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 Welcome Feast

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Third Year
Slytherin Third Year

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PostSubject: Welcome Feast    Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:15 pm

It was a good thing Adelaide Goshawk had never believed in Omens, because if she did, it would have been hard to ignore the flashing lightning and booming thunder that had arrived with the start of term this year. The first Friday of September had dawned cloudy and grey, the Autumn rain turning soon into a respectable thunderstorm as wet, shivering students hurried into the Great Hall for warmth and protection. The first years, having made their traditional journey by boat, seemed all but one with the merpeople.

And yet the outside weather had not dared touch the fiery haired Headmistress where she sat, right at the center of the high staff table on her throne like chair. The only thing different about the table this year was how much it had shrunk. Last year's project of doing away with unnecessary teachers and hiring ones who would instill discipline had gone almost perfectly.

On her right sat the aging Runes Professor, now occupying the prestigious seat of Assistant Head. The blue banner on the back of his seat showing his additional status as Head of Ravenclaw House. Beside Professor Kessler sat Jake Newbury, a similar banner draping the back of his chair albeit in screaming scarlet. To her left, the resident potion master gazed out at the students in silence, a contrast to the only other female at the table who waved cheerily from her own seat as Professor of History and Head of Hufflepuff House.

When all the students had gathered, Adelaide rose fluidly to her feet, commanding the attention of everyone in the room. "Welcome, one and all, to another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They say time is the greatest test of any institution's strength and so here we are, among the strongest for having stood well over a thousand years old." Her speechwriters had developed a flair for the dramatics it seemed, still the woman continued, knowing how this game was played.

"But with our strengths, we must also identify areas in which we can still improve. And of the people without whom we would not be here today. I would like to take this moment to address two very special students who could not be with us today. Gryffindor Prefects Max Hollingberry and Primrose Seele. The two were bright, young students who had immense potential. Their only mistake was not following the school rules. Both their bodies were found in the Forbidden Forest last June. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families but we should also take this as a reminder of the very real ramification of going against school policies."

Adelaide paused, the PR nightmare caused bu the kid's deaths had been a nightmare, luckily now it would be the Runes' Professor's job to answer questions about the grisly murders. "A full list of school rules can be found in your student handbook as well as in the trophy room. If you are unsure of anything, I'm confident our librarian, Mr. Hughes, would love nothing more than to be of assistance." With that, the Headmistress turned to the group of shuddering first years in the corner.

"And now, let the sorting begin!"


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Andrei Kessler
Head of Ravenclaw
Head of Ravenclaw

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast    Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:44 am

Looking at those teachers gathered near the head of the great hall Andrei found himself reminded of a term that was so often misused, decimation. Most people used the word when they wanted to describe complete and utter destruction. However, the word itself really meant, roughly, to reduce by ten percent. Interestingly, it could be traced back to a Roman army tradition in which men would draw lots and those who drew the short straws would be purged from the army. In theory, this practice served to improve morale and looking at the barebones staff the older man understood why: he didn't want to be the next one to go.

So, while the headmistress spoke, he tried his best to look interested and attentive. Of course, this was only a facade as he already knew everything being announced. That said, he once more found himself impressed with how inept Goshawk was with children. Instead of easing into the announcement of the student deaths she cut right to it and tried to hammer home some frivolous lesson on rule following. The whole thing rang hollow for the runes professor and left a bad taste in his mouth that the chicken in front of him simply couldn't shake.

I doubt she could have picked Hollingberry or Seele out of a line up if she had to...

Thankfully, the energy of the great hall soon shifted as first years came up to the front of the large room one at a time. This time Andrei's interest was genuine as he leaned forward in his seat and stopped picking at his food. The sorting ceremony had always fascinated the man and tonight's was special for him.

A tall lanky boy with straw for hair took a seat and Andrei held his breath. It seemed to him that time stood still for a few heartbeats until the old hat made its judgment...

"Nikolai...Nikolai..." the hat mused aloud. "A good name...Yesss, you'll fit right in to..."

The hat paused with its usual flair for the dramatic.


A small wave of claps rippled from the far side of the great hall.

Allowing himself to breathe once more, Andrei added his clapping to the chorus perhaps doing so for a bit longer than Nikolai would have liked as his son shot him an annoyed look before stalking off to the Slytherin table.

Had Andrei hoped his son would join him in Ravenclaw?


Was he disappointed with the result?

Not a chance.

He loved his son more than words could express and wanted nothing but the best for him. The old sorting hat always seemed to have a good sense of people and where they belonged. Funny how it worked really; somehow the crazy old thing just knew and who was Andrei to argue with it?


Thanks for the banner, Krissu.

Character Profile and such
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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Third Year
Slytherin Third Year

Posts : 958
Birthday : 2013-08-13
Join date : 2017-07-22

PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast    Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:00 pm

The journey across the stormy lake had been... something. At first when Mimosa had seen the dark rolling waves, the girl had almost ran to the boats, imagining it like the sea on her back porch. But it had taken only her first splash of the icy water to realize this was nothing like the California beaches she had grown up on. There was no warm, salty tang, no smooth movement of the waves, only cold, dark water that seeped into her shoes and trickled down her robes into her sweater, making it heavier as the boats progressed across the lake.

Add to that, she and Dia had been separated in the journey over to the boats as the gate keeper led the kids in groups under large umbrellas. Dia had gone on ahead while Mimosa lingered back with the last of the lot, trying to catch a final glimpse of Mercy and Gaspard as they were let on the carriages. She had asked the gate keeper if she could go with them but the man had been unreasonable, saying she had to go by boat. In the end, Mimosa had sulked all the way but when she saw the boats, she had been cheered, if only for a few moments.

Now, as she sat huddled on the makeshift raft with four other first years, the girl decided this was not going her way. The other students on her boat looked scared, all except for one boy who gazed curiously at the water. After watching him for a bit, Mimosa decided now would be the best time to question him.

"What are you looking for?" she asked, her teeth chattering as giant raindrops plopped down on her head, the hood of the jacket she had taken from Gaspard the only thing protecting her head from the water.

"I heard there's a giant squid down there," the boy replied, his gaze still to the dark waters as if the giant squid in question might appear if he looked hard enough. Mimosa too looked intently at the water but it was too dark, and the rain kept smashing through the surface of the lake, creating thousands of ripples.

"Squids don't live underwater," a girl with olive skin announced through her own chattering teeth. It was all she could do to clutch her dark robes tightly around her so Mimosa assumed it must have been important for her to correct the squid seeking boy.

"Who told you that?" Mimosa shot back at the same time the boy shook his head with a definite "Yes they do!" The girl chose to ignore him and answered Mimosa instead.

"Grandma Biswas, told me," she managed, a little more confidence leaking into her voice. "I'm Seema, Seema Biswas, and you are?"

"Mimosa," the ten year old replied confidently, not feeling the need to add her last name. everyone probably knew her already. 'And the Squid Boy is...'"

Squid Boy glared at her for a moment before murmuring a halfhearted response. "Nikolai Kessler."

The two other occupants of the boat remained quiet, which the American witch personally felt was odd. Why would they not speak up and introduce themselves? She would have asked them to except Seema was speaking once more, this time about other things her grandmother had told her. Nikolai had returned to his search of the waters. Mimosa sighed and settled back down. Surely the journey wouldn't take much longer.

She was reunited with Dia on the shores of the lake as the children got off the boats and squelched their way into the entrance hall, Mimosa holding on tightly to Dia's hand in case she lost her again. They were joined by another girl in long black plaits who had apparently befriended Dia on the boat ride over. Her name was Jia En and she looked the perfect mixture of excited and terrified. Jia En wasted no time telling them she had a twin brother who was only a few minutes older than her and who would also be sorted alongside them.

Just then, a dark toned man appeared at the door to the entrance hall, clearing his throat for everyone's attention. They were instructed to form a single file and follow him into the hall where the announcements were finishing up. "When I call your name, step forwards and put on the Hat. Do nothing else. Once the Hat has declared your House, put it back on it's stool and join your House Tables."

Mimosa had only caught the end of the simple instructions but figured she knew enough. Put on the hat, sit on the table, at least that's what it sounded like. She would learn when she saw the others do it. How hard could it be?

"Aandorra, Timothy Junior," the man called clearly and a boy separated himself from the line, tripping and trudging his way to the Hat which barely touched his head before a loud "HUFFLEPUFF" rang through the room.

"Wow!" Mimosa exclaimed, looking all around for the source of the noise. "Where did that come from?"

"Alamudin, Bushrah," the man called out, this time calling for a little girl in a dark hijab to go with her robes. From what little Mimosa could see of her face, Bushrah looked like she would rather be anywhere else in the world than under scrutiny in public. Luckily, the Hat only took a minute to decide she would be in Gryffindor. Mimosa watched the girl enviously as she went off to take a seat beside Mercy.

Anchorton, Charles - RAVENCLAW

Byers, Derek - GRYFFINDOR

Brunswick, Catherine - SLYTHERIN

The names all began to morph into one after the first few, making Mimosa's blue eyes wonder around the room. That was until she felt Dia clutch her hand tightly. Mimosa looked down only to realize it was now her friend's name being called.

Mimosa watched the other American witch walk up nervously to the Hat and put it on. She watched as the Hat stalled for a little before shouting out a confident "GRYFFINDOR!"

Hiew, jia En - HUFFLEPUFF

The girl who had expected to be sorted in the same house as Dia let out a squeak before heading off to thr Hufflepuff table, taking a seat beside a boy with a shiny silver badge.

Hiew, Ji Hyun - SLYTHERIN

Slowly, the group around her shrank as student after student was sorted into his or her house. A quick glance showed that all her fellow first years were settling in. Seema looked quite at home already among the Ravenclaws, lecturing the other first years on something Mimosa couldn't hear. When Squid Boy was sorted into Slytherin, Mimosa let out a little huff. Surely it would be her turn soon.

Quereshi, Faeza - GRYFINDOR


Yazdamiford, Rashad - HUFFLEPUFF

Now only two students remained beside her, and still no sign of her own name being called. Mimosa was not a nervous child, nor was she unused to public attention. But finding herself amid a slowly shrinking group of three in a completely new place where someone may have forgotten her was enough to make a thrill of fear run down her spine. Trying not to panic, the child glanced at the Hufflepuff table. Surely Elenore will come and sort this out if they forgot her? She wouldn't keep playing the game if Mimosa was in real trouble.

Yeong, Yasmine- Lee - GRYFFINDOR

Zabini, Constance - SLYTHERIN

And there it was, her worst nightmare coming true, The man was rolling up his parchment without looking to see if anyone was left. Another panicked glance at the Hufflepuff table showed that no one there had noticed either. Everyone looked to be hungry and expected a meal to appear out of nowhere. The big table ahead showed the teachers immersed in their own conversations and Mimosa wished Jacques was here. He wouldn't let anyone forget about her.

Plucking up all her courage, the child raised her hand, then her voice. "Umm, excuse me sir?"

The man looked surprised to be addressed before his eyes fell on her properly for the first time. Her dark, neutral robes, her wet and dripping hair, her panicked gaze. She was a first year who hadn't been sorted. He opened his scroll once more, trying to search for a name before giving up and walking over to her.

"What's your name dear, it doesn't seem to be on my list."

Mimosa looked up at him, the hurt and shock clear in her features. Would they make her go back? Would they not allow her to go to school because her name hadn't appeared. When he asked her name, she could only think of one. The only name she knew that would get people to pay attention all around the world. Slowly, she whispered it to him and he smiled, announcing it loudly across the hall.


Closing her eyes shut, the child made a beeline for the Hat before anyone realized she had lied, dropping it over her head and waiting for it's decision. She didn't have to wait long, a cheeky voice soon made itself known by her ear.

"Very well done, i must say. You think on your feet, child. There's no other place for you than in - SLYTHERIN!"

Mimosa let out a huge sigh of relief before high tailing it to the green and silver table, before anyone realized what had happened. The girl didn't even give her chosen House a thought as she slid in beside Nikolai, slumping into her seat to make herself as small as posible.


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Mercy Williams
Gryffindor Fourth Year
Gryffindor Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast    Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:26 pm

Mercy was exhausted. The initial adrenaline rush of the train station and her reunion with Mimosa having passed, her body persistently resumed reminding her that last night had been a full moon. As her friends were led off with the other first year students toward the lake, Mercy followed the crowd of older students toward the carriages. She barely registered that the carriages seemed to drive themselves (hey, it was a magic school, anything was possible), before she plopped down on one of the seats and nearly passed out.

She leaned back and closed her eyes, trying to ignore the headache blossoming behind her forehead. The next thing she knew, they were pulling up to the school, and she slowly forced her eyes open and clambered out of her carriage, following the other students through the doors and into the Great Hall. She shook her head slightly and blinked hard. She had to pay attention! She couldn't miss her best friend's sorting!

Sliding into a seat at the Gryffindor table, she yawned, but turned her attention toward the headmistress as she stood to address the hall. Well, sort of. She missed the first part, staring blankly at the older woman as her words flew straight over her head. She tuned in just before the headmistress mentioned Max and Prim, and, the young girl's emotions being in a rather fragile state, a sudden lump formed in her throat at the mention of their names.

She'd forgotten about them, at least momentarily. She'd heard of their deaths at the very end of the last school year, or maybe the beginning of the summer, she couldn't quite remember. It was a shock at first. Just the fact that anyone had died would have been a shock, but Max and Prim? They were in her house. She'd known them, at least a little bit. In fact, Max was, if she remembered correctly, the first person she had met at Hogwarts. She couldn't believe he was gone. She'd cried intermittently for about a week after she'd heard--it didn't help that, like now, it had been around the time of her transformation, and her emotions had been all over the place.

Now she was reminded of them once again, and she could feel her eyes start to sting, so she wiped her sleeve across her face and looked down at her empty plate. She missed everything the headmistress said after that. She only looked back up when the sorting started.

She clapped for each student at first, but her hands quickly grew tired, so she ended up only clapping for the Gryffindors along with the rest of her table. When Dia was sorted into Gryffindor, Mercy clapped especially hard, throwing in a short "Woot!" as well, and making room for the younger witch beside her.

She kept her eyes trained on Mimosa, after picking her out from the huddled mass of first years standing at the front of the room. After Dia, whose last name was Grey, Mercy knew Mimosa's name should be called soon. She listened attentively as the librarian got to the H's...and then he went past them, and Mimosa was still standing. Wait a minute... Mercy's muddled brain struggled to comprehend what was happening. Her last name is Harrington, and they're going alphabetically, aren't they? So why...?

Her brows furrowed as the sorting continued, and she watched the group of first years slowly dwindle. Her best friend was still standing there, looking increasingly uncomfortable.

And then the last name was called, and Mimosa was all alone, standing at the front of the room, unsorted. She looked mortified, and so did Mercy. The young Gryffindor looked back and forth between her best friend and the librarian who was rolling up the scroll full of names. He must have missed her. She had to do something. She couldn't let her friend just stand there.

Mercy pushed herself to her feet, lips parted and breath drawn, ready to shout...well, something, to get the librarian's attention and come to her friend's aid. Her voice caught in her throat though, as Mimosa raised her hand and did it for herself.

Mercy waited with bated breath as Mimosa whispered something in the man's ear. And then he shouted, "CLEMENT, MIMOSA," and Mimosa rushed over to the Sorting Hat and jammed it on her head a moment before it yelled, "SLYTHERIN!" and she all but ran to the table decked out in green on the other side of the room.

At this point, Mercy realized she was still standing, and the  younger witch on her right--Bushrah?--was giving her a funny look. She sat back down on the bench rather clumsily and stared through the two tables separating her from Mimosa, searching for her friend's face.

She was so confused. Wasn't her last name Harrington? It definitely wasn't Clement. Wasn't that the name of the guy who escorted her to the Halloween Ball? Why would she lie? And why wasn't her name on the list in the first place?

Mercy barely noticed when the food appeared and the feast started. She kept staring at the Slytherin table, trying to catch Mimosa's eye. They needed to talk as soon as possible. Mercy had no idea what was going on, but tonight had been an unexpected roller coaster of an evening--and the fact that her best friend had been sorted into what was historically her house's rival house? Honestly, that seemed like the least of their worries at the moment.


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Sasha Denver
Hogwarts Head Girl
Hogwarts Head Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast    Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:27 pm

The train ride had been okay and she wasn't sure what this year will bring for her. Being perfect was something she didn't really expect to be. Anyways she was one now and well she had to make it work somehow. This meant she had now more responsibilities in her school year. She hoped everything will go okay.

Anyways she walked into the Great Hall once they had arrived at the castle. She sat down at her own table there, Hufflepuff one. She glanced all over the faces she could see there now. Some of them were familiar and some not so. The girl didn't really know every her housemate by the name.

She listened to people to talk to her and she herself stayed out of the conversations. Once the sorting began she began to listen to it. She barely knew any of those names what was shouted out there now. She noticed that too there actually that one girl was unsorted when the man stopped saying names. But she didn't say anything there. This wasn't her business really.

Anyways at the end, the Clement last name was said, which made Sasha look confused. She had no idea Elenore had a younger sister or even cousin at that age. Well, then again she barely knows her anyway. She looked over Elenore. She had no idea how she will take it. She knew they had talked a few times in the past but that didn't make them be close or even friends.

That girl was sorted into Slytherin house as she gathered. She kept there still quiet and soon when the food arrived. She wasn't really hungry. She had actually had eaten at home before going to train. She just mostly sat there and waited for this event to end. So she could go back to her dorm or then do something else more fun.


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Elenore Clement

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast    Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:24 pm

The train ride to Hogwarts had been relaxing, save for the brief moment that Mimosa's face had appeared at the door of her compartment. Elenore's heart had skipped a beat in that moment, willing the child to go away as her eyes turned away when the young American witch had started to wave frantically at her. Alexei hadn't asked about the small child, whether he knew who the child was, or whether he knew better than to question the situation, Elenore couldn't be sure, but she was thankful for his lack of probing questions in that moment.

By the time they'd gotten to the station, Elenore had a hunger growing. Having eaten minimally that morning, and then not really finding anything to her fancy on the trolley, the Hufflepuff witch was looking forwards to the feast that evening.

All thoughts of Mimosa had disappeared with the young witch on the train, for now, Elenore had her freedom back.

Alexei and Elenore shared a carriage up to the school -- the witch hadn't seen Tess until they reached the castle, and Elenore gave her friend a warm hug before they separated to their own tables, and Elenore sat down opposite Sasha. "Hey Sasha!" The witch greeted warmly. "Catch up in our dorm later?" The witch asked, not letting on she knew about Jackson in that moment, she would let Sasha tell her own story, and see where the differences arose in her Maman's account.

Before anything else could really be said, though, the Headmistress had stood at the table, and was doing her usual welcoming speech. Professor Goshawk really could do with some better speech writers, Elenore thought to herself, there wasn't... enough in her words to truly bring feelings to a head. But, Elenore was quite tuned to the speeches given by her parents, and Purebloods of similar standings, all of which were a show of power and finery with words.

What did catch Elenore off guard, however, was the death of two students at the end of the previous year. She had not heard of that, or... perhaps she had missed it, but a faint hint of shock touched her features at that revelation. She had not known Max or Primrose on a personal level, but they'd been two students you couldn't really miss. Max, for his quirkiness, and Primrose with her outlandish outfits at some of the parties Elenore had attended in previous years. She wouldn't shed a tear for the two, but it did make her curious as to what the two had been doing when they'd been killed. Lack of details is not likely to help your case, Elenore thought as Professor Goshawk continued on, announcing the Sortings were to begin.

Mimosa, Elenore found herself thinking, eyes moving to pick out the small American witch. Soaked through from the boat ride, Elenore couldn't help but look at the child with distaste. When she had gotten off the boat herself -- slightly damp, but not sodden, Elenore had insisted upon having a method to dry herself off before she would step in to the Great Hall -- the school had been labelled barbaric by the French witch at this time, what with the silly method of arriving at the school.

Mimosa, it seemed, had not had the foresight.

Elenore's eyes moved to the librarian as he read the names, and completed the sorting ceremony. With each student being sorted, Elenore gave a polite clap for each of them, no matter where they ended up. House pride was not something Elenore had an interest in. As they passed the H's, Elenore's eyes moved between Mimosa and the librarian, with a smile spreading across her lips as she realised what had happened.

Mimosa had been missed. Overlooked. Not remembered. Forgotten.

The joy was almost palpable off of the witch as the ceremony came to a close, Mimosa Harrington stood in the middle of the Hall, unsorted, and the librarian readying himself to leave. They would send her home, wouldn't they? Elenore had never seen this before, but the joy of the possibilities of Mimosa being taken away from the school was only growing like the hunger inside of her.

Elenore could hear the librarian admit that her name wasn't on the list, and Elenore was almost giddy before Grayson Hughes' voice boomed across the din of the room.


The Hufflepuff's features fell in that moment. The smile that had brightened the witch's features for the first time in almost two months had been sucked away as a cold feeling washed over her instead. "CLEMENT, MIMOSA." It was almost as if those words were reverberating around her head, insisting upon them being heard.

"You. Are not a Clement."

The images flashed before Elenore in that moment.

"You are a Harrington. You will always be a Harrington, and nothing more than that. A Clement is much more than... you."

Coming through thick and fast.

"You can't talk French like a Clement, you're still falling over all of the words, the structure, your sentences. You're not trying hard enough to warrant your place at the Palace, Mimosa! You don't understand what it is to be a Clement, you never will!"

And yet the young American witch had had the audacity to throw the Clement name as her own in this room, in front of so many people. The murmurs were beginning to sound around her, forcing their way to her, and squeezing her in tight. Elenore's head was swimming as she felt a multitude of eyes upon her.

"Did she say Clement? Isn't Elenore the last Clement?"

"Did you know there was another one?"

"Mimosa Clement?"


The registering of Mimosa's sorting cut through the whispering of many, and a large cheer came from the Slytherin table -- recognising the name, more than likely because of Jacques -- and hurrying to welcome the young witch. The food appeared only a moment later, but Elenore found herself on her feet.

Stepping out from the bench, and turning from the teacher's table towards the door. Whether it was imagined or real, Elenore could not have been sure, but there was a quietness about the room as the youngest Clement walked from her seat away from the meal. Her small heels making what she could hear in her head an echoing staccato of the clicks with each step.

The door opened before her, and closed with a creak after her. The noise of the hall erupted behind the Hufflepuff witch before she'd taken another step.

And, before anyone could have possibly caught up with her, Elenore's stride had elongated in to a run, heading for the kitchens, her dormitory, where she could be alone from the world. To be away from Mimosa Harrington.

Because it had finally started.

Her replacement was here.


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Dominique Greene
Gryffindor Third Year
Gryffindor Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast    Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:56 pm

The train ride only was making Dominique more excited. She knew what was going to happen. As she knew that they had to take boats to Hogwarts. And that was only for the first year students. As her mother's told her this. She had gotten separated from her best friend. But she knew that they were going to end up in the same place. So she wasn’t all that worried. As she made a new friend who she shared a boat with. Now came the most important, they had to be sorted into their houses. Dom knew that any house would be great. But she wanted to be at one with her best friends. And she knew that Mercy was in Gryffindor. And she knew that Mim would be in Gryffindor as well. Her mother also told her that she could choose. It wasn’t all up to the sorting hat.

Grey, Dominique

Her name was called and she started to get nervous. As she made her way to the seat, the hat placed on her head. She was trying not to worry. But then the hat called out Gryffindor. That was her mother house. But that is when she ran over to the table and sat down beside of Mercy. Now she was just waiting on Mim.


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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast    Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:22 pm

The train ride to Hogwarts was calm with some conversation between him and Elenore, the only time someone had interrupted their chatting was when the face of a young girl appeared in the window of the compartment. The way the child was waving frantically and Elenore was ignoring the girl told Alexei two things, the girl was clearly hyper and that this was the child that Elenore had blown up at during the summer.

He hadn't asked, there was no need for him to stick his nose in a business that wasn't his and he doubted that he'd stay in the dark long. Elenore would either tell him who the child was or he would find out during the sorting. He didn't push Elenore on revealing who the kid was and he was quite sure that the pretty Hufflepuff was thankful for that.

The ride up to the school in their carriage was quiet, the two of them being alone in said carriage as Alexei had slammed the door shut in some guys face who wanted to join them.

He followed Elenore up to the school, hanging back slightly when the witch greeted her friends before he walked past her with a smile and a nod of his head and a murmured 'See you later Elenore.' as he walked towards the Slytherin house table.

The shock was obvious through the hall at the revealing of the death of two students however Alexei showed nothing on his face, instead he mourned them silently in his head. He hadn't known Max well but Prim had been a very close acquaintance who had wormed her way into his cold heart and hearing that she had died was a shock to the Slytherin teenager.

Though that shocked quickly turned in another different kind of shock when the name 'Clement, Mimosa' was shouted to the hall, making Alexei grimace in distaste at the sudden onslaught of questions that were echoed around the hall. Having a name to the face though certainly answered a lot of Alexei's questions. So it really was this child that Elenore had blown up at during the summer.

Watching silently as she was placed in Slytherin, he hadn't even clapped, he turned his eyes towards the sixth year Hufflepuff who was silently sitting at the house table only to abruptly stand and run out of the Great Hall -though it certainly didn't look like it, Alexei was aware that she was running away. Something told him that this was just the beginning of the spiralling down of the beautiful Clement witch and while he wished to run after her, Alexei knew that she wouldn't want anyone to fuss over her. For now, he would leave the witch to her devices, tomorrow, he silently promised, tomorrow he would seek the witch out.
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It was raining, not something that uncommon in these parts, but if the young boy's scowl was anything to go by one would think that the weather had personally decided on a torrential rain just to torment him specifically. Having not want to look at the outside scenery, Gaspard had drawn the shade on the train. It wasn't as if they'd have been able to make much out in the darkness, not with the train lights illuminating so brightly and reflecting off the glass windows. So why bother? Nor had he been able to hear the start of the rain over the incessant chatter and noise of the children on the train as well as the locomotive itself. It had been quite a nasty shock to exit the train to find that the weather had turned sour and depositing its wrath on the unsuspecting students.

Glancing around him, the boy's expression darkened as he realized that a certain flighty girl was nowhere in sight. She had somehow managed to get his jacket from him and he had been brought up with too much manners to demand it back. He would at a later date request that she give back the borrowed item even if it would have come in handy right now. Instead, the boy had to make due with pulling the hood of his cloak about him and his mind starting a rather scathing letter to the board of governors at the glaring lack of foresight of the temperamental weather and the lack of suitable attire to combat it. Since Mimosa had scarpered off with his jacket and unable to go fetch another from his trunk, Gaspard made another mental note to add a parka or at least a garbage bag to his kit as an emergency use poncho.

Longingly, he stared at the carriages as the older students left in them before he sullenly followed the other first years. As he stared at the ancient boats he groused under his breath about ancient traditions needing to die. There was mutterings about getting hypothermia, bronchitis, pneumonia, and several other unflattering things and about adults lacking grey matter when it came to certain things. Resigned to having to take the 'scenic' route, the preteen clasped his cloak as tightly as he could about him as he could and tried to think of anything but the motion of the water and how his stomach wanted to rebel and add its contents to the already questionable body of water. He was miserable and his eyes glittered with irritation and hostility.

It was surprising that no one had died on one of these little ventures, but Gaspard wouldn't put it past a cover up if someone had only come close to dying but had actually survived this insanity. Once he was safely on land again, he vowed that if it was the traditional way back at the end of the year he would find a way to get about one of the carriages. Either that or he would walk!

Having collected himself and forced his stomach to calmness, Gaspard was able to go where he was supposed to and wait shivering with the others. Once again, he failed to see how any of this was beneficial. While they were waiting to be sorted and the Headmistresses to stop speaking, the boy was wringing out his clothes wishing he'd paid more attention to his parents' cleaning charms. It would have been quite useful to know the spell to dry off. As it was, he removed his sopping wet cloak with a look of disgust and let it hang from a limp hand as his head snapped up to look at the woman. His attention had been caught at the mention of deaths. Eyes narrowing and his brows drawing together, he waiting for more information and frowned slightly when none was forthcoming. If they had a forest that was off limits and dangerous, then why build a ruddy school next to it? Or for that matter, keep whatever was dangerous in there in the first place? Wards and such could only do so much.

Seeing as that was that, Gaspard sighed. It looked like he'd have to use some of his pocket money to subscribe to some newspapers. Perhaps his parents would send him some back issues when he wrote to them after they send their first letter? Only half listening to the sorting, he went back to trying to wring out as much water as he could from his clothes uncaring if it caused even more of a huge puddle then the students were already making just by letting their clothes drip. It was the school faculty's fault if a student slipped since they didn't even offer to help the children out.

It wasn't until his name was called that the boy walked up to the stool confidently head held high as if he didn't have his insides twisting themselves into knots. His cloak tailed along in his wake as he dragged it leaving a water trail. Once on the stool, he braced himself and stiffened as he felt the hat begin to descend and tried to hold back his cringe not really wanting the thing on his head. Thankfully, it had only gone part of the way down when it stated it knew just what to do with him and screamed out Ravenclaw. Actual confidence restored, the boy more easily made his way to the bronze and blue house, his shoes squelching all the way. Once seated, he looked back at those yet to be sorted and actually found Mimosa and his brow went up rather curious about where she would go. But then he began to frown when after everyone was called she was left standing alone. And no one seemed to notice until she spoke up. He was sure that his surprise was evident just as it was to others about how curious it was her name wasn't on the list and yet here she was.

When her name was finally called and she was sorted to Slytherin, the boy gazed at her and then about the others at his table when there was a buzz about the girl's last name. He'd have to find out of course. And once again, he sighed. He had just known he shouldn't have spoken and just left Mimosa be when they had first met.



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Welcome Feast
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