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 The Start of Something New {Elenore and Alexei}

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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something New {Elenore and Alexei}   Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:41 am

30th July 2023

Dearest Elenore,

I've got to say, you have a mean streak going on in you. Your maman must've really hurt you for you to do that but I can't blame you for that, I'm not too sure what went on between the two of you but it must've hurt you terribly.

You go, girl! Show your maman how much you are having fun even being grounded to your bedchambers. I must tell you that when I was a child still living with my dear father, I did everything in my power to anger and infuriate him and my step-mother by learning whatever I could, it got on his last nerve everytime.

As my brother would say, hindsight is twenty-twenty, your maman thought that by taking away your freedom in a sense you would break but it's the opposite for you, isn't it? You just get more pleasure out of it.

The spoils go to the victors so the victors write the history, huh? History is never written clearly, that's true. It's more of a 'we won so let's paint the opposing side in bad light'. I'll look forward to listening personally to that part of your family history, something tells me that it's not a nice tale.

Well, I'm not really that surprised but then again, it is a surprise to hear that. I'll look forward to you showing me then.

Fun and dangerous I suppose. Runes are temperamental at best and dealing with them is like dealing with a five-year-old toddler in the middle of a tantrum. But its been said, by my brother so he may be biased, that I have that gentle touch to Runes that many don't have. I'll look forward to seeing what your plan will entitle.

Oh yes, I got drunk but I have such a high tolerance for alcohol that I got over it very quickly. Well, let's just say that under alcohol influence, people act differently to how they do when they're sober. Some are more forthcoming while others are a right moody bunch.

Thirty-three days and counting...


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Elenore Clement
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Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something New {Elenore and Alexei}   Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:36 pm

10th August 2023

Dear Alexei,

I would apologise for my late response if I had a good enough excuse to have not written sooner, however, I do not have any reasonable excuse, other than being submerged in new things around the Palace.

Today is my brother's birthday, but I have yet to see him. It is the child's birthday in three days, but I refuse to show an interest in that day, either. The Palace will do that for both of them more than enough in the coming days, my own presence will not be necessary.

Perhaps when we're both at Hogwarts I will explain the whole situation to you. I feel writing it all down will not give the right picture of the situation, and I'd rather know you're not just saying I'm right because it is easy to do so in writing.

I don't pretend to know what my Maman is trying to do, but I can assure you she is not winning.

Enough about me, and my awful family, though. Let's talk about more neutral topics. Let's talk about you... I don't know...

Can you deal with children having a tantrum? Most people can't, so if you can that would be quite something! I hope you do get to go in to Runes... If you'd like, I can ask Papa for a contact in order to get you work in that line. Though, of course, I wouldn't wish to presume you didn't have your own... The offer is there, if you ever need it.

I think I'd like to get drunk. Perhaps...

Twenty two days. You'll meet me on the Hogwarts Express, won't you?




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The Start of Something New {Elenore and Alexei}
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