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 Dakoda Abernathy

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PostSubject: Dakoda Abernathy   Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:26 pm

CONTENT WARNING: Abuse and Violence

Full Name: Dakoda “Koda” Adelaide Abernathy
Age: 16
Date of birth: July 1st, 2006
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Current home: Hogwarts during the school year; she couch surfs over the holidays
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
Wand type: Cherry wood (slightly charred), 9 ½ , dragon heartstring core

Hair colour and style: Her hair is a dark, ebony brown colour. It looks black in certain lighting, but it is brown. Koda’s hair is long and straight, falling to the middle of her back. She prefers to keep it up and out of her eyes in a long ponytail, but she will wear it down if the situation calls for it.
Eye colour: A very very icy blue shade. It could be mistaken as grey, but most would call it a very light blue.
Height: 5’7 (will be 5’9” by the time she turns 18)
Body type: Her body is slim and athletic. Her muscles are defined due to years of training in multiple different forms of mixed martial arts, karate, and other forms of self-preservation. She works out often in order to stay on top of her game. She will never be caught off guard. Never again.
Dress sense: Though she hates the word “hipster,” it is the best word to describe her style. She wears chunky scarves accompanied by earth tones and maybe a light-wash jean. She only ever wears long sleeves and pants. On the occasion in which she must wear a dress, she wears tights. She is not ashamed of the scars that the fabric hides; she does not feel as though the public deserves to gawk and ask her why. Koda keeps her outwards appearance approachable and pleasant so that only those who deserve to will be visited by the inner workings of her mind.
Birthmarks: One on the lower portion of her stomach, to the right of her navel. At a young age, she decided that it resembled a dove.
Tattoos: She will eventually have one that outlines her birthmark with the image of a dove. The dove will hold a flaming olive branch, for peace is not achieved by surrender and compromise. Surrender is denial and compromise is cowardice.
Scars: More than she can name. She has bruises that have never healed, scars whose pain has outlived their memory. They are in areas easy to cover and she often does cover them, not because she is ashamed but because the world does not deserve to sympathize with her. She will not be pitied.
Piercings: Ears and navel. She has 4 piercings on her left ear and 5 on her right (including one on her cartilage).  A majourity of her ear piercings, as well as her navel piercing, were done out of boredom. She’s gotten rather good with a needle.

- Puns; She appreciates well thought out puns. Stupid and insensitive puns are not her style. This category involves sex jokes and discriminatory puns. Anything violent or clever, though, and she is completely down for it.
- Punching things; She began self defense classes at a young age and it has become a comfort ever since. She enjoys the feeling of her fists colliding with another material. There is power in a punch.
- Matches; They smell better than a lighter.
- American Psycho; Her favourite movie and book (one of the only books she's read).
- Blood; She enjoys the way that it moves as though it is a liquid, but also as though it’s a bit more than that. The colour is rich and vibrant and she loves to watch it dance through water.
- Roses; They are visually pleasing as well as physically violent. They are the colour of blood and the producer of blood. Roses are the perfect flower.
- Black Coffee; Anyone who needs sugar in their coffee is a coward.
- The colour white; It’s impressionable.

- Logic puzzles; It is not that she doesn’t know how to think. She knows how to think. But she does not wish to spend five of her thinking hours trying to figure out how to get three tigers and a sheep to the other side of the river when none can ride alone and the tigers will eat the sheep. It’s a bloody waste of time.
- Sweets; Since birth, anything sweet or artificial has made her sick to her stomach.
  - Rootbeer; *gags*
- Lilacs; They are putrid and odacious and obnoxious.
  - Dancing; Koda is a great dancer, but she does not wish to be an item on display at a ball or party. She is not a glass vase.
- Rabbitts; The way that their noses twitch makes her uneasy.
- Tea; She's never liked tea. It takes too long to make and it tastes like insense.
- Reading; She isn't against reading, she just doesn't find it to be a good fit for her personality. She would rather control the narrative than experience it.

- Improvisation; If something she has planned goes awry, Koda is more than capable of finding a quick fix to get it back on track.
- Battle/Fighting; As well as being skilled in the art of dueling, she is trained in Muggle practices such as Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga. She has spent multiple holidays traveling to different countries to take lessons from masters and professionals.
- Going under the radar; Koda knows how to stay invisible, especially in a crowd. She does not wish to be arrested; this wish requires the ability to not be caught.
- Disconnecting herself; Koda tries to keep personal connections and emotions out of any decisions that she makes. All that matters is justice.
- Legilimency; Koda is a self-trained legilimens. She knows the basics of the skill and does not wish to expand her skill further at the moment. She is able to read minds and interpret the thoughts. She intends to dig deeper into the ability in the future, but not now.

- Her sense of justice; Koda is not led by emotions; she is led by the fact that the guilty must pay for their wrongdoings. Whether this be with their legs or with their lives she lives by those ideals, as twisted as those ideals may be.
- Empathy; She stopped feeling sorry for others a long time ago.
- Making connections; she tends to keep in her own mind. Other people are distractions.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
- Well informed; Koda keeps up with the going on in the world. One of worst things in the world is walking into a conversation without an idea of what the topic is referring to.
- Fearless; She refuses to allow herself to be intimidated
- High tolerance for pain; she's been pushed down too many times to not know how to stay afloat.
- Knows how to defend herself

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
- Disloyal; Koda does not attach herself to a cause. If she assists a group of people in their tasks, that does not mean that she is now committed to their cause. She holds every person accountable for their actions. An entire orchard will not fall because of one rotten seed.
- Highly apathetic; Koda has no pity for those who she harms. They have done this to themselves.
-Impulsive; As much as she tries to plan, Koda cannot help but make some decisions on a whim. This could get someone into trouble if Koda was not Koda

Koda was born to Esther and Jonathan Abernathy. For a while, her family was the kind of family that would go for ice cream every Friday as a way to start the weekend. They would sail paper boats on the water and laugh as they flew through the water right before they sank. Her father would read her the stories that he planned on assigning to his classes before she went to sleep at night (It was necessary for a professor to know their material inside out. Of course, it didn’t hurt to get a second point of view on each story). Her mother would insist on family breakfasts every morning whilst Jonathan brewed his tea. They’d smile and laugh and chat about their plans for the day.

By the time Koda was around five or six, she began to notice that a-lot of her friends didn’t have similar families to hers. She’d go over houses that were only run by one parent. She’d question the location of the other and her friends would claim that they “lived somewhere else” or “weren’t in the picture.” Weren’t in the picture? Her brain was unable to comprehend the concept that a parent could be out of the picture, seeing as her family portrait was so happy and bright.

But by the time she turned eight, Koda realised that the picture her family painted may have been a counterfeit. Around her seventh birthday, she began to notice small occurrences that would have been deemed impossible by anyone she knew. Flowers would arise from her bedroom floor. She’d struggle with turning the stove on and next thing she’d know, her pasta would be on fire. She didn’t get it, so she asked her parents if they knew what was happening to her.

One evening shortly after she’d posed this question, Koda heard yelling emerge from behind the locked door to her parents’ room. Her father shouted cusses and slurs and words such as “mutant,” “freak,” and “monster.” He called his wife unfaithful not physically but mentally. He was disgusted that someone could hold such a secret. She heard the closet door open and close. Footsteps. And then the sound of leather hitting bare flesh. Koda hadn’t known why this had happened. But it was soon revealed to her that she was a witch. That her mother was a witch. That her father had had no idea.

After this moment, Koda began to watch as her family portrait fell apart. Her father would come home from work in silence, brewing his tea and grabbing a book off of the shelf. He was not to be disturbed, or else. “Or else.” Koda was new to this phrase. The first time she’d heard it, she hadn’t known the power that it held.

It’d been a Saturday afternoon. She’d just gotten home from karate and her father was sitting in his chair with the newspaper and his cup of tea. The girl went to her father with wide eyes, asking him if he’d like to go to the pond to sail paper boats. He declined, claiming that he was not in the mood. She’d pushed further. She was bored and all she knew was that Jonathan was being boring and selfish and he’d had the entire day to himself. Jonathan warned her one more time. Leave him to his book, or else. She’d chosen the or else. The result of that or else was a first degree burn that ran its way down her arm; the remnants of scalding tea seeping into her skin. This wasn’t the last time. She was no longer his daughter and he wanted to make sure that she knew how unwelcome she was.

The abuse did not end with her. Her mother received “or elses” worse than Koda could have imagined. The young girl would fall asleep at night to the sound of her mother screaming; like a lullaby to fuel the nightmares that she would never awake from. Esther would try to fight back, but she was no match for the “or else.”

Koda grew to despise her father. She hated the way that he would come from behind her serenity only to knock her down from the sky. She loathed him to killing her mother’s spirit right before hey eyes. She wanted him to feel exactly what she felt every day of her life. She wanted to smash the fucking family portrait over his head.

So she did.

She attended Hogwarts once she was of age, angering Jonathan even further. She would come home on Holidays to news that her mother was in the hospital again with internal bleeding again for falling down the stairs again because falling down the stairs over and over again could almost kill a person. She listened to her mother beg for her to run away and never look back. She considered running away. But she couldn’t leave while her father was still ruining their lives.

She’d already been taking self-defense classes, but she elevated her course-load over the next few years. She researched different weapons and forms of murder. She researched laws and regulations and she plotted and planned for years before deciding that it was time for her to do what she had to do.

She came home one Summer. Esther was spending the weekend with her mother, so it was just Koda and Jonathan in the house. Jonathan was in his chair reading when he instructed his daughter to get dinner started, or else. She nodded and walked to the kitchen. She emerged with a bottle of vodka. All of a sudden she slipped and the bottle fell to the floor, liquid splattering over the carpet of their living room. Her father yelled. She apologised, running into the kitchen to grab a towel. She mistook the towel for a box of matches and she cleaned the spill by throwing the match into the puddle. She ran. He screamed. She smiled.

After that day, Koda left and never looked back. She’d told the police that her father had been drunk. He’d slipped. It was a shame.

But it hadn’t been a shame. It had been an awakening. From the moment that she’d felt what it was like to receive a final justice, she felt as though she finally knew what she was to do with her life. It was her destiny to punish those who deserved a revelation. She studied legilimency until she found herself capable of separating thoughts from person to person. She used this as a way to judge the people that she met. Koda keeps a notebook with the number of victims she has justified. So far, she has barely a page. But she knows that there will be more. There are always more.

   Name: Esther Ashley Abernathy
   Age: 45
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Half-blood
   Occupation: Muggle arithmancy teacher

   Name: Jonathan Lucifer Abernathy
   Age: 50
   Living or Deceased: Diseased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Muggle Professor

   Name: Candor
   Age: 7
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Kneazle

Esther O’Reilly was born to a Pureblood family in Finland. They were lesser known and hardly influential and yet they acted as though there was not a family below them. Esther was raised under the pressure of being a Pureblood woman with few rights and little choice in who she loved. She was the youngest of four, meaning that there was no chance of her taking over the family and therefore making her the weakest link.

As soon as she graduated from Hogwarts, (She was a Hufflepuff, much to her family’s dismay) she removed herself from her family and she relocated herself to Ireland. It was there that she met Jonathan, an Irish man with him she fell instantly in love. She and Jonathan had a lovely wedding in Dublin, where he told her that he would never hurt her. She promised the same in return.

Once they were married, Esther struggled with whether or not to tell her husband that she was a witch. She’d explained the entirety of her backstory to him many times, but she’d always left that out. He did not have to know. She did not need to be that again. If they had a child, they could always raise her a squib. Surely that was how that worked.

But alas, that was not how it worked. She gave birth to a young girl named Dakoda; their pride and joy for seven years. But then Dakoda began to show signs of magic and Esther panicked. Jonathan asked her what she’d been hiding and the truth emerged from her like a tidal wave that had been waiting to erupt for a century. Jonathan felt blindsided and betrayed. He took his belt from his closet and he hit her.

This was the first time that he’d been violent. And it would not be the last.
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PostSubject: Re: Dakoda Abernathy   Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:29 pm

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Dakoda Abernathy
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