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 Marley Teel's Plot Page

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PostSubject: Marley Teel's Plot Page   Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:06 am

Marley Teel
15 || 4th Year || Half-blood || Single
Devil's Advocate. Un-trusting. Full of Energy. Gorgeous. Patient. Shy

Marley's story is dark. Her mother was murdered at the hands of her supposed "best friend" for her families money. Because of this, Marley does not trust other's easily.

She comes from money but despises the "rich people" crowd. She wants no part of the affluent society.

Marley is kind and a loyal friend if you can earn her trust. She'd like someone to confide in. Although, she's horrible at keeping secrets so be careful there.

She'd probably do well in a relationship. I kind of like the idea of her being in a not-so-great relationship to start as she would probably be pretty submissive. Her dislikes include PDA and liars so, can't have any of that.

Looking for:
~ Acquaintances
~ Enemies
~ Love interest that might be a little domineering/not the best boyfriend.
~ Best Friend

Current Plots:

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PostSubject: Re: Marley Teel's Plot Page   Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:09 am

Well we talked about this, krislyn can be her best friend and mentor
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Marley Teel's Plot Page
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