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 Arrival of the Japanese Minister {Open}

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Michelle Roux

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PostSubject: Arrival of the Japanese Minister {Open}   Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:38 am

Airi's Clothes:
Arriving at the Cayman Islands, Airi was taken aback by the beautiful scenery that greeted her. From tall mountain tops in the fair distance to the beautiful blue sea on the other side, Airi couldn't help but marvel silently at the beauty of the place and despite the many rumours about the Island, the young witch couldn't help but be envious of the place. Japan, while an island itself, was not as equally beautiful as this place and that just made her pout as she made her way towards the hotel she would be staying at for the duration of the summit.

Speaking of the summit, she couldn't help but silently wonder if her cousin had stepped back from his position as Minister of Magic in Japan purely because of this reason. Despite being well-liked by the populace of Japan, Kaoru had been no politician and Airi didn't doubt that her cousin would've just messed this summit for his own amusement, having known her cousin for as long as she had, Airi was pretty well aware just how much mischief the older male could get up to. Even though Kaoru was well over thirty, he still acted like he was a teenager.

Breathing in the fresh air, Airi smiled to herself as she finally saw the hotel she was to be living in for the next few days. As soon as she had her bags sequestered away in her room, Airi took her clutch bag and swiftly made her way out of the hotel to sightsee, the Summit wasn't due to start for another day so the Japanese female had time to do some sightseeing and hopefully buy some souvenirs for her family back home.


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Andrei Kessler
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Hogwarts Staff

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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Japanese Minister {Open}   Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:05 am

This was not Yusuf’s first trip to the Caymans and, with any luck, it would not be his last. His other, well, let’s call them business oriented trips made liberal use of cinderblocks, unmarked bills, and, oddly enough, a few thousand rubber ducks. For the moment, however, these past enterprises would remain firmly in the past or at the bottom of the ocean as the case may or may not be. After all, it simply wouldn’t do to have the honorable delegate from the sovereign state of Somalia find himself embroiled in any such falsified ‘shady’ business, leave that to less civil Western countries.

The battle-hardened generalissimo arrived two weeks in advance of the scheduled meeting date. Unlike his contemporaries, Yusuf cared about the finer things in life like not being jet legged out of his mind. That said, he spent much of his time cloistered away in a West Bay villa doing one of three things: drinking, gambling, and plotting or all three at the same time.

Man’s got to live a little, no?

The day before the summit, however, marked a change of pace for him as he left his normal haunt in favor of the island’s commercial district. While never an avid shopper unless looking for something that sliced or shot, the Somalian representative felt it necessary to make a public appearance of some sort.

He had nothing formal planned, but a man of his stature and dress was sure to draw attention. Wearing freshly pressed military fatigues, decorated with medals of every sort, and sporting thin frameless glasses the man looked like someone out of a revolutionary movement. The only issue with the comparison, of course, being that the Somalian crushed revolutions under his boot heel instead of leading them, but who cares about such small details anyway? Yusuf certainly didn’t and though his graying beard betrayed his age the spring in his step told of a man unafraid of what lay before him.

In this case what lay before him was probably the biggest tourist trap in existence. Ok, maybe a bit of a hyperbole, but there were more than a few people shuffling their way in and out of small souvenir shops here and there. The whole place looked like something out of the man's nightmares.

Crowds always worried Yusuf. Sure, he trusted his bodyguards and his bullet proofing charm, but he couldn’t help his hand from hovering over his left pants pocket when aimless tourists got too close. At one point, he nearly turned a group of Muggles to dust as they mocked his attire in their idiotic English language that they no doubt assumed he couldn’t understand. Some people had a death wish apparently.

Suffice to say the peaceful streets of Grand Cayman didn't suit the warlord.

Or perhaps it was the warlord who didn't suit the streets?


Thanks for the banner, Krissu.

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Arrival of the Japanese Minister {Open}
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