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 Quiet Time [Max]

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PostSubject: Quiet Time [Max]   Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:26 pm

Cora checked around her as she stepped out of the castle into the grounds, the air crisp and cool with the early evening light casting a soft light. She didn't intend to be out for long, perhaps just an hour or so, and hoped to be back before the sun had set fully and darkness had came in over the grounds. There didn't appear to be anyone around, most students having retired to their common rooms following dinner and the teachers probably back to their classrooms or offices. It wasn't expressly forbidden to be out of the castle at this time - it was before curfew atleast - but she was sure it probably wouldn't be supported either and if she did run into any teachers she would be marched back inside.

She moved at a brisk pace down the path from the main entrance and across the long, teetering bridge, glancing out briefly at the view as she went. She'd changed after dinner into a pair of worn, ripped jeans and a pale pink thin jumper to help protect her from the chill creeping in. Her blonde hair was chucked up into a messy bun atop her head. No one had really questioned as she headed out of the common room, bag swung over her shoulder. It was probably assumed she was heading to the library or study room anyway.

Seeing the edges of the forest looming closer Cora broke into a sprint, not wanting to be caught this close. Once she reached the tree line she would slow down, coming to stop alongside a tree right on the edge. She placed her hand against the trunk, looking into the darkness of the forest and standing on her tiptoes, trying to see. She'd heard that there were unicorns and centaurs that roamed the forest, along with other, much more dangerous creatures, but in her years at hogwarts she hadn't yet seen one for herself. Each time she came out she hoped she would, but the forest always remained still and empty.

It didn't matter though, it wasn't the primary reason for her coming out here. Ever since she was a child she'd been encouraged to try and find some time for herself, to be quiet, to think and be calm. Being such a vibrant and chatty person made this quite hard, but she had found that when she did take the time to enjoy the peace and quiet she felt much better and more alert in the days following. She wanted to try and do this atleast once a week - and the only way she could really be quiet with herself was to take herself away from everyone else.

Letting out a soft sigh Cora moved to the side of the tree facing the castle, not quite brave enough to actually venture into the forest, before sinking to the ground and sitting amongst its roots. She dropped her bag down alongside her - she'd brought some books out incase she got bored, but didn't feel the need for them right now. The school looked so pretty at dusk she was quite happy to sit and watch it, looking up at the sky turning a warm pink shade Finally, after a few moments she let her eyes close, taking a deep breath of the fresh air and enjoying the quiet.
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Time [Max]   Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:23 pm

The school had gotten back in to full swing, and sixth year was proving hard. Max had never been an academic, that much was very true, but he was finding the new school term harder than the year before. Weighed down with a tonne of homework was no fun what so ever, so, of course, Max did what all responsible people did...

He ran from his responsibilities (figuratively, not literally) and hurried out of the castle and in to the freedom of the grounds.

More than likely Prim would be disgruntled with the fact Max was not taking his studies seriously. Even more likely she'd give him the disapproving look he knew so well when he spent hours outside in his tree house with his animals. But, most likely, Prim would give him a fond smile, kiss his cheek, and tell him that homework was important, but that she understood.

That was the great thing about Prim, she got him, like so few other people did, and didn't try to dissuade him from seeing the animals he liked so much. That was probably one of the main reasons their relationship had worked so well, neither one of them had stopped the other from doing the things they enjoyed most.

Crossing the grounds on the all too familiar route, Max held the small tray of wood lice in his hands, ready to feed his Bowtruckles, and some small diced meat for the Crups that often came to see him. Hopefully, Max thought to himself as he hurried along, the Crups wouldn't have moved on just yet, but he couldn't be sure.

But as Max grew closer to the forest, he noted someone sitting by the trees. As a prefect, he most certainly could not be seen to simply walk in to the Forest without a second thought, so the boy slowed slightly, looking to the witch and wondering if she would notice. However, due to her lack of reading material, or any other distraction, Max knew that he would not be so lucky.

"You're out late..." Max said conversationally, though now he was closer, he could see the witch had her eyes closed, and he could have simply snuck past without another word. Berating himself in his head, Max looked up to the sky, night was starting to draw in, and he'd much prefer to find his tree house before the dark took over the forest. "Shouldn't you... think about heading back in?" Max asked, though he still wasn't trying to be authoritative in that moment.

Thankfully, his badge was still on his uniform, so he wasn't going to be called out for not laying down the rules properly, but he didn't want to play that role right now, not that you were allowed the choice, of course...
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Time [Max]   Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:49 pm

Cora had almost dozed off in the comfort of the tree roots when a crack of a branch and a voice grabbed her attention, causing her to jump where she was sat and look around in a dazed sort of shock. Finally her eyes landed on the boy speaking towards her and she looked wide eyed. She recognised him somewhat as an older student, and was sure he was one of the gryffindor prefects... or was that the red head he was always hanging around with? She wasn't so sure, but knowing her luck she suspected it was him and now she was going to be lectured about hanging around the forest out of hours alone. The lecture didn't happen immediately though, just the suggestion that she should probably head back in.

"Oh! Sorry... uhm..." she looked around her a moment, scrabbling before she grabbed hold of her bag. "I was just looking for... somewhere quiet..." she peered at him a moment. He didn't seem to be dressed as a prefect and his face didn't really look so stern, and her eyes dropped to his hand where she could hear some quiet rustling. Was it insects? Slowly, Cora raised herself up to her feet, brushing off the mud and dirt that clung to the back of her jeans. Although every sense in her told her just to head back up to the school, her curiousity won out.

"What's that you have?" she asked, nodding towards his hand, she tilted her head, trying to get a better look at what he had. "Are you..." she slowly started, tilting her head to one side and looking up at him. "Are you going into the forest?" she finally asked, a small sparkle in her eye at the idea that someone was going into the tree's that daunted her slightly alone... but an older boy going in... maybe she could follow...
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Time [Max]   Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:07 pm

Seeing the witch jump like she did, Max put on a face that clearly said sorry -- he hadn't meant to make her jump. Max was still getting used to his badge, even if he'd had it for more than a year now, authority and him, though, simply did not mix very well.

"It's okay..." Max tried to reassure her, though he'd done the damage now as she stood up and took him in. Max held tighter to the small box he was holding, as it holding it tighter would make it less noticeable, but it was of no use, as Max found out a moment later.

"It's... umm... it's..." He started, failed, and gave up.

The question of going in to the forest, however, with the excited features of the younger witch made Max start to grin a little bit. "Of course, that's where my Bowtruckles live!" Max told the witch, holding up the box of woodlice for her to see. "If you wanted to come with me, I can show you them -- but you have to promise not to take anyone else to the spot." Max told her, the seriousness in his features showing this point was non-negotiable.
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PostSubject: Re: Quiet Time [Max]   

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Quiet Time [Max]
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