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 Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:25 pm

All students and staff are cordially invited to the Hogwarts Valentine's Ball -- the ball will take place on Monday 14 February 2022, and all students will be exempt from classes on the Monday and the Tuesday so that they can fully enjoy themselves.

The ball will begin at 7pm, and finish at 1am.

Non-alcoholic champagne will be served throughout the night, together with a buffet dinner for all those who want to join in.

Roses line the tables, and love heart cut outs flutter around your head when you enter, punch that smells surprisingly like Amorentia sits by the drinks table, and cakes have been decorated with love heart candies. It will be a night for all the lovers in Hogwarts to enjoy!

Dress code: Suit and tie, or cocktail dresses.

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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:28 am

Rebekah was excited for the Valentines Day dance. Even though she did not have a date, she was not going to let that bother her too much. She would get to dance with her friends and a few of the guys that did not have dates. She got ready with a few friends and let them do her hair and make up before putting on her dress. Her dress had been a bit expensive, costing her 75 galleons. But it looked so good on her, she couldnt not get it. She walked down to the great hall and smiled as her blood red heels clicked along the floor. She walked in and smiled as hearts started to float around her head It was so cute. She looked around and noticed that not many other people were there. She did however see her friend Zoey and waved at her and walked over to her young friend. 


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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:05 am

Madison stepped into the hall, looking around with some curiosity. Everything had been set up perfectly. For months now she had been working on Wesley, looking and waiting for the right opportunity to take it to another level; she knew, now, the best way to ruin him completely. Was it harsh? Yes. Would it possibly destroy the male? Definitely. Did Madison care? No, not really. If he didn't break, she would be severely disappointed; she had put in a lot of effort to building him up.

Taking in the atmosphere, Madison already began categorising the sections of the place. She'd take Wesley to the drinks table first, and then they'd get some food and sit at a table... Perhaps later on she could convince him that she wanted a dance, too. Yes, Valentines was the perfect opportunity to get him to fall for her.

She nodded once to herself, then turned and exited the hall, waiting just outside the doors; she asked Wesley to meet her there, and they'd walk in together. For all he knew, she hadn't entered previously. So, standing there, she waited for her date to arrive. And then the games could really begin.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:13 am

Briella wasn't happy. She'd made the mistake of, in one of her letters to Owen, telling him about the Valentine's Day ball Hogwarts was throwing, adding a throw-away line about 'definitely not attending'. Her second mistake was adding that the dress code was, obviously, a dress.

Her brother's reply had not given away anything, and they continued talking about school and work and other things. A week later, a package arrived in the mail, a simple card on the top telling her to open it in private. Excusing herself from the breakfast table, she went to her common room and tore open the box -- only to find a note sitting on top of a dress.

The note wasn't signed, and only contained three words, but she knew at once who it was from, and a string of really interesting threats was heard from those nearby. The card read: We dare you.

Knowing that it was probably Cora or Rose (or both) who had picked out the dress, Briella shoved it aside, still muttering threats, and put the idea aside until the time came. After all, she wasn't going to back down from a dare from her brothers; the consequences of not playing were worse than playing, she had learnt.

So, on Febuary 14, at seven sharp, Briella entered the hall, feeling very uncomfortable in her dress, and made straight for the food buffet, ignoring the hearts and the pink and the ick all around.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:39 am

Sienna loved what they did to the place. If she'd been anywhere other than school, she would have gone home with more things than she could have hoped for; so many people were wearing jewelry perfect for lifting, and there would be so many males pining for attention... But Sienna shook her mind from that daydream and forced her perception to change. She was there not for work, and not to find work, but simply because she wanted to see her school mates interact. There was a lot of information to be gained from seeing them let their guards down.

She had momentarily debated going with another dress, one she got for herself for a Christmas present (and by 'got', naturally, she meant convinced someone to get it for her). It was far too expensive to wear here, though; questions would be raised and those were never helpful. So, instead, she wore a cheaper one, but one that still flaunted everything that needed showing.

Moving straight to the drinks table, she accepted a fake champaign and moved towards a table, sitting and sipping, content with watching for the time being.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:15 am

Another Ball. Except, this one was the whole school, it wasn't a secret, and he didn't have to wear a stupid mask that made him uncomfortable. Except, this time, the Ball was not simply a Ball. This Ball was a Valentine's Ball, and Wesley had been invited -- no, asked -- to the Ball by Madison Bishop.

There was simply no way he'd have been able to say no, Madison had helped him when he first came to Hogwarts, and she'd made the transition not easy but bearable. If, of course, you overlooked being thrown in to social circles that you weren't completely comfortable with.

However, Wesley was thankful, so when Madison had asked him, he'd said yes without a second thought.

Before realising he did not have the slightest idea on what he'd gotten himself in to. The choice of clothing was not an issue, he was simply going to reuse the suit he'd worn to the Masquerade party. But, it was everything else. It was Valentine's Day, so he needed to get Madison something, didn't he? So, after asking someone what was normal, Wesley had settled on a single red rose for Madison. That was tradition, he'd been told, which made it easier.

This was the time the questions started, though. Who is your Valentine? Who're you taking to the Ball? Are you two an item? Do you love Madison? Wesley had been a little overcome by these questions, and didn't have an answer for the latter. It had been where the apprehension for the evening had started. He'd not had feelings for someone in that manner except for one other. Wesley had had to pause at that thought, wondering if having feelings for another person after Anastasiya was right...

But, he'd shaken it off. There was no way, in a million years, that Madison Bishop could possibly like him, right?

Moving down to the Hall, Wesley could see Madison stood outside of the hall, as they had agreed, and couldn't help but smile a little upon seeing her. She was something of a rock, someone who made him feel a little bit safer in a world he didn't quite belong. Moving to the Slytherin witch, Wesley held out the rose to her with a timid smile. "For you." He said simply, almost deciding that was enough, before adding. "You look beautiful, by the way."
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:44 am

A Ball. Arthur hated the idea, even more than he hated Valentine's Day. It was such an awful social construct that he had almost flat out refused to come to the party. However, after much thought on the subject -- as Arthur always had to think things through for a time before they became something he was comfortable with -- he'd worked out that if he didn't go to the ball, he would end up hungry.

Sneaking in to the kitchens was just a no -- even if he knew how, the House Elves would be flat out for the Ball, and it would be unfair for him to put them under pressure. Which, therefore meant that he was going to have to attend the Ball, in a bloody suit, to get fed.

Heading in to the ball, feeling very awkward in his suit, Arthur made a beeline to the food table, and continued on to fill it without considering anyone else at all. With a nicely piled plate, the Slytherin made his way to a table -- out of everyone's way -- and sat down. Knife and fork in hand, he tucked in happily, not paying any attention to the party as a whole, because he had absolutely no interest in it at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:21 pm

A Valentine's Ball was a great idea, in Caspar's mind. It would give the young males a chance to woo their loved ones, and the young ladies dress up most beautifully outside of classes. It would bring lots of people together, friends, crushes, lovers. Of course, whilst all this was good and fun, he had been asked to make sure the kids didn't step out of line.

After all, Valentine's Day was not always as innocent as roses and teddy bears.

Caspar had made an effort for the evening when he pulled on his white suite and tie. The colour was not one he got to wear often, what with always working outside in dirt. So, he made the opportunity last as he stood up by the punch bowl keeping an eye on it. After all, a spiked punch would not look good on them.

Checking his watch just before the hour, Caspar looked around for a colleague. He surely couldn't be the only one who'd been asked to work tonight, could he?
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Dimitri Moreau
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Ravenclaw Sixth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:27 pm

The Valentine's Ball -- a great idea if you weren't single. Of course, Dimitri had people he liked, but he was a Pureblood male, and couldn't really afford to be seen asking someone to the Ball. So, he simply had to hope that the people he wanted to see were there, and without a date, just like him.

Pulling out his gold suit for the occasion, Dimitri headed down to the ball just after seven o'clock. Making his way to the punch bowl, he greeted the professor as he got a drink before looking around the hall. There were a good number of people here already, but none of the witches he was interested in flirting with.

Still, Dimitri wasn't going to waste his time, so instead he moved over to two witches he knew. Well, he knew one, but that was something. "Hey Zoey." Dimitri said, before turning to the other witch. "Rebekah, isn't it? I'm Dimitri. You both look stunning!" He told them, hoping they wouldn't mind the compliment too much.



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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:55 pm


Koda did not often wear dresses. But this was not to say that she'd been opposed to the concept once the invitation had been raised to her eyes. Dresses were not the most practical of clothing. The fabric often frayed and split and one's legs were more than likely always exposed.

She was better off with exposed legs, though, than exposed arms. Her floor-grasping limbs had seen less in this world than the ones that had often spent hours grasping for refuge from the bumps and bruises crushing their way into her skin. Her legs were smooth, only one or two scars peeking out to say hello.

The dress that the Slytherin currently wore exposed both of these previously mentioned features, but a black camosaul, while not the most visually appealing, did the job that it was designed to do.

Her outfit was not the most flattering, but it was not meant to be. Koda had absolutely no interest in seducing any fellow students at tonight's event. Attraction did not build loyalty. In fact, she often questioned why some women assumed that puppy dogs made good sidekicks. What would they do in the face of danger? Go fetch? This was the same reason that she hadn't attended the ball with a partner. The young woman had wanted the freedom to people watch and make connections without worrying about entertaining a date or distraction.

Regardless, Koda walked into the ball to see that a number of people had already arrived. None of these people seemed to catch her eye, so she waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   

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Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)
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