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 Coming of Age (Pureblood Families Only)

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Tess Holmes
Slytherin Fifth Year
Slytherin Fifth Year

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PostSubject: Coming of Age (Pureblood Families Only)    Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:11 am

This whole Christmas break had been so hectic due to the simple fact that she was having her sixteenth birthday celebrated. To anyone else who was not pureblood, this would be an exciting moment, but for her, in reality it was torture. She had refused to plan anything for the simple fact that it would make it real, yet the day came. Her grandmere had planned everything; from the invitations to the place setting and her dress. She hadn't even looked at it but her grandmere had insisted it was perfectly set for her. She had only tried on the sample white chemise that was measured to her.

Her head was forcefully turned as they applied the finishing touches to her face. She had sat in her place for over an hour as they pulled and placed her hair in a specific place. She felt so much like a doll it truly had disgusted her at first. Now she took it in stride.

"Done" was all they uttered before ushering her to the next room. Ther was the first time she saw her dress. The silhuete was simple and soft and so much unlike her. She had expected a soft blue or something that was more...more legitimately her. But her grandmere had insisted of something more feminine and more alluring. As she slipped it on, her only comfort was that it wasn't too heavy as she had expected.

She did not bother to look into the mirror, she knew she looked ridiculous. Still, when her brother took a look at her and his eyes softened, Tess felt something inside her relax only to twist again. He lead her towards the ballroom and she let out a breath. This was too much, but as the music began and she came down the staircase she felt the woosh feeling happen. A small gentle smile rose to her face, insincere, but worth of an award if there was ever one given.

She could only hope some friendly faces had visited and not just full of snobs. Still, as her father took her hand and lead her around she began to greet everyone, her gaze moving away to look for her people.


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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Coming of Age (Pureblood Families Only)    Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:53 pm

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Coming of Age (Pureblood Families Only)
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