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 Mycroft Holmes Plot Page

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Mycroft Holmes
Ministry Worker
Ministry Worker

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PostSubject: Mycroft Holmes Plot Page    Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:47 am

Mycroft W. Holmes
24 || Ministry Worker || Pureblood

Intelligent. Ambitious. Dedicated. Complicated. Caring.

Brief History:
Myce is the heir to the Holmes family. As the eldest, he is has always been in the spotlight of his father and was pushed into politics despite his ambition to be a potions master. Still, he knows he is good at it, and has proven moderately successful in a short amount of time. At the moment, he is trying to mend his family as best as he can despite the stubbornness.

Brief Personality:

Myce is not one to look for a conversation, yet not one to push anyone away. He is too polite and structured to ever think about being purposely disrespectful unless pushed to do so. He is always cordial, detached but kind, and always observing. Seen as the "shy intellectual type" he takes no qualms about this stigma but rather uses it to his advantage when needed. In reality, he cares a lot about his family, particularly his young sister. He wants to bring her the normalcy he never received as a child and pushes to be a success so no pressure falls on her.

If someone does get to know him on a deeper level, is he charming, kind, a bit sharp in his tone but all in good fun. He does not have too much time to dally, which is unfortunate as he does rarely succumb to the vices of a young adult as he should.

Looking for:
~ Friends: People who he can sit down and have a drink with
~ Unintended Dates

Current Plots:
~ N/A  


Mycroft Holmes / 26/ Ministry Worker / Single
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Victoria Newbury

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Holmes Plot Page    Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:00 pm

*throws Victoria under the oncoming "intended dates" for Mycroft*

But, also, I think they should be friends, and hopefully good friends. Because Myce needs her - on that note, guess who's getting a pink, sparkly Christmas card? Yes, you're right, MYCROFT!


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~ Slender ~ 25 ~ Bookworm ~ 5' ~ American ~

Thanks to Haylen for the beautiful signature! <3
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Mycroft Holmes Plot Page
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