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 Studying is evil (Open)

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Danny Sinclair
Gryffindor Sixth Year
Gryffindor Sixth Year

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PostSubject: Studying is evil (Open)    Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:49 am

Danny sat in his common room and stared at the fire in front of him. He was studying up for his Transfiguration test and couldnt stay focused. He groaned and slammed the book shut and just flopped back on to the couch, "I give up." He said and covered his eyes with his arms and just stayed there.

He groaned and threw the book across the room and watched it fly through the air. Why were his classes so hard this year. It was as if he couldnt do any of the lessons, the homework was next to impossible for him to do, and the essays, dont even get him started on those.

He heard the common room portrait door open and just ignored it. He doubted it was anyone he cared about anyway. He just stayed lying down with his arm over his eyes so he couldnt even see who it was that had entered.

He heard the shuffling of feet as a bunch of students entered the common room, returning from dinner which he had skipped to study. He regretted that now as his stomach began to growl violently. He tried his best to ignore it, but the pain was too much to be ignored.
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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Studying is evil (Open)    Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:45 pm

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Studying is evil (Open)
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