could get lost in all things Isaline, she'd pulled back from the kiss and was telling him about her day. Finley was quick in catching back up, and nodded to show his understanding. "Underage magic today. Very interesting!" He joked, even he had to admit that that had been a dry area of reading when he'd read through it, so they agreed on that much.

"Did you have to go through the infamous case of one Mr. H. Potter of Little Whinging?" Finley asked, almost verging on using sarcasm. It would more than likely include the fact Harry Potter had managed to get away with blowing up his Aunt due to the Minister of Magic at the time having a little bit of a soft spot. "Can you remember your first piece of underage magic?" Finley asked, curious to know whether Isaline had managed some great feat for her first display of magic.

He doubted Isaline's had been scary, being a Pureblood, she would have know, been embraced for her powers. But, Finley hadn't had such a luxury...

The question of his own day made Finley grin, showing that he had, indeed had a very good day with his dragons. "Come over to the kitchen, I'll tell you all about it whilst I cook us dinner." Finley insisted, taking his bag of ingredients to her kitchen and working through things to get the pasta on the boil, and then get the other ingredients prepped.

"So, today." Finley started, moving around and getting pots and pans. "We were playing with the hatchlings. Well, technically we were supposed to be t-taking notes." The young man explained - evidently a little conscious of the fact he hadn't been entirely sticking to the task that had been set. "I've got a little Welsh Green I'm working with, a female, I've named her Charlotte." He explained, hoping Isaline wouldn't put two and two together and work out he'd named the dragon almost after his girlfriend - he'd meant it in a tender, loving manner, not in comparison to Isaline in any way.

"She's starting to get little sparks flying out of her mouth, not quite flames - don't worry, we're using protection spells to avoid injuries - but, she also seems to know to come to me now, too!" Finley told Isaline, looking over at her with a big grin that said he was so, so happy about this. In a manner, he felt like a necessity in the dragons' life, and he loved that.

"We're going to be taking them to Romania soon, t-though." Finley added, a slight sadness in his tone as he turned the hob on and set the frying pan on top to cook the meat off for the pasta dish.
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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Thu May 18, 2017 4:37 pm

During their first months in University, Isaline had been surprised by Finley’s often willingness to cook. Growing up in Pureblood society, Isaline had been conditioned to elegant restaurants and professional chefs. Every ingredient used was not only the best, but the most expensive. She had not even begun to know what kind of meals people of a background such as Finley’s had grown accustomed to. But she now knew the intrigue that came alongside a home-cooked meal. It was not the food itself, per-say, that made the dish enjoyable. It was the company that came alongside the meal, as well as it was the passion that belonged to the parties involved.

The first time that Finley had cooked for her, Isaline had been all but captivated by how willing Finley was to do so. It had seemed to excite him, even; the idea of doing something such as this for his significant other. Since that day, Isaline’s eyes heart grew warmer whenever the boy announced that he would be making the night’s meal. Sometimes she would assist with the preparations, but the Pureblood did not trust herself with even the simplest of tasks involving heat. Obviously, she did not tell Finley this. She simply never offered and he never asked. To any other couple this would appear as an unfair splitting of efforts, but she did not think that he minded.

Tonight, Finley informed her that he would be making her favourite meal; a pasta dish that she had been introduced to upon a previous holiday in Italy. The memory partnered with the dish was incoherent, or perhaps censored, in her mind. But she remembered falling more in love with the dish than with the company she’d been eating it with. The flavours that had been combined alongside the perfect texture of the pasta released something that she’d never tasted in a dish before. She remembered wondering how something so simple could be so rewarding.

That was another thing that she’d never appreciated before meeting Finley Allen. The world of diamond galas and house elves balancing caviar did not welcome any aspects of simplicity. Isaline had been brought up to a home full of floral arrangements, but she’d never thought to wonder how one may smell if she were to take a moment to see. It had never crossed her mind that a single diamond were just as capable of beauty as a million. The world had so many details that could be missed by someone such as she.

This was not to say that she resented the Pureblood world, no. The Charlot girl often found herself reminiscing about parties and extravagant meals. There was a part of her that wished for the two worlds to come together, though it was an unachievable fantasy.

Isaline rolled her eyes when Finley mentioned the H. Potter case. It was not that she found the life of Harry Potter uninteresting, but more so it was that she found it irritating.
“I can assure you,” She said. “That if I had been in this occupation at the time that this occurred, I would not have been so forgiving. I understand that he saved the wizarding world, but that does not take away from other aspects of his offenses. I do not believe that turning a family member into a parade float had any effect on the demise of Voldemort. Do you?”

As for underage magic, Isaline simply turned her smile half-way into a smirk. She’d been quite the rebel, though those stories were not something that she was fond of reliving. Not today, anyways.

“Did you?” she tossed the question back to him.

“Charlotte,” she repeated, once the boy had switched the conversation topic to dragons.
“And where, pray tell, did you get such an idea for a name?” She asked.

Isaline watched Finley’s excitement as he described the dragons that he’d encountered, but she also saw his disappointment at the idea of having to return them to their home. It made her think of an old saying about loving something and setting it free. He loved the dragon. He was letting it go.

She hoped that he would never let her go.

OOC: I appologise for the fact that this is super rushed towards the end.
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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Sun May 28, 2017 9:15 am

Hearing Isaline speak with such gusto about Harry Potter's obvious favouritism treatment whilst he'd been in school - and likely afterwards - brought a fond smile to his lips. How could it not when your girlfriend became so animated about her chosen subject. Being asked his own opinion on the matter, Finley gave a small shrug of his shoulders.

"I think it was f-funny." He admitted, a little sheepish. The idea of blowing your aunt up like a balloon... "But, of course, not something any wizard should get away with." The young man added with more of a serious tone. It was underage magic, though, something founded with emotions that had not been controlled, and Finley knew that it was a rather easy thing to happen if you weren't careful.

When Isaline didn't answer his question on underage magic, Finley had been a little disappointed, but with being busy with prepping the meal, he doubted Isaline would notice that much. Instead, she'd turned the question back on him, and Finley smiled to himself as he cut some peppers in to the tomato sauce that was heating through. "Of course I did." Finley replied, he hadn't known a single person who hadn't before Hogwarts.

"Though, I didn't know it was magic, at the time. As in, I couldn't explain why it had happened. There was no logic. Magic, before I found out it was real, wasn't real back then." Finley explained, trying to be casual about this, when really he probably sounded really stupid to Isaline. Magic, in the Muggle world, was a fairy tale.

"My first, big piece of underage magic was when I was seven. Some of the boys at sc-school were teasing me. I was reading a book. I don't remember which one now, but it wasn't what normal people read at that age." Finley explained, pausing as he picked up the mushrooms and worked at cutting them for the sauce. "They tried to take my book. They all ended up looking like ducks - I'd... somehow managed to enlarge their lips. They were dribbling, and lisping whilst they spoke for hours."

Finley was smiling a little too much at the memory of those boys, not that he was proud of himself for causing them pain, but because he'd stuck up for himself. "That was when I got told I was a w-wizard." Finley added, because unlike Isaline, he'd not known he would become part of this world, it had come down like a tonne of bricks on him.

And his parents had not accepted it.

The question of how Finley had come up with the name for his dragon sent his cheeks in to a flaming red colour, one that would match the lipstick Isaline so often wore. That, to anyone else, would likely have been answer enough, but Finley was going to explain, even if only a little bit of it made sense to Isaline, it had made perfect sense to him.

"Charlotte's eyes... are blue." Finley began to explain, though now he'd started, this seemed very weird. But, never mind. "With flecks of g-green in them." He explained, looking across at Isaline with a very, very nervous smile. "They're- They're similar to yours. In a manner. But, they're not. I... well, they reminded me of yours. But I mean that in a good way. I know I'm comparing your eyes with a dragons, and this was so much more imaginative in my head... but... well... I called her Charlotte, because she reminded me of my favourite Charlot... I'm sorry..."

Finley turned back to the dinner, shoulders a little more tense than they should have been. He'd just made a mess, he was sure of it. Isaline surely wouldn't be happy with the comparison, but in his head... in his head it worked.
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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Tue May 30, 2017 1:53 pm

Isaline nodded along as Finley recounted the years before he’d found out about his abilities, frowning at the mention of magic as being something made up or imaginary. It was pathetic, really, the idea that muggles did not believe in magic. She understood that the wizarding world did its best to distance itself from the muggle world, but she wondered how a muggle could go through life without ever once thinking for a moment that there may be more to their world than what they already knew to be true.

It was even more pathetic that some muggles were brought into the wizarding world through loved ones, as though they would never be able to break the monotony of their own lives without someone else dropping a vase on a neighbor’s patio using nothing but their mind. It seemed as though it would be lonely to go through life knowing that you will never be as fantastical as the people around you.

She chuckled softly at the mention of Finley using magic against his childhood bullies. The boy before her seemed so kind, so fragile. She often forgot how much he must have had to protect himself over to years.

“Did it frighten your parents when you used magic for the first time?” Isaline questioned lightly. Though the couple had been together for quite a lengthy amount of time, Isaline often found that she knew very little regarding Finley’s life outside of school.

She knew the bare minimum about his parents, this being their names and perhaps some mentions of them here or there in a memory. She knew that Finley did not have the best relationship with his parents. Sometimes dating Finley Allen was like opening a book half-way through without looking back, and Isaline did not want to push but she felt like she had a right to a prologue.

Finley explained his reasoning behind naming the dragon and Isaline did her best to hold back a laugh. She knew that he would know that she meant to harm by her laughing, but it was still rather rude to ruin the sentiment like that. He began his explanation with so much joy that so quickly morphed into uncertainty.

"I love it," she told him, needed no further words to explain that she knew exactly what he had been trying to say without him needing to go any further in order to say it.

She moved her hands to his shoulders, as they seemed to have tensed up after he'd explained his dragon naming process. She rubbed them lightly, making sure not to startle him as that would lead to fire and she did not want to deal with that.

She kissed his neck once. Twice.

"I love you," she said.

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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:02 pm

The question that Isaline had asked -- specifically about his parents -- made Finley's hands pause in their movements for a few, brief moments. He was not very good at talking about his parents, a rocky history would be but a small insight of what he'd had to endure for most of his life...

Catching himself, Finley put the mushrooms in to the pan, and placed his concentration on it. For all intents and purposes, it would look like he was ignoring the question. He was tempted to simply leave it at that. To not bring up the bad memories, and potentially ruin their evening.

But his mind... his mind oh so helpfully reminded him that Isaline had asked. Asking meant she wanted to know the answer to the question, and it was not in the slightest bit fair of him to block her out. He knew a lot more about her family than she knew of his.

"Of course they were frightened. Something they didn't believe to exist had suddenly become a real life horror. Okay, that... that is probably much more dramatic than it needs to be. But, honestly..." Finley shook his head slightly. "My mum wouldn't come near me f-for a week." He explained giving a casual shrug. "She was terrified I would hurt her.

"The Ministry did their best to explain, but... some people's minds cannot deal with things that aren't normal... people who aren't normal..." Me. Finley explained, glancing over at Isaline and giving her a small smile. "Their opinion doesn't matter." He added.

Hearing Isaline say that she loved the name he'd picked out for his dragon both relaxed Finley and made him grin like an idiot. "Good! She's amazing. Not as amazing of you. But amazing." Finley explained, not noticing Isaline move as he had his eyes back on the food, and was concentrating once more on not burning anything.

There was only a momentary tense as Finley felt hands on his shoulder's, more of a subconscious reaction than a flinch to Isaline's touch. Almost as quickly as it had come in to being, though, it faded, and he relaxed in to her touch. His shoulders relaxing at the lightest of her touches.

"Dinner won'-" Finley's words cut off as Isaline's lips touched his neck, his body losing all tension as his skin tingled in a pleasurable manner in the spot her lips had just been. The dragonologist's mind went momentarily blank as he tried to remember how to simply breathe, but it was undone by the second placed kiss to the sensitive skin of his neck.

Swallowing ever so softly, Finley had almost missed the three softly spoken words.

"I love you,"

Letting go of the pan -- Finley did not trust himself in the slightest to deal with both cooking and Isaline's attention. He didn't know if he could do anything whilst being subjected to Isaline's attention, in actuality. Instead, he turned from the cooker, eyes slightly inquisitive that he'd heard her right. Maybe his mind was making things up -- Isaline could so easily turn his brain to mush with a single touch of her lips to his...

Finley's mouth didn't open, though, instead simply looking at the French witch with mild understanding. Slowly, oh so slowly, a smile started to spread across his lips upon hearing those words. Love, that was something Finley had accepted to be something he felt for Isaline, something he'd embraced, and something he'd done more than his best to show her.

But for Isaline to say those words...

Finley's smile had grown in to a warm one, his eyes having a light shine of tears. Not tears that would fall, but tears of happiness. Tears of relief that someone could... someone did love him just as much as he loved them.

"You do?" Finley asked softly, reaching up to cup Isaline's cheek in his palm. It was rhetorical, he didn't need an answer. Somewhere, down behind all of the self-loathing, and lack of confidence was a world that Finley didn't underestimate his worth. Leaning down, eyes closing, Finley pressed a kiss to Isaline's lips, not wanting her to speak in case the moment was lost to them forever.
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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:32 pm

With a moment of brief hesitation, Finley's body language hinted that the question Isaline had asked was not one that he wanted to answer. It had been a question regarding his home life, something that the Muggleborn seldom spoke of. Isaline knew that Finley did not have the best relationship with his parents, though there was a part of her that had never felt it her place to ask why. Another part of her wondered why, after being together for as long as they had, would it not be her place to ask such questions? If anything, she was owed at least something resembling a backstory from the man who knew so much about her.

Finley added mushrooms to the pan and continued preparing the dish, leading the Charlot to wonder if he was pondering his response or avoiding the question altogether. She did not want to push, and yet she did. But she decided to allow the words to fall out on their own.

Moments later, Finley began to speak of the struggle that his family had had over receiving the news that their son was different from them; that their son had abilities that they'd known to only exist in bedtime stories and fairytales. She wondered what it would be like, to be a mother who was afraid of her own son.

The response should not have caught her off guard. Isaline knew that she'd been lucky to have been born into a family that was already familiar with magic and the world of wizardry. She was aware that Muggles sometimes had a harder time understanding the realness of it all. She knew that they sometimes feared or rejected the wizard world. But she'd never known someone who'd experienced it firsthand.

She nodded as he spoke, letting him know that she was trying to understand but not letting him know that she did not understand at all. She did not tell him that there was a fire boiling in her mind and that the fire was considering every different way to hurt his parents in the way that they'd hurt him. The thoughts were comforting, though she knew that she would never act upon them.

"They don't deserve to understand," Isaline told him as he finished the backstory. "They don't deserve to know you. If anything, they deserve to look into the eyes of the man that their son has become without them and know that they are not needed." She wondered if her words had come off angrily, though she did not truly care. She was angry.

She felt Finley's body react to her touch as if it was calculating a foreign object and deciding whether it was friend or foe. It took only a moment for it to relax, deciding that she was most definitely friend. For a moment, she forgot about what they were supposed to be doing. The pan on the stove that could potentially burn down her apartment did not matter. They were the only fire that mattered.

As the three words left her lips on a journey for his ears, Isaline wondered why Finley seemed so caught off guard by their presence. Surely she had said it before. Or at the very least she had made it known. Or had she not? A small stone of regret fell into a pit in her stomach. She wondered how she could have gone for so long without telling Finley Allen all that he meant to her.

"Of course I do," She responded to his question, a light laughter trickeling off of her words as though he should not had expected her to answer any differently.

Finley Allen was so different from anyone else she'd ever met. He was a Muggleborn, but he was not. He was a person; someone whose thoughts were bigger than the world they lived in. Someone who deserved so much more than everything he had.

"How could I not?" She asked him.

As his lips touched hers, she wondered if this was how every couple felt. And she wondered if it would last forever. And she hoped that it would.
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PostSubject: Re: The World That We Live In (Finley)   Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:54 pm

The fierce manner in which Isaline spoke about his parents -- about how they did not deserve to know him or the man he had become brought a small, and slightly saddened look to his features. Whilst their opinion no longer mattered to him, because they had never truly cared enough about him, but only themselves, Finley still... stupidly, wanted them to know about his life.

To know how well he was doing in his studying.

To see how beautiful, how talented, how amazing his girlfriend was.

To witness how he was financing his own learning with a job he loved almost as much as he loved caring for dragons.

He wanted to see all of this, and see that their son. The boy they had always deemed a worthless had now grown to have a small group of friends, a job, a high grade in university and a girlfriend. He had everything he needed, but most importantly, he was happy with himself.

"It's okay..." Finley told Isaline softly, placing his hand on hers for a moment in an effort to calm her down. There was a reason he didn't speak about his parents too often, mostly because he didn't want to ruin their time together. There was nothing Finley could do about the past, and Isaline... Isaline was his future.

Or, he hoped she would be, anyway.

Isaline's insistence that she did, indeed, love him, brought a softness to Finley's features that showed just how much he needed to hear those words. The light in his eyes simply radiating with the relief that someone could love him in a manner he'd never really considered to be possible.

And the kiss that they shared simply sealed the words in full, but also brought on something else inside the boy. As he pulled away, Finley turned to the hob and turned the food off before it burned, and then, somewhat hesitantly, he turned back to his girlfriend. Biting his lip for a moment, the boy tried to think of the hundreds of different ways he'd read this in books.

Tried to summon words that didn't sound too awful.

And failed.

For a moment, Finley stood, obviously trying to work out the words as he went to start talking, failed to decide, and stopped himself before he blurted out the idiotic sentences in his head.

Finally, though, Finley settled on the manner in which he was going to ask his question.

"Can... we g-go to your room?" Finley asked softly, his eyes showing that he was trying to suggest something intimate, but his sheepish smile showing that 'no' was a more than acceptable answer. "Dinner can wait a little while." He added showing he hadn't forgotten he'd promised to cook, but some things... some things were just a little bit more pressing in that moment.
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The World That We Live In (Finley)
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