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 Care of Magical Creatures Application

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Mackenzie Faucette
Hogwarts Staff
Hogwarts Staff

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PostSubject: Care of Magical Creatures Application   Wed May 17, 2017 3:43 am

Full Name: Mackenzie Alexandria Faucette

Position: Care of Magical Creatures professor (beginning in term 2)

Qualifications & Previous Education:
- Hogwarts and University educations.
- Was a journalist for years, meaning that organisation, people skills, and the ability to research her topics in depth are all skills that she possesses.
- Has a true passion for magical creatures, as well as an extensive knowledge of the topic.

Activity: I have actively been on the site for around a year and a half and I believe that I am ready for this responsibility Smile

Roleplay Example:
The sun shone down on the school grounds as Mackenzie awaited the arrival of her students. Her students. even the idea of students gathering to hear her speak was something phantasmagorical. And at Hogwarts, nonetheless. Not even a year prior, she had been a journalist for the Daily Prophet who would spend hours of her days researching different ways to call out Hogwarts for one thing or another. But now she was a part of the elite society that she had once gossiped about. Mackenzie wondered if one day a young girl would write about her in a dark light. The thought made her shudder. This work was more worthwhile.

Before Mackenzie stood a small branch. At first glance, it appeared to be nothing special; a simple piece of wood lying amongst the other pieces of wood in nature. But it was more than a simple branch. Someone who paid close attention to the branch would notice that small bits of green seemed to live there. The creatures looked to be leaves, but Mackenzie knew them to be far more than that.

Slowly but surely, students began to file in around the professor and her branch. A few students stopped to say, “Hello, professor,” or something of the likes. It felt good to be recognised in the way that she was. One student, a younger male, focused on the branch. His eyes seemed to move with the creatures, knowing that something was there but unsure as to what they were. He seemed mesmerized.

“As you may have noticed, you have never seen me before,” she told the class, doing her best to achieve momentary eye contact with each student. “I am professor Faucette and starting today, I will be taking over the Care of Magical Creatures course. I do hope that we can make an effort this year to share a passion for the creatures that I have selected for our lessons. Perhaps even some of you who claim to hate animals will exit this course with a reimagined state of mind.”

A few students smiled. Some smirked. Others paid no attention whatsoever.

Mackenzie nodded towards the branch before her, “Would anyone like to begin the lesson by informing us of what we may be discussing today?”


Thank You Jake for the Signature!!
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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Care of Magical Creatures Application   Fri May 19, 2017 9:16 pm

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Care of Magical Creatures Application
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