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 Transfiguration & Dueling Application

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PostSubject: Transfiguration & Dueling Application   Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:16 am

Full Name: Veronika Rae Hollands
Position: Professor of Dueling
Qualifications & Previous Education: Four year college decree from Merlin's Academy for Excellence, five years of teaching experience at Beauxbatons
Activity: Yes, I have other characters to juggle, however if all students are able to post I should be able to work with it

Roleplay Example:

Veronika took a deep breath as she walked into the class. The room was the standard kind, not as clean as the ones she'd taught in Beauxbatons but the archaic and classic feel she got in this room was more concise than that of the French school. Walking about her old school gave her a homely sort of feeling, and walking into class she was brought up with the memory of her first dueling class. Gods know how awful she was her first time around. Poor Elinor Loslett (or was it Dorsett? Too long ago, she winced feeling old) had ended up with a jelly-leg jinx even though her opponent was Rolf Pilkins. She rolled her eyes and leaned against her desk. Waiting and smiling, acknowledging each student as they passed with a kind nod.

Once her students had rolled into the classroom, she begun her lesson.

"Good morning, students of Hogwarts, I am Professor Hollands and I aim to teach you all the basics and Dueling before teaching you the tricks and fun of it. Dueling is an art, all made for assessing and understanding your partner in order to later destroy them in competition," she kept her face serious before laughing, "I'm kidding, no destroying of anyone because that's purely illegal and I would never encourage that. Instead let's use the word surrender because in a fair duel, which if I teach you all the basics of correctly, each duel will be fair, both parties after one loses the battle will surrender to each's respective abilities." After her speech, she put her hands behind her back, and took a step forward with a wide grin.

"Welcome to Dueling.

Full Name: Veronika Rae Hollands
Position: Professor of Transfiguration
Qualifications & Previous Education: Five years of teaching at Beauxbatons, decree from Merlin's Academy of Excellence college
Activity: Yes

Roleplay Example: 

For a First and Second Year Class

Veronika pondered for a moment what sorts of students she'd be tending to at Hogwarts. Were generations vastly different? Or were they still the same youthful and fun loving youngings she remembers her class being? She snorted almost aloud at the thought of that, because that was ridiculous and wishful thinking. They had been rebellious, well no use, she thought as she straightened her back once her students started filing in. She had to be a good professor her, her predecessor was Minerva McGonagall after all, she had a lot to compare to. Sighing she tied her hair into a bun and prepared herself for class to start.

"Good morning, youth of Hogwarts," she started with, her back steeled as she stepped forward to them, "I am Professor Hollands and I shall be instructing you all in Transfiguration." She flicked the chalkboard, transfiguring it's green color to a white, more common erasable marker. She transfigured her pencil on her desk to a black marker, and looked at her students with a grin smug. "Let's hop right in."

"Transfiguration, however tangible or able to touch, will not stay permanently. With that being said, before learning how to transfigure items, you must know the alphabet to read your books with," she wrote all of them from memory on the board with a sharp and good writing, "this lesson we'll cover only the alphabet and a couple small combinations of the letters together," she said over her shoulder. "I hope you're all copying this." She added airly as an aforethought.
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PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration & Dueling Application   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:05 pm

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Transfiguration & Dueling Application
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