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Lesson Three
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 Hogwarts Breakfast Club [Invite Only]

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Brooke Walker
Gryffindor Third Year
Gryffindor Third Year

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PostSubject: Hogwarts Breakfast Club [Invite Only]   Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:08 am

Fifteen; 5th Year

It wasn't everyday that Brooke got detention; in fact, she was normally well behaved. This time, however, had been well-deserved, although she was keeping mum about what she did. She wasn't exactly proud of it, after all. Still, she wasn't sure it had called for an all day Saturday detention.

Stepping into the library, she nodded once at the Professor in charge and took a seat. There were a few others around her, so she knew she wouldn't be the only one in detention.
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Tess Holmes
St Mungo's Staff
St Mungo's Staff

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Birthday : 1998-12-12
Join date : 2017-07-10

PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts Breakfast Club [Invite Only]   Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:48 am

Fifteen, 5th year

There were many things that Tess was known for but never once did she ever speak against a professor. She knew that if she did she would be in this very situation. It had all started with their new substitute professor that knew absolutely nothing about potions. He was bumbling through everything and when she ignored his direction he had gotten upset with her. She usually would have ignored it, that is until he told her the words that had set her off.

"I was told that you were a troublemaker by your brother and I guess he wasn't wrong"

The mention of just her brother had set her off. She had named him incompetent, that he had clearly barely passed his grades and she asked him if a Troll had stolen what little sense he had. He was so furious that he turned red and yelled "Detention" at her at the top of his lungs. She didn't even flinch; her pride would not let her. So she gathered her books as graceful as possible and casually left the classroom. She did not show her nervousness at what she did. It was so unlike her. Reality did not strike until the weekend when she received an owl confirming her attendance.

She cursed and raved at Rhian who was amused at her antics. Some kind of friend she was. Still, she refused to get in bigger trouble, she did show up early in the morning and sat down refusing to look upset at the situation.

'Indifferent is better than hate' she repeated as a mantra


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Joshua Abbott
Hufflepuff Seventh Year
Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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Location : Hogwarts

PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts Breakfast Club [Invite Only]   Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:04 am

Eighteen, 7th year

Apparently, not every teacher was a fan of IKEA furniture. Joshua had brought a chair out to Care of Magical Creatures because Professor Faucette had yet to see the one great thing he'd done in his eight years at Hogwarts. Of course, he'd not taken into account how difficult it would be for him to wheel a chair through the grass. This had proved to be very difficult. This had proved to be so difficult that by the time he'd gotten the chair to where the class was meeting, the lesson had already gone underway.

"I'm here!!!" He'd shouted. "You can really start now"

Whilst shouting, Joshua had not noticed that the lesson was on hippogriffs. He'd also not noticed that he and his chair were right in front of the hippogriff.

Needless to say, Joshua and his chair landed detention for disturbing a lesson, putting students in danger, and for being an idiot. (This last point had been specifically stated by Professor Faucette). It had also been added that Joshua was not allowed to bring any form of his own furniture with him to detention.

So he entered the room and took a seat somewhere in the middle of the room. The middle was always an ideal place to sit; you got all of the action from every side.

"And how are we all on this fiiiiine Saturday?" he asked, making sure to make eye contact with a random person whilst he stretched out the i in "fine."

This was going to be fun.


~Joshua~Always Searching~Profile~Abbott~
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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts Breakfast Club [Invite Only]   

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Hogwarts Breakfast Club [Invite Only]
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