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 I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)

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PostSubject: I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)   Thu May 11, 2017 3:01 am

Not really sure what to do with himself, Shaun had decided to wander about the castle. Maybe even try and find that room he'd been trying to find since last year. The one that would make itself be whatever the user wanted. It was a good past time especially seeing as it was a rather dreary rainy day. Granted most days seemed to be that way and if it wasn't raining then it threatened to rain. The air would just seem heavy and wet and ready for the heavens to open up and dump a bucket of cold rain on you.

Hopping, yes hopping, down the the stairs from Gryffindor Tower to the dungeons where the kitchen was located. Stopping, he canted his head to the side and considered. Was he hungry enough to go to the kitchen and ask the over eager house elves to trip over themselves as they made him food? Deciding that he wasn't, Shaun was about to continue past the kitchens when he stopped to think again. Letting his green eyes roam in contemplation, his lips quirked up. The Hufflepuffs Dorm was near the kitchens if he recalled what he'd overheard before, he wanted to see if the Hufflepuff Common room really looked like a hobbit hole.

Shrugging since he now had an activity and something to occupy hims so he wouldn't grow bored, the boy walked casually along, hands in the pockets of his corduroy pants. Whistling a tune he'd heard that was played often on the radio station his father listened to almost obsessively, the Gryffindor almost began to actually move to the tune that was playing in his head. Of course, a sense of direction, was not an inborn trait of his, so he got turned around and was completely lost. That was just great. Now how was he to find out if the Hufflepuffs were actually Hobbits in disguise? Sighing, he stopped and crossed his arms, canting his head as he thought about it. There was no need to worry anyways. If all else failed, he could be certain he'd be able to hear when the hoards of students made their way to the Great Hall for a meal. Looking around he came to a dead end and frowned. “Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that left back there.”

Turning around he frowned. Maybe he should go back and try another route?  Doing so, he thought he saw a familiar painting and felt a bit more at ease, he continued his trek until he heard the scuffing sound of footsteps. Turning, prepared to inform whomever it was that he was not lost and knew exactly where he was, but the words didn't even make it out of his mouth. Eyes going wide and mouth dropping open, Shaun just stared. "Jigglers are real!" And they were headed strait towards him!

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PostSubject: Re: I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)   Tue May 16, 2017 8:15 pm

Classes were done, the day was young, and Joshua was ready to be anywhere except for the Hufflepuff common room. He did like being a badger. He liked how the members of the house supported each other; the way that if one fell, there would always be someone to lift them back up. But he did not like how boring they were.

All of the other students more than likely suspected that Hufflepuffs had the most fun. While this had been true when Joshua first enrolled in Hogwarts, the boy could only embark on so many late-night snack runs until it became monotonous. Plus, most of the students that he'd known to be friends had graduated in the previous years, leaving him behind to make new connections with every passing term. The boy did not know if it would be worth it to try and make new friends in his house. What if he did not complete his seventh year? What if they left him behind as well?

Joshua pushed these thoughts out of his mind. He did not need the pity party that was conjuring itself. No, what he needed was an adventure. He needed to discover hidden treasure or fight off zombies or save a damsel in distress. He needed something more than what he'd been getting lately. He needed action. So he left the dorms.

On his way through the dungeons, Joshua could not help but notice a younger student who appeared to be in quite the conundrum. The boy seemed afraid, though Joshua was not sure of what at first. But then he saw it.

It was an army of miniature jello creatures, their orange deliciousness glowing in unison against the dim lighting of the dungeons. There were a-lot of them, but Joshua didn't really understand why the boy seemed afraid. Weren't they just jello?

Joshua imagined domesticating a jello creature. Perhaps his name would be Alvin. Perhaps he would become Joshua's best friend. Perhaps they would go on long walks together and watch the sunset on the beach. Perhaps Joshua would love Alvin. Perhaps Alvin would eat Joshua alive during his sleep. Perhaps the tale of Alvin and Joshua would not end well. Perhaps Joshua should get rid of the Alvins.

"Dude," He called out. "What is this? Night of the Living Snacktime? Where did they come from and how do they go back there?"

He really did want to keep one as a pet, but the Alvins had to die.

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PostSubject: Re: I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)   Wed May 17, 2017 9:21 pm

So focused on the jigglers, Shaun hadn't heard anyone else until they spoke which caused his head to whip around at the comment. Just as quickly after seeing that an older boy was there, the Gryffindor turned back to keep an eye on the jigglers only to back peddle quickly. They had advanced a bit when he'd turned to see who had spoken. "I don't know," he replied to both of the other's questions with that one response. He had no idea where they came from or how to get them back to jello land. Maybe someone had the idea to have some for dessert and messed up and now the kitchens were overrun by mini jigglers out to take over Hogwarts.

While trying to rack his brains for anything that would help, he tried to keep away from the advancing orange flubber wannabes. Apparently he hadn't kept as good attention as he'd thought since he thought he felt something on his leg. Looking down, his eyes widened when he saw the bottom of his pant leg had a bulge in it. "Get it off, get it off!" He shook his leg and stared as the jello creature went flying into the crowd of orange. If the little monsters attacked him en mass he was done for! He did not want to be smothered to death by jello. That was not something he would ever live down, not that it would matter as he'd be dead at that point. Having the words, "Died by jello" was not a good phrase for a tombstone. While he'd enjoyed Gulliver's Travels as a kid, he didn't think he'd wanted to experience what Gulliver did with the Lilliputiens.

"Oh, man." he moaned when he saw the creatures start to form together and mold itself into other bigger jigglers. "We're in bad trouble." Unless the other boy knew something to get rid of the things. Unfortunately, he didn't know the water spell, or fire spell, and he wasn't sure what would happen if they did melt the suckers. Would they become a slime that would still try and come after them?
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PostSubject: Re: I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)   Wed May 24, 2017 6:11 pm

[OOC: A tad bit of swearing. "Obviously"]
As soon as this idiot began his short explanation of what was happening, Joshua knew that the stranger had none of the attributes that were needed in a situation such as this. When faced with an army of delicious orange demons, one needed strength, wisdom, a survivor mentality. One did not need this lousy excuse for a hero, kicking jigglers off of his body whilst radiating pure terror. No, what the world needed was Joshua Abbott.

Joshua held his head high in order to make sure that the jigglers knew he meant business. Who would he be if he let this be his last moments at Hogwarts? His legacy did not deserve to crumble under this one situation. He wanted to be known as the badass Hufflepuff who left his mark on the school just by being awesome. Getting murdered by jello wouldn’t make him look so awesome.

“You may be in bad trouble,” Joshua said to the kid, making sure to put emphasis on the word choice the coward had used. Was that even proper English? The Hufflepuff pulled his wand out his pants- it was nice and warm this way and Joshua could not work with a cold wand- and he pointed it towards the jigglers.
“Say hello to my little friend,” he grinned. His lips opened once again as he said, “Bombarda.”

Almost immediately, the jigglers began to explode. Small popping noises accompanied the visual effects of orange goo flying through the air. He could have sworn that one of them screamed, though that may have just been his imagination. A couple of jigglers attempted to retreat into safer grounds, but they did not succeed in this effort. It was sad really, watching the jigglers die in such a way.

But Joshua’s pity, as well as the inflation of his ego, only lasted for so long. Where the army of jigglers had once stood, smaller versions of the creatures now existed in triple the amount. And they were angry. Joshua’s eyes widened.

“You’re kidding,” he said dryly. “Are you a sugary snack or a fucking hydra? You need to decide because this identity crisis is not doing any of us any good.” The jigglers did not find this funny. They advanced rapidly and angrily. Joshua thought that maybe this was the end. Oh well. At least he still had some pride, unlike the kid next to him who had probably only ever been proud of his junior soccer (football?) league participation trophy.

“Got a plan, kid?” he shrugged. “If you don’t I might as well just escape while I can and leave you as a sacrificial peace offering. Makes no difference to me.”
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PostSubject: Re: I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)   Wed May 31, 2017 8:54 pm

Shaun rolled his eyes at the way the boy decided to pick on his verbage. If the older boy knew half of what he said to get on the nerves of one of his father's friend's he was sure the boy's eye would twitch. What he stuck in his verbage was his own choice and hey, let the older boy travel to half a different countries and see how his language skills came out! As it was, Shaun felt his own eye give a twitch when he heard the boy's quote from a very famous movie. However, he had to say he was impressed by the spell that came out of the boy's mouth that blew the jigglers to kingdom come. Except that didn't really help but make more of the tiny pests.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Shaun laughed at his companion's humor and word choice. The things were like lemmings coming at them without caring that some of them had met their end. And lovely, this boy was one of those, 'I don't have to be fast, just faster than you.' people. This boy couldn't be a Hufflepuff. Maybe a Slytherin with the saving his own skin. And why did he call him a kid when the other boy wasn't that much older! Just because he was sort of short...

'You could always shove them in your smart mouth,' Shaun groused mentally.

Think, think, think, what could he do to get the little buggers? Wait. They were once liquid and while he didn't want to turn them back into liquid, he could do the opposite couldn't he? Laughing a bit manically, he gripped his wand, did the correct movement and shouted, “Sequieatus”. Try that! He watched as the front line stumbled and began to look a bit nasty as the liquid began to dry out. The teen kept firing that spell off since the jigglers didn't care about what happened to their buddies.

((ooc: sequieatus - drought charm that dries up water.))
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PostSubject: Re: I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)   Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:08 pm

Joshua watched the boy fire a second spell at the jigglers. Apparently someone had worn their big boy pants today! Good thing too, because this was a big boy spell. The jigglers began to dry up as if every bit of water that had been used to make them was gone all at once. He nodded in approval. It would have been the perfect plan, if these fucking jello monsters hadn't apparently contemplated this exact situation before entering battle.

Almost on cue, the tiny jackasses turned into something similar to fruit leather. They weren't jiggly anymore, which meant that they could pack a punch if that was what they desired. And of course, it was. One jiggler hoisted up another and sent it flying at Joshua's head. It felt as though he'd been momentarily stung by a bee, but he obviously did not show this in his expression.

"You moron," he grumbled at the boy. Joshua sometimes wonder how he'd been sorted into Hufflepuff. He wasn't exactly the friendliest person at times, or at any time.

"This was exactly what they wanted. We fell right into their jiggly little trap. We're screwed, unless you have any other bright ideas?" He was ready to bolt. But a part of him almost pitied the boy he'd leave behind. Perhaps he should stay in order to keep this kid from a slow and painful jiggly death.
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PostSubject: Re: I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)   

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I Know Where I Am...maybe. (open)
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