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 Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)

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PostSubject: Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:20 am

A few weeks back at home and it felt like Rhian had never left. This one had only been a two week stint, but...she figured that was the way of things. Home is home, and her home consisted of Tess and her cat. It wasn't a lot, but then she'd never needed a lot.

Her job had been here waiting for her, Russ had always said. The old man, who ran the local pub in the muggle part of town was wonderfully accommodating when Rhian had to go job hunting out of town. The fact that it was pertaining to dragons never had to be known. As much as she wanted a job in her field, she enjoyed her life at the pub as well.

Grabbing her clothes hamper out of her closet, she set about picking the rest of the dirty items off the floor where they'd landed. It wasn't that the brunette was intentionally dirty, but she'd gotten into the habit of making her room feel...lived in. Especially after moving out of the house. She liked when it was clean just fine, but a little bit of clutter never really bothered her. Plus, Kit seemed to like laying on the piles that smelled like her, and it was hard to say no to the fluff ball.

With everything she needed in the hamper, she headed downstairs. The washer and dryer were in a small closet-like room just to the side of the bathroom. Piling things in, and setting it to the right dials, she got it started. She closed the closet so as to soften the noise, and made her way into the kitchen, looking for something to snack on.
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:39 am

There were few times where Tess allowed herself to really relax. There were two weekends in the month that she got to sleep in and she took advantage of it. She was by no means a morning person, but she did what she had to do. She moved through the routines in the morning, slipping out before Rhian got to actually get up. Their schedules now in their twenties were iffy. Where she was forced to be a morning person, Rhian's schedule depended on how busy her job was. Tess had never gone, especially as the Muggle world was of little interest to her.

At the moment, Tess was curled up under the blankets as her little fox kit was sleeping in her bed. It was the morning shuffle that Rhian did down the hallway that had actually woken her up. Groaning softly, she lifted her hand lazily imagining that she was turning off the non-existent alarm. Huffing, she sat up and stretched, allowing a hum of pleasure to come out of her. This was her haven. If she could, she would sleep forever.

That is until she paused briefly.

What day is it?

"Saturday" she replied to her own question and allowed herself to relax a bit.  The prospect of breakfast was too good to pass up, and if Rhian was awake...that meant a better breakfast than toast and coffee. Slipping out of her bed, she walked barefoot towards the kitchen where the noises signaled that either they were being robbed or her roommate was awake.

"Morning" she yawned out as a greeting.

She didn't bother fixing her hair, nor even put on pants. She knew Rhian had seen worse, so she did what any normal person would do. She sat herself on the kitchen stool and stuck her hands out hoping a warm cup of coffee would be placed there.
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:03 am

Humming to herself, Rhian moved fluidly through the motions of making breakfast for two. She and Tess had a small calendar hanging by the refrigerator with their work schedules on it. This came in handy if they wanted to plan outings, pick up groceries, or just plan to have down time. On days like today though, she was excited to see they both had time off. Usually making food for one, Rhian was always excited to cook for someone else.

By the time she heard Tess making her way downstairs, most of the food was ready and keeping warm in the oven. She was just pouring the eggs into the skillet as she hear a mumbled greeting from behind her. "Good morning to you, sleepy head," she laughed softly. Rhian was by no means a morning person. But she did perk up quickly when doing something she loved.

Knowing Tess quite well, she'd already set out two mugs for coffee. While the eggs did their own thing for a minute, she moved over to the pot and poured one for each of them. Sliding Tess's over to her, she asked, "Did you want one pancake or two?" She always made too much for them to ever finish, but her leftovers usually kept rather well.

She grabbed a few plates out of the cupboard and finished up the eggs. Pulling the food out of the oven, she sighed as the smells hit her full in the face: a mix of regular and chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, and bacon. Most of these items weren't hard to whip up, she just usually didn't go to the trouble if it was just for herself. It's why she loved these mornings.

Quickly piling the plates, she sat next to Tess at the island and slid her plate to her. "Anything planned today?" she asked, taking a bite of bacon.
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:19 am

When the warm cup hit her hand, Tess hummed pleased with the routine going flawlessly. Coffee was something she found herself running on more and more the hours she worked. But nothing beat whatever Rhian did to the coffee. Sipping it happily she found herself relaxing as the smells wafted her way.

"You are much too good for me and if I don't say this enough I love you"

Clearly the caffeine was talking but as Rhian began to chatter about breakfast, she found herself to be even more awake. Her friend was really too good for her. Tess knew that she could be a brat sometimes but she found herself mellowing out the older she got. She was no longer the bitter girl she was when younger and she was appreciative the girl stuck it out.  

The mention of pancakes give Rhian the first smile of the day. Sticking her fingers up to show two, she hummed softly as she stuffed her face with strawberries in the meantime. They were few moments that they were domestic, more Rhian than her. Tess found herself being amazing a potions, but her cooking skills were questionable. As the plate slid her way she dug into her food and sighed relieved that everything was heavenly.

"I'm not going to Mungos today, if that's what you're asking." she took a sip of coffee. "I do have a family thing to do, but as you know I always avoid those to upset my brother" she grinned and turned to her. "Do you want to do something?"

Tess was never really a planner, but she went with the flow only when it came to Rhian. They were both so different, but they stuck to one another. It was nice, to not have to explain much.
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)   Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:34 am

Rhian's good mood continued, Tess's praise lifting her higher. Most people who encountered the other woman found her terse and quite aloof. It took years of friendship for Rhian to get past that colder exterior, to the squishy center that was her best friend. Even so, she loved her jagged edges just as much.

Hearing what she'd already known, having read their schedules the night before, she acknowledged with a point of her fork to the wall calendar. She dug into her pancakes as Tess asked her for ideas for the day. She had places to go, and people to meet with, in regards to her never-ending job search. But that was not in the cards for today. As much as she knew she needed to get on the ball with this stuff, a couple years behind the curve as it was, Rhian had learned that she needed to make time for herself and her friends.

And the things she loves. "What do you think about just hitting the shops? I haven't been to the bookstore since my trip, and I'm running dangerously low on reading material." This was far from true, as she had a nasty habit of collecting used books from anywhere she could find them. But nothing was catching her interest at the moment, and she wasn't interested in re-reading any of her old favorites either. "Plus, we could stop for ice cream." She knew that would get a rise.

Kit wandered into the kitchen then, meowing at the two of them in a rather aggressive manor. "Don't be like that, you. I know you have food." Ignoring those big eyes, she turned back to Tess. "How are things, by the way? At the Hospital. Did I miss anything interesting while I was gone?"
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)   Sat Aug 05, 2017 3:00 am

Tess hummed softly as she sipped her coffee and took the scenery in. It was so funny how something so simple as a laid breakfast made her feel at home more than anything else. She remember her younger years having breakfast at the seemingly never ending table where her father sat far enough from both his children to not have to hear them. But then again she always found him criticizing her in every which way he possibly could. She shuddered at the memory and instead enjoyed fluffy pancakes that were oddly shaped but tasted delicious.

"What do you think about just hitting the shops? I haven't been to the bookstore since my trip, and I'm running dangerously low on reading material."

At the mention of buying books Tess snorted in amusement. They were an exciting pair weren't they? Both were homebodies for the most part, who spent far too much time at work, or in bed. Still it worked for them and who was Tess to deny a person's love? Looking around the room she took in the sitting room that had a full wall of shelves and each space almost completely filled with books. They had books from uni, books for their own career goals, Rhian's fantasy books and Tess' hidden romance books.

"I thought we made a pact to avoid overflowing this home with books" she quipped, but in no way hiding her desire to go shopping.

It all seemed a lot better than a stuff old dinner with her father and brother. It was an awkward situation with her family because while she did care for them, the word "love" was awkward to admit. She cared for them because she had to, but her father's neglect and her brother's stifling attitude surely changed any softer emotions she had. The only great love of her life that had not hurt her was her love for Rhian and the sisterhood they held.

"Hey...remember when we were kids, I had just transferred and you invited me to a sleepover at the Gyffindor common rooms?" she laughed softly. "I was so nervous and going back to speaking English. But we stuff our faces and just let pretense go?" turning over to look at her she shrugged. "Everything seemed so much simpler back then. I was thinking..." she put her cup down. "Want to relive that as adults?"

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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)   

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Quiet Day at Home (Rhian & Tess)
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