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 Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places [Mycroft]

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PostSubject: Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places [Mycroft]   Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:04 pm

Gwenaelle was unused to being in the dark about things.

Not-knowing was her least favorite state of mind to be in, she'd take stress or anxiety or sadness over the frustration of being lost in a particular place or feeling. She gave a frustrated growl as she held the papers closer to her chest. She wanted to take the girls out to breakfast, treat them someewhere nice, but she wouldn't be back in time at this rate. Why was the English Ministry so much larger and complicated than the American one? In America, they had the nice signs and greeters everywhere, but whatever. She took a calming, steadying breath and straightened her spine. She'd opted to keep her hair down instead of tying it up, letting her locks frame her face, as she brushed the palms of her hand down her skirt. Brushing her hair behind her ears, she started with a little more optimism. Surely, finding the Department that dealt with verification for Healing licenses couldn't be too hard to find.

Twelve minutes later, and somehow, Gwen managed to be just as lost as before, scrambling around now. She felt as if she'd walked in a million circles and then some, but no matter how many times she circled the floor, she couldn't find the darn place she was looking for. To be fair, she also wasn't quite sure where she was supposed to be heading. Any bit of direction would be welcome at this point. She checked the time on her watch, something she wasn't keen on using except for when she was amid the magical world, and noted that at this point, Mona was up feeding Kiko. She gave a frustrated growl as she frantically looked around. She took another calming breath, and figured she'd have to swallow her pride if she'd be able to make it back in time for lunch. Brushing her hair back from her face, she found the most approachable figure she could, also the closest and tallest figure. Unconsciously, her own posture straightened, wanting to be seen as almost equally as tall to the figure, as she reached a hand out and tapped his back cautiously.

"Excuse me, my apologies for disturbing you, but I appear to be lost, could you possibly give me some directions?" She paused. "That is, if you're familiar with this Ministry," she added, her nerves on the inside were running rampant, though she was putting on her best calm front.
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PostSubject: Re: Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places [Mycroft]   Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:40 am

"At two you have the appointment with the Law and Motion members of Wizengamors. Remember you cannot reschedule as you have done so the last two sessions"

Mycroft tried not to roll his eyes as the older woman rushed behind him trying to keep up with his long strides. Ruth Hudson was an older woman in her sixties who decided that she would manage his calendar due to his indifference of being organized. He swore up and down that he had everything memories in his head, but the pudgy old woman did not buy it. In this case he really wasn't lying, but allowed the woman to be his pseudo--secretary. She was kind and something akin to a grandmother (if his grandmother wasn't a manipulative termagant sometimes) , and made sure he was fed. He appreciated her very much despite her overbearing nature.

"Yes, Yes Mrs. Hudson, I won't forget. Now will you please leave me alone. I have repeated this multiple times, but I am not fond of the whole" he moved his hands around signaling her scroll and quill that floated around them. "I do not mind it at our wing, but it's the public floor Mrs. Hudson. I'd rather not want people to know my schedule."

"Oh you are so silly" she poked his side before ordering him to eat the meal she would buy him later in the day. So much for him being the one in charge.

He was incredibly amused by her antics, especially as she shooed people away from him as she left. It was this brief moment wherein someone actually tried to get his attention. He seemed surprised and turned around once he heard the question, before coming face to face with a familiar face.

"Gwen?" he asked aloud confused why she was here and why his teenage self was coming out.
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Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places [Mycroft]
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