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 Encounters of Intellect (Open)

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PostSubject: Encounters of Intellect (Open)   Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:34 pm

Avalon had finished up with his classes for the day and he now found himself residing in the study area. Normally, the Ravenclaw would use this free time as an opportunity to finish up any current assignments and to then get a headstart on incoming assignments that would not be given to other students for another week or so (Not every teacher agreed to give assignments ahead of time due to the fact that a-lot of assignments were directly linked to that day's lesson. Some teachers, however; were often able to produce some assignments, even if only extra credit work. He had no preference, as long as it kept his mind active).

But today was rare in the fact that Avalon had no work on his agenda until the next few lessons. It was not often that he had down time. He liked to fill his days with varying activities, whether they be academic or physical. Most days, his schedule looked similar to this:

-Morning run
-Catch up on assignments
-Work out/Quidditch practise
-Catch up on assignments
-Wind down in common room with buddies

It seemed monotonous and borderline obsessive compulsive to some, but Avalon had found upon his second year at Ilvermorny that he just fell into this sort of pattern on school days. Weekends and holidays were much more relaxed, but school days often followed this exact schedule. Not because he had to, but simply because he did.

Today, though, Avalon had decided to fill the time usually spent on assignments with a different kind of mind-strengthening activity. He reached into his bag and pulled out three small books and a quill. Neatly setting them on the table before him, the boy opened the first of the three. This one had a laminated blue cover with black and white squares scattered throughout. The title read, "Sodoku."

It was a number game of sorts. One that involved a combined set of mathematics and logic skills; both skills that Avalon happened to possess. The book only had a few pages left, as most of the others had already fallen victim to Avalon's idea of how to spend his leisure time.

Flipping through the pages, he noticed varying handwritings and ink colours, indicating that more than one person had attempted these puzzles. This was because he and his dad, Jedikiah, used to play this game for hours while Avalon had been too afraid of the world to go outside and play with the other boys his age. Eventually, he'd gotten stronger and he'd ventured outwards. But it had been nice to know that there was more than one way to exercise.

Flipping to a fresh page, Avalon smiled. This puzzle wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard either. It was just right.
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PostSubject: Re: Encounters of Intellect (Open)   Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:08 am

Sienna was in the business knowing people. Connections, she knew, were vastly more important than anything she could learn in classrooms. Sure, spell knowledge and whatnot were vital, but if one didn't leave school knowing at least some of the right people, what was the point? It would be a waste of seven years of her life.

During the Christmas break, she'd spent her time at home, soaking up all she could from her parents; December was among their busiest periods, what with people needing presents. There was also something about the holiday mode that meant people were much less suspecting of others, and that made it much easier to go out into the streets and earn many a quick buck.

But she'd found herself restless in the shadow of her parents, and during those few days home, an idea began forming. It was dangerous -- as all ideas are -- but the more she mulled over it, the more she realised it was something she was not only considering, but devoting herself to; as soon as she was done with Hogwarts, she would overthrow her parents and take over the business. They would be hurt, sure, but she was also certain that a part of them would be proud. Whatever the case, it left her two years to build up a crew.

Now, more than ever, connections would be vital.

And that was the reason Sienna was making her way to the study hall. She'd tossed on a casual outfit without too much thought placed into what she was wearing; she was going to make introductions, not sedeuce or manipulate. It was after a few glanced her way that she realised she probably could have put on a longer t-shirt and skirt, but it didn't really bother her too much. It would be a good way to judge the character of the male she was seeking out.

Avalon, double-barrelled last name, a transfer American student. New York, she'd been told. It was an...alright state, although not her favourite. Still, there was no denying The Big Apple was a good place to find marks, and she often frequented the streets.

Stepping into the study room, she glanced around, noting him at once. Deciding to skip the whole 'what a coincidence I bumped into you' act and go straight for it, she walked straight over, inviting herself to a seat opposite him. Soduko, she noted absentmindedly, before saying, "You must be Avalon. I've been meaning to say hi." She paused for a moment to ensure she had his attention, and then held out a hand towards him, palm down. "I'm Sienna."

It was a needless introduction; she was certain he'd know of her. Not only were they in the same house, but she was one of the most popular students in school. If he hadn't heard of her by now, he was either deaf (and even the few actually Deaf students in Hogwarts knew of her) or didn't pay attention. Whatever the case, if he didn't know her name, he wasn't worth getting to know, either.
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Encounters of Intellect (Open)
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