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 A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)

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Quinn King

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PostSubject: A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)   Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:10 am

Clothes and appearance:

When one starts something new, there is always that shudder of nervousness.  Even the bravest feel it.  To some it is a chill, a remainder of the fear we all have of the unknown.  To others, a heat, the rush of pumping blood preparing your body to take on any challenges.  Even to others, it is the silence of clarity.  An infinitesimal moment, that to the mind lasts longer than one would think possible, where the newcomer contemplates within the realm of choices that has brought them here.

Beginning to reach was no different, and as Quinn stood in the middle of the large room he couldn't help but remember the arena.  He could still remember the first time he set foot into a true professional duel.  You could taste the excitement in the air, the smell of smoke, alcohol and sweat wafting through the air to harass the olfactory nerves as an unblock-able opponent.  God he missed it.  

His right hand moved to rub his side.  It had began to feel better.  Perhaps foolishly the cane sat propped hidden away behind his desk.  Yet, he had been moving around with marked improvement since the new salve from the healer.  There was to much to do to waste it on pain and pining for days gone by.  This was a step forward, a step to return to the arena his mind was already competing in.

Licking his lips the quite place was shattered by the sound of so many foot steps outside his door.  Most were passing of course.  His course was not required curriculum like so many others.  Yet, for what it was worth he hoped to only receive the ones who truly wished to be here.  Some would come for curiosity.  Others to learn new ways to defend or bully.  Still more for a shot at an easy grade, such was the case with extra classes.  Yet, opportunity all the same.  He had prepared himself for that, and had taken heed of the other professors he had only just now started to get to know.  

He still however, stuck out quite a bit.  Freshly shaven for the first day and hair slicked back, if one wasn't careful they could mistake him for one of the older class man.   To match this, he had decided against wearing robes.  No one could say he wasn't dapper enough for the occasion, but still he couldn't stand wearing those poor excuses for dresses.  His white pants, and black and white shirt went well with a freshly pressed and magically tied bow tie.  His sleeves were rolled up, and sitting on a desk in the middle of the dueling line one could see his black shoes shining, and black and white argyle socks.

His wand, well it was no where to be seen.  Instead in his lap was a book.  The required reading he had selected for this class.  It wasn't a traditional book, in that it lacked the incantations and performance measures of other textbooks.  Instead it was mostly images of dueling wizards.  The first several chapters expressing rules and typical customs,  followed by a short couple that delved into the differentiation of the key countries that dueled.  As for the rest, it featured the moving pictures of historical duels.  

Flipping through this book he would sit, his eyes only every now and then glancing up to watch for the onslaught of students, and hopefully though it was doubtful, capable duelists.
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PostSubject: Re: A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)   Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:23 pm

Dueling was something that had caught Roxy's fancy very early on in her life, from the moment she could understand things she had seen, she always, without a doubt, managed to coax her father to take her to Duelling tournaments, her whole attention entirely focused on the duels that happened in front of her.

She never tired of watching duels whether they be amateur ones or professional ones, she always found the time to go and watch, even if it was from far away. So when she heard that they would have Duelling lessons at Hogwarts that year, the Ravenclaw witch had been very eager to sign up for the lessons and she had been just as eager to get a start on the first lesson of the year.

Slipping through the crowds and around the first years, the fifth year Witch slipped into the classroom that was reserved for Duelling and she came to a sudden stop when she realized that she was the first one there. Which was a surprise because she was quite sure that there would be many people interested in the lesson.

Shrugging her shoulders, the heiress made her way further into the room and smiled at the Professor. "Good morning sir."
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PostSubject: Re: A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)   Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:44 pm

Much like Defence Against the Dark Arts, Dueling was a difficult subject for Max. Mostly because he struggled to find enjoyment in it. However, taking the offered Dueling class would give him a much better idea of how to use spells in the moment. It would, of course, be necessary to work quickly and under pressure if he was going to be working with animals.

Some might even require him to use spells on them to protect himself from time to time.

It had been why Max had signed up. The professor would likely know his grades weren't all that high, but Max was not going to give up too easily. As he kept reminding himself, he had two years, to do his very best, so that he could explore his passion further. If he could just keep focused for two years... that would be all he would need to get him through to the University of Excelled Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Stepping in to the Dueling classroom, Max moved in cautiously, taking in the room with an apprehensive smile before his eyes fell upon the professor. "Good morning, sir." The Prefect greeted the man politely, standing towards the back of the room out of the way as he waited for the class to begin. For sure, he did not want to be chosen for any demonstrations, or the like.
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PostSubject: Re: A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)   Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:32 pm

Prim wasn't entirely sure on what she should sign up for as an extracurricular lesson so when she saw the Duelling one, she decided to spontaneously put her name down for it. It would certainly help her with her future career choices and even though she was mainly focused on Ancient Runes and Warding, she did want to have some knowledge of duelling if only because it could save her life.

She wasn't too sure who had signed up from her year or even house for it, so when she walked into the classroom and saw Max standing there she wasn't too surprised. Her boyfriend clearly felt that he needed the subject otherwise she was sure that his entire schedule would've only been Care of Magical Creatures had he been given the choice to do it for the last two years.

"Hi Max!" She smiled at the taller male before turning towards the Professor. "Hello, sir!" She chirped happily as she stood beside Max, her hair swishing back and forth in its pony-tail.
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Quinn King

Posts : 69
Birthday : 1989-11-11
Join date : 2017-07-25

PostSubject: Re: A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)   Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:14 am

His fingers played through the pages, the duelists of history stirring over the pages as they realized a living audience had begun to watch. Would his own image make it into these books, a legacy that still had so much to earn that title. Legacy, not something he had gotten into dueling for, yet it had began to nag at the corners of his mind and more importantly his ambition.

As the students made their way in, he was pleased with the turnout. The greetings were appropriate and with each sir he would smile and nod in return. As the bell rang and all the students moved to have a seat he would stand and close the book.

"Good morning all. It's a pleasure to meet you." He would say his eyes moving decisively to each student. Though they may not realize it, he already worked to judge each of them. A danced, moved like a dancer, an academic moved like an academic, and a duelist moved like a fighter. Had he seen any of that in this the shortest of introductions, he was still unsure, though hope springs eternal.

He would quickly call attendance. Moving so fast those who weren't snapped to attention might get left behind only to be acknowledged well after their name had actually been called. Wrapping it up quickly he would pull a desk to the center to be able to sit atop it looking out at the students.

"My name, is Quinn King. I'll be with you this year, and hopefully teach you a thing or two." He would say with a boyish grin. In this more advance class he had confidence they had the basics of spells and enough defense against the dark arts to form a shield and an attack. "Our studies will have three focuses this year. The basics of dueling theory and practice, the differentiation in international styles, and a practical display. A little tournament within the class. Each one given equal weight to your final grade, with the winner of the little interclass tournament gaining special points." He would continue all the while smiling.

"Firstly though I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself." His voice would become more calm and flowing the longer he talked as he gained a level of comfort with the class. His wand seemed to flash for a second only to disappear just as quick, leaving some to question if it had ever been produced. "Currently I am the American champion. Though I haven't been in dueling for as long as others. I started as an amateur well past a time some would consider entering the sport. I tell you that, so that you will entertain the prospect if you can show an aptitude here." He would laugh, though the expectation would seem genuine.

"My medical suspension is over, and I am looking at competing in one or two tournaments during the course of the school year, if your interested." He would shrug. "My biggest focus though is to become an international champion while studying the European styles. You'll get an American education from me, so I'll let you be the judge which is better. Any questions about myself or the lesson?" He would ask looking out at the class.

He would allow questions and answer each as they were presented. Once this was competed he would gesture for the students to stand. Once they all had that same flash would occur as all the desks and books seemed to take up on their own accord and move away. Two additional lines would begin to form as additional dueling lines occurred. A shimmering force moving to be in between them, allowing any person to easily pass through with just a slight feeling of resistance.

"So, for the first day I think a practical demonstration is needed." Mannequins would move to stand at the opposite end of all three dueling lines. "So, this is simple. Just show me what you know and what you can do. They won't try to hurt you, and I'm watching. We build upon a base, though each of ours is a different level."

For the first lesson he would simply have the exercise in a short due of 1 minute or till over with a mannequin. The magical mechanisms where set to just above a medium difficulty. One in which someone who knew little of dueling would find difficult and nearly impossible to actually best, but not be outright humiliated. "My only advice, creativity is key."

The mannequins would each bow and await their opponents. He was excited to see what the class had. It at least was an exciting start to term, more so than the lecture he would have to give on bows and foot spacing later.

(So for this lesson each student squares off against a mannequin. He is mostly looking for creativity. As described the mannequins would be set to just above a moderate level. Have fun and be creative Smile )
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PostSubject: Re: A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)   Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:48 pm

Max replied to his girlfriend with a soft hello when she greeted him, a smile blossoming on his lips knowing that she was here too. Perhaps... well, if they were going to be dueling with others, he could at least partner with Prim and not feel so foolish when he got his ass kicked. Though, of course, that would be the professor's decision, but Max hoped it would be something that could be considered.

The professor started the lesson shortly after, and in finding the dueling professor was a professional in this field did not make Max feel in any way confident in passing this lesson. A professional would be a harsh marker... Though, Max caught himself, Professor Newbury was a professional Auror, and he was nice enough... even if he taught lessons Max would sooner forget.

Pulling away from his thoughts of DADA, Max caught the part of questions. He had many, in truth, but Max didn't voice any of them. If he started, Merlin only knew when the class would actually get to starting, so instead the Gryffindor prefect bit his lip and waited patiently.

The first task that was set was one that had Max look at the mannequins with mild trepidation, but he swallowed those feelings down. He was a Gryffindor after all...

When they were sent off, Max moved to the mannequin on the right hand side, furthest away from the professor and considered it. Waiting for the two girls to get started, Max turned to his own mannequin and gave a small bow, sliding his wand from his belt and readying himself for the onslaught.

Straightening himself, Max had tried to think of a spell, just something to get started, but a disarming spell came hurtling at him before he could so much as think of one, his wand looping out of his hand behind him in a neat arch a moment later. Squeaking softly, the Gryffindor scrambled after it, picking it up and hurrying back to his station in the hope the professor wouldn't see.

"Flipendo!" Max hastily cast, watching it get deflected away with relative ease by the inanimate object. Frowning slightly, Max managed a shield before the next spell hit him, before sending back a Tongue-Tying Curse. Which, might have had some effect, had the mannequin had a tongue to use.

Max had been too busy berating himself for that one to notice the knock-back jinx.

It hit him in the chest.

Sending the Gryffindor Prefect backwards across the room, sliding on his back before he came to a stop with a soft groan.

A moment, perhaps two, and the boy was back on his feet. Rushing back to his starting position, Max shouted "Bombarda Maxima!" and watched the jet of light hurtle towards the dummy and make it explode in to a lot of pieces. Dropping to his knees, Max let out a heavy breath, before smiling to himself.

He'd beaten the mannequin, as asked.

That meant he hadn't failed the class.
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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)   Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:30 pm

Admin Closure of Class.

Thank you to those who have posted in this class - unfortunately the professor cannot finish up the class, so an admin will close it. Points will be given as follows:

10 points for attendance
5 points for any question being answered
Up to 15 points for participation in class

Thank you for your participation - this will still count as one of your three classes.

If you have any questions in regards to the points being handed out (either as a student or professor) please contact myself or another admin via PM to discuss them.

House Points
Maximillian Hollingberry = 10 points for attendance + 10 points for participation = 20 points.
Primrose Seele = 10 points for attendance

Roxanne Förstner = 10 points for attendance

Gryffindor: 30
Hufflepuff: 0
Ravenclaw: 10
Slytherin: 0
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PostSubject: Re: A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)   

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A fight and a fiddle (dueling lesson 4th year+)
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