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 About What Happened Last Night (Ellie/Jacques)

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PostSubject: About What Happened Last Night (Ellie/Jacques)   Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:41 pm

Ellie Brennham was the only Brennham still in England, her family members were in America, happily too. Most of her siblings had a reason to stay in America, Caelan was with a  nice  boy named Stephen, and Phil just accepted an internship under a well-seasoned Dragon-Trainer. She was extremely relieved that her mother was doing much better than before, that she'd even started Potioneering again, and her father adjusted well to staying back home and taking care of the younger ones, Katherina, Taela, and Macen now. They still had a considerable bank they would be living off of before mom would be fully recovered and pops would pick up a job, Macen was three now, and pops had an  offer at the American Ministry, so Ellie was excited to receive her next letter from them. The letters she exchanged with her family were always the highlight of her week.

Gabrielle has never been the type to hold herself back from what she wanted. She's always wanted to be an Auror and go to Uni, and so she made her decision. Her family was happy for her, positively proud that she was pursuing her dream career and her living style. University was unbelievably fun for her. Party after party, meeting new guys, gaining new life experiences. She was doing just fine in school as well, but despite all this, she couldn't seem to shake her roots. In regards to roots, she was surprised, and secretly pleased, to have some classes with Jacques Clement. Just as she was before, immediately, Ellie fell into old patterns. They never got along too well, but the spark between them was ridiculously addicting. She thrived off of the sensations he inspired in her when it came to fighting.

Verbal sparring and banter seemed to be a spark for lust in her, so her interactions with Jacques always left her needy and curious. She would never willingly admit it, but unfortunately, Jacques was woefully attractive and he was one of the only people that spoke to Ellie with any ounce of truth. He saw her attitudes as questionable, to which she couldn't deny, but he brought out this fiery, vibrant side of her. They ran so hot and cold, it was hard to keep with him sometimes, but she secretly reveled in their conversations. She was astute enough to recognize a level of sexual tension between them, but there was never an opportunity to address it until... Well, last night. She flushed just thinking about it as she decided to get dressed. Upon leaving Jacques home, as fast as she humanly could upon getting dressed, unfortunately and shamefully forgetting her underwear in some corner since she couldn't find it. She showered furiously, trying to regain all her memories after taking a Hangover Away Potion that morning, and needless to say, they were rather... intense.

She was flushed the entire time she got ready, but once she was robed, she owl'd Jacques requesting he meet her for lunch at a rather discreet restuarant in England. It was located on the top floor of a corporate building in muggle England, but the restaurant itself was hidden in a door that looked like a storage room. Exclusively, on magical folk knew about it, and Ellie had reservations. She requested Jacques meet her in front of the muggle building so she could walk them up, checking her watch, she gave a heavy sigh and nervously grabbed her purse, setting the wards on her apartment before heading out.

Ellie stood in front of the building, mentally preparing herself to talk about the events of last night.
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Jacques Clement
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PostSubject: Re: About What Happened Last Night (Ellie/Jacques)   Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:22 pm

Ellie Brennham had been nothing short of a whirlwind since he'd met the witch back in first year. Ellie was a fireball, which was only confirmed when the Sorting Hat had touched her head, and almost instantly shouted Gryffindor. At that point, Jacques would never have known that they would have had something that was almost impossible to explain throughout the years.

But, it was quite the whirlwind.

And, Ellie Brennham was perhaps one of only a few secret Jacques kept from his Maman. Ellie was a Pureblood, yes, but she was from a house that he could never, ever marry in to -- not that Jacques wanted to marry Ellie, oh no, but he understood the implications of showing any kind of feeling to a female Pureblood outside of their family, and Jacques had never wanted that.

Though, when Ellie had moved away in their sixth year, due to some family problem Jacques had never been privy to, he'd opened up to his Maman about the young witch who baffled him so. The knowing smile from the Lady Clement had not been one Jacques had understood, and soon enough, Jacques had found other sources of interest to keep him occupied.

His N.E.W.T.S. had come, and they'd gone with little fanfare (or as little as anyone can get past the Lady Clement when she'd proud of her children) before he'd decided to head off to University.

To say Jacques had been surprised on the arrival of one Gabrielle Brennham on the sign up sheets for his courses would have been an understatement. The smile that had touched his lips -- or perhaps it was a smirk -- was one which even Jacques couldn't have denied in that moment. They'd sparked up where they left off from that moment. Their arguments getting deeper with their new found knowledge that came with their studying on their course. Once again falling in to the pattern of never really agreeing on a subject, but both having very good reasoning behind their arguments for their beliefs.

It was refreshing, having someone like Ellie in your life once more. Ellie did not think like a typical Pureblood, so her views offered a whole new perspective than the points his tutors, or his Maman, or even his Papa could come up with, and Jacques revelled in the challenge that was created.

It had been such an occasion last night. Ellie and he had been partnered for a project for their end of year grades. It was a lengthy paper on the uses of dark magic in the detainment of criminals. A subject that Jacques, personally, had no qualms in giving Aurors the right to use any means necessary to bring in the criminals. Be it the low key 'dark' spells, or the Forgivables.

The debate had grown heated, both of them not letting go of their opinions, until...

It had broken down every wall that had ever been there, in truth, Jacques had grown more and more frustrated with Ellie's nonsense that she was spouting, suggesting he was wrong, until finally he could take listening no more. His lips had moved to silence the witch, careful at first, until he'd felt her kissing him back. The escalation had been faster than either one of them could have anticipated, but neither one of them -- through their own foolishness, or otherwise -- had asked the other to stop.

That had been less than ten hours ago now.

Jacques' eyes had barely opened as he felt the bed move beside him. They'd opened long enough to see Ellie grabbing her clothes, and he'd protested long enough to let out her name as a soft sign of his lack of appreciation for her waking him, before he'd rolled over to go back to sleep.

Drinking, Jacques had decided, whilst also working on their project -- even if only a draft level for their argument -- had not been a good idea at all. Well, maybe it wasn't so bad a thing, they'd spent half the night trying to best one another, if not more, and Jacques was still adamant he had the upper hand.

An owl had come too soon after -- pecking at the window until Jacques had moved to open it and let the bird in. A note from Ellie denoted she wished to see him for lunch. Groaning softly at that, Jacques moved to the shower, and cleaned himself up, making himself once more the perfect display of the Clement heir with the aid of a potion or two to stop his head from buzzing annoyingly.

Pulling on a shirt and suit pants, Jacques had apparated to the location he'd been given, deciding against angering the Brennham heiress. After all, her temper was much too violent for his tastes, and he'd much prefer to see what she had to say. Upon noticing the witch in question, a smile touched Jacques' features, and he moved to her in a few large strides.

"Brennham." He greeted, quirking an eyebrow. "If you'd wanted to see me so soon, why'd you run off?" Jacques asked, dropping his voice just enough for no one else to hear.

"Shall we?" Jacques added, motioning for her to lead the way. As usual, though, Jacques would get any door for her, and her chair, because even if they'd had some kind of casual fling, Jacques Clement was always a gentleman.


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About What Happened Last Night (Ellie/Jacques)
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