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 Felicia Kelly

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PostSubject: Felicia Kelly   Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:58 pm

Full Name: Felicia Abigail Kelly
Age: 35
Date of birth: 18 Feb, 1985
Birthplace: Washington, USA
Current home: England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Aromantic, Pansexual, Polyamorous
Wand type: Cedar wood, dragon heartstring, 10 inches, unyielding.

Hair colour and style: Dark brown, seemingly black in certain light; long and slightly wavy towards the bottom, but not curly. Sometimes she straightens it, sometimes she curls it; it depends on her mood and if she has time to get ready in the morning or not.
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5 foot 11, almost six
Body type: Slim, but fit
Dress sense: Fashionable
Birthmarks: None.
Tattoos: The alphabets Y, I, H, and A on the inside of her left ring finger. They’re minute and hard to notice.
Scars: A few here and there
Piercings: Ear piercings

  - Children; she’s always wanted some of her own, and when Abel came along she was beyond joyful. When Yve also became pregnant, that joy doubled.

  - Psychology; she’s always been interested in the hows and whys of a person’s actions. That is, after all, why she became a profiler.

  - Having things done her way (she can be quite the control freak).

  - Puzzling things out; figuring out the hows and whys.

  - Yve and Isaac; Hope and Abel

  - People (although not people themselves, but the whole notion of people in and of themselves. That is to say, she likes the notion of humans and what makes an individual an individual.)

  - Stuffed toys (see weaknesses).

  - Things being neat and in order. If stuff is messy, she has a tendency to try and straighten it. (Note she doesn’t have OCD; it’s not an extreme of tidiness.)

  - Plans/plans going according to plan.

  - Justice; she hates seeing wrong in the world.

  - Not knowing; she is driven by an innate desire to know, figure out, and understand

  - Improvising, although she is good at it. She’d much prefer sticking to a well-thought out plan than having to make stuff up on the fly

  - Having to explain herself (if it’s something vital, she doesn’t mind explaining the hows and whys of something, but not if she’s being questioned not based off the plan but because of age, gender, sexuality, or any other thing that isn’t important)

  - Unnecessary violence; while she understands that sometimes it’s something that cannot be avoided, such as when defending one’s rights or fighting someone trying to harm you, Felicia absolutely hates violence. She sees and uses it as a last-means resort. Having said that, the Nightshades are a last-means resort; more than that, though, they are the only resort.

  - Law; it’s such a tedious way of dealing with evil.

  - Idiots.

  - Being underestimated (for many reasons, but particularly because she’s a woman).

  - Classrooms and reading; she’d much rather learn on the field, although she sees the practicality of learning in a classroom setting or from a book. Still, if she had other means of learning something, she’d much rather go out and do it.

  - Political correctness; if there is no other way to do it, Felicia is very good at playing niceties and formalities. However, she despises it; why say something if you mean another? Might as well get straight to the point and save everyone time.

  - Crying; she has not cried since Abel went missing (see background for more information).

  - Neurolinguistics; she studied this in her younger years, in a muggle university, as part of her psychology course.

  - Manipulation; since she has not only learnt neurolinguistics (and specialised in it), but also other forms of the human condition (as she calls it), Felicia is more than able to pick up on social cues of others and twist them to her liking, so subtly that one might not even realise it.

  - Talking to people and getting them to talk. Since she’s good at reading a person, she can very easily move conversation to what she wants and ‘unlocking’ the secrets of a person or getting them to trust her. This is usually done without them knowing, although if called upon to outright interrogate someone, she could also do this.

  - Leading; she is a natural leader, and knows how to get people to listen to her and cooperate with her.

  - Planning. Her plans are always very detailed and extensive, covering plan Bs and different outcomes depending on how the other party responds.

  - Improvising; while her plans are extensive, what can go wrong usually does go wrong, and for what she hasn’t covered in her plans, Felicia is able to improvise well. She doesn’t enjoy it, though, and claims it is far too risky to rely on improvisation.

  - Predicting people’s reactions (profiling).

  - Duelling/magic. She’s always had a knack for duelling, probably due to her ability to size up her opponents and predict their moves.

  - Occlumency; as she carries many secrets in her mind, she has obviously learnt to protect her mind.

  - Yve and Hope; Isaac and Abel.

  - Children. No children should ever be harmed. Ever.

  - Violent scenarios; she can't stand them. They are sometimes necessary, but that doesn't mean she has to enjoy it.

  - Coffee. (She is addicted to caffeine.)

  - A good puzzle.

  - Cute stuffed toys; she collects them it started after her first case as a profiler. One of her jobs had been to interview a child witness -- and, it was later discovered, victim; she'd been groomed by a person, but he'd been arrested before he had a chance to act on anything -- and after the lengthy trial, he'd been convicted. The child had given Felicia her stuffed toy as a thank you (since Licia had been the one talking the girl through things). It had been a tiny fish -- Nemo. As a ‘joke’, her colleagues -- when celebrating the completion of her first case -- had presented her with three other stuffed toys: a dolphin, a black bear, and an alpaca. Her collection started here and has expanded ever since, although she only ever collects the small ones (no larger than a fist) and not the large types.

  - Legilimency; while she reads people well enough, she thinks there is something profoundly private about someone’s mind (and working it out is part of the fun), and therefore while she tried legilimency she doesn’t like it and isn’t good.

Positive traits:
  - Determined; Felicia knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid of getting it. As long as her conscience is clear and she knows her motives are right, she will do what it takes to get results.

  - Quick on her feet; perhaps this has stemmed from her FBI training, but she has ridiculously quick reflex times and is capable of making snap (and usually accurate) judgements of a scenario and react accordingly.

  - Smart; Felicia has always been gifted in the upper department, and is quick to absorb new information and put it to use.

  - Hard working; she will (and has) worked twenty-four hours straight to achieve what she wants.

  - Resourceful; also stemming from her FBI training, she is able to see the benefit in almost anything and everything around her, and isn’t shy or afraid to put it (or them) to use.

  - Tactful, despite not enjoying political correctness.

  - Logical. It’s one of the traits that made her such a good profiler.

  - Felicia has always been the type of person to want to see justice done. It was partially the reason she joined the FBI in the first place; she knew she could help put criminals behind bars.

  - Loyal; she would never, ever betray someone who she deems to be ‘hers’, unless they first betray her (or Isaac).

Negative traits:
  - Manipulative; ever since she discovered how easily she can read someone and how simple it was to get them to do things for her, she has taken up a fondness for doing just that. She enjoys making people do things for her, and makes it a personal challenge to expand her control over certain people to see just how far she can take the subtle manipulation.

  - Sore loser. She hates losing -- full stop. She will throw a fit if she loses the upper hand or an important battle.

  - Unwavering in opinions. It usually takes a tonne of evidence, solid logic, and weeks if not months of thinking before she takes a side. She's always open to hear opposing arguments to what she believes, but unless the proof is overwhelmingly compelling (and after thinking about it she realises she was wrong) she doesn't sway from her stance.

  - Needs to get her way. She can (and will) throw a fit if she doesn’t get her way.

  - Closed/untrusting; except for Isaac, there is nobody she truly trusts.

  - Ruthless; she will use any means necessary to achieve her goals.

  - Unforgiving. For slight errors or mistakes, she is willing to let bygones be bygones. However, too many small mistakes -- or one large one -- and you're gone from her good books. It is rare, although not quite impossible, to earn back favour.

  - Felicia might seem the picture of control, but she’s got a temper -- and when she’s angry, she isn’t likely to be … gentle … in her admonishing.

[[TRIGGER WARNINGS: too many to list, including (but not limited to) death of children, torture, and murder. If you are sensitive, please don’t read further.]]

Having multi-millionaire muggle parents, owners of a successful company in America, Felicia was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Given only the best food, the best tutors, the best toys, and the best… anything she wanted, she grew up with one goal in her parent’s mind: taking over the family business. Unfortunately for them, the world had different ideas, and even as she grew up she took an odd interest in bad guys -- when watching TV shows, she always asked why the antagonist would do certain things, or made up odd reasons for them, even in the cartoons she watched.

When she was six, she walked into her parents room as they were watching an ‘adult show’ -- an episode of Friends -- and, after seeing the person on screen for a few moments, made a comment about them hiding a secret, thus spoiling the entire episode. It was here that she discovered that she somehow could read people, and practised it wherever she went, much to her parent’s dismay (seeing as, at this point, she often got it wrong, her imagination getting the better of her at times).

At the age of eight, when she was throwing a temper tantrum, the plate of eggs that hadn’t been cooked to her liking exploded, sending bits of scrambled egg everywhere. As she continued demanding her way, the fridge door opened and eggs came flying out, sending their cook running and screaming about witchcraft. The next day, a representative from MACUSA came to explain things to the family.

They neither accepted it nor rejected it, simply stating that if she wanted to go to magical school she could, but that she was still expected to take over the family business.

The letter came at eleven, as all letters did, and off Felicia went to Ilvermorny. As she stood on the Gordian knot in the entrance, she received a glowing crystal, a roar, and a beating of wings. After a few minutes of consideration, she made her choice, and it was as a Wampus that Felicia spent her years in school. She made and lost friends, attended and skipped classes, got praised and got in trouble, passed and failed tests, and basically experienced the magical world for the very first time.

Felicia ended her time at Ilvermorny at the age of 17, skipping out on her N.E.W.T.S altogether; since she had long since decided her field of study, she did not bother with the magical route, instead studying and sitting for her SATs part time. Upon receiving her results -- she’d gotten straight As -- she left Ilvermorny and moved back to the muggle world.

Enrolling almost immediately into a few Universities, she was accepted at her first choice, and proceeded to spend the next four years studying Psychology. Continuing almost immediately, she furthered her studies, taking a criminology major. Two years in, her parents died, and she dropped out in September of 2008 to attend to family matters. As the heir of their business, she had to take care of things, seeing as she became a multi-millionaire overnight.

She decided to sell the company, keeping only a small share within it; honouring her parents wishes had never been something she intended on doing, considering that they never honoured hers. Instead, with her results and portfolio from her internships here and there, she enrolled at the FBI in November -- only to be denied.

Not allowing herself to feel down for a moment, she appealed the decision and, a month later, appeared before a board of directors. Upon entering, she let them talk for the first five minutes or so, laying out the rules and whatnot. As soon as she was allowed to speak, she turned to the first person on her left, smiled, and said, “You recently tried to quit smoking, but failed. This is your second attempt.” Without waiting, she moved down the line. “You woke up late today and you’re feeling testy because you don’t like waking up on Saturdays.” Again, she moved on. “You’re trying to give me a straight face because you realise by now that I am capable of reading people, and reading them well. You also are hiding something you don’t want me to say; you have a tell. For your sake, I won’t mention either.” To the last man, she said, “You’ve been reading me the entire time. Tell me, am I trustworthy, or is this all an act?”

She started her Quantico training a few weeks later, with the latest batch of FBI agents.

Five months later, she graduated near the top of her class, and in August of 2009 she started work at the FBI. Her very first case was one she’d never forget: a paedophile had been caught, and she’d been tasked with interviewing him as well as his victims. After a lengthy trial, he was convicted. Her career took off after that.

In 2011, she was tasked with investigating a man suspected of having ties to IS. After reading through his profile and talking to him a few times, Felicia began to suspect that not all was as it seemed and decided to take a few sick days to visit the wizarding world, having come to the conclusion that her target was actually a wizard. Her suspicions were proven correct, and she tailed the man into an alleyway, well aware that he had his people following her.

True enough, as she stepped into the narrow passage, she found her blocked in from both the front and back by a total of three large men. Not afraid in the least (Felicia had always been an expert dueller), she slipped out her wand and got ready for a fight when the man at the entrance to the alley gave a sharp cry and collapsed. A few coloured jets flew past and in a split second, the other two men were also slumped on the ground, passed out.

Felicia glanced up at her ‘hero’, only to discover her heroine -- a tall woman with beautiful auburn hair and eyes that were unlike any she’d ever seen. “I saw them following you… are you okay?” the woman asked, stepping over the first man with a concerned expression.

Felicia debated momentarily, taking in the posture of the woman, and then made a decision; nodding, she flashed her a smile. “I am, thank you.” She paused, allowing her smile to grow softer. “Might I buy you a drink? As a thank you, of course.”

The woman laughed, a light tinkling noise that Felicia dimly registered as the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. “I won’t say no to a drink or two,” she replied, laughing yet again. “I’m Yvonne, by the way.” She turned, started out. “I know a great bar nearby.” Felicia could only follow.

Most of the night went by in a blur of drinking, eating, and lots of flirting.

They met up a few more times after that, both during the day and the night. It was sometime during their third meeting that Felicia noted something was off with Yye (which she had insisted all her friends called her, and wasn’t Felicia a friend if they’ve had drinks together twice already?), and, tentatively, decided to ask the woman what was going on. It was then that Yve, with an apprehensive look, told Felicia the truth: she was not only a Pureblood woman (disowned, naturally), but was in a relationship with Isaac, a muggleborn she met in St. Mungo’s where she worked.

A relationship, she added, that was open; they were both polyamorous. Tentatively, Yve apologised for the deception, and then posed Felicia an offer that had the latter thinking about the whole notion of polygamy for the first time.

With no pressure put on her, she was given time to think. It took her a few days, but when she next wrote to Yve, it was to set up a date to meet Isaac. The pair clicked almost at once, bonding not only over their love of Yvonne but other things as well. It was over dinner that the three of them shared deep, long laughter over Felicia’s confession that she hadn’t needed Yve’s help that day in the alley, and it was about a week later in bed that Felicia fell asleep for the first time feeling loved for who she was, laying between two people she had grown to care for in a short period of time.

Their trial lasted for just over three months before they became a family, with Felicia moving to the UK.

In 2013, Felicia woke up one day at the end of April feeling sick. A test confirmed everyone’s suspicions and hope: she was pregnant. In December, she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy she named Abel. A few months later, her maternity leave ended, and she returned to work beaming as only a mother could; she threw herself back into the work she also loved and continued to shine as both an FBI agent and a profiler. However, she turned down a few promotions, enabling her to spend more time at home and with her family (which now included a son) instead of being too busy with work.

For the next year and a bit, things were normal. She spent most of her evenings and nights at home, playing with Abel and spending time with Yve and Isaac. Her days were spent at work, where she continued to excel in her job, proving to be one of the best profilers in the office. Still she continued to turn down promotions. None of her colleagues knew it, but she was still a millionaire, and money was not something she needed; she was working because she wanted to and enjoyed the work, and not for any other reason.

At the start of 2016, their little family expanded yet again; this time round, it was Yve who was pregnant, and the celebrations lasted long into the night, although they kept it as quiet as they could for Abel’s sake. Soon enough, with Yve being far too impatient, they found out the gender of the baby: Abel was to have a younger sister.

This was where certain complications arose; they could not agree on the name of the child. Finally, a week later, in a display quite unlike the normally tolerant witch, Yve had said “We name her Hope or we don’t name her at all.” In this manner, the argument was settled once and for all.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, Felicia took some extra time off work to ensure that Yve was never once left alone at home for too long. It was around November, when Felicia had done a quick food run (since Yve had started craving odder and odder foods at this point, and both Isaac and her loved their partner too much to ever refuse her) that her entire world was shattered: upon arriving home, she had found the door unlocked. Sending for Isaac at once, Felicia began to search the house for Yve.

Yvonne’s bedroom door was locked, and kicking it open, Felicia found it to be in a complete mess. Stepping inside, she saw her lover’s dead body on the ground. It was then Isaac arrived, and she somehow managed to pull it together long enough to find Abel, who had hidden under his bed the entire time. The authorities came and went, but there was no mistaking who had done it: Yve’s extremist parents.

Felicia took time off work.

During the funeral, Yve’s parents had the audacity to show up, and one look at them told Felicia all she needed to know; it had been them. She didn’t know it, but it was during their short, five minute appearance that they overheard Abel referring to Yve as ‘mummy’, and, assuming that Abel had been hers and not Felicia’s, they left.

Three months later, in early 2017, Abel became very sick, and Felicia checked him into St. Mungo’s at once. For one brief moment a couple of days later that she regrets till this day, Felicia stepped out the room at the request of the healer, only to find that Abel had been poisoned. How, she never truly figured out, but it was in that moment the realisation hit her that it was Yve’s parents behind it yet again. Their house had been fortified after what happened to Yve, Isaac placing so many curses and counter-measures on their small home that even Felicia wasn’t sure what all of them were. But the hospital? The hospital was a public place, with anyone able to enter and leave. Sending off her patronus to Isaac, she took off, running to his room, fully intending to take Abel home.

He was nowhere to be found.

She almost tore apart the hospital trying to find him, and then later, once the Aurors had discovered the shirt he’d been wearing discarded in an alley, she literally tore apart her living room in her anger and grief. Abel’s body was never found, and the funeral they held involved an empty coffin.

Losing her lover and both children in such a short span of time was too much for Felicia; she quit her job. If she couldn’t bring to justice the people who killed her family, how could she even begin to think to do the same for others? No, she knew her priority, and that was to right the world. Pureblood supremacy was something that had been taken too far, and it was time to strike back, to show those Pureblood extremists that blood purity was not something to flaunt. It was a difference, yes, but it made nobody better or worse, and those that thought it did had to be taught otherwise.

It was Isaac who first proposed the idea of starting a sort of vigilante group, and with some discussion, that idea evolved to them forming the Deadly Nightshades with one goal in mind: ending the notion of supremacy. It took a long while to plan everything out, but their patience paid off, and in December 2019, the Deadly Nightshades made their first proper attack.

Since then, Isaac and Felicia have been running the Nightshades from the shadows, ever watching and ever ready to attack, their love for Yvonne, Hope, and Abel fuelling their every existence.

   Name: Clarissa Kelly
   Age: 53
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Business owner

   Name: Cooper Kelly
   Age: 53
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Business owner

Siblings: None

Life Partner (girlfriend):
   Name: Yvonne
   Age: 31 (at time of death)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood

Life Partner (boyfriend):
   Name: Isaac
   Age: 37
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
   Occupation: (ex)cursebreaker || Nightshades leader

   Name: Hope (carried by Yvonne)
   Age: 7 months
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: N/A

   Name: Abel
   Age: 3 and a half years (when he went missing)
   Living or Deceased: Missing; presumed dead
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: N/A

Felicia has an owl for communication in the wizarding world, although she often uses other people's’ owls in order to throw off suspicion on her own. She also owns three dogs -- a rottweiler, a german shepherd, and a dobermann -- that act as guard dogs; she also uses them for intimidation tactics, and sometimes as tools to … punish people. (If she ever says “It seems someone is in need of some faith/grace/patience,” you can rest assured she does not mean the qualities.)

   Name: Dawn
   Age: 5
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Barn Owl

   Name: Faith (click for image)
   Age: 3
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Rottweiler

   Name: Grace (click for image)
   Age: 3
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: German shepherd

   Name: Patience (click for image)
   Age: 3
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Dobermann

Clarissa and Cooper’s romance story is rather unusual.

They both, however, led rather uninteresting lives, growing up in families that were neither rich nor poor; they both got by with what they needed and then some. They were both only children, with Cooper being unplanned and Clarissa’s parents only wanting one. They both attended different schools and different universities; they both, however, got degrees in business and finance.

It was when they were both twenty three that things took a turn from insipid to interesting.

Attending a friend’s bachelor party, Cooper found himself in Las Vegas for the evening and very, very drunk. Clarissa, on the other hand, had gone to Las Vegas with some friends. A drunk Cooper stole something on a dare, and, while running from the cops, he bumped into Clarissa, who’d wandered away from her friends and gotten lost. Thinking he was merely another drunk, she stopped to help him somewhere off the streets. The cops caught up with him as she was pushing him into a cab.

They both spent the night in a jail. When it was discovered that Cooper had no previous record and that Clarissa had merely been in the wrong place at the wrong time, they were both released -- Cooper with a warning, and Clarissa with an apology. Despite everything that happened, Cooper offered to take Clarissa for dinner as an apology for getting her into the mess, and, amused by him and intrigued by his looks, she accepted.

Long story short, they started dating a few weeks later. It was a year after this that Cooper started his business with her, and a few months after this, he proposed. They got married shortly after, and continued to build on the successful business, expanding it until it reached heights neither could’ve ever dreamt of.

Clarissa eventually gave birth to a baby girl they named Felicia, after which it was discovered Clarissa suffered from secondary infertility -- the inability to have children after already having one (or more) before. Felicia, therefore, grew up as an only child. They were somewhat disappointed to discover she was magic, since it meant a world they could not earn money in, and they wanted her to take over the business.

They were even more disappointed when Felicia chose to study psychology upon finishing at her magic school.

They died in a boating accident some years later, while on vacation in some remote island.
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