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 Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]

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PostSubject: Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]   Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:54 pm

Nikolaj apparated into the darkened streets of London silently, so silently that the muggles passing by never noticed the tall man suddenly appearing in the middle of the pathway. He hunched his shoulders up so the tall collar of his coat sheltered most of his face from the passing wind and began a quick stride along the road in the dark of night. He had only recently arrived in the country and was due to travel up to Hogwarts the following day to move into his new home, so he decided to enjoy a good, heavy night of drinking before hand. He had to make the most of the last days of 'summer' after all, although the summers had been notably more summery in the more southern countries he had worked in.

Not that Britain was cold to the swede mind you. He had experienced worse, but it was more than the chill in the air that was biting at his bones tonight. He'd had a few bad nights of sleep during his journey to London without much chance to sedate the nightmares with alcohol as he usually did, and it was beginning to show as his skin had paled even more than was usual for him. It was probably more prominent with his attire, smart black shoes and neatly tailored trousers, a casual crew neck navy blue tee and a long, dark grey woolen coat with a high collar. His skin and blonde hair practically glowed against the dark fabrics.

Loud music suddenly caught Nikolaj's attention and as he looked up, he spotted an open door with what he assumed was the security stood outside. A large fellow who stood with his hands behind his back and head held high. Scanning his eyes further along the wall from the door he saw various advertisements for the place showing scantily clad women in a variety of promiscuous poses. Alcohol was good for nulling his senses... but there was one thing that was even better. Grinning to himself he headed direct for the door, looking up as the security nodded for him to head inside and walking in. He had to duck under one doorway inside before he found the location of the music. The sound of the club pounded all around him until he was sure he was deafened. He shrugged off his coat and handed it over to the woman behind the desk before heading forwards towards the bar, casting a gaze across each person as he went, his tall figure attracting a few glances back his way too.

Reaching the bar he looked over at the bartender and nodded. "Vodka, Neat" he commented, his scandinavian accent clear, reaching into his pocket for his wallet to pay.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]   Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:26 pm

The last weekend of Summer was, as always, busy with teenagers trying to get in and get smashed before school started. Having gotten used to it, Michelle only looked disapprovingly at more under eighteens than she would've liked and they scurried off looking all sullen and thoroughly chastised. Clearly, she didn't even need to say anything for the young minds to get the fact that she would not be selling alcohol to people who were under eighteen, no matter what their ID said. You could easily fake one and the bouncers clearly were getting paid to look the other way when those teenagers went it.

Huffing, the woman wiped down the bar and frowned down at her reflection in the shiny table-top; seeing so many children, not yet adults but not teenagers anymore, made Michelle wonder just what the schools were doing with the kids nowadays for them to be so eager to get sloshed before the first day of school.

Her attention was brought back to the present when a heavily accented voice asked for a Vodka from one of her colleagues who was clearly getting ready to go home. "I'll serve him, you go home Andy." She waved at the man who breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thanks' Mich." The man patted her shoulder before he ducked through the doorway towards the back of the bar, leaving Michelle alone with a fairly good looking man who was clearly in dire need of some alcohol if he was asking for it neat.

"Long day?" She questioned as she grabbed the bottle of Vodka and poured the man a glass, sliding it over as she placed the bottle back on the counter. She could feel the tell-tales of magic from the man so she didn't even dare to skim his thoughts; she'd rather not get accused of invading privacy.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]   Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:24 pm

Nikolaj wasn't really too bothered by the bartender he had asked for a drink being sent home. As long as he got his drink he didn't really care too much. That was until he looked up, Muggle note in hand, and eyed the blonde who had taken place of the original bartender to put together his drink. She was a better view than the one called 'Andy' had been at any rate. As the drink was placed on the table, Nik held out the note to her. He wasn't entirely familiar with the 'muggle' money but the note had had a '10' on it and he assumed it would be enough to cover the drink. He didn't answer the question right away, picking up the drink and taking a sip of the vodka. It wasn't the best vodka he'd had... but it was sitting in a glass in front of him and was the best for the moment.

Finally he brought his eyes back to her, giving a charming half-smile and nodding to her. "Travelling... I only arrived in London a few hours ago." he commented lightly, taking another sip and looking around the place before frowning lightly. "You're closing?" he queried, noting that most of the rest of the staff appeared to have vacated... or were elsewhere that he couldn't really recognise them from the crowd. He watched the crowd for a moment, realising that everyone appeared several years younger than him also... not exactly the sensual woman who had been plastered on a poster outside for the place. He looked back at the bartender again, tilting his head to one side and lowering his voice slightly. "They seem... young?" he asked, nodding towards a group in question that he was referring to. He was trying to ascertain whether he had walked into some youth night or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]   Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:45 pm

Michelle hummed softly at that, taking the note and then giving him change after she had rang up the vodka, easily handing over the clinking coins. She recognized the dumbfounded look in the male's eyes which clearly meant that he had rarely used muggle money. Clicking her tongue as another teenager approached the bar, she narrowed her eyes at the girl only to nod her head when she only asked for a coke.

Handing the glass full of coke to the girl, she watched her wander off before she focused back on her customer, a wry smile on her lips at his question.

"No, we're not closing, it's still a little bit too early." She replied with a small smile, nodding towards the clock. "We've got another five hours before closing time." She looked at the young teenagers out of the corner of her eye, keeping an eye on the handful of kids that were there. "They are and they're leaving in half an hour. As it's the last day of summer we gave them free range of the bar until half eleven, some of them thought they'd be able to come in and buy alcohol with fake IDs."

Turning back towards the older male she tapped her head. "I can easily recognize over 18's from under 18's and they certainly are not over eighteen. They can hand me as many ID's as they want but I know better." Her message was cryptic enough that no-one but a witch or wizard would be able to get her meaning.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]   Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:33 pm

As Nikolaj accepted back his change he couldn't help but look down at the coins with interest, turning them in his hand and peering at them. He was trying to look to see what the value on each one was as he'd never seen the british muggle coins before. Travelling country to country and having to get used to all the different currencies - for both the muggle and wizarding world - was often exhausting and he had mountains of different coins and change in his luggage that he wasn't convinced he would have use of again. He also never really understood the concept of muggle paper being exchanged for coins - he couldn't ascertain how or why the paper was considered more valuable but it seemed to be a standard that stretched across every country he had visited at least. The USA had been the most confusing, having both notes and coins for similar values.

Following his inspection of the coins he popped them back into the leather wallet he had picked up at the airport and looked up to see that the pretty bartender had moved off to serve a younger girl - one of an age that he expected he would be teaching at Hogwarts. He sipped at his vodka again carefully as she moved back to advise they weren't closing. "Ah fantastic... so in fact I'm half an hour early for the fun hm? Better than being late and missing everything." he laughed, shaking his head and peering at her.

"Is that so?" he questioned when she said she could easily tell, peering at her suspiciously for a moment. Either she was simply being a cocky bartender, or there was more to her than met the eye - much alike him perhaps. "I hear the quality of the fake IDs have improved over the last several years or so... it would take someone... spectacular, to see through all that surely?" he questioned carefully, giving her a wry smile and sipping his vodka again, eyes fixed on her over the rim of his glass.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]   Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:57 pm

Michelle watched with slight amusement in her eyes as her customer looked at the coins in interest; she remembered her own days of such interest, wondering how Muggle's could use such weird coins and actually be able to remember anything. She got used to it very quickly though, her ability to remember things like this coming in handy. Having been in the Muggle World for a while now, Michelle didn't really consider how difficult it was for Magicals to get their heads around the Muggle currency.

"Oh yes, pretty much." Michelle laughed softly as she wiped the counter down almost absently, her eyes focused on the male in front of her even though her attention was on the gaggle of underaged kids in the corner of the room that she knew she would be kicking out in twenty or so minutes. "I agree there, better to be early than late, especially to places like these."

"Oh, the ID's are pretty much perfect." She agreed with that observation, a wry smile on her lips as she remembered back to the many ID's that she had checked; they certainly looked like the real deal and she had no doubt that they would pass at many different places but considering the fact she was magical she knew they were fake purely from the fact that the kids didn't try hiding their glee when she got given the ID and their thoughts always gave them away. "But I am... spectacular if you know what I mean." Her own eyes focused on the tall male, her head tilted to the side with her hair falling over her left shoulder.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]   

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Rose-coloured glasses of life [Michelle]
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