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 Clara Goldstein

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Clara Goldstein
Ravenclaw Fourth Year
Ravenclaw Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Clara Goldstein   Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:51 pm

Full Name: Clara Goldstein
Age: 13
Date of birth: (day, month, year) 16 October, 2008
Birthplace: Bristol, England
Current home: Bristol, England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Asexual
Wand type: (length, core, type of wood) 12 1/4 inches, unicorn hair, walnut

Hair colour and style: Dark brown/black, shoulder length, curly
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'2"
Body type: Average. Thin, not particularly athletic, but wiry. Flat-chested, no curves.
Dress sense: Modest. Dark colors, normally black jeans and muggle t-shirts if not wearing Hogwarts robes.
Birthmarks: None.
Tattoos: None.
Scars: One, about 3cm long on upper abdomen. Origin unknown.
Piercings: None.

[In this section, please don’t just write one or two words. Explain their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, positive & negative traits in detail wherever possible; this is for people to get a decent idea of who your character is and what they are like, so please don’t just randomly list things. Also, three is the minimum, please don't be afraid to list more, there will never be limitations to detail on this site!]

Likes: (3 minimum)
  -Learning (everything there is learn)
  -Reading (of all kinds, from textbooks to Shakespeare to fantasy novels)
  -Science (especially chemistry and psychology)
  -Math (her father is a calculus professor, so she has been learning math from a young age and is now at about pre-calculus level)
  -Art/sketching (she doodles on most things, and likes to draw geometric shapes and patterns)
  -Riddles (anything that utilizes logic and creativity is her forte, and she also loves wordplay)
  -Potions (upon entering the magical world, she was intrigued by the concept of potion-making, and loved the precision and patience that it required)
  -Logic (she gets supremely frustrated when things don't make sense)
  -Cats (she relates to cats, and has a Turkish Van named Abrasax)

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
  -Boring people (she can't stand people who are predictable or have no depth because she gets bored of them easily)
  -Stupid people (she hates having to explain herself to people, and often thinks of herself as superior to the average children her own age because she thinks they're stupid)
  -Most people in general (she prefers to be alone because social interaction is draining)
  -Small talk (she requires a certain amount of intellectual stimulation from any conversation, and if someone can't provide that, she will get bored and often just walk away if possible)
  -Large social gatherings (because they are often full of boring/stupid people and small talk)
  -Loud noises (she has sensitive ears and is easily overstimulated by loud noise)
  -Group projects (because she has to work with stupid people and often explain herself to them)
  -Sports (she has never been one for physical activity, as she's always preferred to stay inside and read)
  -Meat (she is a staunch vegetarian, just like her parents)

Strengths: (3 minimum)
  -Potions (because she took a liking to them, she studied them extensively and focused on excelling in the field)
  -Logic/Math/Riddles (she has a very logical mind, so she has always been good at applying logic to situations)
  -Sketching (she has been drawing shapes since she was very young, and it is a way for her to anchor her mind so it doesn't wander)
  -Imagination/Creativity (she has a very vivid imagination, and is good at thinking outside the box and applying prior knowledge to new situations)
  -Self-control (she is very disciplined, and has learned to keep her emotions in check)

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
  -Socially awkward (she cannot pick up on social cues, and often says insensitive things at the wrong time)
  -Terrible at making friends (see above)
  -No concept of manners (she sees herself as above social conventions, as she doesn't see the point--however, this often gets her in trouble for being rude)
  -Bad with plants/most living things (she is terrible at herbology, and she cannot keep plants alive no matter how hard she tries--she once killed a cactus by overwatering it)
  -Bad at flying (she does not trust broomsticks, and is always a bit wobbly in the air)
  -Bad at sports/physical activity (she is not particularly athletic, so she tries to stay away from sports)
  -Poor sense of humor (she can be quite witty, but she often ends up being mean and hurting people's feelings--she doesn't always understand what other people find funny)

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  -Intelligent/Logical (she has an IQ of around 150)
  -Imaginative/Resourceful (she is good at thinking outside the box, and creatively using whatever is at hand to accomplish her goals)
  -Curious (she has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, so she pursues it in every field)
  -Organized (she cannot abide a mess, and keeps everything tidy)
  -Disciplined (she is good at controlling herself, and practices stoicism--she also likes to meditate)
  -Excellent student (she gets on well with teachers, since her parents are both professors, and she does very well in school because she loves to learn)
  -Passionate about science (when she gets talking about scientific theories, she gets rather excited and it is hard to shut her up)
  -Witty (she is a quick thinker and good with wordplay)

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
  -Rude/Insolent at times (she has no respect for people whom she regards as stupid, nor does she care much for social conventions like manners, so she often says things that get her into trouble)
  -Rather narcissistic (she has a bit of a superiority complex, as she often thinks that she is better than her peers)
  -Reclusive (she does not like to talk to people or socialize in any way)
  -Tries to be funny but often ends up just being mean (and then she gets confused when she gets a negative reaction)
  -Does not understand social cues (at all)

[Please write at least 2 detailed paragraphs of your character's general history. This can entail anything from their upbringing, school years and their present. The paragraphs don’t have to be long, but they do need to include details, so that people can get to know your character more.]

It is possible that Clara has some form of high-functioning autism, but she was never diagnosed. Up until age 11, she attended a Montessori school in Bristol, and was encouraged to be passionate about learning. She never had many friends, but she never felt she needed them because "books are better than people anyway." She takes it upon herself to read and learn everything she possibly can about every subject she can possibly think of whenever she's bored. She loves science, especially psychology and chemistry, and dreams of discovering or inventing an entirely new and revolutionary scientific breakthrough, and winning a Nobel prize someday.

She had a relatively normal muggle childhood. Her parents are both university professors. She is an only child, with a family cat named Abrasax, and a small house near the university where her parents work. She always knew that she could make weird things happen whenever she got upset, and ever since she accidentally made all of Marissa Harrison's hair fall out when she was eight years old, she's learned to keep a strict hold on her emotions. She was sceptical when she first got her Hogwarts letter, but she couldn't deny that she had done some unexplainable things, so she quickly accepted magic as a new avenue for discovery, and happily bought as many books as she could afford from Diagon Alley.

Because of her muggle background, she is dedicated to understanding magic on a fundamental level, so she can reconcile the laws of magic with the laws of physics, which seem to contradict each other. Over her past two years at Hogwarts, she has spent a considerable amount of time in the library, researching and theorizing, and trying to figure out how to create new spells.

   Name: Marina Goldstein
   Age: 38
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Professor of Psychology at the University of Bristol

   Name: Thomas Goldstein
   Age: 42
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Professor of Calculus at the University of Bristol

Siblings: N/A
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner/Fiance: N/A
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

Children: N/A
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

   Name: Abrasax
   Age: 8
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Turkish Van (cat)

[Please write at least one paragraph on your character's family history. This can include details about how their parents met, their views on the world, their money status, and any other things you find necessary. In situations where characters are orphans, you can write how this came about, be it death of parents or whatever other reasons. Keep in mind that this is to shape your character more, since family has a huge impact on who one is.]

Thomas Goldstein and Marina Goldstein (nee Velazquez) met at Cambridge where they both studied. They are both rather progressive, and they believe in empowering their daughter, Clara, to explore and discover and learn. They are not especially wealthy, nor especially poor, but they want to give Clara the best education possible, often teaching her themselves about their respective areas of expertise. They all love books, and every Sunday they go to the library as a family. They have very interesting intellectual discussions over supper, which they make sure to always eat together, and they respect Clara as a mature and intelligent individual and treat her as an adult. The Goldstein family is very close, and Clara loves her parents more than anything else in the world.

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PostSubject: Re: Clara Goldstein   Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:31 pm

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Clara Goldstein
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