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 Isaac Hayford

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PostSubject: Isaac Hayford   Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:08 pm

Full Name: Isaac “Zac” Noah Hayford
Age: 37
Date of birth: 18 June 1984
Birthplace: Oxford, England
Current home: Unknown (Secret!)
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Heteroromantic, Bisexual, Polyamorous.
Wand type: Cedar, Unicorn, 14″, Reasonably Supple

Hair colour and style: Brown, short hair, which is normally kept in some untidy fashion. But the untidiness always seems to be meant, even if effortlessly.

Isaac also keeps his facial hair neatly trimmed. Sometimes it will be a light stubble, other times he allows it to grow just a little bit longer. However, it would never be deemed untidy (Felicia would mention it, he's sure, if it ever got so).
Eye colour: Light blue, of no distinct detail.
Height: 6 foot
Body type: From his work as a curse breaker, and a very active personal life, Isaac has always been toned. His arms are (by his own admission) his best feature, because they have the best muscle definition.
Dress sense: Isaac has never really been fussy with clothes. However, he is rather tidy no matter what he is wearing. Not always a 'dress to impress' mannerism, but there is never a need to look untidy. Now, however, Isaac does not allow anyone (except Felicia) to see him less than dressed impeccably. It comes with the aura of power.
Birthmarks: None.
Tattoos: None.
Scars: Many across his hands from accidents at work, and across his forearms. There are none of notable shape here, but they are noticeable should you run your fingers over Isaac's skin.

Isaac has a large scar across his lower left back. It is the mark left when he was cursed many years ago. Instead of healing with a white scar line, however, it healed a blackish blue. This is because the curse could only be contained, not removed. It was made safe by the Head Healer of the ward, and has not caused Isaac problems since, but it is noticeable. For both Yve and Felicia it become something of a manipulation point, the softest of touches on that scar would have Isaac like putty in their hands, free to work however they like.
Piercings: None

  - Spending time with Felicia away from the world, in their own little world. Sometimes in the present world, but mostly reminiscing on the good times.
  - Spending time with children -- before Abel was taken from them, there was no denying that Isaac was a great father. Happy to play at all hours of the day, and sit helping his son learn, Yve had always said he made the best father in the world.
  - The taste of watermelon lip balm (which is now but a distant memory).
  - The idea that there is a better world just outside their grasp -- you just have to have the balls to get up and take it.
  - Lazy mornings in bed when the world hasn't quite caught up with him and he can just enjoy what he still has left.
  - Muggle sports, especially football. His favourite team is Manchester United. Before Yve’s death, Isaac used to play every Saturday and train on a Tuesday. The ability to play has been somewhat squandered though now. So he settles for watching.

  - The question of how he managed to ‘get’ two women into his bed. Or even the notion he was ‘greedy’ to claim two women for his own. Neither Felicia nor Yve are(were) possessions and Isaac hates that thought.
  - Waking up alone -- if Felicia is not in bed beside him when he wakes up, Isaac's first instinct is to panic. After losing every person he's ever loved, Isaac is terrified he's going to lose the last, and only reason, to keep living.
  - On bad days, Isaac can be plagued with dreams that focus on all that he has lost. They're worse in October-December. But most of his dreams end with the distant look of Yve’s eyes when they'd found her dead, and her soft voice saying only his name.
  - Pureblood ideologies that put them at the top of the pecking order.
  - The smell of the seaside -- during the summer months, Isaac would take Yve to the seaside for the day on their “date days”, spending their time in the sea, or sunbathing, the smell of the sea used to be like coming home. Now, it simply haunts him. (Isaac has not returned to the sea since he lost Yve, despite knowing he should take her ashes there, he simply can't bring himself to let go.)
  - Seeing people in pain -- however, this is highly extended to children.

  - Warding -- after the loss of Yve, in their own home, Isaac studied warding to a higher degree than he had known it before, and built up his own knowledge on the subject. Now, getting past his wards would be near on impossible.
  - Non-verbal magic.
  - Physically Isaac is very fit, which has therefore made not only his body stronger but his mind too.
  - Improvising a situation. Being a Cursebreaker made Isaac ready for aborting a plan in order to save his life, but also change course for a better outcome. Whilst Isaac prefers a plan, he's not narrow minded in achieving the goal.
  - (Was) a good father figure.
  - Modern ideologies. From the idea that Purebloods should not rule their lives, to the simple “there's no such thing as gender roles” Isaac is quite the modern man.
  - Works to the unspoken code of chivalry without always meaning to -- i.e. being a gentleman to lady, protecting the weak/vulnerable.
  - Courageous -- you don't head something like the Nightshades without being so, right?

  - Yvonne's smile always made Isaac give in to her wishes, but since her passing, Isaac has found himself giving in when confronted with the idea of “Yve would have wanted…”
  - Felicia's wishes, her touch, her dreams. Fulfilling Felicia's wishes is all Isaac has left to live for.
  - His children -- though both lost to him, Isaac would have done anything to see them happy. Isaac would still change the world for them now, even if only to know they would have been happy and have everything they needed.
  - The scar of the base of his back.
  - Isaac's beliefs will (more than likely) get him killed, and therefore they are amongst his biggest weaknesses.

Positive traits:
  - Isaac has a natural gift of leadership around him which means getting people to follow him is not too difficult.
  - Protective of what is ‘his’.
  - Brave (almost to a fault) for the people he loves. If you asked him to do something that sounded crazy for the greater good, Isaac could throw himself into it. But with a plan, Isaac isn't reckless.
  - Working through a plan to make sure everything will be thought of. Isaac, however, is very good at thinking on his feet too, so he's not reliant on the original plan.
  - Quick thinker (see above).
  - Very loving; in all manners of the word. Isaac was always the kind of man who was open with his heart. From small gestures of affections, to large gifts Isaac was always happy to show his love. However, since losing almost everyone, Isaac has noticed a shift in himself whereby he concentrates on the gestures of affection and not so much the gifts. Making sure the connection between Felicia and he doesn't break down and he lose her too.
  - Reliable.
  - Loyal.

Negative traits:
  - When crossed, Isaac can be most unforgiving in nature, and (with the right word here and there) will make people pay for what they have done.
  - On certain topics (Yve, Felicia, the children, his sexual orientation) Isaac can be easily riled -- it has not been unheard of for Zac to punch even his closest of friends for suggesting that Isaac was only playing at polyamory for the benefit of having two ladies to sleep with.
  - Overprotective (see above).
  - Before losing almost everyone he loved, Isaac was a very trusting man. How could one not be when you loved two women who loved each other? Polyamory taught him how to trust, and trust deeply. However, after having have that ripped from him, Isaac distrusts everyone except from Felicia. If anyone ever falls in to the trap of thinking he trusts them, it would be their own stupid fault.

Random things:
  - Isaac keeps two pictures in the breast pocket of his shirt, over his heart (or close enough) at all times. 1) A picture of Yve, Felicia and himself with newborn Abel in Felicia's arms. All of them are smiling at the camera, obviously overjoyed with the arrival of their first child. 2) The Ultrasound picture of Hope at about 20 weeks.
  - On his wedding ring finger, Isaac wears a wedding band though he's not married. The band was an idea of Yve’s that neither Felicia or he could bear to say no to. On the inside of the ring it reads “F, I, & Y -- forever and always”. Taking this off, Isaac says, would be a betrayal to Yve. Possibly warded (both Felicia and Isaac).

Isaac's childhood is not really a good place to find his character. He was born to the Muggle world, and for many years, nothing of note happened. He was an ordinary boy in many ways, until his fifth birthday. On his fifth birthday, Gus was being a little too brutish with Sofia, another of his friends. Isaac, being the protective person he is stepped in to stop Gus, only to send the other boy off of his feet.

Nobody knew how another five year old had (seemingly) been thrown across the ground from standing. But the mum's hurried off with other business to do, leaving Henrietta Hayford looking at her son with confusion.

The confusion was explained away not an hour later when a Ministry official had arrived to explain to Henrietta and Gregory that their son was, in fact, a Wizard, and there was a whole world they did not know about. Isaac didn't understand, of course, but his parents worked on all the things they were given to support him through the challenge of growing up 'different'.

By the time Isaac was eleven, though, he'd learned about his differences to others, and was more than ready to head of to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had no idea what to expect, but the new magical world did not disappoint. After arriving at the castle (via a train, that was hidden behind a magical archway, and then a boat?), Isaac was placed beneath a Sorting Hat. The hat had stalled -- Isaac found out later that no-one had ever stumped the hat for a good ten minutes like that -- before finally coming to it's decision.


It was in Herbology in the first week of Isaac's second year at Hogwarts that Isaac had run in to a Pureblood witch, who had discussed his heritage with him, and explained her parentage to him. Whilst the Hufflepuff, Yvonne, had not been rude to him, Isaac had simply... not liked her. She had an air about her that he couldn't quite grasp. He'd therefore not spoken to her again, but she'd made a lasting impression.

Through to graduation, Isaac didn't achieve very much of note. He tried and failed to get in to his house's Quidditch team. Twice. Instead, Isaac turned back to what he was good at -- Muggle sports. Football, more specifically. He enjoyed the sport, and introduced it to many of his friends at the school.

Isaac's grades were above par, which meant that once he had finished his N.E.W.T.S. he went on to study Curse Breaking at the University of Excelled Witchcraft & Wizardry.

In the first week of his second year at university (Freshers Week), Isaac found himself talking to Yvonne, the Pureblood, Hufflepuff witch that he'd spoken to so many years ago when they each had differing opinions. However, as the night wore on, he found her to have grown up, and many of their likes and ideas of the world were similar enough for them to become friends. Their friendship blossomed over their time at university, Yve and Isaac became close friends, sharing their secrets, but never crossing the line in to something more despite both their friends insisting this would be a good idea.

Isaac left university the year after and lost contact with Yve due to him being in and out of the country like a yo-yo and not having time to relax.

Isaac's parents died in a house fire whilst he was away in Egypt on one of his first assignments. He came home to the news, and threw himself in to his work to block out the pain of their passing.

In March 2010, Isaac was working on a mining complex in the heart of Wales. Treasure, it had been said, had been buried in the mines and though the Muggles had thought them to be empty, there were still plenty of secrets to be found. Isaac was working on a maximum of two hours sleep that day -- he'd been like a child on Christmas Eve with the prospect of treasure in the mines -- which had led to him having a nasty accident when he misread the runes before him and caused himself a lot of damage from a well placed curse.

March turned in to April, and Isaac was in a coma, no one sure if he would wake from it. Except one witch. One witch sat with him day after day -- Isaac didn't have any close family who could spend time by his side so often -- reading to him, trying to get him to rouse. When everyone else had given up, she kept trying. Isaac had woken one morning to the Tales of Beadle the Bard being read to him, a smile touching his features as he heard them was the first sign he was still alive that the witch had seen.

By the time Isaac had come round to the idea of everything that had happened, he'd grown fond of the witch, and pursued her for a date. He owed her his life, he had told her, the least he could do was buy her dinner. Yvonne had agreed, and soon they were dating, then officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Isaac was in love with the witch, even if her family had forbid her to love him in return.

For nearly a year they were happy, but Isaac began to notice that Yve's smile didn't always register in her eyes. Frowning slightly as he'd asked her what was wrong, Isaac had been brought in to the world of Polyamory by the woman he loved. Questions were thrown around, ideas of how they could solve the emptiness Yve felt, until finally they agreed that Yve could look for someone else to bring in to the relationship. That they would test Polyamory and see how that worked out.

Which is how Felicia came in to their lives. Isaac had been open from the start of the process, and welcomed Felicia in to Yve and his life. He'd been tentative, to start. Another woman in the picture made him feel odd for a while, before he relaxed and grew to love Felicia too. They had been a good match, though, from the start, finding they gelled well together. It had been the physicality of the relationship that had been the uncertainty.

Jealousy, though, did not raise it's head in Yve, and Isaac followed his girlfriends (now plural) lead.

By 2013, Felicia had fallen pregnant with their first child. Isaac was over the moon with this news (they'd been trying) and had smothered both Felicia and Yve with presents to show it. By December 2013, they had their first child, Abel. He was perfect, in every way, and their home had become a much warmer, homely one than it had before.

Isaac filled his time with family life, providing for Abel, being a good father, being a good partner, and still keeping his usual social life. He never allowed his share of the work to go unfinished, though, and helped both Felicia and Yve whenever they needed him to.

In 2016, Yve fell pregnant with their second child -- by this time, Isaac was ready to burst with happiness. He watched Yve's tummy swell with pride, that he could see was mirrored in Felicia, and excitement. For the second time, they were going to be parents, and their little family would be complete. Yve had insisted on finding out whether their second child would be a boy or girl, and after a week of arguments, they agreed (were made to, anyway) on Hope.

Seven months in to Yve's pregnancy, though, she was taken from them without warning. Murdered in their own home, with their unborn child, Isaac's world was shaken once again by the loss of family. The funeral had been a low key affair, and Isaac had been given two weeks to grieve. But, he couldn't grieve. He had to look after his son, and Felicia, and he simply could not be seen to be crying.

The last time Isaac was seen to have cried over Yve and Hope were at their funerals. This is not to say Isaac has not cried since, nor does it mean Felicia does not know he has been crying, it simply means he has never done so openly. He is strong, for those he loves.

By the time the grieving period was finished, Isaac had warded their house so tightly that no one could get in unless they were with either himself or Felicia. Abel could not leave without them. Nobody could get in. Nothing could get in. Their house was, essentially, removed from the map, and Isaac has not allowed this to change since.

It was early 2017 that the third and final blow came. Abel grew ill, to the point that Felicia had to take him to the hospital. Isaac came to the hospital in and around work, bringing new clothes, new books, toys, whatever Felicia asked of him, and he sat with his son whilst she did what she needed. He'd been away on an important mission when the Patronus came, and by the time he'd gotten to the hospital, it was too late. Abel had been abducted, and the Aurors had assumed him dead when no leads rose.

The funeral was without a body to bury. Isaac felt raw, so close to giving up except for the small hand in his own that kept him from doing so. Almost everything he'd ever wanted had been taken from him. He had Felicia and Felicia alone.

That had been the easy part of the decision he had made with Felicia. They had only each other now. They could work on making the world a better place. To rid those in power -- the Purebloods -- of their influence, and make it so that they didn't have the right to take life as they pleased. They spent hours working over their plan, until the knew what they needed to succeed.

Attack one on Hogwarts: Trying to obtain Sword of Gryffindor. Fails.

Attack two on Hogsmeade: A second sword is being transferred to Hogwarts for safe keeping. Fail to claim the sword. Death of child (Humphrey Williams). Felicia kills member of Nightshades who killed the child.

Since been laying low, trying to piece where the other three might be.

   Name: Henrietta Hayford (Nee. White)
   Age: 46 (at death)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Primary School Teacher

   Name: Gregory Hayford
   Age: 52 (at death)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Train driver

Life Partner
   Name: Yvonne
   Age: 31 (at death)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Healer, Mother

Life Partner
   Name: Felicia Kelly
   Age: 36
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
   Occupation: Ex-Profiler at CIA/FBI

Children with Felicia:
   Name: Abel Kelly
   Age: 8 (Born Day December 2013)
   Living or Deceased: (Assumed) deceased
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood

Children with Yvonne:
   Name: Hope
   Age: 0 (Never born, 7 month pregnancy)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood

Isaac's parents were the epitome of normal people, they had lived in the Muggle world their whole lives, and thought that magic was simply a children's entertainment idea. Henrietta and Gregory had met down their local bar, and hit it off from there. A few casual dates, before moving up on to something more serious. Two years later, they had Isaac, and in their minds, their family was complete.
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PostSubject: Re: Isaac Hayford   Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:20 pm

TW: Murder

The adrenaline rush had subsided as Isaac leaned against the wall in the darkened alleyway. His heart pounded in an unfamiliar beat. Uplifted by something that had been deemed enjoyable. Life, however, had stopped being enjoyable some time ago. Now, life simply was, and there was very little else he could do to make his heartbeat lift like it did now.


“Come on, you can’t tell me that you’re fucking two women and you can’t pick which one of them you want more! It’s beyond greedy! Besides, look at you, how do you of all people wangle that one?”


“No, come on Zac, you have to explain to me how that is even possible. You can’t tell me you love them both? So, what was it, Yve found a woman she likes, brings her to your bed and because she’s out-”

Even a patient, gentle man has a limit. Isaac’s had always been when other people spoke of Yvonne and Felicia like they were nothing to him. Polyamory was a new concept in the world, Isaac appreciated that, but there was only so much he could stomach before he got angry. Small minded people, who did not understand his love for both of them wound him up, more than it should.

Which was precisely why Edward now led out on the floor. Out cold. Limbs sprawled out from the fall from the stool that he’d not been able to stop himself from falling from. Blood already poured from his nose, and a crowd was starting to gather.

Laying more than enough Galleons on the bar for their drinks, and then the trouble, Isaac pulled on his jacket and headed out from the bar without another word.

Yvonne and Felicia would be disappointed in him, but Isaac knew it would only be momentary.


It had started after…

It had started for Yvonne. An agreement taken up between Felicia and himself that they would change the world for the one they loved. For the one they had not known. To prove to Hope that the world could have been enough for her.


Isaac was drifting in and out of sleep. It was early-ish, and he’d been away for a short trip to Greece. Breaking some wards for the Ministry upon finding a new set of ruins just off the coast. It had been a long week, and he was quite tired from the expedition. He’d made his excuses to Yve and Felicia the night before. They’d wanted to celebrate his being home, but he was dog tired.

The disappointment on Yve’s features had not gone amiss, and he’d promised that he would make it up to them both in the morning.

When the two of them had come to bed, Isaac couldn’t be sure, but he could hear them whispering softly to one another behind him when he woke that morning.

“I think it’s time…” He heard Yve say to Felicia, eyes still closed even though he was turned away from them both. The response, he didn’t hear, but the subtle shake of the bed told him that whatever had been amusing to Yvonne and she was trying so hard not to wake him. Futile as that might have been now. “I’ll ask him when he’s awake.” Yve added only a few moments later.

Isaac rolled over, eyes still closed until he was facing both of them. His arm had lazily draped over the slender body before him, a body that shuffled back into him, making itself comfortable. Yvonne. Her body tensed for a brief couple of moments, the bed moved slightly and then he felt fingers curl over his forearm. Felicia. Yve had, as always, brought Felicia closer to both of them, something he’d always be grateful to her for, including her in the morning cuddle.

“I know you’re awake, Zac.” Yve breathed, ever so softly after a moment of silence. He could hear the amusement though, knowing that he was exchanging looks with Felicia.

“Mmm..?” Zac replied groggily, stretching his legs out a little before pressing a kiss on Yve’s shoulder. “How do you know that?” He asked, not keeping to pretending he wasn’t any longer.

“Your arm across us was too gentle.”

Us, never me. It came naturally to Yvonne, including everyone even when that might not always have been the most accurate of depictions of what had happened. Isaac let out a soft laugh at her words, moving her hair softly in a manner that tickled his face. Felicia’s fingers were working soft circles on his wrist, calming, reassuring.

“What were you going to ask?” Isaac asked of them both, eyes still closed in that moment because he didn’t foresee anything major coming out of a morning, sleepy talk. Perhaps something to do with the missed antics from the night before -- a proposal of how he was to make it up to them both. An idea of a date for the three of them to spend the day. A reminder of an event they were heading to over the weekend that Isaac had long forgotten…

The bed dipped momentarily, the small frame of Yvonne’s left his. Not liking being optionally blind of the situation, Isaac finally opened his eyes. Felicia was propped up on an elbow, her hand still on his forearm, small circles still in motion. Yvonne had rolled over to be facing him, excitement clear in her eyes, but denoted with a mild apprehension too. The bed sheets covered them both enough to tell Isaac that it had not been to do with the former of his ideas.

“We wanted to ask…” Yvonne started, glancing back towards Felicia to show that they had both spoken about it, agreed on something. “If you would like to start a little family. We spoke about ‘in time’,” Yvonne explained, motioning between herself and him, before motioning between herself and Felicia. “And, we’ve decided that now is a good time.” Yvonne finished.

One soft circle.

Two soft circles.

The smile broke out on Isaac’s lips only a moment later, denoting his agreement to her, no their, wishes. Moving forward, Isaac pressed a kiss to Yvonne’s lips, his hand moving from Yvonne’s waist to take Felicia’s hand, entwining their fingers for a few moments before his lips met with Felicia’s showing his consent to all of this.


As the adrenaline died away, though, and with it the sound of his beating heart, Isaac crumpled down to the floor. Legs too weak to hold him up against the wall. He was shaking once again with the grief that flooded through his system whenever he thought of Yvonne.

She had not been his first love, nor his second, she’d not been the most beautiful witch in the world, but she had been the one he’d loved the deepest. Yvonne had been perfect, in her own manner, undefinable in truth. Her auburn hair had been a shade like no other, complimented with her eyes. Yvonne’s eyes had never been the same shade twice, Isaac could almost swear by it. On her happiest days, they were the most brilliant of blues, not unlike the ocean on a beautifully clear day. When she was under the weather, they became flecked with green -- a clear sign to Isaac that he had something to do to make it better. When she was excited they grew wider, making the colours radiate across the room and his eyes be drawn to her in an instant. Yvonne’s eyes… he could have been lost in them for days, he had lost himself in them for days.

But it did not matter how much he might have loved those eyes, they way he’d loved those eyes had been taken from him, unceremoniously, by the monsters of this world.


Isaac sat at his desk in the Ministry, filing the paperwork from his trip in the relevant systems. He had just found a new gold mine, located in Africa with a tonne of wards upon them that had been near on impossible to break through. Even with his filed paperwork to ask if he could be left from going out in the field for extended periods, he’d been sent. The paperwork was extensive on this one, though, so he knew - for both Yvonne and Felicia’s sake, he would be home at the drop of a hat should the baby come early.

His mind was on his girls - now three, as Yvonne had been sure she wanted to know what gender their baby would be - and the life they were going to have. They were going to have to move, sooner rather than later, so that Hope would have enough room for all of her toys, a garden that she could take her first steps in, a wendy house that she could host tea parties in. More space for the possibility of Hope’s little brother or sister when the time came…

Another snapshot of the mine was denoted for the evidence archives, and Isaac stretched out a little. The door opened, and Isaac’s eyes moved to the door, a curious look on his features, if only momentarily before his features turned in to that of confusion. Felicia’s Patronus entered through the door -- something that never really happened, unless it was highly important…

Felicia’s voice, though not completely hers, told him to come home. Before that had even been said in full, though, Isaac’s coat was being pulled on and he was running up through the Ministry to get to a point where he could apparate. Colliding people with a hurried sorry as he turned the corners of the maze to get out, Isaac’s mind was buzzing with possibilities.

This was it, the baby was coming, early, yes, but he was going to be a father! They were going to be parents!

That was all Isaac’s mind would supply in that moment. The happy thoughts - Felicia’s voice was strained because she was scared and wasn’t sure how to deal, and needed him to help her get to St. Mungo’s with Yve. That was it. He was sure.

It was no more than five minutes before Isaac landed in their kitchen.

“Felicia - are you okay? Is it the baby?” He called out. Nothing was out of the ordinary in their home. Everything just so. Panic hadn’t even begun to set in. Hadn’t even registered that this could be something else than what his head had offered up.

“Yve won’t wake up. I don’t know why she won’t wake up.”

Those words made Isaac go cold, but his feet worked on auto-pilot, moving him to the room from which Felicia’s voice had sounded. The spare room that Yvonne had taken up whilst she was pregnant so that she could be more comfortable than sleeping next to him and waking him up at all hours of the day. Isaac found Felicia knelt over Yvonne’s body, but he didn’t stop, moving to her side and deftly reaching for Yvonne’s wrist. He waited, ten seconds, twenty, thirty. Nothing.

Yvonne’s eyes were unmoving, cold, unseeing. A blue like Isaac had never seen, a blue he could never have loved. It was icy blue, not the woman he’d fallen in love with years ago. Not the woman he’d fallen in love with time and time again when he saw her smile, watched her laugh. That woman was gone.


His mind had given him the second analogy much too quickly. No matter how many times Isaac would come back to this, it would always give him the same answer. Their Yvonne had been taken, mercilessly, from them. Needlessly not one, but two lives had been stolen from him, from them. They were powerless to do anything…

Isaac’s hand had let Yvonne’s wrist go, and without thinking, he’d reached out to close her eyes. He could not… see her eyes like that.

They would be the only ones Isaac would conjure up in his mind, though, from that day. Yvonne’s eyes would be cold, distant, and not the ones he had loved.

He’d turned to Felicia after, prizing her from Yvonne’s body -- which had been resisted, until he’d lifted her from her kneeling position and held her close until she’d relented to him taking her away. Aurors came, Aurors went, Yvonne’s body was taken from their home, and more Aurors came in her place. The Ministry was unrelenting in their questioning, though neither he, nor Felicia, could give the answers they needed.

All they could do was wait.

For what… Isaac did not know.


Reaching into the pocket of his shirt, Isaac pulled out the two photos he kept with him at all times. His hands shook violently in that moment, but he was not pulling out the photos to look at. He knew the outline of Hope’s body on the ultrasound picture like the back of his hand. Knew where the small bump of her nose was, knew how one hand looked to be slightly open as if she were waving to them. He knew how her little legs were scrunched up to her chest tightly. Their little girl, perfect, in every way…

Isaac’s hands shook as he swapped them over, revealing this time the colour photo. The three of them stood together, smiling and waving at the camera. Yvonne in the middle, looking radiant as her hands resting on the bump that had grown over the last six months. Felicia stood on the left, grinning just as much as he was on the right. Isaac watched as the photo representation of Felicia and himself leaned in to kiss Yvonne’s cheeks, and a silent giggle escaped her lips.

Footsteps echoed at the end of the alleyway, Isaac hurriedly put the photos back in his pocket, across his heart, and got to his feet.


The end of the alleyway exploded before the men could move but an inch into it. Isaac had been on his feet only two moments later, and, running towards the end of the street, a crack of apparition denoted he’d disappeared before the dust could settle.
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Isaac Hayford
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