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 Family Matters [Richardsons]

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PostSubject: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Sun 16 Jul 2017 - 7:14

The news of a new sister had startled Serafina, but never one to react outwardly, she'd pretended to be nonchalant about the whole affair. It had been two days after Ivy had been brought 'home' and Serafina had called a family meeting between her siblings, now including Ivy, to talk things through once and for all.

She sat in her living room, tea and snacks all laid out on the table, and waited for them to arrive.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Sun 16 Jul 2017 - 13:16

Ivy had seemingly won the jackpot, being adopted into a rich, well-respected, pureblood family- the Richardsons. Honestly, it was better than some of the foster homes that she'd run away from in the past. It was clean, with actual proper food, and everyone seemed to be nice. Though she couldn't put her finger on why they'd adopt another child when they already had four. One of her new sisters, Serafina, had called a meeting a couple of days after she'd arrived.

She arrived at the time specified, eyes immediately going to the food spread out across the table, before glancing at Serafina.

"Wow, you went all out for a family meeting," she pulled up a chair and slumped into it.

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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Mon 17 Jul 2017 - 2:49

Upon hearing of her family's plan to adopt a young orphan, multiple different opinions had formed in McKendra's mind. She'd been confused as to why this decision had been made just now. Of course, it most likely had something to do with image; every step they took was calculated and manipulated in order to paint the family into the best light possible. But what aspect of their image or reputation would be enhanced by their taking in a stray?

Despite her curiosities, McKendra was content with the decision to add another young woman into the family. Not only would it irk every fiber of Christopher's being, but it would also provide the second eldest Richardson sister with a new "doll" of sorts.

Once, Stephanie had done everything she'd said. Every word, outfit, and decision made by the young girl would be passed through McKendra before execution. But now, Stephanie was exploring independence. It was a shame, really. At least she would now have another little sister to play "dress up" with.

Having received news of a meeting,
fabricated by Serafina of course,
McKendra walked into Serafina's living space with perfect grace and posture.

The first thing she saw was a raggamuffin poodle-child of sorts slumped into a seat by the table of food that Serafina had put out. The food was a formality, McKendra assumed. Something to make the gathering seem more harmless than it was.

"Posture,' McKendra said calmly towards who she assumed was the newest addition to her family. She then pulled up her own chair and sat upright, one ankle crossed over the other. This was how a lady should be sat.

(I know these are supposed to be short-ish but I couldnt help it)
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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Mon 17 Jul 2017 - 6:42

When news came that her parents were adopting another girl, Stephanie didn't know what to think. She was so used to being the youngest in the family that, suddenly having someone else younger than her as a sibling was rather disturbing. What made everything more confusing was the fact that Ivy was a Muggleborn. It made Stephanie angry beyond measure.

Her whole life, she'd been taught about the importance of her status as a Pureblood. As a Richardson, she'd made sure to never associate with those of a lower status. Her name was important and she wouldn't be the one to tarnish it. She thought she was doing her family proud.

And then they go and adopt a Muggleborn of all people. Stephanie didn't mind that she wasn't a Pureblood, not at all. In fact, she'd been making more Halfblood and Muggleborn friends, learning about them and their life, testing her limit. What she minded a lot was how ready her family was to accept Ivy when they'd given her so much grief for pushing her freedom.

Merlin, I cannot understand my family at all.

Stephanie stepped into the living room, not surprised that Serafina had set everything up nicely, and smirking a little as McKendra chided Ivy for her posture. Stephanie chose the sofa, not sitting as properly as McKendra, but not as unproper as Ivy. "And Chris, as always, is the last," Stephanie commented as she reached out for a cookie.

[[OOC: Ooops.]]
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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Mon 17 Jul 2017 - 6:51

The first to arrive was Ivy, and Serafina took her in. "Ivy," she said, as means of hello. Instead of saying anything more, she looked up as McKendra came in and smiled at her single word.

"McKendra," she greeted. "All black, sister? I wasn't aware this was a funeral," she added, a light teasing tone showing she wasn't being serious. "Posture will come with time," she added, though to Ivy or McKendra, it wasn't sure.

She offered another smile as Stephanie came in. "Chris will be Chris," she replied. "You should, by now, know that Christopher is an expert at throwing childish tantrums without the crying and fussing; he will come, in his own time. In the meantime," she gestured to the food, "feel free to eat."
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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Tue 18 Jul 2017 - 20:37

Hearing of the adoption of a Muggleborn child was not something that Christopher had found pleasant. Finding said child turn up on the Richardson doorstep, and welcomed inside openly was even worse. Their parents, in Christopher's opinion, we're bowing to the pressures of society unnecessarily when they did not need to.

As if the Nightshade regime were strong enough to take down a Richardson?

For the most part, Christopher had avoided the child that had been brought in to their home, laying eyes on the witch only at meal times, before making an excuse to be out of her way. It was quite clear, in every sense, that Christopher had no desire to spend time with the child, and he wasn't hiding it.

However, as much as Christopher tried to ignore the problem, his sister was adamant of dealing with it in other manners. The meeting she'd called was evidence of that much, and this did not aid Christopher's current foul mood in the slightest.

So, as the designated hour passed, Christopher glanced up and decided it was time to make himself ready. A pair of jeans,, dressed with a shirt that he rolled the sleeves up on was the look he took on. Casual, yet mildly smart. This was how he openly pushed Serafina, by putting himself in a manner not befitting of what she wanted. His hair, he'd simply combed with his fingers, and a light stubble was in presence on his chin.

Not nearly tidy enough for Serafina's liking.

Ten minutes, perhaps more, later than Serafina had asked, Christopher pushed on the door to Serafina's living room to find his sisters and the child already in attendance. Christopher passed no apology to his sister's, instead moving to the nearest chair and sitting himself in it.

The heir's eyes never travelled to the child. Nor the display of food, instead they moved to Serafina. "Whatever it is you want, be quick about it. I have places to be." He told her coolly, pushing the meeting on before it became a dull affair.

OOC: Christopher refuses to be associated with anything short.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Mon 24 Jul 2017 - 16:47

Ivy glanced up as the other sisters entered, the first one immediately reminding her about her posture. Of course, Ivy being as stubborn as she was, she made no attempt to correct herself, but rather made it worse, resting her foot on her knee instead as a form of silent protest. The next to enter was a girl closer to her age, Stephanie if she remembered correctly, commenting about Chris being late. Supposedly, according to Serafina, Chris was prone to throwing childish tantrums. She kept quiet all this time, merely observing the situation. She found that learning about relationships between different people tended to show a lot more about people's personalities than people themselves.

She reached forward to grab a biscuit as Chris finally arrived. He seemed to have no interest in anyone besides asking what Serafina wanted. Although Ivy didn't say anything to bring attention to herself. It would be better to observe, for the time being.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Sun 30 Jul 2017 - 6:33

Upon being judged on her posture, the Muggleborn orphan slumped even further. McKendra rolled her eyes. A piece of work, wasn't she? She quickly shook off her disappointment, smiling warmly in place of the scowl that had just been there. Serafina made a comment on posture coming with time, but she was sure that they both knew that to be poppycock. As Richardsons, they had been taught posture since before they were able to walk. Slouching was a sign of inferiority. They were superiors.

"Mourning the death of Pureblood superiority, perhaps?" McKendra offered to her older sister. It was meant as a joke, but she was sure that it would not come off as such. But who would she be if she did not take an opportunity to unsettle at least one of her family members?

"Laundry day, Stephanie?" She asked her younger sister. She would be lying if she claimed to not be disappointed in the style choice, but Stephanie would be Stephanie. She was a rebellious teenager. It was adorable, really.

Chris entered late, but she ignored him. His temper tantrums weren't worth acknowledging.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   Wed 2 Aug 2017 - 6:35

As Ivy made her posture worse in response to McKendra's correction, Stephanie could not hide a grin and her respect for her new sibling grew. It took guts to stand up to McKedra and it probably wasn't easy on Ivy to have her world turned upside down so suddenly.

Serafina spoke and Stephanie turned her eyes to McKendra, this time assessing her dress. Black looked good on her, but then her sister always had an excellent eye for fashion. She would know, having consulted her on many occasions and followed in her footsteps when she was younger.

When McKendra addressed her she met her sister's gaze, a look of defiance crossing her eyes. "Just trying out new styles, McKendra," she responded calmly. She could have worn a dress from her endless supply but where was the fun in that?

"I already am," Stephanie replied in response to Serafina's invitation to eat. She held up the cookie she'd taken and bit into it gently, the small appropriate bite a lady was supposed to take. Old habits die hard.

Chris came in and Stephanie noted his behaviour and chose not to respond to his words, turning instead to hear what Serafina had to say.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Matters [Richardsons]   

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Family Matters [Richardsons]
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