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 Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)

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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:19 pm

Wearing one of his favourite suits (which, in his opinion he looked damn fine in), he walked into the Great Hall on the night of the Valentine's Ball. Fashionably late of course. Was it still considered fashionably late if he'd taken a nap and only woke up minutes before he'd turned up at the event? Eli thought so at least. Besides, napping meant he'd be refreshed, ready to party all night. Plus, it wasn't like it took him long to get ready, all he had to do was shower and throw on his suit. His hair was just, well, left how it usually was. Curly and sticking up everywhere. He'd long given up trying to tame it, and actually embraced it. It summed up his personality perfectly.

He stood for a moment in the entry way, taking it all in before he decided to head in, maybe to find a friend.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:39 pm

Valentine's Day was of no interest to Mathew. In any way, shape or form. It was a day where men made fools of themselves by showing a side of themselves much too soft to inspire a woman to truly want them -- after all, the natural pull was on someone who could make you feel protected, not a man dressed as a love heart, spouting poetry and proposing. The tradition of Valentine's Day had long since worn itself from being something Mathew acknowledged.

However, he'd had to acknowledge it that morning when he'd received not one, not two, but five Valentine's Day cards from different people. For whatever reason. Mathew had found great joy in taking out his Zippo lighter and watching each one shrivel in the flames in to a pile on his chest of drawers. The ashes had smouldered for a while, and a mark was left even after the House Elves had tried to repair it.

The Hufflepuff had almost written off the rest of the day to a day of abandoned plans -- after all, if he was getting Valentine's in his own room, the rest of the castle would be most insufferable with the gushing of other people. Except, as he stepped in to the common room that morning, he'd been reminded that the Valentine's Day Ball was on tonight. Everyone was going.

Mathew had made a detour at this point, slipping out of the castle to Hogsmeade to purchase a new suit for the evening. If everyone was going to be there, he was going to have to be there too.

Which was why Mathew stood in the shadows, suited in a classic black suit and avoiding everyone in the room. He was waiting for only one person to show up. The red headed witch from Ravenclaw, a witch who... stood out to him in a manner no other could. A witch who had a link with Dark Magic, and yet... Mathew could not place a finger on the feelings he had, for he simply did not understand the pull that consumed him when thoughts of Roxanne Förstner.

It didn't take long for the Förstner heiress to turn up to the Ball, Mathew's eyes picked out her auburn hair the moment she entered the room. The icy blue eyes of the Hufflepuff's grew by half upon taking her in, but he made no move to head towards her.

Sipping his drink, Mathew simply stood watching, out of sight, but waiting for the right moment.

This was not yet it.
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Roxanne Förstner
Ravenclaw Fifth Year
Ravenclaw Fifth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:51 pm

The fact that she had coldly shot down the guys that asked her seemed to not have deterred any of them from coming up to her to ask for a dance thus the girl had been, pretty much, forced to dance with one or two of them just to keep them happy; in truth she just wanted to join the many single girls on the dance floor and have some fun with them but dancing with a guy was equally as fun, especially when said guy was a hot one and had some dancing skills.

Through the first hour, Roxanne alternated between sipping her drink and just generally interacting with the people around her before she accepted the requests for a dance; a ball, or a party in general, was meant for dancing after all and if some of the dances were a bit more on the intimate side then she enjoyed was no consequence for her for the day at least.

Languidly moving against her latest partner, Roxanne moved her body to the beat of the music, her eyes closed as she ignored the obvious sexual way the guy was moving against her; she wasn't going to be welcoming any advances like that from people she didn't know, who wanted to get between her thighs.

The night would, hopefully, prove to be a fun one and not one where she would have to storm off in a huff because a guy couldn't take a hint when she would say no.


Ravenclaw | Profile | Förstner Heir
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:41 pm

Valentine's Day. The worst day on earth, Elyah was one hundred percent sure about it. It was the time that all the couples decided to be all lovey dovey and fluffy and it made Elyah sick. No, she was not jealous, she was simply not up for all that drama. She couldn't understand what all this fuss was about, but Valentine's day had turned their lives upside down and Elyah hated it.

All you could see was couples. Everywhere. And hearts. And presents. And boys treating girls as if they were princesses. But the most annoying this was that it was just for one day. Like, why? If you like the girl, why do you wait for Valentine's Day to ask her out, or show her how much she means to you? If you actually have feelings for the girl, everyday should be Valentine's Day.

But she knew that there was no running away from it, since even Hogwarts had decided to celebrate! At first, she had claimed she wouldn't attend the damned Ball, since she didn't have a date, neither was she going to run after little boys. Nuh uh. Elyah was a lady, and she would never stoop that low. And the worst part about attending was the fact that she would have to watch her BFF, Max, being all sweet and loving to someone else.

And that was when it hit her. She was jealous. She was extremely jealous that Max would be paying attention to someone else, while she would be alone. She needed some attention. She deserves it. It wasn't as if she was ugly. Which meant the Ball was the perfect opportunity to show just what she got.

It took her a lot of search and a lot of persuasion from Elyah to get Nero to buy her that specific dress and actually let her wear it, but he was her father, and eventually, he gave in. Elyah had learned how to handle her father a long time ago. After all, she was his daughter. He should have seen that coming.

And now here she was, dressed for the Ball... and scared to go inside the damn Hall. She was walking in a circle, constantly fixing her dress and checking herself. Her clothes were fine. Her makeup was fine as well, a simple eyeliner with nude lips. And her very long hair was tied up in a messy, yet elegant bun. She looked beautiful. She just had to believe it.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, Elyah finally made the decision. Pushing the doors open, she walked inside, her eyes widening in awe. It was beautiful. The atmosphere was so.. romantic. A part of her wanted to gag, but the bigger part of her felt fuzzy. She liked it!

Looking around, she rolled her eyes when she found out that, of course, there was no alcohol, and instead started walking around, trying to find one of her friends, Lucy, in desperate search of some alcohol. This was going to be a looong evening.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:25 pm

It seemed as though Carlotta had caught Arthur, a little by surprise, while he was in the middle of a rather large mouthful of pie. It was rather amusing, and her lips curled into a smirk, amused by his reaction. But eventually he swallowed, and started talking.

"I'm well," she replied, her tone light and bubbly "And thank you! You look pretty great yourself," she returned the compliment. In all honesty, she hadn't expected him to actually be at the ball, he didn't seem the type. So it was a pleasant surprise.

"Uh, no date," she responded to his question. No one had asked her, and she hadn't asked anyone. She wasn't about to deny herself a night of fun purely because she had no date.

"What about you?" she nudged him playfully "You're all dressed up, for someone special?" she asked, giving a wink along with the question.
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Dimitri Moreau


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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:14 pm

With the conversation coming to a close after both the ladies said they were on their own, and Dimitri echoing the same message, the Ravenclaw excused himself from their company. He wasn't meaning to be rude in any manner, but he had his friends to go and meet. Not to mention, he was sure Corbin would have something up his sleeve for the evening.

Whilst no one knew the hosts of the secret parties, Dimitri had his suspicions.

However, just as he took a non-alcoholic champagne flute from the table, Dimitri's eyes fell on one of the more beautiful witches in the hall. His eyes widened slightly upon seeing one Elyah Whitehorn enter the Ball, looking... well, Dimitri was quite sure that if her father could see her, he would have her locked away for a very long time.

Picking up another flute, Dimitri made his way to the Hufflepuff witch with a small smile playing on his lips. "Miss Whitehorn." He greeted, extending the glass to her. "Just picked it up, in case you think I'd try anything untoward." The Ravenclaw added, hoping that the witch would be okay with the offer.

"You look stunning, by the way. That dress... sets ones mind on fire. Dimitri, by the way. I came to one of your dad's events in the summer, but it's okay if you don't remember me. I'm sure you were quite busy." He added, explaining himself to the witch even if it was unnecessary, given his family name.

Outfit, for reference
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:45 pm

Elyah was kind of lost. Looking around, she was desperately trying to find her friends, when suddenly a male came into view. A very handsome male. Elyah was positive that he looked really familiar, but after all, this was a Hogwarts Ball. All the people here were students so probably, she had seen him in one of the classes. But she just couldn't recall who he was.

"Miss Whitehorn."

Elyah looked at the glass that was being offered. She knew that the boy was not meaning any harm, probably, but the witch still took a second glance at the glass of non alcoholic champagne, before taking it with a soft smile.
"Thank you, Mister...?"

"You look stunning, by the way. That dress... sets ones mind on fire. Dimitri, by the way. I came to one of your dad's events in the summer, but it's okay if you don't remember me. I'm sure you were quite busy."

Elyah smirked at the boy's comment about her dress. Well, she was Elyah Whitehorn after all, and there had to be some sort of scandal involved with her name. Her father was known to be good with women. She should keep up with the tradition after all.
"It's not the mind I want to set on fire, but the body."

Taking a sip, the witch was finally able to piece everything together. Dimitri had attended one of her father's events, so that meant he was all about business too. Probably a Pureblood.
"Ah, another male taken by business. Sadly for you, a woman is easily bored with that. So, I truly hope you have something up your sleeve, Sir, else my.. interest can easily vanish."

Sending him a flirtatious smile, Elyah pushed past him, making sure to brush against him just enough to cause some sort of a reaction. She was ready to play.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:45 pm

Arthur paid no mind to the compliment he was given, it wasn't particularly an area he was comfortable with, not really. Carlotta was just being polite, though, so he smiled and took another mouthful of food, chewing carefully before swallowing. Had he missed lunch, he wasn't sure, but he was starving.

The fact Carlotta didn't have a date neither surprised Arthur, or urged him to say anything. It was simply a fact, nothing more, nothing less. Another might have commented, but Arthur was not anyone else, he was his usual socially awkward self.

However, when the question was returned to him, Arthur couldn't help but let out a small, yet careful laugh upon hearing it. A date, him? He could count the list of friends he had on one hand, and barely any of them were female, except, of course, Carlotta. "No, no date. I'm only here for the food. Then I'm going back to the Common Room to study -- it'll be nice and quiet, you see, because everyone is here." He explained, smiling triumphantly as if this was the best plan ever made in the history of plans.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:28 pm

Content Warning: A-lot of swearing (Its Joshua)

Joshua was not one for Valentine's day. Joshua was the kind of person who would go to those Fru Fru couple getaway spots on February 14th just to throw overpriced chocolate truffles at said couples and shout "Do you feel the love?!?!?!" To him, Valentine's day was a joke. Now, this was not because Joshua was incapable of finding someone to be his Valentine. This was because Joshua did not want to be confined to a single day in which he had to exert his utmost affection for a single human being. Why couldn't he give someone a rose and say "Thank you for fucking me" on February 13th?

Despite this sound reasoning and logic, Hogwarts had decided to hold a Valentine's Day Ball. Joshua liked to pride himself in the face that he was the life of every party he attended. But this was not a party. This was a clever way to keep couples in a monitored room in which they could not do anything naughty unless they tried really hard. This was a trap.

Once he deciphered this, Joshua had spent hours considering the pro's and con's of allowing himself to succumb to this attempt at containing the rates of students fucking on Valentine's Day. The first con was that he and his date could not fuck. The first pro was that he did not have a date to fuck. After he discovered this, there didn't really seem to be any other factors.

He'd almost decided not to go simply because there was no point, but then it hit him. There was a loophole to what was destined to be a monotonous evening...

"Dress Code: Suit and Tie or Cocktail Dresses"

It was a beautiful, beautiful loophole. And how could Joshua ignore a loophole?

So he attended the ball, clad in nothing but swim trunks and a bowtie.

"Happy Valentine's Day, fuckers!." He announced.
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Dimitri Moreau


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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:35 pm

The comment of the idea of the dress being used to make the body feel on fire and not the mind was one that made Dimitri smile warmly at the notion. "Ah, but you see, that is where you're aiming far too short. Any woman with a figure can make a body feel on fire, but it takes something special to melt the mind too." Dimitri told her with a smile that said she might well have done both to him. It wasn't as if he was immune to the beauty of the female body just because he'd been taught control as a Pureblood male.

It was how Elyah dealt with his comment about attending her father's events that fuelled the fire, the desire, to continue. She was not stupid, that much was quite clear from her words. As Nero Whitehorn's sole heir -- presently -- she was a useful friend as well.

Elyah pushed past him, though, and Dimitri allowed a moment, two to pass, before he followed her, trying to decide how he might like to continue on with this conversation. He didn't wish to be bested, but he knew he was not untouchable. Moving beside the witch, Dimitri gave a small, yet controlled shrug of the shoulders, something he wouldn't typically do, but this was not a Pureblood Ball.

"I think you mistook my meaning. I'm not a businessman, like your father. I... invent things." Dimitri explained, not trying to be impressive by that, but showing he was not a young man who only had an interest in money. "Or, I try, I've yet to have a success, but that's not through lack of trying. However, I'm sure that you would not find the musings of my failures to be of any interest." He finalised, before moving on to the next topic.

"I can't help but notice you turned up alone this evening. Would I be too forward to presume that means you, like myself, decided to go solo this evening?" Dimitri asked, polite, but to the point. "Only, I wouldn't like to put you in a position that means you have to make a choice over the other man's company or my own."

The last was cocky, but it was in a well-natured manner. Dimitri was confident, but not an arrogant prick. Hopefully, Elyah would understand that.
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PostSubject: Re: Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)   

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Valentine's Day Ball (Open to All Staff & Students)
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