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 Mycroft Winston Holmes

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PostSubject: Mycroft Winston Holmes    Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:27 am

Full Name: Mycroft Winston Holmes
Age: 24
Date of birth: January 28
Birthplace: Paris, France
Current home: Wizarding London
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual (refuses to even answer question if actually ask).
Wand type: Rosewood, 12 3/4” Dragon Heartstring, Unyielding

Hair colour and style: Light Brown hair
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 6’2
Body type: Tall and lean, slight muscular in arms
Dress sense: Fashionable, always put together
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: None (he does not believe in marring your body)
Scars: N/A
Piercings: N/A

Likes: (3 minimum)
Politics: From a young age he has always found himself to be politically inclined and took part in a lot of family meetings.
His Family: he is very protective of his family and the image he is to uphold. He does not take lightly any insult or any danger to his family.
Whiskey: After a long day of work, nothing is better for him to relax.

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
Stupidity: He cannot handle people that do not think before acting.
Laziness: People who lack purpose to him as seen as less of a people. Why life life without a goal?
Disorganization: Everything has an order in life, there is no need to do so.

Strengths: (3 minimum)
Cunning: From a young age he’s known to use his wit to get his way.
Public speaking
Charming when convenient

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
Unintentionally Cold
Too much in his head
Tess Holmes

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
Jack of All Trades
Calm and Collected

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
Unintentionally Neglectful

When Mycroft was born, it was a great relief from his mother. He was conceived from a political marriage, and was the first successful birth from the couple. Despite the large promise of being incredible fertile, his mother failed to properly give birth to a living child until Mycroft. Her husband had blamed her for her ineptness and she worried that this might be true.  But the moment her first son was born, she knew that she would be fine and she had done her job.

Her mother unfortunately never truly loved him, Mycroft learned this at a young age. She cared for him only when his father was around and even then it was in a way that fit more a pet than a child. The only “love” that he received came from his grand-mere. She was a cold calculating woman, who was fiercely loyal to her loved ones. She taught him how you needed to make sure your family was not a weakening part of you, but rather it was your pillar of strength.

His father was a big impact in his life at a young age. When he was old enough to have common sense, he was taken to a lot of political meetings where they discussed things such as the state of Wizarding society, the social discourse and any coups that could be coming. He was too young to understand everything, but he learned the mannerisms. His father showed so much pride in him, that Mycroft knew that he was doing well.

At eight years old, Mycroft learned what unconditional love really was when his mother successfully gave birth to a girl. The moment he saw the tiny pink baby, Mycroft promised his father and mother that he would take good care of his sister. Her name was Tess and she was so vulnerable to the world that he followed her everywhere to make sure she was safe. She was overall a happy baby, but it was the death of their mother where that all changed. He was eleven and remembered very clearly when her death was explained. His poor sister tried to wake their mother multiple times until their father forcefully pushed her into Mycroft telling them to stop being a nuisance. It was that moment that he first feared his father. While Tess cried into him he learned his father was not as loving as he was with him.

When the mourning ended, it was clear that they were to forget their mother. Mycroft stopped asking questions and sought comfort in books. At eleven he thankfully went to Hogwarts for the purposes of cementing roots in England. Slytherin was his desired house as his father had been and while his grand mere was unhappy by his decision she supported him nonetheless. In school he made a following of his own and learned he had a love for potions.

Throughout his teens he never knew how it happened but he and his sister parted ways. He didn’t think it was entirely his fault, but as his father paid more attention to him, she became more of a shell around them. She found comfort in their grand mere and he left it at that. He did think that his father purposely did that, especially when he graduated, he was sent to an internship in America to learn about international politics.

He returned when he was twenty and moved into politics within the British Wizarding society as his father has. He had plans of become a professor, briefly but his father pushed away that idea in favor of a more acceptable career. At twenty two he moved to a mid-level ministry position which he was glad to hold. Though it came with a mild celebrity status (as a unmarried bachelor), he found it uncomfortable and shunned any ideas of marriage or prospect of children. His father does not mind because he can find a young wife to do her duty. (He has very little interest).

At the moment, he’s happy where he is and while his life has been mostly dominated by his father, he refuses to fail his family and hopes he can bring his family truly together rather than just in public.

   Name:Aria D’Amour
   Age: 30
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood

   Name: Sherringford Holmes
   Age:  52
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Wizarding Politician

   Name: Tess Marie Holmes
   Age: 16
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Junior Healer

   Name: N/A
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

   Name: N/A
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

   Name: Ollie
   Age: 4
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Corgi

His family is only close when there is a gala occurring or anything frivolous that demanded an appearance. His grand mere lives in Paris living the high life of Parisian society and he rarely sees her as much as he’d like. In turn, his father lives in the estate constantly swamped with work similar to his own situation. And Tess…she’s the hardest to pinpoint. She’s always been rebellious to whatever opinion they have of her and went in any direction that was the opposite of him. He wishes to make her like him once more like she did when young. He remembered when she looked up to him, and now she avoids any function if it means angering them.

His family is privately broken, but he takes little time to have his mood sour. They have the time to fix it, he has to make sure that this happens after all, they deserve some happiness in life don’t they?

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Winston Holmes    Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:37 am

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Winston Holmes    Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:29 am

The first time he saw he swore his heart skipped a beat. She was not the kind of beauty you easily found in a world such as his. Her hair was a light brown, piled atop of her hair with no strand really following the direction that she desired. She had a pair of smart-framed glasses sitting gently on her nose, and behind them a pair of the most curious eyes he had ever seen. There was nothing particularly special at first sight, but the second sight of her that really caught his attention. The first thought was to run the opposite direction, with no idea she had caught him staring.

It had been a month since his transfer to America. He needed a fresh start and with it being his first year out of Hogwarts, an American perspective in politics seemed like the best route to take. Salem was a beautiful place, the culture was completely different and while the interests grew in politics, it was a muggleborn that really had caught his attention.

It had brought him into a panic attack; the idea of simply thinking someone of such dirty background to interest him. She was someone who came from probably little money and Muggles he shivered. His father would kill him if he only knew that someone such as him was thinking such thoughts about someone like her. It was at this time he wondered what his mother would think…only for him to shake that off. The woman was long gone, it had been over a decade after all.

He figured that the best way to go about it was to simply ignore her. And it worked out for about a month. The moment that he could not avoid it was when it was time to present their project for magical politics and her whole speech was about Egypt. The moment she opened her mouth and her melodious voice rose through the crowd he felt himself uncomfortable beyond belief. The way her hands always tended to touch her glasses when she grew nervous, and the way her legs moved around as she tried to be confident was oddly endearing. In no way was she particularly graceful but her brilliance could shine even through the most awful of jokes. And he saw a lot about her as she spoke.

Egyptian. Ninenteen. Near-sighted. Not particularly good at speeches. Stared at the wall to create some kind of barrier. She was perfectly imperfect and he found himself acting his age for once and leaning forward at his desk, staring at her work and at her beauty. When she ended, he found himself genuinely clapping. It was then she smiled so sincerely that he found himself actually smiling back.

It was after the class ended he found himself being even more surprised by her approaching him. It was clear that she had motivated herself to come over for her gaze was not quite staring at him but rather his…ear? Ah yes she was nervous. He smiled slightly and leaned down to make true eye contact. Hazel. He smiled.

“I-I saw you staring is all, would…would you like some coffee?” she asked curiously.

He found himself wondering if he should simply push her away. She was a muggleborn, nothing she could properly do would remedy that. But a small part of him murmured to simply ignore his life in Britain. After all, she would have no clue who he was and he could have the freedom here he never got. He was no one here. He grinned at the thought.

“I’d love to…I’m Winston” he said softly.

Both walked out of the classroom and he found her enchanting. She was funny and beautiful in her own way. He laughed and opened up about his life as best he could. He spoke about his sister, his love of potions and his year of discovering who he was. She took it in stride and told him about Egypt and how her family were fascinated by archeology. The coffee soon turned to be dinner, and dinner turned into a late talk through the campus. It was the first time in a long time that he felt his age of nineteen. He wanted this to continue, he wanted to feel warm and carefree and…and alive.

When he dropped her at her dormitory, he leaned on his heels wondering what to exactly do. But the way her eyes sparkled and a small smile bloomed on her face, he knew exactly what was needed. Leaning down he sought out her cheek, only for her to do quite the opposite and lean towards him. Warm lips met surprised ones. Her boldness surprised him greatly but as the electric shock went through his body he found himself pulling her closer. It was unwise to begin this in a farce such as this, but her sweetness and her soft murmurs told him it was find to simply hope to get something good in his life. If only for a year.

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Winston Holmes    Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:36 am

'Breathe, please breathe Mycroft' He told himself as he swore he was dealing with a panic attack. He had not had one of those since he was a young teenager. It seemed that everytime he closed his eyes, he could see the way the shine in Kamren's eyes disappeared. He could clearly remember the moment when all the noise simply disappeared and he realized just what had happened.

Kamren did not deserve it. No one deserved it, but the way that man had not judged him stung more than anything. It was not but an hour later that he had been told that they would only rest for a bit before the voting would happen and he was forced to speak on behalf of the UK. He knew immediately what his mentor would say, but the thought of having to do it on his behalf stung more than anything .

The pain within his chest was awful he felt that his suit was far too tight. Tugging as hard as he could, he began to take off his tie. He felt like he was losing oxygen and he pulled. It was in the midst of all of this commotion that a simple letter was slid under his door.

It had caught his attention by the red envelope. Tentatively, he bent down to pick it up wondering exactly who would dare bother him at this moment.

When he opened it he was surprised what he found:

A picture of his sister. It was surprisingly close, and behind it the letter fell. He tentatively opened it, only to feel the color on his face be completely drained.

She's a pretty little thing. Who knew that the fleur of Paris could be so sad. But she is, and imagine those pretty little tears falling out of pain rather than loneliness? Oh it must be marvelous to see her be so broken.

But you my dear friend can prevent it with a simple thing - vote Yay to the statute being repealed. I do not think you would want such a pretty girl to be so broken. Do you? I suppose I'll get my answer tomorrow won't I?

Adieu my friend.

The letter and picture fell from his hands as he realized what had occurred. Blackmail. He knew it was his fault for having someone so close to him such as his sister. His precious little Tess, innocent in all of this.

For the first time in a long time he was lost. And so he did what he hadn't done in a few years: he cried. He cried over the idea of sullying Kamren's memory by going against what he wanted. He cried over selling out, and he cried over what trouble he had brought to his family. Had he only kept to himself, he would have been fine.
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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Winston Holmes    

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Mycroft Winston Holmes
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