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 Rhian Nicolette Kael

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PostSubject: Rhian Nicolette Kael   Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:55 am

Full Name: Rhian Nicolette Kael
Age: 24
Date of birth: July 24t, 1998
Birthplace: North Carolina, USA
Current home: Wizarding London
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 9 1/2” Vine Wood, Unicorn hair core

Hair colour and style: Brunette, mid-length. Natural soft waves, unless she straightens it. Which is rare
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5’5”
Body type: Lithe and petite. Strong enough for what she needs, but definitely not an athlete
Dress sense: On a normal day, she dresses casual. Her sense is basic, tending towards dark or jewel tone colors. She can dress up, but she’s not used to it, nor comfortable
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: White-ink Opaleye Dragon across her back, the wings spreading across her shoulderblades
Scars: Left shoulder, above her collar bone, a puncture wound. It’s healed to a silvery star-like shape
Piercings: One in each ear

Likes: (3 minimum)
- The scent of lilacs and pine
- Most creatures, but she loves working with Dragons. After that, her favorite are Moon Calves
- Collecting used and unique books

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
- People who seem overly nice/friendly
- Intentional dishonesty
- Being made to feel “less” in any way

Strengths: (3 minimum)
- Interacts well with animals on instinct, which helps in her perception of people
- Quiet intelligence, though she doesn’t broadcast it
- Compassion for others

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
- Does not trust easily
- She feels more at ease with animals than dealing with the expectations of people
- Chocolate of any kind

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
- A very giving heart, sometimes to her detriment
- Will endure quite a bit before speaking up on her own behalf
- While it takes a while for her to trust, she still is a very hopeful individual

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
- Has trouble asking for help from those she doesn’t know well
- Still feels burdened by her background, so is constantly aware of money and situations that revolve around it
- Can be a bit too blunt for some people

Rhian and her younger sister, Elena, were born into a loving family. Their father was a wizard, a half-blood as well, who fell in love with a muggle whom he’d met through his work at a magical/muggle veterinary clinic. When Rhian was 7, and her sister 4, they were all in a major car crash while on holiday in London. Not only did the wreck leave Rhian with a scar in her shoulder, from a piece of glass, but it left the two girls orphans. Since they were in the muggle area of London, they were taken into the muggle system. Elena, being young and relatively undamaged by the loss, was easily adopted, and they kept in contact with letters. Rhian…not so much.

Months turned into years, and Rhian wondered if she’d ever get out of the system before turning 18. A few weeks after her 10th birthday, however, the orphanage director called her into her office, introducing her to an older couple. William and Janine were a nice pair, who had a history of fostering children before they found their ‘forever home’. The couple considered themselves specialized with older kids Rhian’s age, and especially ones that other people tended to find ‘trouble cases’. It wasn’t that Rhian made waves at the home, she just really wasn’t the prime example of what a couple would seek out. Packing her few possessions, she followed them to their car and they made their way to her next temporary home.

Having a few years of memories with her parents, Rhian had a very limited knowledge of magic. But as the years had gone on, she’d wondered if it had been real or not. When she received her Hogwarts letter one morning, she was torn between shock and doubt. Talking with her foster parents, she told them some story about a family tradition at a boarding school, that offered free rides for some. After a few hard conversations, they willingly drove her to the station for her first year. And the rest was history.

School was much the same as the orphanage for Rhian. She was nice to those that interacted with her, but she generally kept to herself. Sorted into Gryffindor, she learned how to be around groups of people without drawing attention to herself. The only person she opened up to was an unlikely ally, Tess. The girl was…well, girly. And she came from money, that much was obvious. But they got along well and something about them just clicked. Their friendship stayed strong through the years at Hogwarts and University, and now into adulthood.

Living in London, sharing a townhouse with Tess, Rhian is still hunting for that perfect job with her beloved Dragons. For now, though, she works in a pub, something she does very well. It’s not a perfect life, but she knows she’s young and has her whole life ahead of her.

Mother: Janine Styles (adoptive – 64 yo – Living – Muggle – Retired)
Sabine Kael (birth – 34 yo – Dead – Muggle)

Father: William Styles (adoptive – 69 yo – Living – Muggle – Retired)
Gabriel Kael (birth – 35 yo – Dead – Halfblood)

Siblings: Elena Kael (20 – Living – Halfblood – University Student)

Pets: Kitiara (6 – Living – Cat – Black with a white patch on her belly)

As above, Rhian spent her early years with her Halfblood father and Muggle mother in wizarding London. Her parents were very much for the mixing of the wizarding and muggle worlds, but this didn’t have much of an influence on young Rhian, or her sister. She remembers their love, and their kindness to others.

Her Muggle adoptive parents took in a rather different girl than the one before. It was nearly three years between the car crash and Rhian being adopted. The Styles’ were kind folk, much older than her parents. They were experienced with older orphans, and never pushed Rhian to be anything more than she wanted to be right then. As she grew older, attending Hogwarts, they urged her to open herself more to life. This lead to her meeting her best friend. Through the years, she’s grown rather fond of the older couple, and never saw a need to be adopted out to anyone else. They took care of her, and she loves them.
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PostSubject: Re: Rhian Nicolette Kael   Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:23 am

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PostSubject: New Beginnings   Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:39 am

Dropping her dufflebag just inside the room, Rhian let out a much deserved sigh. Home. Trudging over to her slightly wrinkled bed, she plopped on top of the comforter, face first. Content to simply lay there and drift to sleep, she heard the tell-tale signs of her companion. A tiny squeak and the dipping of the mattress when she hopped on, Kitiara made her way over to Rhian with a contented purr.

“Did you miss me, sweetie?” Rhian cooed in a voice she was still embarrassed to use in front of Tess. The other girl had heard it over the years, no doubt, but it made Rhian feel like an idiot when she used it. Merlin help her, though, she couldn’t talk normally to the fur ball. Leaning onto her side, she grinned widely as she just held out her hand. Leave it to Kit to pet herself with my own hand, she thought.

Letting her mind wander, her thoughts went back to Tess in the other room. Rhian’s homecoming was less exciting than expected, the other girl mustering up some enthusiasm once she got into stories of her internship. But she could tell her friend wasn’t really with her sometimes. Perhaps things at the hospital weren’t going so well. Maybe she’d had some trouble or other with Mycroft. Highly likely. Either way, Rhian decided not to push it at the moment. She’d learned over the years that there were “right times” and “wrong times” with Tess Holmes. Always, she was her friend first. But if caught in a “wrong time”, the girl’s Slytherin side would come out and even Rhian’s lion knew to back away.

Accio bag,” she murmured once she pulled out her wand. The bag whizzed over to plop on the bed beside her, scaring Kit away. “Oh, sorry honey. I didn’t mean to!” A small flick of her downturned tail showed the retreating cat was not amused. With one last look backwards, she scurried off to another room. Rolling her eyes with a soft smile, Rhian was so glad to be back home. She’d considered taking her furry friend, but knew she wouldn’t appreciate the roars and potential burning to death. Laughing a bit as she imagined it, she unzipped her bags and pulled out a stack of paper that was rubber banded together. Letters from the six months she was abroad at different camps. Merlin knows, if the wizarding world didn’t have owls, she’d have been completely off the grid.

Sliding the band off, she poured through the notes, already read a hundred times. Some were from her parents, William and Janine. They’d taken in a boy to foster during her time away. Pictures were sent, along with a couple drawings he’d made. Even though she’s been out of their home for a few years now, they always keep her updated on the goings on. After all, they’d got on so well that they adopted her eventually, something they never did. After dozens of kids though, the elderly couple realized that Rhian needed them a bit more than some, so they’d made the final decision the summer she turned twelve. An eventful time, she’d told them about her magic as well, having kept it from them throughout her first year of school.

Setting that letter aside, she sorted through a couple from Tess, since they’d just talked. Theirs hadn’t consisted of much. Some news here and there about the hospital. Not heavy on family; knowing the Holmes’, she never expected much in that department. Rhian tucked those in with her parents’ pile as she slowly moved on to the more worn envelopes.


Holding the small stack against her chest, she laid down on her back, starring up at the white ceiling. Her hair fanning out on the dark green comforter, Rhian couldn’t help the gentle ache in the center of her chest. He was still her second closest friend…LONGEST friend, to be precise, and she wasn’t about to shut him out. The few months before she’d left London had been strained for them, but Rhian was determined not to lose another person in her life. Even if it meant pretending that certain things hadn’t happened.

She didn’t even have to read through the notes, she knew them by heart. Feeling the very particular sting behind her eyes, Rhian took a deep breath and sat up. Looking around, her eyes fell on her desk. A dark wood top with nearly white legs, to match the end tables, there were drawers on either side of where her chair was pushed in. She walked over with determination, opened a drawer randomly and shoved them in, slamming it shut after. That part is over, Kael. You’re back, you have a new job to worry about, and you will NOT spend time on this stupid man, she admonished herself. She’d spent too damn long on him, for nothing, and she was done wasting her years waiting.

Catching her reflection in the standup mirror, she moved over to it slowly. Yep. She looked like shit. The trip back from camp hadn’t been a smooth one. She scanned her features slowly; the fire in her eyes, the determination in the set of her mouth. She could do this. She HAD to do this.
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PostSubject: Re: Rhian Nicolette Kael   

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Rhian Nicolette Kael
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