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 Getting down to work (Open)

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PostSubject: Getting down to work (Open)   Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:42 pm

Brie worked as a waitress in this pub, she tried to be a bartender but because she wasn't old enough yet she had to work as a waitress. She was currently cleaning glasses since no one was sitting in her section because of the fact she was good at her job and all her tables were satisfied and left. Every time she had work there was always people who wanted to sit in her section due to how she worked. She was always on top of her game and loved it. Although she hated the uniform because she had to wear shorts that were black, a black shirt with the pub name and heels, she didn't mind it all that much but she hated how she had to wear heels because her sneakers were ruined.

Due to the fact all her money went to bills along with her sister's money, she couldn't afford to buy a new pair of sneakers at the moment. She did her best to get a lot of tips since her pay wasn't as good as her sister's but all was okay. She just wished her sister worked tonight but she had off. She continued to polish glasses and waited for someone to sit in her section.
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PostSubject: Re: Getting down to work (Open)   Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:04 pm

Janet walked in with a yawn. There was nothing to do outside, and she was getting hungry. She had never been in this pub before and decided to try it out. She sat in seat near the front window and looked out it as she waited for the waiter or waitress. The street wasn't too crowded but still was pretty full. Wizards and Witches of all ages filtered in and out of shops and buildings. Children pushed their way through the crowd, most hurrying to an ice-cream place nearby. Janet smiled as she watched the people. It was one of her favorite past times. She turned back to her own table and picked up a menu, reading over everything before frowning. None of this stuff was familiar to her. She looked around. She would simply ask the waitress what was good when she came to take her order.
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Getting down to work (Open)
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