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 Duet with Me? [Dimitri]

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Nerisei Gerber
Ravenclaw Prefect
Ravenclaw Prefect

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PostSubject: Re: Duet with Me? [Dimitri]   Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:55 am


To Nerisei, it felt as if he was testing the name. Voicing it, trying to figure out how it felt leaving his lips. And to be completely honest, hearing him speak her name made her heart flutter. He was so... smooth. Even by his voice you could figure out easily how noble he truly was. There was that aristocratic tone that brought you to your knees and made you melt. He was simply irresistible.

"Well, you could call me Iona, if Nerisei is not to your liking. It's my, unknown to everyone, middle name. Or, well, you could come up with something, I believe." A nervous little giggle escaped her lips, and the Ravemclaw witch just gave up on trying to hide it. She was nervous around him, yes, and the more she was trying to suppress it, the bigger it was getting. And unless she accepted it and tried to move on, it would simply get worse and worse.

The universe, though, had a different opinion. And as much as the girl wanted to try and relax, in order to overcome that nervous feeling that had engulfed her while around him, she just couldn't. Not after what the wizard in front of her voiced. It was known that they had barely spoken a word to each other outside of this room, and it was understandable. After all, they were socializing with different people. With him being a Pureblood and her being a mere Muggleborn, there was simply no way for them to meet and stick together. Not as friends, and certainly, not as something more.

"Perhaps, or perhaps I was just foolish in thinking you weren't worth my time. Until now."

But... that still gave the girl hope. It was foolish, and she was smarter than this. She knew better than to believe and hope too much for somethign that was just not going to happen, even in a million years. Purebloods, and especially old Pureblood families like his, did not change their beliefs overnight. She had no chance, yet a part of her hoped she did. And that was what gave her courage. A rush of adrenaline that made her pull herself together and instead of blush like she would do, she smiled. A little too much, maybe, but it was a genuine smile. One she was simply not afraid to show at that moment.

"Then perhaps, you were worth waiting for."

Reality finally hit her, and when Neri understood what she had just said, she almost went back to her usual self, who wanted to do one thing. Flee. But she didn't. Instead, she simply avoided his gaze, scared that he could see her soul, and she simply could not risk that. She knew it was a dangerous and lost game, and she just wasn't ready for it. Or, was she?

But her eyes were back on him the moment she heard shuffling, just in time to see him motioning for her to join him. He just couldn't get enough, could he? Laughing softly at how greedy about music he was, Nerisei carefully placed her violin aside, and hesitantly came to sit next to him. They were so close. So very close, that she could actually smell his cologne and feel his arm brushing against hers. It was overwhelming to say the least. As he flipped through the pages of her sheet music, Neri took a closer look on his features, not paying much attention to the song he was going to pick. That is until he played the couple first notes, that Neri went as pale as a ghost. How in Merlin's name did he know Corpse Bride?

It wasn't just the fact that Corpse Bride was not such a popular movie. It was the fact that we were talking about a Muggle Movie, produced by a Muggle director and it was... well,.. Muggle! And to make matters worse, he had picked the music from her favorite movie. Out of all the collection she had, he just had to pick the one she was emotionally attached to the most. Dimitri kept playing, but Neri just couldn't bring herself to follow, at least in the beginning. When it was her turn to play, she blinked a couple of times, still trying to register that she was playing her favorite duet with her crush by accident. But her hands, knowing the piece by heart, landed softly on the keys without much thought, playing the song with ease. To her eyes, this was simply a dream. And it would come to an end sooner or later.


Nerisei Iona Gerber ~ Ravenclaw Seeker ~ Sixth Year ~ Single ~ Diary ~ Plot Page
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Dimitri Moreau
Ravenclaw Sixth Year
Ravenclaw Sixth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Duet with Me? [Dimitri]   Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:18 pm

"Neri is just fine." Dimitri replied softly at the invitation of her middle name being used instead. He liked both of the names, they were quirky and he hadn't heard them used in this country before. Or, not in people their own age. He knew of an Iona, but that witch was not anywhere near their age. "But, I'll keep it mind, in case I change my mind." He added, the smile on his lips showing that he was teasing the witch just a little bit with the idea he might change his mind on liking the name she'd been given.

He wouldn't, though, of that much Dimitri was quite sure.

The idea he was worth waiting for was one that Dimitri took with a small smile. He didn't dare to look over at the witch beside him, uncertain of what he might find when he looked to her. But, he had taken that information on board, without a word, and tucked it away for reflection that would come later, after their meeting, when he could have time to think, and not need to continually take in his surroundings to ensure he didn't miss anything.

As his fingers played the opening of the Corpse's Bride Dimitri wondered on the piece a little bit. He'd never seen the film it was from -- he'd heard of it, yes -- but he knew the music. You came across many weird and wonderful songs if you allowed yourself to branch out, and Dimitri did not like to keep himself from trying new things. Not to mention most of the music that was played came from talented Muggles, being picky on that would leave you with nothing to play.

Nerisei's pause when it got to her part left Dimitri pausing with her. Waiting. Waiting. Until finally she played her part and he could continue on. The pause was questionable. Neri didn't have cause to not play, Dimitri knew she could, he'd watched her before... But he didn't speak a word, instead continuing the piece until it came to a good ending. Their hands close, grazing slightly as the final note died away from being and left the room silent.

For a moment, Dimitri didn't dare move, but the small brush of their fingers felt like electricity running through his veins. So, slowly -- as not to make it look like he was panicking in any manner -- Dimitri rested his hands instead in his lap. Taking a breath, the Ravenclaw looked across at Nerisei with a smile.

"I should probably leave you to your practice..." He said softly, because he realised now just how much he'd encroached on Neri's practice without actually asking if it was okay. It was rude, unnecessary, and a whole host of other negatives, and Dimitri was not that kind of man. He didn't want to be that kind of man.

After one more moment, Dimitri stood from the piano, and started towards the door before turning back to face the witch. "We'll... play again some time?" He offered, kind of, in a manner, asking to see his housemate again in this situation.



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Nerisei Gerber
Ravenclaw Prefect
Ravenclaw Prefect

Posts : 261
Birthday : 2007-11-07
Join date : 2017-10-17

PostSubject: Re: Duet with Me? [Dimitri]   Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:53 am

She knew that this dream would come to an end sooner or later. The moment the song ended, Neri remained still, not really knowing what to do after everything that had happened. Yes, they shared a few words but it still felt weird. After all, it wasn't like this incident made them friends right away. It didn't make then anything, Neri believed.

But the Ravenclaw wizard remained unmoving as well, making the witch question his actions. What was that kept him there still? He wanted to play more or was it the fact that running out of the room would make him look too much of a scared coward? Neither question was answered though.

Dmitry carefully placed his hands in his lap, muttering something about how it would be better if he left her to her practice, and Neri inwardly sighed. Of course he would leave. And of course, she would probably never have the chance to talk to him like this ever again.

But as he was moving away, he stopped. Turning to face her, Dimitri did the most unnatural thing and asked to play with her again sometime. Neri raised an eyebrow but nodded her consent. She was not fooled though. She knew very well that this would be the last time she and Dimitri played next to each other... Or would it?


Nerisei Iona Gerber ~ Ravenclaw Seeker ~ Sixth Year ~ Single ~ Diary ~ Plot Page
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PostSubject: Re: Duet with Me? [Dimitri]   

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Duet with Me? [Dimitri]
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