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 How Time Flies { Max and Prim }

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PostSubject: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:57 pm

Many people say that relationship made in school do not last past graduation yet Primrose Hollingberry nee Seele could, quite easily, refute that theory. Her relationship with her husband, Max Hollingberry, had started on a... mere whim you could say. She couldn't say that she had loved Max from the very beginning, he had been her best friend, her anchor, but she had liked him enough to get into a relationship. They had gone slow at first, just stolen kisses here and there, cuddles in front of the fire and holding hands while going about their day.

Those small stolen kisses soon turned into heated make-out sessions after curfew in the dorm and even in the Prefects bathroom, sometimes the two of them could even be found in an alcove or two, just kissing and whispering to each other. Prim's like soon enough bloomed into true feelings of love and while she hadn't realized it fully, until her sixth year at least, she had been slightly aware of them; after all the sting of jealousy that she felt whenever Max paid attention to any other girl made her fume and made her want to keep her boyfriend to herself. In her mind, he was hers and hers alone and no-one else would have him.

Despite all the talks from their peers about their relationship not lasting, Prim and Max had made it work and even though at times they did have their arguments and ups and downs, at the end of the day the two of them were back to being all loving and cuddly and just downright sweet.

Prim never really had to worry about Max cheating on her purely because she knew that Max just wasn't capable of it. He was one of those people who just didn't understand cheating and adultery and Prim loved that about him, that little bit of naivety that Max still had, even to this day. Prim would never cheat either, it just wasn't in her nature to do it. If she fell out of love with Max then she would've told him straight off and broke their relationship but it had never happened.

In truth, shortly after their graduation, Max had proposed to Prim in their shared apartment and the witch had accepted without any prompting. She loved Max and the thought of being with him for life was one of the best things that she could think of.

A soft cry coming from beside her made Prim come back to the present, past memories disappearing as she stood up to walk over to the bassinet that was in the room where a small toddler, about eleven months was laying, her cute face scrunched up as crystalline tears ran down her cheeks, her hands curled into fists as she flayed them about, kicking her feet in demand.

"Hey, there baby girl." Prim cooed at the small child as she scooped the girl up in her arms, smiling softly when beautiful green eyes blinked open and a toothy smile appeared on the girls face. "Ah, there is my beautiful smile." She laughed softly as she walked back over to the couch, sitting down on the edge as she undid her blouse and pulled her daughter closer to her body, feeling the child latch onto nipple before she started sucking, the soft sounds making Prim smiled softly as she went back to her memories.

Their marriage announcement had taken everyone by surprise, no-one had been aware that they had been engaged, least of all any of their family members, well Max's parents probably had known; they had decided to keep it secret purely because Prim didn't want any big deal out of the engagement.

Their wedding ceremony had been a small affair, only their closest friends and family had been there, however, the party afterwards had been pretty grand; they had decided to invite nearly everyone from their year at Hogwarts, even the people that they occasionally had kept in contact with. It had been probably one of the more fond memories that Prim had of her life with Max, the fondest, and most treasured one, being their birth of their daughter, Madaline.

That had taken both of them by surprise.

Having used protection every time they had slept with each other, the announcement from a Medi-Witch about her pregnancy had taken both Prim and Max by surprise; though according to the witch, the conception of their child had been during their honeymoon.

Seven months after finding out, Prim had given birth to Madaline, the first child of the Hollingberry couple.

Both Prim and Max had been ecstatic at being parents and while it certainly was hard to take care of a toddler, neither one would change the outcome for the world. With a tuft of blond hair on her head and a pair of beautiful green eyes, Madaline was the perfect blend of the two of them and many people thought that the child would be a heartbreaker in the future.

Funnily enough, at least to Prim, when Max heard that the man had announced, in a quite dark voice, that 'No boy would ever come close to his precious daughter. And if he does I'll sic my pet Hippogriff on him'. And Prim believed every word of it. Despite Max looking pretty docile and happy, he could be quite scary as well.

"Ma!" The demanding voice of her daughter pulled her back to the present and Prim looked down at her daughter who looked quite grumpy at being ignored if the full-on pout that the eleven-month old child had on her face was anything to go by.

"Was I ignoring you?" She teased her daughter as she buttoned up her blouse again before she summoned one of the small tea-towels and winded her daughter, waiting for the soft burp that escaped her daughter before she stood back up and settled Madaline on her hip. "Do you want to go back to sleep little one?" She peered down at the child who blinked her eye at her mother, her head tilted cutely to the side.

"I guess not." Prim huffed a soft laugh as she walked around with the child on her hip, bouncing her once in a while to keep her entertained. "Waiting for your daddy to come home first huh?" She knew how much Madaline had Max wrapped around her finger, even at this age. She dreaded what the future would bring and whether Max would even let the child out of the house. Who knew with her husband.
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:02 pm

All the way through school, Max had never listened to people gossiping. He'd never really had time for it, because he'd been busy with his animal, and, quite frankly, gossip was boring. It had been Primrose who had told him -- after they'd been together a number of years after school, that many people hadn't believed their relationship would last.

Max's brows had furrowed at this news. How could people have an opinion on their relationship? It was Primrose and his, nobody else...

He'd taken those comments with a pinch of salt, in truth, and had forgotten about them almost as soon as he'd been told by Prim. Not because he didn't care, but because it was inconsequential in the end as to what others thought.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Max had gone to university to study Magizoology -- not that this had surprised anyone -- and asked Prim to move in with him. That, to him was logical, they were together, and they were moving in to the big world now. Prim had accepted, and they had been going along well for almost four years by now. It had been -- much to many people's dismay, except Prim's -- a low key proposal. Max had never been the kind of guy to do large spectacle of romantic displays, he was quirky.

So, on the chosen evening -- a date of no importance, so that Prim wouldn't suspect anything -- Max had managed to cook (and slightly burn) spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread, partnered with some wine that he believed Prim liked in an effort to woo her. Prim had known something was up, Max was dithering all evening, trying to make it right, before dropping to one knee after they'd written the food off as inedible.

Primrose's answer had been almost instantaneous as she pulled him up from his knelt position and claimed his lips for her own. The grin on Max's lips had been set in place for the best part of a week as he lived in the after glow of the moment.

Their wedding had been low key, too, Max had left it to Prim to decide who, what, where, when. He knew girl's liked to do these things, and only put in when he was asked. It had ended up a small affair, but for Max, it had been perfect. The small ceremony was followed by a huge party, and then they'd headed off on honeymoon together. It had been an enjoyable time, as any time alone for newly weds would be. Their days were spent enjoying the local weather, and exploring, and their evenings consisted of little else other than being together -- assuming Max could shut up for long enough about the exotic fish he'd seen, or the little monkeys that came around the cabin on the beach.

When they got back, it was business as usual, Max working in his new job -- a team of Magizoologists working on the protection of both magical and Muggle species. Their routine fell back in to place, and life was good.

Until two months after their return from honeymoon.

The announcement that they were going to have a baby was one Max didn't understand. Their talk on children had centred around the fact neither one of them was ready for children, and thus they had continued with birth control to make sure. Max's features had been a hell of a frown as he tried to understand the situation -- many people might have questioned their partner's fidelity in that moment, but Max hadn't. He trusted Prim, and the Medi-witch had said this could happen, but it was very rare.

After the initial shock of finding Prim pregnant, Max had been over the moon. Their family was soon to be growing, and as Primrose's slender body grew with the child inside her, Max found himself growing more and more in love with the witch. Even if the mood swings were a touch scary at times.

Talking to the bump and tending to anything and everything Primrose wanted when he was home had become Max's life, but he didn't in any way dislike it. They were happy.

The arrival of Madaline seven months later had been the best day in Max's life -- well, if you ignored the fact he'd nearly thrown up in the birthing room upon seeing so much blood, and, as Max put it 'icky things'. From that moment, however, Max had been smitten with his daughter, and there probably couldn't have been a better father.

If, of course, you overlooked the couple of times Max had brought small critters home from work and insisted on looking after the animals and Madaline at the same time. Normally meaning Madaline had a Bowtruckle looking over her, or a small Krup licking her cheek when she cried. It was Max, though, nothing was ever going to change with him and his animals.

Today, Max had been off in Romania, getting to see the Dragons he'd been promised to see for some time. Whilst not endangered, Max's group worked with them too from time to time, and today had been his first real life glimpse of the creatures. To say he was excited to tell Madaline and Primrose all about it was an understatement.

Flooing home -- Max had never learned to Apparate -- Max wiped the soot of his shoulders and the small teddy in his hand, before kicking his shoes off. "Prim?" Max called, before hearing Primrose in the next room with Madaline. Smiling to himself, the young man hurried through to the next room to meet his wife and daughter.

"That was the best day ever!" He exclaimed, moving to Prim and placing a soft kiss on her lips. Before back tracking. "Not the best day ever. The third best day ever." He corrected with a sheepish grin. His lips pressed a light kiss on Adaline's forehead, bringing a smile to his daughter's lips.

"Daddy saw dragons today!" Max explained, bringing the teddy up so that Madaline could see. It was of a dragon, much less intimidating that the real thing, but a present for his daughter no less. "And I brought one home for my baby." He cooed softly, letting Madaline take it from him before he looked back to Prim.

"Not literally, apparently I'm not allowed to take the dragon eggs, and my bag will be searched before I leave to make sure." He said, only half way joking about that.

"Has Madaline been good?" Max asked -- he was still trying to get used to the terminology one used when talking of a child, and not an animal. Apparently cooing Madaline with 'Good girl' needed to be done in a different manner than that you used with a dog that had done a good trick. It was vastly confusing. "How are you? Good day?" He asked, though it was quite clear he wanted to talk about dragons Max had learned some self control over the years.

But, only some.
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:44 pm

The moment Prim heard the floo activate, a smile bloomed on her face; it seemed that her husband was back from his trip to Romania. She had known, as soon as they had graduated, that Max would be getting into Magizooligy, it had been impossible for Max to do anything else. Animals were his life and she knew that they were just as important to him as his family was.

"It seems your Papa is home now." Prim told Madaline who giggled in her little childish way, making the brunette haired female laugh softly before she had her lips claimed by Max in a kiss. "Welcome back." She hummed softly with a chuckle, patting Max's arm with the arm that wasn't holding Madaline on her hip. "I know what you mean, no need to correct yourself."

Watching the two interact. Prim couldn't help but marvel at how good of a daddy Max was to their daughter but then again, considering just how well he took care of animals, she had expected him to be just as good with their daughter.

"With how much animals you're getting her, even if they're toys, she's going to be obsessed with them by the time she turns three." The woman said in amusment as she pressed a kiss to the man's cheek before she handed their daughter over to him. "Here, play with her while I go make some dinner."

The Witch had never liked having houseleves and no matter how much many people called her a fool for doing the housework herself Prim had grown up as a Muggle, in otherwords she was pretty much used to doing stuff herself.

"What would you like to have tonight?" She questioned as she walked into the kitchen, grabbing her apron from the hanger and putting it on before she pulled her hair into a messy bun at the top of her head. "Lasagne? Roast chicken? Spaghetti? Risotto? Or something else...?" She looked over her shoulder into the living room that was only really cut off from the kitchen by a fairly tall counter/bar that they usually sat at when eating breakfast and lunch when they were in a hurry.

"To answer your question, yeah, she's been good. Slept through all morning and most of the afternoon. She only woke up like maybe half an hour ago." Prim responded to Max's question a small smile appearing on her lips as she looked through the cupboards and fridge to see what else she could make apart from what she had named. Maybe she should do something foreign? Or just a normal english dinner?

"I've been feeling a little bit under the weather lately but it's nothing bad." Prim had some idea on what was wrong but she would rather wait a few more weeks before even saying anything to Max. "When are you leaving for your next trip? I hope you'll be home for a few days at least this time."

She didn't exactly mind that Max spent so much time with his animals but she did want at least one weekend with her husband, if only because she got lonely at home on her own when Madaline was asleep.

Sure she had her work as a part-time rune translator keeping her busy but at the same time she did want to spend some time with her husband, even if it was only being in the room together and doing their own things.
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:51 pm

Max's eyebrows raised slightly at the use of the word 'Papa' instead of 'Daddy' from Prim. Not that he minded using other words, it was just... not what he'd been expecting, in truth. But, he was grinning by the time Primrose had finished lightly admonishing him for the animals.

Taking Madaline in his arms, the man pressed a light kiss to his daughter's forehead again and held her very carefully to him. He was still getting used to all of the caring for children as opposed to animals. Animals were quite good at getting on with things, learning to walk quickly, feeding coming as second nature, and all round being much more independent, whereas children... well, they were a lot more needy, really.

"Well, I can't say that having her love animals are a bad thing. Maybe she can be a Magizoologist like her daddy. What do you think, Madaline?" Max asked softly, watching Madaline's little face as she concentrated on the teddy, and not him. "No reply is not a no." Max mused to himself, grinning over at Prim.

"Mummy says we have to play -- I think she's trying to keep us both out of the kitchen again!" Max conspired with Madaline, sitting down with his daughter in and amongst the copious amount of toys she had. Reaching out for a bunny stuffed toy, Max brought it up to play with the dragon, making them friends with silly voices that made Madaline smile, and giggle softly in his lap.

The question of dinner made Max look up and through in to the kitchen, considering for a moment. "Spaghetti, please!" The man replied, a fond smile playing on his lips from the badly done spaghetti he'd made in the past. Since then, he hadn't tried to recreate that dish, but Primrose did it amazingly.

"You slept all day?" Max asked Madaline, putting an overly done surprised face in to play as he sat Madaline on the floor facing him. She looked at him funny, which made Max break out in to a soft laugh. "That means you're going to be up all night! When will mummy and daddy get some time together, hmm?" Max asked, though he was only teasing, time with his daughter was precious, and he wouldn't exchange it for anything.

The comment of feeling under the weather brought a frown to Max's face. "In what way? A cold? Did you take a Pepperup Potion? That might help..." Max tried to reason, though, of course, he was no Healer. "I can make dinner, if you're not feeling up to it?" And, Max genuinely meant that, though his cooking skills, much like his potions skills, were terrible.

"I'm back for the week. Then I have a short trip to Madagascar." Max told her. "I do have to write up my findings from my last trip, but other than that, I am all yours. And, Madaline's." Max explained, getting the shape box for his daughter so that they could play at trying to get the shapes in the right ones. Madaline was good at that one, very clever, much like her mother.
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:52 am

"We have too many animal toys in this house." Prim huffed out a soft laugh as she thought back to their daughter's room which was literally littered with many soft animal toys and even some pictures of animals were hanging around on her walls; at least she knew that Max loved their daughter purely because he had her hooked on those animals that he brought every day.

"How about we buy her a dog?" She questioned casually, not even looking over her shoulder at her husband whom she was sure would be eager to get another animal in the house. "I heard that they're good for children, especially when they grow up together." She had always wanted a dog but considering the fact that their house was already a home to quite a few animals meant that she wasn't sure if a dog would be welcome.

"The last time you two were in the kitchen I spent nearly three hours cleaning up." Prim deadpanned at Max's voice that filtered through to the kitchen, her lips pulled into a soft smile as she started pulling out the ingredients for the spaghetti. Thankfully they had everything so she had no need to slip off to the shop down the road.

The first and last time that Max made spaghetti Prim had to hold herself back from laughing; she had known that Max wasn't that good in the kitchen, just like in Potions, but she hadn't wanted to injure his pride so she had just said that next time they should do it together. She wasn't sure how someone could burn spaghetti but Max had done so and that had shocked the woman.

"Of course she slept all day, she's only eleven months old," Prim replied to the question that Max posed to their daughter; their daughter was certainly going to be a night-owl in the future and Prim had a feeling that she wouldn't be able to get their daughter to sleep at least until midnight. Not that she minded, it just meant more time with their daughter, however, on the other hand, she did want to spend at least one night with just her husband in bed, just relaxing and cuddling and not having to worry about being woken up by cries and screeches.

"I just feel a little bit ill, that's all Max. I've got an appointment at St Mungo's tomorrow so hopefully, I'll find out what's wrong." Though the only thing she'd need would be confirmation; the morning sickness she had for the past few days certainly informed her that she was pregnant but she just needed confirmation from a doctor to be sure.

"I'm not that bad that I'd let you in the kitchen, Max. You just play with our daughter while I finish the dinner." She didn't mean those words to be harsh but she was quite sure it did sound harsh.

"...Well, a week is much better than a day." The woman sighed softly; she didn't begrudge Max being away for long periods of time, in fact, she had expected it, but truthfully sometimes it hurt that he was away from them for so long.

"Short trip to Madagascar?" Prim said dryly as she arched a brow, her fingers going through the motions of preparing the spaghetti and the sauce for it. "Short trips tend to mean no longer than a week, your short trips could take over three weeks..." She sighed, closing her eyes as she leant against the counter with her hands, biting her lower lip. "Next time just floo call if you're going to be late coming back home, don't make me wait anxiously for you. You know how scared I get."
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:40 am

Max shot his wife a sheepish smile when she said there were too many animal toys in the house. They'd agreed that, of course, Max keep his pets to a minimum now that they had Madaline, but they hadn't said anything about replicas in the form of stuffed animals. Which meant Max always came back with at least one for his daughter.


"A puppy?" Max asked, the excitement oh so clear in his tone without looking at the beaming smile on his features. "Yes, they're very good with children. What breed were you thinking? A Labrador? Or maybe a Beagle? Or maybe a Newfoundland... But then there are the Buchon Frise... Or maybe a Golden Retriever... Oh oh, what about a Burnese Mountain Dog?" Max asked, all of these ideas coming out in a torrent of excitement that caused Madaline to giggle fondly at her father's voice.

"Oh, or a Bassett Hound, with their big funny ears!" Max added, using his hands to mimic the dog much to his daughter's amusement. "I think we'll have to let mummy decide, otherwise we'll get more than one..." The man added, concentrating back on the building blocks with his daughter to help her with the toy when she needed it.

"That's quite the achievement. Mummy tells me off if I sleep too long, you lucky little thing you!" Max confided softly with Madaline, but he was only teasing. On the very rare occasion Max was not up at the crack of dawn, it meant he was more than a lot tired, and needed to sleep in.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Max asked, not understanding quite why Prim would be going to St Mungos if she only felt a little bit ill. But, he was supportive, and wouldn't allow her to go on her own, unless that was what she truly wanted.

"Yeah, just a short one. Ten days, I believe." Max said, not really noticing Prim's not so enthusiastic outlook on it as he helped Madaline put the star through the hole in the box in the right manner. "Yes, yes, Floo you." Max repeated with Prim's small admonishment. It wasn't that he meant to worry her, Max just often forgot to be conventional. To remember to call home and tell his wife he was going to be late. His work was easy for Max to get lost in, but that didn't mean he didn't try to be a good husband.

"So what have you been up to whilst I was away?" Max asked, still playing with the blocks with Madaline who was happy banging them against the box and making a most wonderful sound as she made noises of content.
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:53 pm

If there ever was a time where Prim would likely throttle Max it would be when he brought live animals into the house; she didn't really mind if he bought the odd small one in once in a while but she had put her foot down with her husband the moment Madaline had been born that no more than that could be around the toddler until she was at least four. After that, it would be up to the child whether she wanted her father to bring the animals into the house.

"Yes, a puppy." But then again, you act like an overgrown puppy sometimes. She thought fondly with a chuckle as she heated up the water for the spaghetti, it wouldn't be long before dinner was served as Prim was a quick worker in the kitchen and she knew that Max missed home-made cooking.

"I was thinking more along the lines of a Siberian Husky." She said casually, her words teasing as she looked over her shoulder at the father-daughter duo who seemed to be having fun together. It never failed to warm her seeing how Max was behaving with their daughter and she couldn't help but be glad about the fact that she was his wife.

"No, it's fine. If it's just a simple cold they'll just prescribe me some potions..." But she knew that it wasn't, a woman who was already a mother once knew when she was pregnant but she wanted to be perfectly sure before informing her husband of a second child. It's not like they really planned on how many children they would have and how many years in between so she hoped it wouldn't be a problem with the man.

"Sometimes I wonder..." Prim murmured softly as her eyes got a sad look to them, she loved her husband and all his little quirks but at times, she really wished that he would take some time off work just to spend time with them or at least go away somewhere where Max wouldn't even think about his work but she knew it was futile, his job was his life away from home.

"Just doing some rune translations for the Unspeakables." She informed her husband as she put the finishing touches on the sauce, nodding her head as she turned towards the noodles that were being cooked; just a few more minutes and they could sit down to eat.

Maybe she should make a salad to go with it?
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:17 pm

The idea of getting a puppy made Max's eyes light up as he watched his wife in that moment, trying to work out if she was serious. Of course, suggesting such things to Max was simply not done unless you were more than sure about it. Because suggesting pets to Max meant it had to be done.

"Hmm, Huskies are okay... but Labradors are cuter, and so much better with children. Also, Huskies can't go off their leads, they will just keep running." Max told Prim, reeling off the things he already knew about the creatures. "I'd trust a Labrador more, too, with Madaline." Max added, because that was one of the most important factors in the whole decision, knowing that their beautiful daughter would be safe around the animal.

Not that any beast could be trusted indefinitely.

Primrose's insistence that it was likely just a cold was enough to put the wizard off of pressing any further. Truthfully, Max wasn't a worrier. If someone said they were okay, he took their word for it. If they didn't openly ask him to be there for them, or said it was okay, he wouldn't insist on being there. Whilst many might see this as not caring, it was simply the young man's way of not being pushy. It wasn't always right, of course, but it was how he worked.

Max missed the mumbling from Primrose as his attention moved to his daughter who was 'chattering' happily at him. "I'm sorry, was I ignoring you, hmm?" Max asked, lifting her up in to his lap and giving Madaline a soft kiss on the nose. "Daddy is very sorry." Max added, blowing a raspberry gently on his daughter's cheek who giggled happily and put her small hands on his cheek, tapping him softly as she continued to talk to him in nonsense sentences with a happy smile on her face.

"Oooh, the Unspeakables." Max echoed, pulling a face of intrigue to amuse his daughter. "Mummy's working for people who we mustn't speak of." He mock-whispered, simply keeping Madaline happy, not trying to upset Prim. "That sounds very exciting. No field work for you to do at the moment?" Max asked, because Prim didn't seem to go out in to the field as much as he did. Though, of course, they had Madaline now, he didn't think her career should suffer because of it.

"We better get the knife and forks, Madaline, otherwise Mummy is going to tell me off for not helping." Max added, getting to his feet with his daughter in his arms. Moving to the kitchen he got out the cutlery, and a couple of glasses, before turning to the fridge to get some wine out. They never really had much, Max not really being a big drinker of alcohol because it made him quite hyper -- more so than normal -- but the occasional drink wasn't too bad.

Moving to the dining table, Max set the table before sitting down with Madaline on his lap. Two glasses poured out for them. Everything, seemingly, wonderful in the world as it was.
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:10 pm

As soon as the word puppy left her lips she knew that she had Max hooked on it. There was no way that the man wouldn't want one now. He would probably be the one to go and buy a puppy for their daughter and from what she knew of Max, he would buy the best for their precious princess.

"I suppose a Labrador will do as well." She snorted softly as she listened to him muse about it; she had a feeling that no matter what she would say, Max would have the final say in the end. It's what she loved about her husband anyway and what she would certainly expect of him; he knew more about animals anyway.

Deciding to make that salad, Prim got out some tomatoes, a cucumber, red onions, yellow peas and some green salad and quickly hashed up a simple salad to go with their spaghetti.

"Not yet, they want me to come out though in a few because they're having trouble with some rune translations down in Manchester. They have no idea what it is." She rolled her eyes at that, she wasn't the only rune translator on the force but she was the only one who actually knew them all.

"Dinner is ready." She beamed as she started plating up their spaghetti, literally dancing around the kitchen, her hair flowing behind her and her skirt twirling in some unknown breeze. Placing the salad down in the middle of the table, she blinked her eyes at the wine before smiling softly. One glass couldn't hurt.

"What's the special occasion?" She teased Max as she sat opposite him on the table, nodding her head towards the two glasses of wine on the table.
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PostSubject: Re: How Time Flies { Max and Prim }   Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:40 pm

"It doesn't have to be a Labrador. I'm just saying a Labrador would be better with Madaline. Huskies are good dogs, but their temperament is not as calm as a Labrador's is. I can do a little bit more research, if you'd like, to see if there is anything that we can look in to to make sure Madaline would be safe." Max explained, not wanting to force the decision away from what Primrose wanted. But, safety was going to be key, with their child in the mix.

Finding that Primrose was supposed to be heading out on some things in Manchester, Max's eyebrows raised slightly with an impressed look on his features. "Cool!" The ex-Gryffindor said, genuinely meaning that. "If you need, we can ask my parents to look after Madaline whilst you go. I mean, so that we don't have to make sure one of us is here. Your work shouldn't be stopped just because of this little bean." Max explained, tapping Madaline affectionately on the nose.

"But, you'll be on the edge of a discovery, maybe? Maybe it's something new? That would be pretty cool, you could name it after yourself. 'The Hollingberry Runes.' Doesn't sound too inspiring, actually... You'll have to think of something better." Max mused, showing he did care for her career, even if he didn't always understand it terribly well.

Soon dinner arrived at the table, and it smelled amazing. Primrose was, thankfully, an amazing cook, and all of her food was amazingly done. Salad with spaghetti was a little bit different, but Max made sure to help himself to some so that he wouldn't get told off for not eating everything she had set out for him in that moment. "Thank you." Max said as he lifted his fork to eat, Madaline sat in his lap watching him carefully as he ate but not making a fuss.

"Special occasion?" Max asked, before realising she meant the wine. The man shook his head at that. "There isn't one, that I know of..?" He commented, trying to remember if he'd missed an anniversary or a birthday, or anything. Quite sure he hadn't, Max relaxed.

"I just thought it would be nice to enjoy the evening, seeing as I'm home for a good amount of time." Max explained, not really having a better reason for it. Besides, who said alcohol had to be kept to special occasions anyway?
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How Time Flies { Max and Prim }
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