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 Grayson Hughes Plot Page

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Grayson Hughes


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PostSubject: Grayson Hughes Plot Page   Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:16 am

Grayson Hughes

34 || Traveler || Halfblood || Slytherin || Librarian
Knowledgeable. Patient. Curious. Observant. Adaptable. Private.

Grayson has picked up a wide assortment of skills from many different places over the years. He's traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe, immersing himself in other cultures. He loves learning new things, and has studied wandless magic, several languages, and many different culinary styles, among other things. He's a great listener, as he is genuinely interested in other peoples' stories, but he doesn't like to talk about himself. As such, most people know very little about him, even if he knows a great deal about them.

His own Hogwarts experience was marred by bullies throughout all seven years of schooling, which was part of the reason he was so eager to leave the country. After about fifteen years abroad, he finally returned to the UK, and eventually returned to Hogwarts, hoping to make better memories of the place. However, he does not like to stay in one place for too long, so he will most likely continue to travel when he can.

Looking for:
- Friends
- Eligible male love interests
- Interesting conversational partners (may fall into any of the above categories, or just remain acquaintances)
- People to help (he's a good listener, and can also secretly be kind of bad-ass when prompted. He has a vendetta against bullies, so if anyone needs protecting, he'd be happy to do that.)

Current Plots:
-Trying to help Wesley Tonkov
-Possible ship with Sean Lucas Vasquez
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Grayson Hughes Plot Page
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