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Lesson Three
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 The Persistence of Memory (Brooke)

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Ceyal Kalhoun
Ravenclaw Third Year
Ravenclaw Third Year

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PostSubject: The Persistence of Memory (Brooke)   Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:50 pm

His third year at Hogwarts was coming to a close. So far, it had been an interesting journey, different from what he'd always known. The wizarding and Muggle worlds were do different from each other but Ceyal couldn't say that he hadn't enjoyed it. It was a welcome change, and though he wasn't used to the wizarding ways of doing things yet, he was learning.

The only thing he didn't like was being away from Esther. He received weekly correspondence from Mr. and Mrs. Brown, but that wasn't enough for him. He wanted to hold her in his arms and know for sure that she was alright. At least he would have the summer holidays to spend with her.

With his History of Magic essay done, Ceyal grabbed his harmonica, and whistled for Hope. The husky jumped off his bed and stayed right at his heels as he made his way down to the lake. It was one of the places - besides the library - that Ceyal frequented, mainly because it gave him silence. That, including the absence of other human beings, made it very appealing to him.  

As usual, he was the only human in sight and he headed towards his favourite spot, a large grey rock the perfect distance from the water. He sat himself down and watched for a while as Hope went sniffing amongst the bushes. She brought a branch for him, urging him to play fetch with her. He obliged, a rare smile curving his lips in the slightest bit as he sent the branch flying over and over again. When Hope tired out, she lay down with a huff at his feet and Ceyal gave the dog a rub behind the ears.

Taking his harmonica out, he blew a tune in time with the rhythm of the water against the shore, enjoying his solitude and the peace of nature as his mind ventured - like it always did - to the past.
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The Persistence of Memory (Brooke)
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