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 Kit Harrington

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Mimosa Harrington
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Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Kit Harrington    Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:19 pm

Full Name: Kenneth “Kit” Harrington

Age: 51

Date of birth: 6th, September, 1971

Birthplace: Great Britain

Current home: Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, also maintains various residences worldwide.  

Blood Status: Pureblood

Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Wand type: 14 inches, mahogany, thunderbird feather, fast

Hair color and style: Kit is an artist fortunate enough to have lived a long life and practice multiple hairstyles over said long life. In his youth, he favored the slightly longer than collar length curls that almost always got him in trouble at school. As a young graduate, he took to lengthening those locks even more into a ponytail that to this day his best friend makes fun of. In his twenties, the man wore his fine dark hair in a more traditionally short cut. Now, at the beginning of his fifties, Kit has let his slightly greying (at the temple) hair grow to his collar once again, keeping it combed back and neatly gelled, swearing never to go back to the ponytail of yore.

Eye colour: Kit was blessed with dark brown eyes that, depending on the day and mood of the person he’s with, can be described as “chocolate” or  “muddy”.

Height: 6 feet 2

Body type: Slim, lean, well-muscled but not too obvious due to the tall frame. Unlike most of his colleague and partners in art, Kit prefers lugging around his equipment physically when he travels, which has led to some interesting feats of physical resilience on his part, making him in peak physical shape even at the age of fifty one.

Dress sense: Kit dresses according to occasion. Raised from birth with an impeccable dress sense and having found the freedom to express himself early on, the man switches between suit and tie and jeans and t shirts frequently depending on where he is and what is required of the event. However, his permanent dress sense can be more or less described as smart casual.

Birthmarks: A trail of misshapen dots leading from the small of his back to the top of his left hip in a semi spiral fashion.

Tattoos: The word “V” and “K” on right inner wrist, inked on a stupid impulse and removed many years ago, no trace of the blemish remains.

Scars: None

Piercings: None though he used to sport a clip on earing in one ear in his youth, another thing his best friend finds endlessly hilarious.


  -Nature: Natural beauty has been an endless source of inspiration for Kit Harington nearly his entire life. Even as a child newly sorted in Slytherin, Kit knew he would have to forgo other traditionally acceptable career choices for his standards one day in favor of devoting his life to the beauty all around him. His career as an artist began at the ripe age of eleven, with him siting by the lake and sketching, sketching, sketching. The plants, the buildings, the people, Kit wanted to capture everything he saw and as he grew older, he found almost no female could resist a nicely drawn sketch of herself, making him rather popular with the ladies as an added bonus. When sketching was no longer enough, he obtained a camera and furthered his explorations into capturing the essence of what he saw, taking that camera with him after graduation with no plans for college or staying around to make the family proud. No, his destination was America and all she had to offer in pursuit of art and beauty.

  -Freedom: Kit has never married, nor does he have any children (that he knows of). Having fallen in love once with what he deemed the most beautiful creation nature could ever produce, he has decided that nothing could match the brief spell of happiness he had and that he absolutely refuses to settle for something lesser. Kit is a traveller, a wanderer at heart and relationships like wife and children simply weigh one down. At least that is what he would say if asked, completely overlooking his protective relationship with his adopted daughter and now his granddaughter. To this day, Kit is a bachelor and has no intentions of remedying that, claiming he is too used to not answering to anyone even as he answers to at least two women on a daily basis: his best friend who lives with him and his nine year old granddaughter whose question never cease.

  -Fine wine and fast cars, a taste for which he was raised with and never quite managed to let go of, passing it on to his daughter as well. His beach house in Carmel boasts an impressive garage with his current favorite cars all polished to a sheen standing in a row, perfectly maintained for when he wishes to bring them out. His wine cellars also always remain impressively stocked and he has even introduced them to his granddaughter who should by right be too young to know what wine tastes like. Kit argues that if she learns young, she is less likely to go on a bender as badly as teenagers are wan to do. Hey, it worked once with her mother, so why fix something that isn’t broken?  


  -Heart to heart discussions: Kit is a man’s man who has unfortunately found himself amidst a bunch of girls and women. His best fined Clara, his daughter, his granddaughter and all their respective friends who lean towards the female persuasion. And though the photographer loves all the ladies in his life, he has yet to master the art of lengthy talks women seem to come by so easily. As a result, his actions have always spoken louder than his words, especially when he was raising a daughter the first time around. Fortunately for him, she was not a very big talker either so the duo managed to get along fine. His granddaughter however finds it hard to keep quiet at any time of the day and Kit is learning that if he just listens, the need for talking wouldn’t be as necessary as the child rarely manages to let anyone else get in a word edgewise.

  -Oversimplification of things: Kit believes that the world is beautiful, that there is beauty to be found in every corner of it and that this beauty stems from the complexity threaded through the world whether it is in the form of physical structures, intricate relationships, undefined concepts and beliefs or baseless convictions of a higher truth. The complicated, he believes, is the beautiful. So when the man sees simplifications of ideas, concepts and notions that in his view deserve a lot more respect, he gets irritated. This tendency is reflected both in his work life and his personal life as Kit believes in finding and capturing the uncapturable at work even if it means more time spend in the chase. He also fancies himself as the observer of relationships rather than someone who could engage in one himself, choosing to see instead of mend, to experience instead of better. In his opinion, simplifying something to a few crude words is as good as stripping it of all its beauty and parading it around for all to see its shame.

  -Accounting/Keeping Count: Being borne into a family that had never practiced counting any forms of currency for the simple reason that there was always more than enough, this was the habit that gave the photographer most trouble when he cordially separated from his family to make it on his own as an artist. The boy had never learned to look twice at what he was spending and the man now was too firm in this habit to let it go. Still in possession of his family’s vast fortunes, it was not financial trouble that Kit faced with his lack of accounting and counting skills but rather this habit hindered his ability to relate to people who lives paycheck to paycheck, who couldn’t comprehend the idea of someone having enough gold to never ever have to worry. Regardless, Kit did the best he could, “slumming it” where he saw necessary to form friendships that would last longer and be far less superficial. In the end, he never got the hang of money management, hiring professionals to do it for him. This habit of his has been passed on to both his girls, much to Clara – a working class psychic’s – chagrin.


  -An Artistic Point of View: It is all well and good to have one’s heart set on becoming an artist, quite another to actually be talented in the field. Kit Harrington discovered his talent early on and then practiced relentlessly, whether it be to pass time, to pick up girls, to display his work in street exhibitions, to compete in contests, to pick up more girls. His raw talent supplemented with hard work and considerable travels provided Kit with a unique perspective evident in his work to this day. At fifty one, he is not just an artist; he is one of the most renowned photographers in the world, both magical and muggle. His work is showcased in prominent museums around the world today and events wishing to book him as their head of photography team (Kit no longer works under a supervisor, his one demand) must pay exorbitant costs to do so. It can safely be assumed that Kit Harrington can do his job exceedingly well.

  -Closet Poet: His brief affair with poetry coincided with another brief affair and though she left him, the words she inspired in him never did. Unsure of what to do with all the sorrow and joy and uncertainty and profoundness she evoked in him, the man had started writing it all in a notebook, a notebook by chance discovered by a friend and suggested for publication. Today, Kit’s writing career is not what he’s known for. In fact, few people know that the famed cameraman actually writes but write he does indeed, albeit slowly and with no particular areas of interest. He himself often states that his published works are just a random collection of thoughts he’s had at some point or other in his life. Regardless, his poetry has gained a niche following and he has been nominated for several prestigious poetry awards based on the quality of his works alone.

  -Family Man: despite claims of loving his freedom and not wanting to be tied down, Kit is a loving and caring man who, under the right circumstances, could have had the perfect family. But families are more complicated than perfect and his love of complexities bled into his lifestyle too. Almost twenty five years ago when Kit was of on a shoot in Alabama, he came across a little girl sitting on a park bench, presumably abandoned by her parents. After the rigmarole of contacting the authorities, social services and PIs in an attempt to hunt down her parents, the photographer decided to adopt the mute little girl himself, hoping this would atone for the many hearts he’d broken in a former life. Kit Harrington did not simply raise her as his own; she was his own for all intents and purposes. And now her daughter, Mimosa, is also his own. Kit had not expected to find himself on the cusp of a second fatherhood over seven years ago but when he saw his granddaughter, he knew he wouldn’t have it any other way. Today, Kit is raising a second child he never planned on raising and loving every moment of it.


  -Kit is of the opinion that weaknesses are opportunities waiting to be turned into strengths. He lives his life by a rather awkward moral code which only has one requirement, him always being able to justify what he does. The competitive drive in him has long since been sated both with age and more than a little success in his chosen line of work. Nowadays, the photographer feels no need to work on his weaknesses, more intent on enjoying his strengths and what he’s built over the past three and a half decades of his life. That being said, he can be easily persuaded by fine wine, an invitation to view new camera equipment and lenses and his granddaughter’s smile.

Positive traits:

  -Calm: A trait acquired through age more than anything else. Kit was never hotheaded to begin with, claiming that was a rather Gryffindor trait while he himself was a cool, logical Slytherin. But he was subject to his own periods of temper, all of which cost him the most valuable thing he would ever possess. And as she left, so did the ability to feel anything as intensely as those flashes of anger, passion, joy. Her departure left him sobered somewhat, ready to be an adult, to embrace a life now centered instead of spinning out of control.

  -Kind: Despite his massive family fortune, his stellar reputation in his chosen profession and the success that seems to follow him wherever he goes, Kit Harrington never grew outwardly arrogant or nasty. The man is not known for holding grudged, easily forgives and his situation in life has made him rather generous with other matters too. He will be the first to give you a loan without expecting it back, the first to pat your back after your first venture goes wrong and the one who remains until the end to correct you if you ask him to. Kit has never been petty, mean spirited or begrudging of anyone, instead writing off any losses he received in life to yet another complex layer of this world and those who inhabit it. Overall, life has been kind to Kit Harrington and he likes to return the favor.

  -Organized: Abhorring the notion that artists and other creative sorts have to live in a messy, unorganized manner, Kit works daily to prove that is not the case. Anyone who loves their art would take the best possible care of their tools as demonstrated in how he maintains, stores and frequently upgrades the tools of his trade. However, the organization is not simply limited to his work but crosses over to his lifestyle too. His wine cellars are always impeccably kept and well stocked, his cars are regularly kept up, and his home has over the years seen enough renovation for every kind of room possible needed for a makeshift family of three and thanks to his team of accountants and investors, his finances are just as neatly organized. Starving and messy does not an artist make, he likes to quip now and then.

Negative traits:

  -Kit may not be mean spirited or petty, but the man has known his share of pride, pride that ultimately led him to lose the most important part of his life, pride that broke him and rebuilt him into the man that he is today and while that is all he wishes to say on the subject, it should be noted that a streak of that old haughtiness remains, though much more dormant now that it hasn’t been challenged in years. But there was a time it was challenged, daily so. And succumbing to it was the greatest mistake he ever made.  Now, whenever the old spark finds itself on the cusp of igniting, Kit simply remembers the cost of it and returns to calmer waters.

Borne in Great Britain and raised in the lap of luxury, Kenneth Harrington turned out exactly how you would expect a rich, spoiled boy to turn out. He may not have displayed many tendencies towards cruelty and violence, much more preferring to observe things than to exercise control over them, but he was just as inconsiderate and ignorant of the struggles of others as he was raised to be. After all, nowhere in his upbringing, directly or indirectly, had he been informed that people outside his social class were worth taking note of in any way.

His real interaction with the masses began at age eleven when we was sorted into Slytherin. As for as “real interactions” go, it was severely wanting as one could only gain so much exposure in all magical community of upper class to middle class people who could afford Hogwarts tuition. And that is before the cliques within cliques he found himself invited to. On his part and in keeping with his vow to see every inch of the school before he left it for good, Kit went along with most things, to most places, with most people. By the time he was in fourth year, he had been inside all Common Rooms, by his fifth year, h had seen all the bathrooms in the castle including the coveted prefect’s and teacher’s bathrooms. In his sixth year he was able to finally mark off the final secret passage and by his seventh, the final girl in the two upper years.

It was after his graduation that he met the real world in the form of America. Dashing his parents hopes by stating he would not be going to a university or following in his father’s footsteps, their only son left for the new world like so many before him, hoping to discover life. Living with muggles and fellow struggling artists, sleeping on streets and making do with only the scant bit of coin he earned, Kit had an easier time than most because perhaps subconsciously, he knew he wasn’t like his fellow artists. He had an out. He could return to his lavish lifestyle any time he wanted. And perhaps it was this realization that kept him as patient and dedicated as it did. Kit Harrington had come to America to meet life, and after three years of struggling and finally managing to afford a loft in New York by his own means, he did.

He met life on a snowy January evening at a Starbucks as she walked in with a group of her friends, failing to find seats in a place already crowded to the brim. Even the staff had given up insisting that people pouring in from the doors to avoid the snow actually buy a drink to justify the few moments of shelter.  He had met life and had found her interesting enough to give up his seat to go talk to. And she had indulged him.

A year later, Kit had returned from a trip to South America only to find her packing, getting ready to leave. It had been too good to last, he supposed. Still he had wanted to hurt her, and she had wanted to hurt him. With the perspective he has now, he understands how beautiful that moment was, with each of them digging deep to find the words that would carve the other out like knives. When she had confided to him that she had been expecting, but that she had made the decision to terminate it on her own without his knowledge or consent, Kit had simply walked out. He knew when he was outdone, there was nothing he could say to hurt her more than she had hurt him.

And so life left, she left and took all the colors and emotions and beauty and goodness in the world. But she also took all the evil, the negativity and the sorrow. She took everything, leaving Kit a blank canvas. A state he feared more than a ruined picture, more than a world of fire. Everything that had driven him was... just gone. He wasn’t happy, he wasn’t unhappy, he wasn’t sad, he just…. was.

And he remained that way for five years. Of course, things gradually became clear again, work started being interesting again, women started looking beautiful again. But the next real milestone in his life was his daughter, the little girl abandoned on the park bench in Wilmington Alabama amidst a thousand blossoming azaleas. Named for the flowers he was there to photograph, Kit sought redemption the only way he knew how, by devoting his life to fatherhood and a girl who needed a family. Together, Clara and Kit raised the girl as well as two people who were never meant to be parents could but even that ended in her tragic death at the age of twenty one.

But all was not lost, his daughter may be gone from this world but she had left behind her own daughter, Mimosa Harington. Kit is thankful for his second chance despite how much he may complain, because it’s easy to see that his granddaughter is his entire world and he would do anything to protect her. The guilt of not being able to protect her mother still weighs heavy on him most nights but those are the nights when Clara pulls out the old albums with Kit’s long ponytail and clip on earrings to cheer him up. Lately she has been threatening to show those pictures to Mimosa too but Kit doesn’t think even Clara would stoop that low.

   Name: A. V. Harrington
   Age: 21 (deceased)
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Formerly an Herbologist

   Name: Mimosa A. Harrington
   Age: 9
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Child Model

Best Friend/Partner in Crime:
   Name: Clara Kent
   Age: 45
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Freelance Psychic

   Name: Vanessa J Clement (Nee Sheridan)
   Age: 49
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: The current Lady Clement

The Harringtons originally started out as Harrington-Royces who trace their origin back to the fourteenth century English empire. The Harringtons and Royces were joined in an abundance of intermarriage that sealed the two clans together both in terms of family and wealth. Their primary source of income were their lands which in addition to yielding good crops through the serfs that worked them, were also rich in minerals. By the sixteenth century however, the family became more notorious for investment banking and forging international relationships. It is rumored that a large part of their business was funded initially by Pathan nobility, one of which was married into the clan to seal the deal. One of the first pureblooded families to venture into such a business, the Harrington-Royces turned gold into documents and amassed untold wealth through this practice. However, the goblin rebellion resulted in severe repercussions for the family, dividing them in half. The half that chose to move to America and build a new world and the half that chose to remain in England and take care of their properties there. The ones who moved to the New World dropped the name “Royce” and now traditionally stick with just “Harrington” while the ones in England go by only “Royce” now.


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Kit Harrington
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