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 Brooke Walker

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PostSubject: Brooke Walker   Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:31 am

Full Name: Brooke Walker
Age: 15 (4th year)
Date of birth: Unknown
Adoption Date: [I'm bad at math]
Birthplace: Unknown
Current home: Hogwarts during the holidays
Blood Status: Unknown; either muggleborn or halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: Cypress, Phoenix feather, 10 inches, flexible

Hair colour and style: Black. Long, although she's cut it recently. She’s also dyed it brown before.
Eye colour: A shade between green, blue, and grey, depending on the light.
Body type: Slim
Dress sense:
Birthmarks: None.
Tattoos: None -- yet.
Scars: Too many to count from her years of abuse.
Piercings: Ears.

Likes: (3 minimum)
  - Reading novels (except romance novels)

  - Her family

  - Meeting people; making friends

  - Animals, especially dolphins (when she eventually learns how to produce a patronus, it’ll be a dolphin). She has a pet snake, a pet dog, and an owl.

  - Cassie, her counsellor

  - Disney movies; since her mum is a muggleborn, Brooke has spent many days watching Disney movies with her family. Almost every holiday, they devote one night to eating junk food and having a Disney marathon. All her pets are, therefore, named after Disney characters.

 - Playing sports

 - Music

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
  - Romance, because she thinks it's overrated. Love isn't; romance is.

  - People who hurt others

  - Potions
 - Camping (see weaknesses)

 - Textbooks

 - Seeing others hurt

 - The horror genre

 - Violence in general

Strengths: (3 minimum)
  - Standing up for what is right no matter the personal cost; Brooke is the type to do the right thing even if it means she could get hurt.

  - Magic; she’s actually quite talented in magic, although she doesn’t yet know the extent of her capabilities.

  - She’s naturally friendly and therefore makes friends with ease.

  - Assessing her surroundings. Despite her somewhat vacant expression and sometimes flighty behaviour, Brooke is naturally inclined to observing and taking note of her surroundings. This is due to her history; she does it more out of survival instincts picked up through her years than conscious action.

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
  - Combat magic; she doesn’t have the heart to use or learn spells that are made to hurt others

  - Potions; she’s not meticulous enough to stand watch over a cauldron and follow step-by-step instructions, and usually ends up botching the whole thing.

  - Her family; she would do a n y t h i n g for them

  - Cabins; after what happened (see background for more info) she has a slight fear of being in a wooden cabin.

  - Camping, for similar reasons as the above

  - Sometimes, when extremely stressed, she completely shuts down and can’t function

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  - Optimistic; despite everything that has happened, despite all the challenges and downs she's faced, Brooke still manages to maintain a positive outlook on life.

  - Faithful and loyal to her friends, since she knows what it’s like to get abandoned or mistreated and would never like to do that to others.

  - Modest and humble; despite her history and what she’s survived being something that she could use to brag about or use to her advantage, Brooke doesn’t do it. She’ll bring it up because it’s part of who she is (it helped shaped her, after all) but never for the sake of getting pity or people to do things for her.

  - Resilient -- extremely so. She’s the type of person who somehow always manage to find a way to rise again, no matter what.

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
  - She’s got somewhat of a saviour complex; she doesn’t want anyone to go through anything horrible and sometimes ends up stepping in when it’s not required or wanted.

  - She can be a bit too open and blunt at times, scaring people away or offending them.

  - Despite everything she’s witnessed, she still sees things as either black or white, believing there are no grey areas.

  - Stubborn about a lot of things.

  - Low patience for people who have ‘first world problems’

  - Somewhat insensitive about trigger warnings (since she has a few and has learnt how to deal with them, she honestly believes that people are far too sensitive and should just learn to handle it)

Trigger Warning: Abuse, rape, depression, self-harming, suicide attempt. Read at your own caution.

As a baby, Brooke was found on the streets in a cardboard box. She was taken in by a young couple who lived on the streets; they were gang members, and she grew up surrounded by violence. Thankfully, she only remembers some of it. She was not given a name during this point of time. At the age of six, she was found wandering the streets -- she had left the house while her ‘parents’ had passed out from an overdose -- and picked up by local cops.

Placed in the system, she was given the name ‘Rose’. For the next few months, she was passed around from foster home to foster home. It was here she learnt that not all those who looked after children did so out of compassion, and an equal amount didn’t even like children.

It was also around this age that her magical abilities started showing up. Things would go flying when she was upset, or she’d break things when she walked past them. Unfortunately for her, she was in the house of a particularly ‘religious’ woman when the effects reached its peak, and she was the recipient of multiple attempts to ‘cleanse’ her of evil spirits.

Beatings, starvation, near-drownings, suffocation… These were the most common methods used, although more creative things were tried, without success. She was rescued a month later when her magical abilities became so strong that a representative of the Ministry came by to inform them what was going on, only to find her tied to her bed, crying and begging for a drink of water. She was freed and brought to St. Mungo’s at once, where she made a full recovery.

Now seven years old, she was soon adopted by an infertile but loving magical couple -- Caleb and Aurelia Walker. They’d previously adopted a boy, named Colby, who was two years older than her, and had wanted a girl to complete their family. She was finally given a proper name -- Brooke Walker -- and found Home. She came to know them as ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, and learnt to lower her walls and let people in. Soon, there were no traces of the abuse she faced, and everyone agreed she was a bright, cheerful little girl who loved life and people.

She started school at 11, sorted into Gryffindor for her sheer bravery and will to survive, although for a moment there she was almost placed into Hufflepuff for her capability to still love people despite all she’d been through. If you ask her, though, she would point to her family -- to her mum, dad, and brother -- and tell you that it’s only because of them that she’s where she is today.

When she was 14, during the summer holidays, she fell sick with a bad case of flu. The family had been on a camping trip in the muggle world, and scheduled a guided trek into the mountains; not wanting them to miss it, Brooke told them to go on ahead. She would stay and rest in the cabin.

Shortly after they left, just as she got comfortable on the couch with a book, there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was one of her parents or Colby having forgotten something, she opened the door without checking. A strange man she dimly recognised as staying in one of the other cabins nearby pushed his way through, pointed a knife at her, grabbed her arm, and told her if she screamed he would hurt her. There was, Brooke knew, nobody else nearby, and she didn’t bother to try.

He pulled her into one of the bedrooms, forced her to undress, and raped her.

When her parents came back two hours later, they found her curled up in a ball, naked, and crying. They barely managed to get the story out of her, but when they did, her dad -- an auror -- immediately left to find him. He was long gone, but with contact in the muggle world, her dad put out an immediate request for him to be found. Her mum -- a Healer -- meanwhile, was getting her changed and making sure she was unharmed otherwise.

Two days later, the rapist was caught, charged, and sentenced. It wasn’t enough for Brooke; a part of her had been taken away forever.

She fell into a deep depression for months after, going so far as to pull out of school while she tried to cope. It was later discovered she was pregnant. There was this deep seated feeling of absolute disgust -- at herself, at him, at the world, at everything -- that she couldn’t get rid of. She felt dirty, filthy almost, to a point where she would spend long periods of time in the shower trying to scrub herself clean. While she was watched carefully by her parents, her showers were the only time they gave her privacy, not wanting to take it all away. Her obsession with wanting to not feel dirty eventually escalated, and she would use a razor and her nails to scratch her skin, in particular her thighs, trying to get rid of the feeling.

Two months after the incident happened, her parents found her unconscious in the bathtub. They’d passed by the door and heard the water splashing onto the floor. It was this -- combined with her father’s instincts -- that caused them to unlock and open the door.

She had slit her wrists.

Her mother performed some quick and immediate first aid and Brooke was rushed to St. Mungo’s. Thankfully, her baby was unharmed. She remained in the hospital for the next month, meeting with psychologists on a daily basis. None seemed to help; she refused to see them after the first meeting -- until Cassie. The no-nonsense woman had come in, sat next to Brooke, offered her a chocolate (which Brooke refused, and Cassie had shrugged and eaten herself), and then said, “Right, we’re working this out together whether you like it or. If you can’t find it in yourself to live, do it for your child. Life’s not fair, and you’re not really going to kill her because you couldn’t handle something, are you?. My name is Cassie; you are?”

The blunt tactics worked, and within a week Brooke was allowed home. A further two months later, Brooke’s mental health began to improve. Soon enough, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl she named Carissa, having poured over many baby name books and having fallen in love with it. There was the added benefit of it meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘very dear’, which was how she felt about her child.

A while after that, she asked to return to school. Having skipped just over a year, she was placed in back in her 4th year, which she didn’t mind.

The Incident -- as she calls it -- still haunts her somewhat, and there are nights she wakes up crying or shivering, having relived those moments in a dream, but she is better. She loves her family -- now including her daughter -- and keeps going for them. Despite everything that has happened, Brooke remains positive and happy; looking at her, one wouldn’t see the amount of things she has gone through.

Adoptive Mother:
   Name: Aurelia Walker
   Age: 39
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
   Occupation: Healer

Adoptive Father:
   Name: Caleb Walker
   Age: 41
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Auror

Adoptive Brother:
   Name: Colby Walker
   Age: 17
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Student (7th year Gryffindor)

Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner/Fiance: N/A

   Name: Clarissa Walker
   Age: 4 months
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: N/A

   Name: Sir Hiss
   Age: 4
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Corn snake

   Name: Archimedes
   Age: 3
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Brown Pygmy owl

   Name: Balto
   Age: 3
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Husky

Aurelia and Caleb met in school; they were both Gryffindors. They became good friends and, soon enough, started dating. They delayed their engagement (and thus wedding) until after they’d both graduated from University, and started work as a married couple.

They soon discovered that they were infertile after many years of trying. For a while they debated adoptions, finally settling on the idea; however, they decided to work for a while before they adopted anyone, so that they could have enough money to live comfortably.

When they were 30 they adopted Colby. The following year, they adopted Brooke.[/i]
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PostSubject: Re: Brooke Walker   Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:20 am

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Brooke Walker
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