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 The British Territory - 4 June 2023 (Kamren & Mycroft)

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PostSubject: The British Territory - 4 June 2023 (Kamren & Mycroft)   Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:53 am

After the agreement from Mycroft Holmes had been taken by the Minister, the Ministry had been set in to motion with Kamren's plans. His secretary had brought the papers through with a query -- where was Clarinda's name in the paperwork, surely the Minister's wife would be heading out to the Cayman Islands with him, after all, it was an all expenses paid trip.

Kamren had waved Jack away with the explanation that this was a place for politicians. The frown from the secretary had lasted for a moment, before he'd accepted it and gone off to book two suites -- the Harbour Suites -- at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Clarinda had understood when he'd gone home with the news that evening. She always did, but even if Clarinda understood, Kamren had brought her to the sofa to explain his reasoning to leave her at home, with Lux. His wife's safety, and their daughter's safety, was more important to Kamren than anything else in the world. They would, in Kamren's opinion, be much safer at home with their normal, tight security, than Kamren could ever promise them if he took them halfway across the world, to a country that was riddled with criminals.

Not to mention... Kamren had shivered slightly when he had mentioned the Somalian delegate that would be in attendance.

Clarinda, though, had brought her hand up to gently cup his cheek, directing his eyes from the floor to her own as her thumb gently caressed the light stubble in evidence on his cheek. He remembered, with a fond smile, the way she'd told him to stop apologising for doing what he knew was the right thing. To remember she trusted him, and his decisions, without a second thought. And that, that she had sealed with the softest of kisses to his lips, making Kamren thank his lucky stars for the millionth time in his life, to have been blessed with the most perfect of women in the world.

But that moment, as always, was pulled back to reality with the announcement of their daughter, and the disgusted noise she made shortly before slamming the door behind her as she headed out for the evening.


The weeks that had come after that had been filled with paperwork, meetings with the Ministry officials, planning of movements, the readying of the Auror squad that would be escorting them to the Cayman Islands, the press releases that kept coming out each time an official statement was read by the papers. Kamren's face had, once again, been plastered over the front of every wizarding paper in existence. Some called for his resignation, others hailed him as the perfect man for the job, many questioned his stance on the Statute, but Kamren had stopped reading the stories about himself many years ago.

The morning of the fourth of June saw the Minister wishing his small family a fond farewell, managing to pull Lux in to a small hug without too much fuss before she disappeared again -- commenting on needing to get away before the disgusting show of affection started.

Kamren had turned to his wife with a smile playing on his lips, before pulling her in to a much more willing hug. A small shine of tears were evident in Kamren's eyes -- he hated goodbyes, no matter how short they might be -- as he pulled back enough to press a kiss to Clarinda's lips, and then her forehead.

"I'm going to miss you." The Minister told her softly, holding on to her just that moment longer.

"You're not going to have time to miss me." Clarinda replied fondly, leaning back enough to see her husband's face properly. "You're going to prove to the world that you're just as brilliant as I know you are." She insisted, wiping the one small tear from Kamren's features before it had time to fall. "You'll set me off." She added with a warning, and Kamren made a small attempt at pulling himself together before her lips were on his, filling him with the confidence that only Clarinda could possibly manage.

"Now, go." She added softly, looking up to him with a small, yet sad, smile.

"I love you." Kamren whispered in the final moment, pausing for a moment longer before disentangling himself from his wife and moving to the door where his suitcase stood. His hand had just touched the door handle when Clarinda's voice reached out to him once more.

"I'm proud of you, Kam. I know you're doing the right thing."


The flight had been a mission of paperwork, but a necessary evil. The private jet was only just big enough for the entourage that was coming from the British Ministry. Kamren might only be allowed to bring one guest with him, and in this case it was Mycrot, but that would not mean he was coming alone. The Ministry had made certain of the safety of the British officials, and the two dozen Aurors in their company was a showcase to the world. Britain was not a force to be reckoned with.

Excessive, was what Kamren would call it, in truth.

When they'd touched down in the Cayman's, Kamren had emerged from the plane to a flurry of cameras following him and Mycroft through the terminal, and in to the cars that would take them to the Hotel. Only once the doors were closed, did Kamren turn his attention to his second.

"Ready for the show?" He asked Mycroft with a laugh, not unused to the publicity himself, but he knew the younger man might not quite be ready for such exposure.
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PostSubject: Re: The British Territory - 4 June 2023 (Kamren & Mycroft)   Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:41 am

There were a few moments in his life when he realized that he was spectacularly naive and this was one of them. When he agreed to go with the Minister of Magic, he felt a great amount of pride in it; the idea of being noticed, of being invited and on having potential for more was amazing. When he had accepted the offer, he felt as if he was walking on a cloud. He was let out early, and he barely remembered getting out before he suddenly found himself entering the manor.

At first his father had been surprised at the sudden visit, that is until Mycroft told his father the offer he was given. His father had smiled a genuine smile and it had shaken Mycroft to the core at how happy he was. His father was sure that this would mean that they would be able to crush the whole idea of the statute and it would go back to segregation. He ignored the ramblings of his old man and instead truly took in the situation.

The trip was a dangerous one, to stick your neck out there for your beliefs was one thing; to do it beside the Minister as some people weren't fond of him was another. So few members of the pureblood society prided themselves on politics because some cards would be needed to be played. So there he found himself wondering exactly how this would play out.


The goodbyes had been an interesting one. His father had completely forgotten and had gone on a business trip without so much as a goodbye. If he was perfectly honest he wasn't surprised; his father was many things but being neglectful was his strongest quality. He had assumed that he would be heading out without so much as a goodbye from anyone that is until he had seen exactly what she had planned.

He saw her leaning against the main door leading to the gardens where his private ride awaited him. She looked nervous, especially as she moved her weight from one foot to the other. When she looked up at him, she smiled.

"Myce" she shyly walked closer and he found himself wondering just what his baby sister had planned.

"What's this?" he asked as a box was shoved into his hands.

"I-It's just for the trip. I don't know how long it'll be for you to get there considering the long negotiations, planning and you...you never sleep. So I made a small care package." she blushed slightly. "Some snacks, some soothing remedies to help you sleep, some balms for stress."

When she looked up at him and looked at him seriously he knew that this was no joke. "I want you to be safe. People will know who you are...which Father is proud but...but I want you to be safe. Come back..I don't say it often but...you know" she wrung her hands nervously. "I love you"

He openly smiled at her confession and pulled her into a hug much to her discomfort. While it was not the greatest goodbye by normal standards, simply knowing that he was appreciated by the one person he cared about most was the best thing.

And so the rest of his trip was taking notes, preparing arguments, and taking a bite of surprisingly edible sweets she'd made him. While he was less than fond of them, the baker made it taste better.


"Ready for the show?"

If he was quite honest with himself, no he wasn't. He was known to be elusive to the cameras when they sought him out to get a good look at him. He was uncaring of such notions of being photographed, but as the Minister pushed the door open and he walked out. Mycroft simply placed his aviators on and walked out of the plane trying to look as indifferent as possible.

He knew that there was a price to pay, but tabloids was not something he ever thought of.
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The British Territory - 4 June 2023 (Kamren & Mycroft)
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