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 History of Magic Application

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PostSubject: History of Magic Application   Tue May 16, 2017 11:44 pm

Full Name: Sarah Bethany (Jones) Locke
Position: History of Magic
Qualifications & Previous Education: Has a son, so has been around children. Has a muggle teaching degree. Had received an E in her History of Magic O.W.L.s
Activity: Pretty sure I'll be active

Roleplay Example: The woman was leaning casually against the dark oak teacher’s desk facing the row of desks with crossed ankles and a book in her hand. The nail of one index finger was caught in her teeth as her eyes swept back and forth across the pages of the volume reading the information contained within. While clad in stand teaching robes, she had them conformed to her tastes and made of layering blue and green that complimented each other. The blackboard behind her just had the simple Hogwarts, A History written upon it with messy but readable print. While she read, her students filed in and she pretended her heartbeat wasn’t about to jump out of her chest from excitement and fear. This was her first day teaching after all, her son didn’t really count as a student. These children would be her minions for the next year. And they should behave like good minions unless they wanted a swat with a newspaper. That was how one corrected errant behavior wasn’t it? When the last one entered through her door, (or that was the number that was on her roll call sheet) she loudly closed her book and set it on the desk.

Taking an assessing look at the gathered students, she gave them a smile that contained genuine warmth. They were probably just as nervous as she as they did not know her or her teaching style. Perhaps they had dreaded coming to her class in case they were disappointed. Still leaning against her desk, hands behind her now, she started with, “Alright, my name’s Bethany Locke and we’ll have the pleasure or displeasure of knowing each other for the rest of the year.”

Unless they dropped her course or got thrown out for some kind of behavior that was too reminiscent of certain ex-students. “While you have the advantage of knowing each other, or at least some of you, I don’t. So, I would like to know who you are and why you are taking this class. Why it interests you or doesn’t. For example, I am Bethany Locke, as I’d stated. I’m a muggleborn and like history and finding out the nitty gritty details about this wonderful world of ours and how it came to be.”

Nodding at a random student she requested, “You’re up next.”

((ooc: please post your arrival and your answer to the question.))
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PostSubject: Re: History of Magic Application   Fri May 19, 2017 9:15 pm

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History of Magic Application
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