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 Adrián García

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PostSubject: Adrián García   Sun May 21, 2017 9:00 pm

Full Name: Adrián Felipe García
Age: 30
Date of birth: 21 June 1991
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain.
Current home: London, England
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual, but with a definite preference for women.
Wand type: 9 inch, Hornbeam Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core

Hair colour and style: Dark brown, kept short, but not so short that it can't be styled. Almost always, Adrián has played with it before he leaves the house to give it the subtle, ruffled looks women love.
Eye colour: Dark brown
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Body type: Athlectic, from playing sports, and eating good food, Adrián has been blessed with a body that is pleasing to the eye.
Dress sense: Most of the time, Adrián can be found in his scrubs. Which are not the most flattering of attire for any man. But, outside of work, Adrián likes to sport a pair of jeans, and a form fitting shirt that accentuates his physique.
Birthmarks: None.
Tattoos: This tattoo Adrián got done upon completing his Medical Degree, as a testament to his own work. It is on his wrist, and looks (Adrián later realised) that he's been branded by St Mungo's, but it is truly a sign of his love for his work.
Scars: Many from childhood, some more from trying to do healing the Muggle way and being a little less than careful with a scalpel. However, nothing of real note.
Piercings: None.

  • His line of work - it is not always a nice job, in fact, it can often be the worst job in the world, but if Adrián can make just one child smile, have a better day, then that is more than enough for him.
  • The feeling that consumes you when a patient becomes better, and moves in to recovery.
  • After a long, tiring day, Adrián prefers nothing more than getting home, having a chilled bath, and changing in to a pair of sweats, chilling out for the rest of the day/evening.
  • Spending time with his sister, and making her see past the sadness life has thrown at her.
  • Binge eating sweets at the weekends, and on cheat days, because, why not?
  • Working out - I mean, look at his body, it is hardly surprising, really.
  • Cuddling. It means so much more than sex, it is a closer bond between people.
  • Ozzy, he is pretty much Adrián's baby.
  • The simple life, not too glamorous a life, or, at least, not a 24/7 glamorous life.
  • Sunny days.
  • But, also snow.
  • Being outdoors - when the weather suits - so that you can get in some fresh air.
  • Home hobbies. Such as cooking, making thing, etc, Adrián will throw himself in to these things. Which makes him a very good, helpful guy to have around when there are kids who need occupying.

  • Seeing children suffer - which, really, is quite ironic in his line of work.
  • People who think that blood is all that matters.
  • Rainy, overcast, and downright miserable days.
  • Being mistaken for weak because he is caring.
  • Tough liquor - Adrián much prefers the alcopops of the world, and very small amounts of alochol. Much to his friends amusement.
  • Things that are inherently dangerous to mankind - but that are placed at people's disposal. Fire, for example.
  • Mess, everything has to be organised, and clean.

  • Working with children - Adrián just seems to have a bond like no other when it comes to children, which made it very easy for him to choose his job.
  • Healing magic.
  • Adrián has a good sense of humour, and always works hard to see other's smile.
  • Sensitive. Adrián knows when to leave a topic alone, when to open someone up to him, and when to simply cuddle the person until they're feeling better, it is something of a gift.

  • What children want and need - Adrián will go more than out of his way to help children who need it, fulfilling their requests in as much as he can.
  • Due to working long hours, and having a bit of a rough history, Adrián does have his moody moments. However, he always makes it back up to the person his mood has been taken out on.
  • Gets emotionally attached very easily to people, which makes it extremely hard to give up/let go.
  • Adrián likes things just so, and can often be found arranging things in the manner he like them to be. It's not something he does knowingly, per se, but he does it no less.

Positive traits:
  • Caring - for those who need it, but also those who don't realise they need it. Adrián is good at helping people unwind when they need it.
  • Protective (almost to a fault, but not quite) of those who cares and loves.
  • Romantic - if you find yourself being wooed by Adrián, you better believe you're going to get a romantic. From flowers, to surprise dinners, Adrián knows how to treat a woman (or, man) like a Princess (Prince).
  • Tenacious. Adrián will not give up on anything until it is done, which has led him to be quite good at figuring out how to find cures for the children he works with. However, this does sometimes mean he doesn't know when to give up.
  • Quick thinker - Adrián has to be to be able to save lives.
  • Bilingual

Negative traits:
  • Gets very upset, very quickly, upon seeing people who are incapable of caring for those that are their responsibility - i.e. when parents have allowed their kids to get hurt because of their own stupidity.
  • Selfless, to a fault - Adrián has a real problem with saying no.
  • Adrián is a good looking guy. Unfortunately, he knows this, and isn't abashed with calling people out for looking. He is, though, only teasing when he does so, but the usual reaction is more than amusing.

Adrián grew up in Spain in a very loving family home. His mama Mariana worked in the kitchen of the cafe below their modest apartment, keeping up the family business that had been left to her by her parents. Adrián learned from a young age that people doted on him in the cafe, and he enjoyed that very much. Helping his mama out after school, Adrián was quite the helpful young man from a young age. The locals loved it, and the tourists thought he was cute and aided his mama in getting more money for her work.

When Adrián was five, his younger sister was born, and he was smitten with her from the get go. Becoming increasingly more helpful for his mama, Adrián took on caring for his sister, teaching her, and playing with her whenever his mama needed a rest. Life was beyond reasonably happy, and nothing got in the way of that when the pair grew up as best friends.

Adrián's papa was quite tucked away from the family, working hard to put food on the table, and keep his children in clean clothes, the man didn't have much time to do anything else. But, he was a loving father, Adrián and his sister had everything they needed from him, except his time.

Many people think this is why Adrián grew up to be quite a sensitive boy, but no one would ever say that where he could hear.

When Adrián turned eleven, he received a letter from a Spanish School of Magic - excited by this prospect, Adrián had been shipped off in September to begin his schooling, where it became apparent early on he had a natural affinity to light magic, specifically the magic that is partnered with Healing. Adrián hadn't really noticed, though his teachers had, and had decided just short of his fifteenth birthday that he was going to be a Healer.

So, after graduating with Outstanding marks in all the necessary subjects to do so, Adrián had waltzed away from the school and registered to go to Medical School in England. He'd chosen England simply because they had better facilities.

Learning English had been a slog, and then learning the fancy terminology had been a hard run for Adrián but he'd persisted. Six years in schooling - Adrián had learnt both Magical and non-Magical healing - he'd qualified as a Healer, and found himself a job at St. Mungos.

In and around the same time as Adrián started work at St. Mungo's, his sister fell pregnant with her current boyfriend. Adrián had not been too happy with her getting pregnant so young - especially with a Pendejo's child. However, Adrián was nothing short of happy for his sister, truly. She was beaming, and as the first few weeks passed, Adrián had already grown in to the Uncle role quite nicely.

However, just nineteen weeks in, on one of Adrián's rare visits home, Luciana was curled up in agony, not understanding what her body was doing. Adrián managed to get her to hospital, hoping it would stop what he already knew to be happening. The doctor's had confirmed it, though, with just one look, his little sister had miscarried.

Oh, how she'd sobbed, inconsolable to everyone who tried. She wanted her baby, she wanted him to be well. But nobody could bring back the tiny life who'd never been lucky enough to take his first breath.

It took more than a year to bring Luciana back to the world of the living, and much longer still for her to be confident in herself. She was not the same after that, not quite so bubbly, not quite so optimistic. But, with time she began to heal. It had been in seeing his younger sister being broken by the loss of a child that had brought Adrián to the decision that he would never, ever, allow a parent to go through that again, and he studied for another year to become a fully fledged pediatrician.

Ever since that day, Adrián had worked tirelessly with the children on the ward, and saved many, many lives. Something he is hoping to do for as long as he is able.

   Name: Mariana García
   Age: 52
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Chef

   Name: Mateo García
   Age: 55
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Spanish Ministry Official

   Name: Luciana García
   Age: 25
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Bar waitress - she is studying at the moment.

   Name: Ozzy
   Age: 4
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Ginger cat.

Mateo and Mariana met whilst at school, though they'd only ever been friends whilst they were there. Good friends, but only that. They'd gone their seperate ways after school, Mateo heading to university, whilst Mariana moved to help her parents with their business, one that was thriving in Barcelona. For years, the two kept in contact, though it slowly started to fizzle out when Mariana grew somewhat jealous of Mateo's adventures.

Mateo was (unknowingly) in the neighbourhood one day, and entered the cafe in wich Mariana worked. Upon seeing her, he had been shocked, not realising this would where she would be. They arranged to meet up that evening for dinner, catch up. They talked for hours in to the night, and through the morning, rekindling their friendship.

And, so it went on for weeks, maybe a few months, until, finally, one night, Mariana leaned up to press a kiss on Mateo's lips. Sealing their fate, and becoming an item that had always meant to be.
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Adrián García
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