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 Sarah Curzon (WIP)

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PostSubject: Sarah Curzon (WIP)   Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:45 am

Full Name: Sarah Allison Curzon
Age: 26
Date of birth: 12th April 1996
Birthplace: Tregaron, Wales
Current home: London, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
Wand type: 9 inches, Beech, Dragon Heartstring

Hair colour and style: Sarah's hair is blonde that is long. It can be styled either way as the girl is quite skilled with doing hair.
Eye colour: Light Blue
Height: 5.10"
Body type: Slim and Atheltic Physique
Dress sense: Sarah tends to wear anything that she feels like. It can vary on how she feels and is like someone who wears whatever comes out of her dresser. Although it often depends on what season she is in will determine her fashion.
Birthmarks: Has a couple on her left foot and back.
Scars: Minor Childhood Scars
Piercings: Sarah has both her ears pierced.

  - Helping People - The biggest reason for getting a job at St. Mungos. She felt good by helping people and knowing she made a difference.
  - House Pride - Sarah may have graduated a few years ago. It doesn't stop her from having her former house pride.
  - Injuries - She doesn't like seeing people in pain, but the injuries always intrigue her. It doesn't mean that she wishes pain, the girl just likes seeing injuries.
  - Reading Books  - Her house is filled with books because she finds reading helps her learn more about the world around her.
  - Meeting New People - The world is filled with people and Sarah hopes to meet all of them. Whenever she meets someone new, it uplifts her and makes her feel better. Their stories move her so much.
  - Her Siblings - She considers them her kids, Sarah would do anything for them. Sarah still hopes to one day to have children of her own. Right now, her one love is her siblings.
  - Drinking Coffee - Sarah cannot function with out coffee. To her, it's a necessity and when she doesn't have any, the girl is a zombie.

  - Blood Purism - It's something she frowns upon. Everyone is equal in her mind, and she knows that most halfbloods and muggleborns are heroes.
  - Partying - She hates partying and considers it to be destructive behavior. Sarah forbids her siblings from partying, despite enjoying it at one point.
  - Politics - It's pointless and useless, are her thoughts. They are nothing but lies and if she could Sarah would slap all of them.
  - Fighting and Violence - She is against it and avoids it all costs. Sarah believes that talking does more than hurting people. The girl tries to intervene, whenever she sees something that could escalate to that.
  - Dating - There is no time to it. Her career and siblings come first, and when she is single there is no drama.

  - Very Organized - Sarah is very organized in both her belongings and mind. Sarah gets uncomfortable when things are unorganized.
  - Dedication - She is very dedicated to both her job and siblings. Most things that are done by Sarah are one-hundred percent or even one hundred-ten percent. There is no settling for no effort to Sarah.
  - Fluent in French - She is part French on her mother's side. Sarah was taught by her mother at a young age. After graduating from Hogwarts, she spent some time in France.
  - Speaks Her Mind - Sarah is good at speaking her mind. Even though sometimes it can be very blunt or offensive. She has no filter and doesn't hold back.

  - Her Siblings - They are both her biggest weaknesses. She would do anything for them and vows to keep them safe. If anything were to happen to either of them, Sarah would never forgive herself for it.
  - Trying to Be Perfect - She likes things to be perfect and sometimes drives herself haywire with making sure it's all perfect. It tends to take much of her time up, and it's something she is trying to stop.
  - Her Blunt Nature - Sarah is in many ways cases super blunt. It's something that often turns people off when they are around. She doesn't give any details, and things are straight to the point when it comes to her.
  - Dating Life - She hates it and she sucks at it. Which is why the girl doesn't care. Even though secretly Sarah hopes one day she can date without problems.

Positive traits:
  - Hardworking - There is no relaxation or sleep until the job is done and it's done well. She spends much of her time working and making money. Sarah was brought up to work hard and she intends to do that.
  - Loyal - Friends and Family is Sarah's world. There is nothing that will make her want or even think to leave their side. Hell or Highwater, Sarah will always be there for them until the very end.
  - Intelligent - She is very smart and well-read. The girl knows quite a bit about the world and was one of the best in her class, during her school days. There is nothing that Sarah doesn't know about any subject.
  - Ambitious - She knows what she wants. Sarah was brought up to follow her dreams, and she intends to do that at all costs.
  - Responsible - Sarah follows the rules and rarely makes any mistakes. The mistakes that she does make, it's always fixed.

Negative traits:
  - Stubborn - She doesn't like to let things go and will hound someone until they fix whatever they did and try to make things better. Sarah may be a nice person, but some things she will never let go unless it is fixed.
  - Blunt - Even though she was a former Ravenclaw, Sarah was never one for tedious details. Most things she will make sure it straight to the point because she believes that giving detail only bores people.
  - Perfectionist - Sarah expects everything to be perfect and it doesn't impress her unless it's done with effort and perfection. It's one of her worst attributes because she will drive herself crazy trying to make things perfect.
  - Workaholic - Her life is all about work. When her siblings are at Hogwarts, Sarah spends most of her nights working. She believes that being a doctor means you must be on call every hour of every single day. The only time she isn't working is when her siblings are home.

Sarah was born as the oldest child of Frederick and Serene Curzon. The girl spent most of her life being the only child of the two. Which meant most of her attention had been on her during her younger years, and the girl had a great relationship with both her parents. The result of her being an only child for those years meant that Sarah was extremely lonely and didn't spend much time with people her age or even close to it, with that matter.

   Name: Serene Marie Curzon (nee Devereaux)
   Age: 48 (at death)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
   Occupation: Infectious Disease Researcher at St. Mungos and Former Ravenclaw

   Name: Frederick Samson Curzon
   Age: 51 (at death)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Unspeakable and Former Gryffindor

Younger Sister:
   Name: Emily Rose Curzon
   Age: 17
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Younger Brother:
   Name: Bowie Payton Curzon
   Age: 14
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Hogwarts Student

   Name: Magnus
   Age: 4
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Havana Brown Cat

[Please write at least one paragraph on your character's family history. This can include details about how their parents met, their views on the world, their money status, and any other things you find necessary. In situations where characters are orphans, you can write how this came about, be it death of parents or whatever other reasons. Keep in mind that this is to shape your character more, since family has a huge impact on who one is.]
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PostSubject: Re: Sarah Curzon (WIP)   Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:30 pm

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Sarah Curzon (WIP)
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