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 Just Another Night (Rhian & Luca)

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Rhian Kael

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PostSubject: Just Another Night (Rhian & Luca)   Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:34 am

A soft hum on her lips, Rhian made her way through the door to the kitchen. It was a slower evening, so she'd just been cut. On top of that, her last table had just paid. All she had left now was cleanup and stocking for the next day and she'd be able to head out. While she was back there, she grabbed a couple carrot slices on her way through to the stock room.

"You know better than that, missy!" Manny called out to her from the grill side. She sent him a big smile and a wink in return.

"You love me, Man, and you know it." She'd only been at this place a few weeks now, but it was pretty much the same as the other pubs she'd worked. The staff was friendly, helpful, and didn't take shit from anyone. Helpful for those smaller like Rhian, who some customers liked to take advantage of. It was an important thing for her to work in a place she felt comfortable. He coworkers had already proven that they stand up for each other here, so she was already feeling well at him.

Grabbing some extra napkins and other paper supplies from the small room, she headed back up front to stock the wait station. There were always people how half-assed this bit of the job, but Rhian never wanted to give people the opportunity to say she was doing a sub-par job. Plus, it wasn't like she was rushing off to some big social life or anything. Just another night at home with Tess and the cat, she thought with a mental sigh. She was happy to get into a routine, after her months touring Dragon Camps, but she did miss the interactions.

A few minutes after stocking and checking her tables one more time, she headed over to Russ behind the bar. "Did you need anything before I knock off? I was thinking of asking Manny to make me up something before I head home." She was transitioning to their bar here, where she much preferred to be, so she was able to help the older man if he needed it. Looking down the seats though, there were barely a dozen individuals in total.

"Actually, I need to go call my wife, if you don't mind watching for a few minutes. She's home with our granddaughter and I want to check in." The man dried his hands on the bar towel stuffed in his back pocket, a huge grin splitting his face in two. Russ reminded Rhian of her adopted father, William, and she loved seeing him so happy talking about the new addition to their family.

"Of course! Go take your time, I've got this." She shooed him into the back with a soft laugh. Even though they were slowing down, she knew he'd still be here a few more hours and he deserved a little bit of a break. Grabbing a towel of her own, she went to a vacated place at the bar, picking up the glasses and wiping everything down.
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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Just Another Night (Rhian & Luca)   Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:09 pm

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Just Another Night (Rhian & Luca)
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