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 To Be A Friend (Wesley)

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Stephanie Richardson
Slytherin Fifth Year
Slytherin Fifth Year

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PostSubject: To Be A Friend (Wesley)   Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:46 pm

It felt strange to be going out to town without her friends. Stephanie had been so used to their almost weekly excursions to one shop or another. They would go wherever she pleased, spending money like there was no tomorrow. They'd gossip and giggle and tease.

And for the first time in her existence as she walked down the street, Stephanie felt alone, something she'd never experienced before now. If she closed her eyes, she could imagine the group of them, the few handpicked ones lucky enough to be chosen to go along with her. If she didn't like someone, she would exclude them from the outing, and if she was particularly pleased with someone, they'd get her attention.

Shaking her head out of her reverie, Stephanie stepped into Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. She'd ordered a gown the week before and was told that she could come to collect it. As she walked pass the aisles holding various displays of fashion, Stephanie didn't bother looking at them. She was used to wearing custom made clothing, none of those ready-made pieces on the shelves.

Reaching the counter, she gave her name and waited as the clerk went to get her gown. He came back pretty soon. Empty-handed. "I'm sorry Miss Richardson, but your gown isn't ready."

One of her perfectly manicured eyebrows rose. "Not ready? But I was told that it would be ready today." The clerk apologised profusely once again and Stephanie took a moment to compose herself. Had it been before The Talk - what she had begun to call that fateful day she'd spoken with Toryn at the Lake - she would've thrown a tantrum - a polite and graceful one - and demanded in no uncertain terms to see the seamstress or the manager. If they couldn't deliver, she'd boycott them, using her name to her advantage, and tell them that they would run out of business very soon.

But lately, she'd been trying to change, to grow up and mature. "I see. Well, when it's ready, could you send word by owl, please?" she managed to ask with a tight smile. After receiving the man's assent, she thanked him for his time and turned around. Perhaps she could browse through the store for something else? She'd never done that before, but there was a first time for everything, right?


A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.
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PostSubject: Re: To Be A Friend (Wesley)   Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:07 am

OOC: I am so sorry, Wesley has been being awkward about this, but I will make him post now!

Wesley's robes had been outgrown by the young Bulgarian. Having not really factored this in when he'd gone shopping for his robes at the start of the year, it was becoming increasingly necessary for the boy to get new ones. The end of the year had come around, though, and Wesley hadn't managed to find time, so now he was spending his summer running errands. It was easier, he supposed, that he could now Apparate.

Diagon Alley might have been the more logical choice of shopping outlets, but Wesley was avoiding people on the whole. Most especially a certain Slytherin witch. Hogsmeade had therefore been his choice.

Stepping in to Madam Malkin's shop, Wesley could hear something of a commotion by the till. Not wanting to get anywhere near it, Wesley turned off down an aisle and made himself scarce, looking at some of the Hogwarts' House clothing that the shop did. Scarves, gloves, hats, ties, jackets with the house crest sewn in to them. It was all rather impressive...

If you had house pride.

Wesley preferred to be a wallflower, though, and didn't partake in anything to do with the house, or those in it. He existed as a Ravenclaw, but he was not an active one. It was safer, he'd told himself.

Wesley's eyes turned, subconsciously, to the Slytherin attire, looking at it for longer than was necessary as a niggling sensation flooded through him...

Hearing steps coming closer, Wesley's eyes moved away from the Slytherin items, and he moved further down the aisle, trying to avoid whoever might be coming as he wiped at one eye. No, he would not allow her that power.

He was fine.
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To Be A Friend (Wesley)
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