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 Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)

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PostSubject: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:49 pm

James had moved from his original style of lessons, and had prepared five separate potions for this class. Sat on each desk were five vials for each student who would enter. Each vial a different colour and consistency of potion. There would be no potion making today, but James was sure his students wouldn't care enough to raise the question.

None of them, thus far, had shown a deep understanding and love for the subject, so he doubted that today would be any different.

Sitting back in his chair, James sat waiting for the class to fill up so that he could explain what they would be doing today, and set the class off to work. After all, this was going to be part of their final grade, so they needed all the time they could get to get this write.

On the board, though, there were some instructions.

Please leave a seat between you and the next person. This will be a test. You only need a quill and parchment.
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Elleon Caverly
Hufflepuff Prefect
Hufflepuff Prefect

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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:04 am

It was the last Potions lesson before the term ended and Elleon was looking forward to it. The end of the term, not the lesson. Potions still remained the class he excelled at and he had no qualms this time of not graduating to the next year. He'd worked and studied hard, sacrificing a lot of his art time to make sure he knew and understood everything that had been taught. He couldn't wait for the holidays where he could spend the days making art and catching up with friends.

Stepping into the classroom, Elleon noted the five vials on each desk. Were they making five potions today? That seemed quite a feat. But as Elleon nodded at the Professor - even though he was pretty sure he'd be ignored - and took a seat, she saw the instructions written on the board. It would be a test. Were they supposed to identify each potion? He would find out soon. Taking a quill and parchment out of his bag, Elleon set in on the table. He didn't need to worry about the spacing between the seats since he was the first one in the room. Instead, he focused on everything he'd learned in potions thus far, giving himself a pep talk.

You've worked hard and Potions is something you know you're good at. Don't panic, think clearly. You got this.


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Clara Goldstein
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Ravenclaw Prefect

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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:54 am

Clara strode into the classroom and read the board before sitting down two desks away from the only other occupant. Five vials of potion sat before her on the desk. She examined them as she took a quill and piece of parchment from her bag. She recognized at least one of them instantly, but the others would require her to smell them or check their consistency in order to be certain.

She was not especially worried about this test. She'd spent most of her time at Hogwarts studying potions independently; she'd read nearly everything Zygmunt Budge had ever written. Potions was a subject she not only memorized, but made sure to understand. That being said, it would be especially humiliating if she did badly.

She was also feeling some pressure because it was the last day of this school year that she could prove herself to Professor Balan. The professor never seemed to expect much from his students, nor did he seem particularly impressed by their achievements. But Clara knew that the lengths she went to outside of class to deepen her understanding of the subject would far exceed the expectations of almost any other professor. She wasn't even doing it for the grade, she just loved potions. Any other teacher would have noticed, and encouraged her by giving her tips and helping her with her independent research. But Professor Balan always seemed so...unapproachable. So she had made it her side quest to get him to notice her potential.

And in order to do that, she would have to ace this test with flying colors.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:41 pm

It was the last Potion lesson of the year and Roxanne was already dreading it, her head filled with so many things that Professor James would make them do that she was pretty much close to hyperventilating though, naturally, she didn't show it on her face and instead calmly stepped into the room.

Stepping into the room, she instantly saw the words on the board and grimaced; great, a test,
right at the end of the year. Then again she was already used to things like this from their Potion Professor thus she just walked towards an empty table sat down and pulled out her quill and parchment, wondering just what in Merlin's name did Professor James think of now.

Jake's lesson had been something of a test but not a test exactly; this one was going to be an actual test. Sighing, Roxanne crossed her arms over her chest and stared straight ahead. She'd wait and see what Professor James was thinking off.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:49 pm

Oliver's favourite -- or rather, best -- class of the year had come around, and he'd headed across the dungeons eagerly to await the lesson. Passing a few of his friends on the way, Oliver smiled in their direction before slipping in to the Potions class -- he was a little put out not to find Serenity there already, but after a quick glance at the board, he noted that it didn't matter that she wasn't here.

A test.

Knowing Balan, this was going to be difficult, but Oliver took up his place and took out his notebook and pen. Sitting patiently waiting for the test to begin, Oliver wondered if Serenity would attend Potions. If she didn't... well, he would then be worrying about where she'd gotten to... whether she'd Seen something and been called away from the school again. Her gift was always getting in the way of her school work...

Pushing those thoughts away, Oliver focused on the vials before him, wondering if he knew any of them or whether this was going to be something he'd have to work hard on.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:54 am

Potions had always been Elyah's favorite subject. Even though the Potions Master, James Balan, was a moody jerk that did not recognize any of her attempts to thrive in this subject. After a lot of thought, Elyah had decided that she was going to study Potions, once she was done with school. And she was definitely going to be better than her current Professor.

The Fifth Year had hoped that after Professor Balan settled down with Miss Mayer, their Nurse, he would calm down and be less of an asshole towards his student. But no, even now that he had a baby, he was still a big jerk which made Elyah wonder whether he had a heart at all.

Pushing those thoughts aside, Elyah made her way to the Potion Classroom, walking inside without speaking a word. Her eyes searched the board quickly, and she sighed. Of course a test. This was Professor Balan after all. Following the instructions, she took a seat, leaving the space the Professor had asked for. She was not going to deal with his grumpiness today.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:03 am

Another day, another class. Her last class for potions. And then, she'd be finished, moving on with her life. She almost felt a little nostalgic. Almost. Things would be getting very exciting when she was finally finished with school- she already had a job offer, of sorts. And it seemed like so much more fun than anything here.

Knowing Balan, the last class of the year would be a test. Lo and behold, she'd been right. And thankfully, had brushed up on her notes on potions. Walking in, she saw five vials on the desks, with a space either side. She selected a desk and took a seat, taking out a pen (she refused to use a quill, it was so inefficient and quite frankly, outdated), and some parchment, readying herself for the test, She assumed it'd be some sort of identification test, from looking at the vials on her desk.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:30 pm

Anthony, for once, felt oddly calm when he entered the potions classroom and saw that it would be a test. A test meant no questions, no trying to answer questions out loud. It was all writing, silent work, and he was quite confident in his abilities to answer the better part of all the questions thrown at him, so long as it didn't require him to physically speak. His verbal communication skills weren't the strongest, and he tended to fumble with his speech.

He selected a seat and took out his quill and some parchment, ready for the test to start. It seemed as though it'd be some sort of potions identification test, that he gathered from the vials on the table. It was well worth it, identifying potions. Not only was it useful in brewing as it'd aid in helping you to know if you were on the right track, but also in general, just knowledge was particularly good.
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Jacques Clement
University Student
University Student

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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:40 pm

Potions class was one of the classes that came easy to Jacques. Following instructions had never been deemed difficult, a moron could follow instructions so long as they could comprehend them. Of course, just because it was easy didn't mean that Professor Balan would make it so.

The rumour around the school turned out to be true, the Professor had a baby. Jacques found it hilarious that such a man could manage to take on the role of a father, but, he supposed, miracles did happen.

With a neutral face, Jacques moved in to the room, noting the instructions on the board which he followed without hesitation. Nobody, after all, wanted the wrath of James Balan coming down on them.

It was going to be a test, something that had been obvious given the professor, and Jacques was fine with it. Potions, after all, was an easy subject.


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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:21 pm


  1. Please make a new topic, and title it with your character's name, followed by 'Potion's Test'.

    I ask you to make a new topic so that others are LESS likely to copy -- obviously, people will still be able to view your posts, but I'm looking for more originality here, so we'll see if this works!

  2. Once you have posted your response in full (i.e. with an answer to each of the questions below, please PM James so that I can 'mark' your work.

  3. All of the potions will be the same across the board, i.e. there will be some VERY easy, and very obvious potions, and there will be some REALLY hard potions too. I am looking for REALISTIC posts.

    Whilst James will be grading the papers (in the Harry Potter format), I will aware points based on the level of realism put in to your answer.

  4. The students do not have their books for this test, so everything must be from their own knowledge/memory.

  5. Please do not post a response simply saying 'Potion 1 is Amortentia.' All answers should be given in an RP format, showing how your character deduced what the potion is.

  6. Have fun with this, and allow yourself to explore your character more than James' usual classes allow you to.

  7. If you're not sure on anything I have put above, please PM me (on James) and I will get back to you ASAP.

A piece of paper floats on to your desk as Professor Balan starts the test, giving some useful hints to the potions before you.

Potion 1.
  • This Potion is blue in colour.
  • This potion gives off a pink odour.
  • Ingredients include, but are not limited to: Snake Fangs & Dried Nettles

- What is the Potion before you?
- What is a critical part of brewing this potion, that if missed, can result in melting cauldrons and foul odours?
- Name the missing ingredients, as per the Magical Drafts and Potions textbook.

Potion 2.
  • This potion is golden in colour.
  • This potion gives off a foul odour.
  • Ingredients include, but are not limited to: Doxy Eggs

- What is the name of the potion?
- What does the potion do to the drinker?
- Name the missing ingredients.

Potion 3.
  • This potion has no set colour.
  • The effects of the potion are temporary, at best, and must be consumed frequently to keep the effects in place.
  • This potion is one of the longest brewing times known in the Potion industry.
  • Ingredients include, but are not limited to: Leeches and Fluxweed.

- What is the name of the potions?
- What does the potion do to the drinker?
- Name some side effects if the correct ingredients are not used.
- Complete the list of ingredients.
- Comment, briefly, on the legality of the potion.

Potion 4.
  • This potion has a mother of pearl sheen to it.
  • This potion has spiralling steam coming out of the top of the vial.
  • If you smell the potion, this should aid you in your findings.

- What is this potion called?
- What does the potion do?
- What does the potion smell like?

Potion 5.
  • The potion is of a light gold colouring.
  • The potion is thick, like medicine, swirl it around the vial to see.
  • Take the stopper off the vial, smell it. Your character will get a hint of carrot.

- What is the potion set before you?
- Who was the creator of this potion?
- What are it's effects?

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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   

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Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)
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