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 An Assessment of Apprenticeship [Tess]

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PostSubject: An Assessment of Apprenticeship [Tess]   Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:47 pm

Monalee was never up earlier than Gwen, but that Friday morning, she was. Her daughter wasn't the best cook however, she made French toast, eggs, and bacon, which wasn't the most difficult, and the breakfast food she made was delicious. She'd even used their dripper and the special beans from Columbia to make their cups of coffee, and mushed up seedless strawberries and bananas for Kiko. Gwen was constantly surprised and amazed by Mona's quickly developing adulthood. She felt her heart restrict painfully, as she thought of where she was when she was Gwen's age. She was dating Wendell, taking care of Mona, and no matter how much she did for her girls, she felt she wasn't doing enough. Mona was smart enough to understand what was happening between Wendell and Gwen before she, herself, noticed. However, Gwen wasn't self-centered enough to think that Mona didn't miss Wendell. He was her father-figure for so much of their shared lives, and he always lifted her up, made her feel better, made her feel safe. Gwen couldn't give Kiko that, couldn't give Mona that. She just hoped they didn't feel as if they needed that. She hoped her love and support was enough. She wanted to feel as if she was enough for them both.

Before Kiko woke up, Gwen and Mona had a good conversation about how Mona was feeling with this big change. And about how she was dealing with being separated from Wendell. In no short words, Mona affirmed that although she missed him, it would be impossible not to, she knew this change was a necessity, a proper way for them to start their lives. He'd hurt them, in a monstrous way, that destroyed his ties to them, from Mona's perspective, and in some time, they could all learn to forgive him, but for now, they needed space and time for mercy to grow in their hearts. She and Mona embraced, her feeling tearful but not giving in yet, and she gave her a kiss on the temple before checking the time. She had an appointment at St. Mungo's to take. Mona said she'd found a University for magical students she may take up to tighten up her journalism skills, so she'd figure out the application process for fall.

Mycroft had suggested his sister take an apprenticeship with Gwenaelle, since she wanted to be a Healer someday. Gwen was profficient in Potions, and wanted to see if Tess was as well, so she set up an appointment in the Potioneering area and she was going to supervise Tess's Potioneering skills when it came to simple Healing potions. If Tess liked Potioneering, then Gwen's department may be best, and if Tess had an affinity for researching like Gwen did, perhaps, they'd even have projects to work on together someday.

She waited patiently in the Potioneering Department, after changing and tying her hair back, hands behind her back, waiting to see any young woman. She'd gone against wearing scrubs like she usually did when she was brewing, but she wanted Tess to be comfortable, as professionally as possible, so she stayed in her normal clothes. She waited with her hands behind her back, to meet her possible future apprentice.
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PostSubject: Re: An Assessment of Apprenticeship [Tess]   Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:45 am

When her brother had gone to the summit, Tess had actually worried over him. She would never admit it to anyone else, but when he had said goodbye and pulled her close, she dug her nails into his suit, admittedly scared of losing him. It was at that moment she realized that the year had changed their relationship. While not always there or wanting him to be there, he was a constant that she had grown to be fond of. No longer was her a stranger that claimed to be her brother, but now she loved him.

Now he had sent her a letter with specific instructions with the idea of her possibly getting an internship during the summer. Her father had not been happy at the thought of her being seen as a worker, but she had assured him that women now were more than just looks and she could take care of her future children should it be needed.

It was stupid; her argument was weak but he bought it. So like scheduled, she put her hair up in a high ponytail and wore a simple black dress. She did not want to seem underdressed [she took this seriously] nor over dressed [could do little work without it]. As politely as she could she knocked on the door waiting to be let in and hoping she would not muck it up.

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An Assessment of Apprenticeship [Tess]
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