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Lesson Three
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 Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)

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Scarlett Waters
Hogwarts Staff
Hogwarts Staff

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PostSubject: Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)   Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:31 pm

The year had gone quickly, almost a little too quickly for Scarlett's liking. Things never seemed to slow down. It was go, go, go, all of the time. Hopefully through the summer, she'd have a little bit of a break, some leisure time. But for now, she needed to get through the last lesson. She'd hoped that the topic she'd picked would be a fun way to end the year. It was definitely more the chemistry side of alchemy, more of a muggle technique too. It was silver-plating a copper coin, using a mixture of muggle and magical techniques. She ensured that each desk had all the equipment that would be needed.

She sat down at her desk, the topic 'Silver Plating' written on the board behind her. She decided to start filling out some paper work while she waited for students to turn up.


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Elenore Clement
Hufflepuff Fifth Year
Hufflepuff Fifth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)   Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:56 pm

Alchemy was one of those subjects that included things Muggle in it. Except, unlike Muggle Studies, Elenore found herself wanting to attend this class with a little more of an ease inside her. She'd heard great things about the Muggle Studies class, but she simply couldn't allow herself to attend for the wrath of her brother was much to poignant in this moment.

Slipping in to the classroom, Elenore found herself to be the first to arrive, and gave the professor a small smile. "Good morning," The French witch greeted her, though she didn't even attempt small talk with the professor.

Instead, Elenore moved to a desk towards the back, and took in the items on her desk with mild interest. Outwardly, anyway, inside, Elenore was quite excited to see how this was going to work, her mind reeling with the numerous possibilities that might come in to being shortly.


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Anthony Byrne
Ravenclaw Third Year
Ravenclaw Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)   Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:55 pm

It was the last class of the year, though Anthony wasn't really looking forward to the holidays. It meant more and more time he'd have to spend around his family, their prying questions and clashing personalities, servants that didn't seem to leave even an hour for Anthony to just be alone, he honestly would prefer staying at school. He'd have to figure out a way to somehow get away, just to think, read, relax. He'd figure out something, he always did. Of late, with the growing threats of the Deadly Nightshades though, it had been increasingly difficult to convince his parents to let him do anything alone, sadly.

Alchemy was one of the classes that always seemed intriguing to Anthony, so he decided to give it a try. It involved both magical and muggle means, in particular chemistry, so he was interested in how those aspects would fit together. So he made his way to the classroom, keen on learning more. He took a seat at a desk, readying himself for class.



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Roxanne Förstner
Ravenclaw Fourth Year
Ravenclaw Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)   Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:33 pm

Roxanne could say quite clearly that she enjoyed Alchemy, the subject was fascinating and quite hard but she enjoyed the challenge that it posed to the young Ravenclaw witch. Having attended one lesson already, Roxanne was eager for another one; she had missed the second one purely because she had been ill that day and couldn't get to the lesson.

Making her way to the fourth floor where the classroom was, the young girl stepped inside, nodded her head to the beautiful professor and then made her way towards one of the tables in the room where she sat down and pulled out her quill, parchment and ink-well, placing them on the table and then focusing on the Professor.

She had seen the items on the desk and she had been very curious about what they were going to be doing with all of the items; the two words on the board weren't much of a help either.


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Naomi Wilson
Slytherin Fifth Year
Slytherin Fifth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:36 am

Pushing open the door to the Alchemy lesson, Naomi smiled towards the professor before moving further in to the room and finding a seat to herself. Alchemy was a subject she still wasn't too sure on, truthfully, but she was going to work hard at it regardless. Taking up her seat in the room, Naomi pulled out the textbook for the lesson, and a notepad and pen. Whether she would need any of them, Naomi couldn't be sure, but it was best to be prepared.

Casting her eyes to the board, Naomi took in the day's topic with a small frown on her features. Silver Plating. Now, this had to be interesting, right? To her, it sounded like what some jewellers did to make cheap jewellery. Perhaps that would be what they were doing, in a round about way.

Only the professor knew, though, so Naomi waited patiently for the lesson to begin.


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James Byrne
Gryffindor Fourth Year
Gryffindor Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)   Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:15 pm

To be completely and totally honest, James only took Alchemy because the teacher was hot. James wasn't very complicated at all- he saw a girl that he liked and he, well, did what he could to impress her. At this point in his life, he was more interested in girls than, well, anything. And during his teenage years, he'd become rather lackadaisical in his attitude to his school work. It wasn't as though he even needed to be in school, really. His father would ensure him a position in the ministry, or in university at the very least, at his graduation. It wasn't what one knew, but rather who. And his family had quite a lot of strings they could pull. Adding to that, he was the eldest son. He'd inherit anything- chances were he would only work as a means to ensure the public saw the Byrne name in a good light.

He made his way to the classroom "Professor Waters," he nodded as he took his seat in the middle of the classroom and waited for the lesson to start.



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PostSubject: Re: Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)   

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Alchemy Lesson 3 (All Years)
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