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 Of Worms and Friends [Open!]

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PostSubject: Of Worms and Friends [Open!]   Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:20 am

Climbing trees had always been among some of her favourite things in the world. The roughness of the trunk between her knees as she gripped tightly onto the surface; the way her feet would fit onto some of the cracks and branches, as though they'd been made for her; and the scent of the fresh leaves and wood as she sat high in the branches, watching the world below her.

This time, however, she had a single purpose in climbing this particular tree -- she'd been following a grasshopper around the edge of the forest for a while, hoping to sneak up on it as it settled, only to stumble across a worm making its way up a tree. Killing jar at the base of the tree, hidden away behind some leaves so nobody passing by would see it, Briella scrambled deftly up the tree with a small plastic Tupperware, no bigger than her fist, hanging from a string around her neck.

As she neared the top, where the worm was, she noted that it had crawled out onto a rather thin branch. With a slight frown, she reached out with her leg and tested it, pushing against it a few times. It seemed to hold, and so, slowly, carefully, she eased herself out. She was halfway across and almost at the worm when she heard the crack.

Freezing, Briella glanced behind her, noting the way the branch had sagged and the split starting to form.

"Well," she murmured to herself, rolling her eyes, "That's concerning."

Making a quick survey of the things around her, she focused on the branch above her with a glint in her eyes. If she was quick about it... Nodding to herself once, she slowly adjusted her position, wincing a little as the branch she was on continued to crack under her weight. Then, swiftly, she hurled her body upwards, reaching out to catch the branch above her. The sudden movement caused the one she was on to break fully, and as she hung from the tree, legs now dangling, she heard it crash somewhere below her.

"Well so much for that worm," she said, to herself, pulling herself slowly back to the safety of the trunk. Once there, she made sure her grip was tight, and then climbed back down with familiar ease. There were a few scratches on her hands and legs, but other than that (it didn't even really hurt) she was fine, and she made her way to the fallen branch, looking for the worm from before.

[[OOC: I won't reply until after the 22nd, but I had to let out some of my muse!]]
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PostSubject: Re: Of Worms and Friends [Open!]   Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:09 pm

Life wasn't easy. At least, not after that talk with Toryn. She'd tried to look at things from his view, tried some things it never occured to try before. That photography class Professor Blake did wasn't all that bad although Stephanie felt like she was making a fool of herself. But the class itself wasn't as bad as Stephanie thought it would be. It was actually quite neat to be able to capture a moment in time and look back on it later.

What hurt the most was friends.

She almost wished that conversation with Toryn had never happened. After that, all she could see was the fakeness in her so-called friends, the way they would butter her up, flatter her, shower her with gifts all because she was a Richardson. She'd sprung a surprise test on them in the form of a game, asking them things about herself like her favourite colour, food, and things about her personality. The ones who could get the most right would get a treat from her.

The results were beyond disappointing.

But it proved Toryn's words to her. They weren't her true friends; they didn't care about her. They just wanted to be able to say that they were friends and hung out with Stephanie Richardson. She'd even overheard a comment once.

"You're a nobody. I'm friends with Stephanie Richardson and you're not. We hang out all the time you know.

It had sickened her, the thought that she was used all because of the family she was born into, nothing more than a means to an end. In her quest to become like Mckendra, to gain popularity and have everyone do her bidding, she'd made herself into an object.

She'd tried to have deeper friendships with her current posse, talking about things other than the latest fashions and gossip, about Muggles and Muggleborns. But they didn't want that. They'd looked at her strangely. She still persisted though, trying to prove - more to herself than to anyone else - that she was worth something beyond her name. It didn't last for long. One by one, her friends stopped hanging out with her until she was left with no one.

Sighing as her troubles threatened to overwhelm her, Stephanie lifted her face to the sunlight. She'd taken a walk, hoping that it would clear her thoughts somewhat, and found herself in the Forbidden Forest. As she was about to turn and leave - because students weren't allowed in here - she head something crashing to the ground. She stopped, looking over her shoulder, preparing to run in case it was a dangerous animal out to eat her.

When she saw legs coming down a tree followed by a body, she frowned. What..was she...had she just come out of a tree? That was ridiculous! Girls didn't climb trees. Before she could stop herself, she blurted out, "What are you doing?"
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PostSubject: Re: Of Worms and Friends [Open!]   Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:15 pm

Briella's eyes had just picked up a slight movement when a voice interrupted her. Holding a hand up, she indicated 'wait a moment', focusing intently on the spot she'd seen the motion. Stepping forward, she let out a soft sigh as she realised it had been but a simple grasshopper, and then turned around to see who it was, having recognised the voice but too caught up in her pursuit of the worm to have placed it.

To see Stephanie Richardson, of all people, standing there, therefore, came as somewhat of a surprise. The fellow Slytherin was one of the popular ones, a Pureblood that never let anyone forget where she came from and what ran through her veins. In all honesty, it was ... ridiculous, if you asked Briella. What difference did blood make? They were both red, at the end of the day.

So what was the Pureblood girl doing talking to her?

As far as she knew, Stephanie did her utmost best to avoid all Halfbloods and Muggleborns; so why the sudden interest in her, a Halfblood? It didn't make sense, and Briella regarded the witch with no little suspicion in both her eyes and body posture. If Stephanie intended to use her or anything of that sort, she'd have another thing coming.

But there was no denying that a question had been asked, and despite her reservations Briella wasn't rude, not by nature. So, with a shrug, she said, "I'm looking for a worm. It was climbing up the tree, and I tried to follow it." She looked towards the branch on the ground, over at the tree it had once belonged to, and then back to Stephanie with a slight grin. "Apparently the tree didn't like me, but I won that fight. It's somewhere on or under the branch, but I can't seem to find it."

A light frown touched her features as she glanced at the branch. "It was an interesting one, too -- had colours I've never seen before for that species, if it was that species, of course. I could only make an estimated guess from the distance I saw it..." She trailed off with a casual shrug. "I know it's out here, though, so I'll find it at some point of time. If not today, tomorrow. If not tomorrow... well, I'm in Hogwarts for a few more years yet. I'll find him." She paused, frown deepening. "Her." She paused again, then shrugged. "It."

Gesturing to the woods around her, she smiled at Stephanie. "What brings you out here?" It was all she could do -- try and be friendly, that is -- and hope that whatever it was, the witch before her wasn't going to try anything stupid.
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PostSubject: Re: Of Worms and Friends [Open!]   Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:38 am

Stephanie frowned as the girl merely held up her hand in response to her question. That was pretty rude of her. She seemed to be looking for something on the ground. Perhaps a lost earring or some other piece of jewelry? If she would just let Stephanie know what it was, they could look for it together. It was a simple fact that the chances of finding something were higher if there were more people looking.

As the girl turned around to face her, Stephanie saw that it was Briella, someone from the same house as her but a year older. She also noticed, judging by the look in her eyes and her body language, that her presence wasn't very welcome. Stephanie's first reaction was to be offended. People were supposed to like her and want to be around her. But a moment later, she realised that it was probably because of her treatment of the Muggleborns and Halfbloods in the school.

It was no secret fact that she'd made her stance known in the school. Her beliefs had been clear from the start and evident in the way she had behaved. But she hadn't stopped there. She'd influenced her peers to think the same way and behave the same way. It wasn't bullying, but she'd made it known that she would not associate with anyone who was not a Pureblood.

Looking back on it now, Stephanie saw that she'd given reason for Briella to be wary of her and it was understandable. But maybe, just maybe, this was her chance to show that she was trying to change. And maybe, just maybe, she would make a new friend out of her normal circle of friends.

As Briella mentioned that she was looking for a worm, Stephanie could not hold back the look of disgust that crossed her eyes. Why in Merlin's name would she be looking for a worm of all things? They were slimy, dirty, yucky things. They inspired the 'ewww' feeling. But she'd found that non-Purebloods had funny tastes and interests. Apparently worms was one of them.

Briella continued talking and Stephanie began to realise why she'd been looking for a worm. It had been something different, unusual, unique for its kind. Something akin to a limited one-of-a-kind dress that was very rare, highly coveted, and extremely expensive.

"I could help you look for it," Stephanie offered, "if you want it that much." It would mean getting dirty and possibly chipping a nail or two, but she knew what it was like to do everything she could to get something she wanted. She would draw the line at actually touching the worm though.

At the question, Stephanie knew she had two choices. She could tell the truth and risk more invading questions or she could lie and come up with something else. She was inclined to do the latter, not wanting anyone to know her inner struggles just yet. But Briella was a Muggleborn and could help her figure some of her thoughts out. "I was just thinking," Stephanie finally said. It left room for Briella to probe more if she wanted and for Stephanie to open up and it was also the truth.

[[OOC: Sorry this is so late. I forgot about it >_<]]

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PostSubject: Re: Of Worms and Friends [Open!]   

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Of Worms and Friends [Open!]
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