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 The Killer in Me {Alexei's Plotting Page}

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PostSubject: The Killer in Me {Alexei's Plotting Page}   Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:52 pm

Alexei Blackthorn
18 || Slytherin || Italian || Single
Assertive | Hardworking | Opprtunistic | Guarded

Brief History:

Coming from Italy, Alexei has a very murky and dark history, filled with abuse, killing and torture. He never had a childhood and he never knew the love of a parent. From a young age, he has been turned into a killing machine for his father, doing the dirty work for the man. By the time he turned fifteen his entire history was so bloody that even he is scared of recalling it. The nightmares that he gets are frequent and dark often leading him to spend sleepless nights in the highest tower at Hogwarts or outside in the garden when he's at home.

Brief Personality:

Alexei is the worst case of an abused kid. A fractured mind, psychotic tendencies when he's in the mood, nightmares every night. Despite all that though, he puts up a friendly air, trying hard to find friends who wouldn't condemn him for his past. He has no ability to love someone romantically and he fears to get close to anyone in that regard. He has no problems flirting or sleeping around with anyone but getting close to them to give them hope is out of the question. He's not looking for a permanent relationship but hopes that somewhere in the future he would be able to have a relatively normal life.

Looking for:

~ Friends
~ Enemies
~ Frenemies
~ Casual Acquaintances
~ Possible Girlfriend/Boyfriend though they have to be aware that he wouldn't be able to love them like they would want him to love them

Current Plots:

~ A possible relationship with Elenore, though still working on details.






~ N/A

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Elenore Clement
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Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Re: The Killer in Me {Alexei's Plotting Page}   Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:56 pm


*pokes in to action*



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The Killer in Me {Alexei's Plotting Page}
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