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 The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)

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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:59 pm

The question took him off guard if the blinking of his eyes was anything to go by and he easily flushed, clearly remembering his words and realizing how they may have been taken. "I apologize, I didn't mean to imply anything." He winced, silently berating himself. This was Elenore Clement he was speaking to after all and she had no need for him to flaunt his money around, though why he even did it evaded him for the moment.

Money that he and Marcus had stolen from their father was stained with the blood of the people he had assassinated and while it made the former assassin shiver and sneer in disgust at having to touch that money, he silently apologized to all the people that he had been forced to kill and then forced to steal their monies. It wasn't a part of his past that he liked and he doubted that he ever would.

"We tend to have a more subdued but close party where we catch up on each other's summers and try to work out a working schedule for Quidditch practice, working out a schedule for mentoring the younger students, working out study schedules and showing the firsties around, though I try to abstain from that, I'm not too fond of handling kids who don't know what stop means. I tend to get... violent you could say." Which was like saying the sky was blue. "I wouldn't mind getting an early start, at least it gives me a good reason to bow away from the... needs to socialize longer than necessary." He had always been a bit of a lone wolf, and even in Slytherin, it was unheard of for someone to not want to make connects and socialize with his peers.

"Depends on the question. I may answer but I don't promise anything." He replied vaguely, clearly aware that the answer had annoyed the younger witch and the smirk that played on his lips told the Hufflepuff witch that he was aware that he rattled her slightly at his evasive answer.

A long stifled silence overtook the carriage after the question had been voiced and Alexei took a long, hard look at the witch in front of him. There was no right or wrong answer to this question clearly. "I think," He paused. "That you should do what you believe is right. Personally, I would stay out of the situation unless there was a need for it. If she loves the guy, though I suppose that is a big if, then nothing would go wrong.. However, the fact that he's a public figure is bad enough add onto that the age difference, this could lead to a scandal that neither she nor he would be able to get away from. It's just on the right side of the law yet at the same time she is still a minor."
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Elenore Clement
Hufflepuff Seventh Year
Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:38 pm

Alexei's apology was one Elenore waved away. All men were the same, trying to out do one another, knowingly or otherwise. It amused her, that Alexei had tried it, but she didn't make a further comment on that, it was not of any use in that moment.

The explanation of what the Slytherin's got up to after the Start of Term Feast made Elenore nod along, before frowning slightly as she realised something. "In our letters, you said that you like to play Quidditch, but you're not on the team... Why not? I mean, if you like it that much, why don't you try out this year? It's your final year... it would be fun." Elenore asked, encouraging him in that moment to follow something he enjoyed if he really wanted to.

An amused smile touched Elenore's lips as Alexei said he didn't much like children. "I think small children are great, but when they get older, and they start to get their own minds..." The French witch shook her head slightly at the thought. Though, in fairness to children, Elenore's experience was solely brought about through Mimosa's visits.

"Exactly my point. I'm wondering if I should keep my distance from her. I don't wish to be associated with the scandal... and yet, I feel a little bit sorry for her. I don't think she really understands what she's done..." Elenore mused, shaking her head slightly once more. "But, never mind, that's not something I imagine you'd like to be concerned with." She added, giving a brighter smile. It was so easy, talking to Alexei, he made life seem so much easier when it wasn't really that easy to get through.

Elenore looked out of the window for a moment, looking out across the multitude of faces as the train began to rumble in to motion. "Ready for your last journey?" Elenore asked, looking back to him with a fond smile upon her lips. "I brought some playing cards with me. Do you know how to play Bridge?" Elenore asked, because although she wished to talk to Alexei all the way there, some things could wait a while longer.


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Dominique Greene
Gryffindor Second Year
Gryffindor Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:27 am

Today was the day, Dominique was finally going to Hogwarts. As she knew that this would be tough on her mom. She promised to write her as often as she could. But she was so excited because she was going to be there with her friends. As she was hoping that she was in the Gryffindor house. And it was because that was her mom’s house when she attended Hogwarts. But she was told that any of the houses would be just as fine. Dominique made sure that she was packed weeks before having to leave. And it was because she was so excited. Everything was ready as both she and her mom made their way to King Cross Station.

Dominique knew that she had to find Mercy and Mimosa. As she knew that Mercy was going to be heading into her second year. As she was going to be a first year with her best friend. But she knew that they all would have many adventures together.  She was a little sad that she was going to be away from her mom. As this was the first time where they were going to be spending time apart. But Dominique knew that this was important. And that everything would be alright. And in time Hogwarts would be home. And she was told that where ever the sorting hat put her was her house. She was just excited to already start. As she knew that she would have to wait out the train ride. Then there are the boats that the first year is taken to the castle. As her mother told her all about it.

Her mother then told her that she better get on the train. Dom promised that she would write her when she could. She then made sure to give her a hug before she got on the train. Then she would try and find her friends. And she was sure that they were already on the train. And ready for the new school year to start.
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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:03 am

With his satchel slung over his shoulder, Elleon dragged his one and only luggage by the wheels behind him, heading towards the platform where the Hogwarts Express waited for its students. He'd had an interesting holiday, having sold a few of his designs to a tattoo parlour and made some good cash with it. The owner of the parlour had also asked him to be on standby in case any of their customers wanted exclusive one-of-a-kind designs. It would be a little more inconvenient with him being at Hogwarts, but he'd agreed to it. They could always email or write the requirements to him and he'd mail the design back to them.

He walked down the aisle of the train, heading towards the Prefect carriage. He didn't quite know how he felt about being a Sixth Year Hufflepuff Prefect. While he knew that getting the position was a big deal, he didn't know if he wanted the added responsibility that came with it. Besides the extra duties he would have to fulfill, he'd also be in the spotlight, observed by everyone, when he really would rather remain a wallflower. Not the mention the fact that no one would actually respect him because he was Deaf. He could not tell someone off for breaking the rules when he couldn't even speak to them. He'd encountered many such situations before, where a student refused to listen to him, even taunted him, when he called them out on their behaviour. The most he could do was report the situation to other Prefects or to the Head Boy or Girl, but they couldn't do much about it since they weren't the ones who caught the student in the first place.

A tap on his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts and he turned to see his sister behind him, a beaming smile on her face. He matched her grin and returned her hug, exchanging a quick conversation with her regarding the holiday they had. The would have gone on for ages if there had not been other people making their way down the aisle. With a quick, "Catch up later," he waved Jelena goodbye and entered the Prefect carriage, putting his luggage in the designated compartment and sitting himself down by the window.

He'd been told to report to the Head Boy and Head Girl to receive his assignments - whatever they may be - but he hadn't yet seen them. Oh well, he had the whole train ride to talk to them and he'd deal with that when the time came.
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Clara Goldstein
Hogwarts Head Girl
Hogwarts Head Girl

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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:41 pm

Clara stopped in front of the barrier between platforms 9 and 10, and turned to say farewell to her parents. They couldn't pass through onto the platform, so they each gave her a short hug and sent her off without too much fanfare. It was their fifth year doing this now, it was hardly an emotional experience. They kept in touch throughout the year anyway.

Clara rolled her trunk through the barrier and onto the platform, skirting the throngs of people and heading straight for the train. She was lucky her trunk came with an extension charm. She packed light with most of her things, but she had very little restraint when it came to books. Including her school books, she had nearly thirty packed away in her trunk, and she was positive she'd never be able to lift it onto the train if it weren't for magic.

In her pocket sat her new Prefect badge, which she had received along with her supply list over the summer. To be honest, such titles and acknowledgements never really mattered much to her--they were a natural side-effect of her work ethic, but certainly not an end goal, nor even something she strived for. Her parents had much the same attitude: they were proud of her accomplishments, but expected nothing less. Clara had always been responsible, whether she was rewarded for it or not.

Of course, now she'd have to work her Prefect duties into her schedule, which would probably leave her less time for her studies. She hoped she wouldn't have to do anything particularly time consuming, considering her Prefect duties weren't really her main priority. She wondered if she could resign if they became too annoying.

Well, she'd cross that bridge when she came to it. For now, she made her way down the train to the Prefect carriage and slid open the door. The sixth year Hufflepuff Prefect was there already, and she stored her luggage with his and sat down across from him to await instruction from the Head Boy and Head Girl.


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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:26 am

When Grandmere and Grandpere had announced that they would be departing for Greece on the 30th of August, Mimosa had started to become sad at the idea that they would not be at the station to see her off. But the couple had followed the announcement with the notion that they would be sending her lots of gifts from their destination and that Jacques would be taking her and Elenore to the station, the girl had forgotten all ehr sadness in favor of a squeal and a tight hug to both grandparents.

And so, the rest of the week had flown by in a flurry of pacing and last minute checks and saying goodbye to every single person at the palace, no easy task as the palace was home to approximately four hundred and twenty three individuals including staph, grounds keeping and legal teams. Still, Mimosa had gone to every single employee's home, room, cottage or office to personally say goodbye and thank them for making her stay so great that summer. It had taken five days but she had finally managed. Grandmere said it was important to know everyone who worked for the Clement so Mimosa was making a start!

The night spent in London before her departure would have been too exciting for sleep if Mimosa hadn't tired herself out beforehand. As it was, the wicth's eyes had been all but closing as they landed on the private tarmac which would house the Clement jet until Jacques needed it again. The ten year old was fast asleep as the Clements sibling entered the lobby, Jacques easily carrying the child as always. The next morning, Mimosa had woken up before the sun had and of course that meant everyone else had to be awake too!

After a quick breakfast where the hungry child devoured her french toast and juice with the sped of light, the little witch disappeared to get dressed. She managed it ll on her own because Elenore was still playing that game and Mimosa didn't want to disturb the older witch. Even it meant calling in Jacques to help her zip up her shirt and tie her shoelaces. Their journey tot eh train station passed in relative silence, Elenore still fixed on ehr game and Mimosa suddenly discovering ehr nerves.

When they reached the crowded station however, the American witch began to relax somewhat. Crowds always made her feel better. Nothing could go wrong when there were so many people around. As they continued to the wall they would have to go through, Jacques stopped her for a moment, smiling down at her before mentioning he had something for her. Before the child could ask what it was, the wizard was already extending her own pink backpack to her. Inside were all her communication channels. her phone, her laptop, her writing Quills. Clara must have sent it to the hotel since technology wasn't allowed at the palace. But now at least Mimosa wouldn't be without resources at Hogwarts.

The child clung to Jacques tightly, thanking him for the "present" before turning to Elenore, only to realize that Elenore was gone. Deducing that Elenore was very popular and must have ran into tons of friends, he child didn't think of it much as she said her goodbyes to Jacques - in proper French as he had taught her - before turning round to see Mercy yelling and heading her way.

"MERCY!!!!" The little girl yelled back, beckoning the other witch towards her. As much as she wanted to go pelting into the Gryfindor, she knew she had to wait so when Mercy finally arrived by the wall, Mimosa threw ehr arms around he older witch and hugged her tightly. then they two girls walked through the faux wall together, landing on the other side.

"Come on, let's find a good compartment, I promised Gaspard I'd see him on the train and he said he'd tell me EVERYTHING about Hogwarts. And you two can finally meet!" The younger witch's luggage would be taken care of she knew, so should Mercy have any with her, Mimosa would help the Gryffindor get it on the train before running excitedly down he corridor, stepping only when she came to a compartment with Elenore in it.

"Oh Maybe we can crash with Ele-," she began only to notice there was another boy in the compartment with the Clement heiress. they looked like they were having a serious conversation too. With a pang, Mimosa realized how much she missed talking to Elenore. Elenore always had the best advice on everything. Still, Elenore was just playing a game. Mimosa was special that's why only Mimosa got to play it with her, the boy wasn't special so she could just talk to him like everyone else.

"Never mind, she's busy," Mimosa corrected herself out loud for Mercy's sake before looking at the Hufflepuff straight through the window and waving frantically to the older witch.

"Come on, lets go find Gaspard, I'm sure he's saving us a compartment of our own," Mimosa suggested and sure as she'd said it, a few doors down there was Gaspard, siting alone with his luggage. Mimosa burst through the door like a storm, running to the boy and launching herself on his huddled frame, giving him an awkward hug.

"Gaspard, how are you? How was your summer? Why didn't you write to me? How's your owl? Mine is already at Hogwarts!!!" Then, without waiting for a reply, she introduced him to Mercy. "Here, meet my bestest friend ever, Mercy!! She's in Gryffindor!! Mercy, Gaspard is in Ravenclaw, he knows everything about everything!!!"


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Sasha Denver
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Hogwarts Head Girl

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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:34 pm

Sasha didn't really look forward that much for the new school year. She knew she was no perfect for her year, which will be now sixth. Her summer had been more eventual than it has ever been. To be honest she did even things she shouldn't have done. She can't say she didn't enjoy her summer for sure since she did.

The girl knows that her school year will be so much different than it has been before. Anyways she still decided to enjoy it so much as she can. Even if it might not be an easy thing to do.

The girl had come as always alone to the train station. Her parents were to busy with their work. They didn't even have time to give her ride to train station so she took the cab to here. She went through to portal to the train. All she knew it's time for the new year in school.

She decided to keep eye on people there. She wasn't really into meeting her fellow perfect today but she still had to do it basically. So the girl did head towards it. When she walked in there then there was already some boy, who she knew was in the same house as her and probably even same here, if she didn't mistake it now. She couldn't remember his name at the moment.

"Hey?" she said simply and took a seat there. She wasn't even sure what they should talk about.


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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:59 am

While waiting for the train to depart, Elleon settled himself into the seat and took out his sketchbook from his satchel. He found it the perfect excuse to when he wasn't quite in the mood to socialise. People would rather leave you alone while you were doing something than interrupt you and risk and awkward encounter. Of course, there had been times when people tried to compliment his work when they happened to glance over at what he was doing. Most of the time, that ended up in disaster especially when the person did not realise he was Deaf.

He had just started making the outline of a dragon - something he had been told was popular as a tattoo - when movement caught his eye. Looking up, he saw that it was Clara, the Ravenclaw prefect. He gave her a smile as she sat down and then went back to his work when she didn't strike up a conversation. It suited him perfectly and he concentrated on the matter at hand, pen flying across the paper as he let his imagination run. His next interruption came in the form of a Hufflepuff Prefect in the same year as him. He'd been so engrossed in his work that he hadn't seen her entering the carriage and obviously hadn't heard her either. The only thing that clued him in to her presence was when the seat shifted as she sat down beside him.

Mildly startled, he glanced up to see who it was. Recognising her, he gave her his usual smile and went back to his work, not knowing that she had said anything to him at all.
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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:37 pm

"I played for the Quidditch team at Durmstrang." Alexei replied as he slouched on his seat, crossing one leg over the other and looking out of the window though he kept Elenore in his peripheral vision so that he was also watching the brunette witch. "But since I came to Hogwarts I just didn't... feel like joining. Though I may just try-out to see how it'll go." He smirked that boyish smirk of his, his eyes lit up with childish glee at the thought of once more playing Quidditch for a team; while he didn't see himself doing the sport professionally, he had no qualms about playing for a team during school. It would at least be something to do with his spare time.

"I have nothing against children but my childhood wasn't the best and looking at children through eyes like mine, a cold-hearted person, isn't the best." His history was still unknown to Elenore, he knew that, but he had a feeling that this year would be a revealing of both their histories. For each bit that Elenore would reveal, Alexei would go further into his own. He hoped, and by Merlin, he also prayed, that she wouldn't be disgusted and horrified by what he did but hope was for fools so he only would take what he would get.

"I think that if you really want to, just be there for her." He calmly replied, his voice soft as he was speaking to the witch. "You will be able to plead ignorance when the scandal comes out but you'll also be there for her when it does come out." The bright smile on the witch's face made his own quirk into a grin. "I don't mind talking about it, I just don't want to be involved." Otherwise I will get homicidal tendencies to end someone, he mused dryly in his head before shaking it.

"I'm certainly looking forward to it." He hummed, a grin on his lips as he focused on the witch when she mentioned playing cards and Bridge. "I've played it once or twice so you'll have to give me a refresher on how to play the game." At least it would be a fun train ride to Hogwarts. He only prayed that his school year went by in such a fun manner as well though he figured that would not happen.
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Gaspard Kylar
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Ravenclaw Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:32 pm

The boy had blinked when his compartment door was opened and he found himself with a girl hugging him causing him to stiffen for a moment before he could place who it was. Once he had recognized the girl from the store in Diagon Alley, he awkwardly patted her on the back hastily and a few times then waited for her to let go. Looking past her to the other girl accompanying her he had a sinking feeling that that they weren't just here to say hello and go. His peace was about to be shattered and he sighed internally with resignation at his compartment having been  invaded.

@Mimosa Harrington wrote:
"Gaspard, how are you? How was your summer? Why didn't you write to me? How's your owl? Mine is already at Hogwarts!!! Here, meet my bestest friend ever, Mercy!! She's in Gryffindor!! Mercy, Gaspard is in Ravenclaw, he knows everything about everything!!!"

And there went the girl in her continuous questions and talking as she had done in Diagon Alley. Taking a breath since he knew he would need as he glanced to girl's companion when introduced and gave her a tight nod of his head without expression but then blinked and his gaze riveted back onto Mimosa with curiosity and suspicion while he reevaluated the girl in his mind. Was she a seer to know that he'd be sorted into Ravenclaw? It wasn't as if he thought he'd end up in any other house, but one never knew. He had heard of a sorting that had been rather questionable and that the sorting hat had possibly been drunk on fabric softener or whatever it was that would get the hat in an inebriated state. So there was the off chance that he might end up in a different house than expected, but Gaspard was sure he knew himself enough to have a strong idea of where he'd end up. This flighty girl, he wasn't so sure about.

"I'm accepting that my day will go quite differently than I had thought yet at the same time exactly how I did. My summer was pleasant for the most part." Giving the girl an exasperated look as he tilted his head and inquired quizzically, "You didn't tell me where you were staying for me to send you any letters nor did you incline you wanted to keep in contact other than 'seeing me on the train'. And he's fine. I'm sure you'll be thrilled to hear that I found a suitable name for him and he is at this time with my parents. They'll send him along in a few days with family news. It was very smart of you to send your owl ahead. It's doing well then? You haven't been feeding it people food?" There was the slightest upward twitch of his mouth as he recalled her behavior and her little owl.

The boy's eyes had widened at her compliment even though hit was far from accurate. Gaspard was smart enough to admit that there was a lot of things he didn't know and that was why he was always reading to find out that bit of information that he didn't know. Yet, it would take even more than a wizard's average lifetime to accumulate even a fraction of the knowledge out there and that was saying something since he knew that wizards lived three times longer than the average person without magic.



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PostSubject: Re: The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)   

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The New School Year -- Hogwarts Express (Students & Professors)
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