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 Miles Dragonheart.

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PostSubject: Miles Dragonheart.   Sat Mar 28, 2015 3:10 pm

Full Name: Miles Dragonheart Cavaller
Date of Birth: 21 July 1997
Birthplace: UK (England).
Current home: Moving between Barcelona and Lancaster.
Blood Status: Halfblood, mainly Muggle paternal side, mainly wizard maternal side.
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual.
Wand type: Dragon Heart String core, especificially from a Hungarian Horntail, Ebony. Rigid but not unbendable, fourteen inches.

Hair: Long, dark brown hair.
Eye colour: An outside grey iris, golden 'ring' and brown around the pupil. (Central heterochromia, it's a real thing)
Height: 6 feet (once grown, obviously, not when he entered Hogwarts)
Body type: Big but not too bulky, more fit than anything.
Dress style: Mostly comfortable, sometimes formal clothes. Often a nice red jumper, black jeans and boots.

Tatoos: None.
Birthmarks: None.
Scars: two around the right eye, one under the eyebrow, the other under the eye.

Likes: Company, nature, flying, learning about the Wizarding world.
Dislikes: Bullies and close minded people.
Strengths: Good memory for things hr id fond of and quick learning curve for spells. More than decent at flying.
Weaknesses: A really big love for travel and curiosity that leads to some problems.
Positive traits: loyal to friends and principles, open minded but not so easily influenced.
Negative traits: occasionally a bit too hard to make change his mind with certain topics.

Born to a marriage between a Spaniard Muggle father and an English wizard mother, he learnt three languages (living during childhood in a Catalan speaking area) and opened his mind to different cultures. Continues the Muggle studies even during Hogwarts' years, including learning new languages. Always had an affinity with nature and likes architecture. Maternal surname comes first out of an agreement of the couple.

Mother: Elisabeth DragonHeart, Wizard, Living.
Father: Alexandre Cavaller, Muggle, Living.
Brother: Andrew Dragonheart Cavaller, three years older, living.

Lucy, a mixed breed dog, looks like a black and brown Teckel but with a shorter bodies and white under the mouth and on the 'chest', as well as a curly tail.
Drake, an eagle that delivers family messages, doesn't belong to him particularly.
Nightwing: A messenger crow, a bit cheeky, belongs to both Miles and Andrew.

Family Background:
Both families led simple lifestyles, the father's side being mostly pastoral, and the maternal used to care for horses. They met as the mother went to Catalonia in holiday, and they fell in love. Father is a big ignorant of many things and never learnt English, mother had to learn Spanish. Neither speak Catalan, but Miles and Andrew did since they grew there until going to Hogwarts save for occasional trips to the UK. Both sibilings born in the UK.
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PostSubject: Re: Miles Dragonheart.   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:27 pm

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Miles Dragonheart.
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