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 The Main Ball

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:18 pm

Mimosa found herself bursting into giggles when Mercy bowed to Michelle, she was playing her part so correctly, she actually bowed instead of a curtsy. That was impressive commitment. As they moved deeper into the halls, the girl was immensely glad to see Mercy making friends with both Michelle and Jacques. Now everything would be perfect because all her friends loved each other and they would all be best friends forever.

Mercy answered her own questions just as enthusiastically as Mimosa had asked them. Dia hadn't arrived yet it would seem, or if she had, the girl was lost in the crowds. Maybe it was time to go look for her. As for Charles, Mimosa knew he would find them sooner or later. Though the moment Mercy mentioned taking ehr up to the Gryffindor room, everything else left Mimosa's mind temporarily, only the buzz of seeing a new part of the castle registering.

Taking advantage of the loud music and Jacques' temporary lapse in attention as he spoke to someone else, she brought her lips close to Mercy's ear and whispered. "Let's go find Dia and then we can go see your room!" Then she stood upright again, the picture of well behaved perfection. Hopefully no one would get suspicious. Looking around, when she saw Elenore not present in the tapestry of friends, the child asked Jacques where his sister was, but the music was too loud for her to catch the answer. He was so tall! and she was all the way down here!

But she did take away that Elenore wasn't at the party, and that would not do.

Just then, the song changed to a better tempo, and the little brunette was struck by an idea. "Michelle, Jacques, why don't you two dance? I'm sure you can dance better than everyone here. Mercy and I will go get some sweets and watch you two." She suggested. After all, she was sure she was right, she had seen Jacques dance before and he was brilliant. She was also certain Michelle was no less.

Putting an arm through Mercy's as if the Gryffindor was her private knight, she spoke "Ser Knight, what say you? We go on a quest for candy today!" And as soon as Jacques and Michelle headed to the dance floor, Mimosa skipped off with Mercy into the night.


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Dominique Greene
Gryffindor Second Year
Gryffindor Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:51 pm

Dominique was looking around searching for Mim. And she was also trying to find Mercy. But she only knew her by the message. So she had no idea what she was even looking for. But this was Halloween and looking around, she noticed that people were dressed up. As she asked her mom if she could be the Disney Princess Jasmine. She knew that the pureblood witches and wizards would be confused. She was hoping that she could find Mim before the night was over. She didn't want this to be a wasted night. As this was going to be her first time meeting Mercy.

So it seemed like she would have to hunt for them. Because she was sure that Mim had to be there. This was something that she wouldn't miss. This was also a chance that they would get to see Hogwarts. As next year they were going to be in their first year. So this was exciting for Dominique. As she was going to get to see where she will be going next year. She didn’t' even care what house she was in. As her mother told her that it didn't matter where she was. That she would be happy for her.

But now she was back to her original problem. As she didn't want to think about what was going to happen in the future. She needed to find Mim and Mercy. Or maybe they were trying to find her and she just needs to stay in one spot? That sounded like it would be more likely to happen. So that was when Dom decided that she was just going to stand there. Knowing that she was just lost in the crowd. And trying to find them would be pointless. If they were already looking for her. So she just stood there looking around.
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Jacques Clement
University Student
University Student

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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:30 pm

As Mimosa questioned the whereabouts of his sister, Jacques gave something of a non-committal answer to the young American witch. Elenore hadn't requested a dress for the event, which suggested she had no inclination of coming to the Ball. Saying that Elenore wouldn't be coming was likely going to mean a scene, and Jacques simply could not be bothered to deal with such things.

It seemed to work, anyway, because Mimosa didn't press the situation any further.

Jacques' eyes instead turned to the crowd, trying to pick out the other Purebloods at the event. His father had suggested the evening would be good for making his own connections, and Jacques was keen on listening to that much. After all, his Maman would most definitely find it interesting when he wrote home. Though, Jacques pushed that thought away when he heard Mimosa's next words.

Dance with Michelle? Had the young man not been a Clement he might have balked in a manner that would be noticed outwardly, but, he was fortunate enough to have been trained to keep his emotions in check. Instead, Jacques turned to the witch beside him, giving her a small smile. "Would you like to dance? I would hate to disappoint Mimosa." He asked, though he neither wished to dance, or cared for disappointing the Clement ward.

Being rude, however, was simply not an option now that Mimosa had dropped him in the situation.


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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:36 pm

"Why would you think Buckle was part of the ensemble?" Max asked increduously, before breaking out in to a soft laugh and shaking his head at the idea. "He tried. But, I told him it wouldn't be safe for him to come in here with all these people. I mean, he could get crushed, or seriously injured... He was a bit put out by the fact I'd said no, but he soon got over it when I promised him extra woodlice for being so considerate." The explanation, to anyone else, would likely have been the most weird concoction of a story in the world.

But, Prim, at least, understood Max enough to know this was simply how he was.

The kiss to his cheek brought a slight reddening to Max's cheeks, but he made no comment on it as he was pulled off towards the cauldrons full of sweets. He was surprised, of course, that Prim was going to allow him free reign with sugar, but the Gryffindor was not about to complain on the matter at all.

The question of how he was going to carry the sweeties he was planning on hoarding made Max pause. That... was a very good question... "Uhh..." Max said out loud, looking around for something to put them in. Finding a large bowl -- that had once been filled with crisps -- Max picked it up and brought it to the cauldron, filling it with a large helping of sweets before turning back to his girlfriend with a very contented smile.

"Not as stupid as I look!" He joked, before putting a larger than necessary amount of candy in to his mouth, and trying (very unsuccessfully) to eat it with some kind of manners.
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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:40 am

Sophie laughed lightheartedly as Cammie guessed she was a Ravenclaw. She wasn't laughing at Cammie, just at the fact that she could never imagine herself as a Claw. They were too uptight for her liking, with no sense of adventure or exhilaration. She, on the other hand, was constantly getting adrenaline rushes from trying out new stunts and tricks. What was life if one didn't take risks? No, she needed to push the limits of her capability.

"Nope, not a Claw," Sophie responded with a grin. "I'm a Griffindor!" She raised her chin in pride. While she didn't look down on the other houses, she couldn't help but feel that Gryffindor was the best house to be in. Then again, it was probably because it suited her perfectly.

Sophie followed Cammie to the table, setting down the plate of food and drink she held in her hands. She chuckled at Cammie's statement. It was indeed a pain to wear heels, which was why Sophie only ever wore sneakers or boots. "The last ball we had, Valentine's, the dress code said nothing about shoes, just that we had to wear a suit and tie or cocktail dresses," Sophie began, recalling the outfit she'd worn. "I turned up in a dress and Chuck Taylor's. You should have seen the looks on some of the students' faces!"

"But you look amazing in that dress and heels," she continued. "I could never be comfortable in anything but jeans and a t-shirt." There were occasions she had to dress up, but she never liked those.
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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:00 pm

Cammie smiled at Sophie as she complimented Cammie on her dress. “Well thank you Soph. I like your outfit way more better actually.” Cammie spoke and she got a little red as she guessed her friend’s name house wrongly but hey everyone makes mistakes so Cammie didn’t let that bother her. Cammie wished she could be like Sophie. Smiling all the time and just be so carefree.

“Well i didn’t attend it so i wouldn’t know but i’m proud of you for wearing Chuck Taylors not many girls can pull that off. Yea i could never be comfortable with heels either kid.” Cammie spoke.  

As they continued talking, Cammie had  felt like she needed a nap so, “ Hey Soph i think i’m gonna go hit the hay. You should talk to your friends i’m sure they will be delighted to talk to you. I’m not an interesting person to talk to.Thanks for today Soph.” Cammie spoke. With that, Cammie walked to the exit.
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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:18 pm

"Why wouldn't I?" Prim questioned her boyfriend with an arched brow, an amused grin on her lips as she eyed the male up and down. "Considering the fact that you are, pretty much, wearing Buckle's home it wouldn't surprise me if he was a part of your costume." She quirked her brow even higher when Max revealed that Buckle had indeed wanted to be part of the costume; not that she could blame the little guy if she had been a bowtruckle she would've wanted to be a part of the costume as well. "Well give him some extra from me as well, for today I want you all to myself at least."

Prim didn't really mind Max's obsession with animals; as long as he didn't bring anything dangerous anywhere close to her she was fine with things. Though really, an animal obsession was much better than a sleeping around obsession.

Every time Prim saw the reddening of her boyfriend's cheeks she couldn't help but stare; it still surprised her how Max could blush even after so many months of being together.

"Pfft, I should've known." Prim laughed softly as she pulled out her wand from underneath her dress and tapped the bowl twice, a clear fragile looking handle slowly appearing. "Much easier to carry if it has a handle." She commented as she slid her wand back onto the holster she had on her thigh; the stares boring into her back told her that people saw where her wand was hidden and it was quite a weird place to hide a wand considering that people would see her underwear when pulling it out but she didn't particularly care.

"Eat slowly before you choke." She chided her boyfriend. "I don't want to be reviving you because you stuffed too many sweets down your throat." She would probably just stand back with an 'I told you so' look on her face and let someone else revive her boyfriend.
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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:16 pm

"Just today?" Max asked, teasing Primrose a little bit in that moment. Her eyes had not been subtle from the moment he'd arrived, and though Max wasn't one hundred percent sure what she was thinking, he was sure he had something of an idea, truth be told.

Max's attention was on the sweet bowl entirely, when Primrose brought out her wand to make a handle for him, he was more interested in testing it out than watching where she replaced her wand. "Niiiiice." Max appraised, turning the handle and watching the bowl do the same for a moment. "Good job!" Max added, looking back to Prim with a grin. He meant it, too, before he went back to stuffing his face with candy.

The reprimand made Max swallow a sweet much too big with a moment's concentration, before he gave Primrose a grin. "Okay, okay, I won't eat them quick!" He said, before popping another, smaller sweet in to his mouth and chewing it carefully.

"Oh, I heard that your friend group -- the ones who do the parties -- were heading up to the Room of Requirement later, or something. But, I think we should do something together. Something fun. I don't know, we could go down to my tree house, I guess... Or, IDK... whatever you want to do, I don't mind. Or, we can stay here, too..." Max said, before shrugging to show he didn't really mind. He just wanted to spend the evening with Prim, doing whatever it was that made her enjoy it all.
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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:33 pm

As Roxy finished putting on the last touches to her costume for the Halloween ball, the young witch couldn't help but marvel at the striking figure she made in the mirror; her hair was freely falling down her back in loose waves, she had put on some subtle make-up to bring out the color of her eyes, her dress was form fitting but tight at the top and on her feet were silver ballet flats.

All in all she looked pretty but not too over-done and that had been what she was going for when she picked the character of Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones to base her costume on, the dress was a perfect replica of what she mainly wore and while her hair wasn't exactly the same color as the woman's, it was set in the same way that Margaery wore hers in the series.

With her costume on and her make-up done, Roxy left the dorm and tower to go and enjoy the rare party they were having.


Making her way into the Great Hall, the young witch looked around the decor, her eyes taking in the many Halloween decorations scattered throughout the hall as well as the many tables filled to the brim with sweets of all sorts.

The music was a mix of both muggle and magical bands and Roxy decided that she was certainly going to enjoy this one night.
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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:09 pm

Prim smiled innocently at Max, her eyes twinkling in amusement as she stepped closer to her boyfriend and, putting her hands on his chest, she leant up to press a lingering kiss to his lips. "Oh, I'm quite sure I can have you all to myself all the time but your animals are important to you as well, are they not?" She nuzzled her nose against his and hummed. "I want you with me tonight... No Buckle, no anyone else. Just us two."

"It's not that much." She blushed lightly at the praise from her boyfriend, her cheeks flushing a light pink even under the subtle make-up that she had on. She had no problems in making things like that but being praised on it was an entirely new thing for the young witch.

"You better not." She huffed before she swiped a handful of sweets from Max's bowl, grinning lightly as she popped one of the sweets into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully on it. "Huh, an eclair." She grinned before popping another candy into her mouth.

"I heart about that but I'm not going." Not that she received an invitation or anything, not to mention she wouldn't have gone either way. For today she wanted to spend the night with Max and not drinking and fending off advances from guys who didn't know the meaning of no. "Wouldn't it be too cold for your tree house?" She teased him as she stuck a lollipop in her mouth, sucking on it thoughtfully.
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PostSubject: Re: The Main Ball   

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The Main Ball
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