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 Andrei Kessler

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Andrei Kessler
Head of Ravenclaw
Head of Ravenclaw

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PostSubject: Andrei Kessler   Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:45 pm

Full Name:Andrei Kessler
Date of birth: December 22,1976
Birthplace: London, England
Current home: London, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Languages: English, Cantonese, and Arabic
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 10" Ash with a single Unicorn tail hair core.

Hair colour and style: Straight blonde hair often slicked to the right (never the left) makes the aging man look more youthful than he really is. Though, if one looks closely they can see one or two hairs of silvery gray.
Eye colour: Watery blue eyes framed by a vague set of wrinkles show his age and often watch the world from behind frameless glasses with subdued amusement.
Height: Inheriting his father's height, he stands above most of his peers at 6'2".
Body type: Slim as a result of persistent illness, Andrei does not necessarily look too skinny, but he could definitely do with eating a bit more than he does. Accentuating his slim frame, he lacks any appreciable muscle mass telling of his aversion to prolonged physical exertion.
Dress sense: There is nothing flamboyant about Andrei. When attending to business in the wizarding world he will don earth tone robes that hide his gaunt form in a mess of cloth. The muggle world, on the other hand, sees a different Andrei as he wears an academic looking tweed jacket with match slacks and well-shined shoes. His casual dress is composed of removing said jacket to reveal his well-kept vest accented by a golden pocket watch his mother gave him upon graduating Hogwarts. The last and most important piece of his wardrobe is the omnipresent gold ring on his left hand that has not left its place since the day of his marriage.
Scars: The only scar on his body can be found on his left cheek. A small crescent appears to be dug out of his skin as a result of his mother accidentally scratching him with her wedding ring when he was a child. However, this scar can only really be seen from up close and thus, for most people, goes by unnoticed.
Voice: Andrei never rushes what he is saying. Instead, he speaks slowly and deliberately in a surprisingly deep voice that invokes the image of a larger man than he is.

 -Reading, there are not enough books in the world for Andrei to read. His love affair with the literary world finds its roots in his frequent childhood sicknesses; confined to his bed he amused himself with anything with pages be it good or bad.
  -His family, ‘like’ is the wrong word here, ‘love’ is much more appropriate. His wife, Marie; his daughter, Helen; and his son, Nikolai are the lights of his life. He is willing to do anything and everything for them no matter what it may be.
  -Quidditch, Andrei is the quintessential armchair seeker. He has never played a game of Quidditch in his life, but he loves watching and talking about it with anyone who will listen. It is rare that he doesn't know the latest news or gossip about his favorite sport.
  -Archeology, his second true love after his family. Having spent his time after Hogwarts in the muggle world pursuing an undergraduate degree in history and later a graduate degree in archeology, Andrei loves looking to the past to find answers for the present. Interestingly, he has been able to weave together his magical knowledge and muggle knowledge to further gain a better understanding of the past than one could in either of the two worlds alone.
  -Magical artifacts, in the same way some people like tinkering with cars Andrei takes pleasure in fiddling with magical artifacts of any type he can get his hands on. In fact, much to the chagrin of his wife and his bank account, he has a bad habit of collecting odds and ends, which often turn out to be useless. Though, at times, he has found truly special artifacts, which only fuel his search for more.

 -Dueling, he never saw the point in it. With all the things one could do with magic why would one want to hurt others?
  -Muggle Academia, he had intended to pursue a Ph.D., but became disillusioned with academia the more time he spent in it. People picked sides and attacked each other needlessly and maliciously. In his mind, it would make more sense to work together as opposed to working to undermine others, so he returned to the wizarding world in hopes of finding something different.
  -Alcohol, it doesn’t agree with him in the slightest. He hates the tingle one gets in their extremities after drinking and disdains the idea of impairing his mind. So, if he can avoid it, he opts for water or sparkling apple juice.
  -Cold weather, winter is always a bad time of year for Andrei. Owing to his less than perfect health cold weather always brings some type of sickness. In his case, it is not a matter if he will get sick, but rather how sick he will get. Luckily in recent years it has been little more than a bad cold.

  -Prodigious memory: faces, names, numbers and facts, Andrei remembers them all and more. Born with a memory like a steel trap, he can effortlessly recall information. In his youth, he mostly used it to recall the books he had read the week before while falling asleep. However, it later came to serve him quite well in the academic arena at both Hogwarts and college.
  -Problem-solving. His skill in solving problems effectively does not lie in his ability to instantly assess what is given to him. No, rather it lies in his ability to spend time and energy to painstakingly break down each available option before making a choice. So, while he will not be the one to come up the fastest solution he will, more often than not, have the most pragmatic one.
  -Musical talent is something he rarely showcases for others save for his family. When he is feeling down he will often sequester himself away in his room and strum on the guitar his father gave him and while his singing voice is not entirely conventional it has a certain carefree charm of an untamed amateur to it.
  -Culinary talent, supplementing his meager graduate school stipend with shifts at a local restaurant, he became quite proficient at preparing a more than halfway decent meal. When he is at home it is he, not his wife, who cooks dinner and prepares lunches—it also helps that his wife his hopeless in the kitchen. Ultimately, he finds the act of preparing food to be rather calming.

  -Insomnia, sleep does not come easily to him if at all. He will often stay up into the wee hours of the morning reading only to fall asleep for an hour. As a result, he often has bags under his eyes and seems to be chronically sleep deprived.
  -Time management, planning isn’t the issue. He tends to become too engrossed in whatever task he has before him that he will lose track of time making whatever plan he had moot.
  -Health, Andrei has never been what someone could call ‘hardy stock’. It seems that he can fall ill at a drop of a hat and you can be sure that if there is a sickness going around that he will catch it. This weakness made for a less than perfect childhood as instead of playing outside with friends he was often bed ridden reading books.
  -Eyesight, he is blind as a bat. Without his glasses, Andrei can only see a few feet in front of him before it all turns into a blur. Nearsightedness can be a real pain and results.

Positive traits:
  -Kind, this is his most defining trait. There is not a mean-spirited bone in Andrei’s body. He always approaches people as he expects to be approached, with a friendly respect. Perhaps this is one of the reasons he became so disenchanted with the cutthroat world of muggle academia.
  -Patient, Andrei is more than willing to play the long game. He knows every challenge he faces in life takes time to overcome and is more than willing to wait rather than run. After all, for him much of life is about the journey as opposed to the destination, so he does not mind how long it may take and is patient through and through.
  -Confident. Certainly, he is human and naturally, he has doubts, but when push comes to shove he moves forward with an air of confidence befitting a man who has seen much in life and has come to expect what is coming next.
  -Ambitious, for this wizard the next rung on the ladder is always looming above his head. And while too much ambition can be bad, Andrei’s is tempered by experience making him realistic in his goals and relentless in pursuing them.

Negative traits:
  -Perfectionist, everything must be just so. There can be no room for error. While Andrei’s work is second to none he can be a real stickler for the details. He will antagonize for hours and hours over a small detail until everything is, in his opinion, perfect. This can make working with him rather irksome at times.
  -Obsessive, feeding into his perfectionist trait is Andrei’s obsessive nature. When he becomes interested in something he will immerse himself in it. He makes it his business to know everything worth knowing about the subject of his obsession and even things not worth knowing. Details become important and he can go for days at a time without thinking of nothing more than his fixation. At times this can make the man seem distant and distracted as he often tries to steer any conversation towards what is on his mind as opposed to what might have been being discussed.
  -Cynical, born from his time in muggle academia, Andrei can be more than a bit scornful of life’s vicissitudes. In particular, he tends towards commenting on human nature as something that is repeated again and again without variation. Indeed, this trait contributes greatly to his dry sarcastic wit.

Andrei’s mother, Stella, always said the only thing her son managed to do on time was being born. Born late in December into London’s monotonous gray winter the boy nearly died at birth but managed to pull through after a few tense hours where it seemed as if he were destined for death. Unfortunately, sickness would come to mar his youth as he often fell ill even in the fairest of weather. His parents loved him as only parents of an only child could. And while not spoiled he did not go wanting in any aspect of life.

At the urging of his pureblood mother, Andrei’s father—a muggle—agreed to send his son to Hogwarts on the condition that upon graduation he pursue a muggle education. So, when the time came he was sent off to learn about magic. Sorted into Hufflepuff, though perhaps better suited for Ravenclaw, Andrei quickly made a small group of friends who he kept throughout his time at Hogwarts.

While by no means a top student, Andrei muddled his way through classes finding it much more interesting to read books on anything other than the classes he was taking. The only class he ever really had an affinity for was ancient runes mostly because it relied on what he loved most at the time, reading. His summers were spent away from magic as his father hired him a tutor to help learn what he thought to be ‘practical skills’ that is to say writing, math, and science. So, in this way, Andrei’s life became defined by the two worlds he lived in; one foot in the world of muggles and the other in the world of magic.

Upon graduation from Hogwarts, Andrei complied with his father’s wishes and was accepted into Oxford’s history program. Here he found a true passion for the subject and excelled in classes graduating at the top of his year. Without skipping a beat, he applied and was accepted to the Archeology and Anthropology graduate program at Oxford. Left to pay for his own housing the young man took to working as a prep chef for a local restaurant.

While he once harbored hopes of earning a Ph.D. he was quickly turned off by the petty nature of so called serious scholars and dropped the dream and settled for a graduate degree. Uncertain what to do with his life the young man floundered about holding jobs well below his education level. For a while, it seemed as if he would simply fade into obscurity.

However, this all changed when he met a pureblood named Marie. The two bumped into each other while visiting an exhibit on Egypt and hit it off. A year later and more than a few dates later the two were married. Pooling their money, the two went on a tour of the world and while neither of them were rich they enjoyed the adventure even coming to live in Hong Kong for a stretch of five years and Egypt for three. To make ends meet the two worked on archeology digs as advisors, which worked nicely as they were able to apply their muggle and magic knowledge.

On their extended world tour the pair had Helen, named for Marie’s mother, and Nikolai, for Andrei’s grandfather. Indeed, the coupled would have raised their children abroad had the deaths of Andrei’s parents not brought them back to London. Heartbroken, Andrei fell into depression and could not bear to leave his birthplace, so the small Kessler family came to live in London.

The grief passed and Andrei’s life normalized. Working as a historical advisor for a construction company he made enough money to support his family. In time, however, he grew bored of simply advising and found a job as a museum curator. Working long hours he translated ancient texts and made sure the museum ran smoothly. Naturally, his social life suffered and he really only came to befriend those he worked with and his family.

Then came the shock of his life, the museum was closing for renovations. Some large donor was paying to have the whole place remodeled. And so Andrei saw to the careful packing of the artifacts he so loved and then, with that done, found himself without a job and without a purpose. He had saved enough money to live comfortably for another year or so, but he was now faced with a challenge he had not faced before, unemployment. Thus, for the first time in a while, he looked to the world of witches and wizards…

   Name: Stella Kessler
   Age: 69
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: n/a

   Name: Hal Kessler
   Age: 71
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: n/a

   Name: n/a
   Age: n/a
   Living or Deceased: n/a
   Blood type or Species: n/a
   Occupation: n/a

   Name:Marie Kessler
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood

   Name:Nikolai Kessler
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Kid things

   Name:Helen Kessler
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood

   Living or Deceased:n/a
   Blood type or Species:n/a

Hal Kessler was a diplomat for the UK and his first post brought him to Moscow. It was here that he met Stella and the two fell madly in love. Despite their differences—she was a witch and he was a muggle—the two got along wonderfully. And when the time came neither Hal’s nor Stella’s family could deny them their apparent happiness and the two got married. Hal took his introduction to the wizarding world rather well, but he still much preferred the world he knew, the muggle world. At best the wizarding world was a curiously for him nothing more, not that Stella minded. This difference would later influence their son Andrei’s decision to pursue a muggle education.

Stella came from a rich family while Hal came from a middle class one and together the two were able to strike a balance between the two at a happy medium. So, when their first and only child, Andrei was born he lived in comfort. Both parents worked to teach Andrei all about the world they knew best; Hal about muggles and Stella about wizards. This helped to create a unique balance in Andrei’s education that would aid him in his future endeavors. Ultimately, both Hal and Stella played pivotal roles in guiding their son’s life by not so much telling him what to do and how to do it, but by allowing him the ability to do as he wished.

At the age of 69, Stella fell victim to a massive heart attack and Hal died shortly after from a broken heart.

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Andrei Kessler
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